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Easy to turn and very responsive in small soft waves while maintaining radicality in larger conditions!

The board is equipped as standard with 2 Us Boxes to install the Foil.
Flat deck for this stand up paddle, new rails, a tail and a nose thin, very thin, but a feeling of stability really impressive for a Sup board of this size and volume.

A new construction in Construction sandwich PVC + EPS HD Epoxy for this new stand up paddle surf shape.
Years of experience have enabled us to improve our constructions, in terms of weight and above all strength.

This Board is recommended for sizes from 80 to 90 kilos.

Technical data sheet

A lighter HD EPS bread saves us almost 800 grams on a board of this size, which has also allowed us to strengthen the construction.

With its Construction sandwich PVC + EPS HD Epoxy this board is ultra strong while remaining lightweight!

This gives this board more rigidity under the feet and less sensitivity to depressions.

You'll have under your feet a surfing bomb, light, strong and powerful!

All our boards have the foodstraps inserts in the front and back integrated.

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Partnering With the Local Legends behind Cloud 9 Surffoils

In the early 2000's, Ventura was a lonely place for a kiteboarder.  There were only a handful of us and we all became pretty well-acquainted as we dealt with shoddy equipment, rocky launches and landings, and cold spring clearing wind.  Around that time, when we were all sort of figuring out the sport, we met Kent Hardley and Chris Gutzeit, the crew behind Cloud 9 Surffoils.  

Kent, a Kiwi with a love of all ocean sports and a frightening lack of fear, earned his place in the lineup by out-surfing, out-SUPing, and out-kiting everyone while never taking himself too seriously.  His son Jack has followed in his footsteps and is also an incredible surfer and kiter who doesn't mind hanging with his Dad's buddies in the parking lot after a session.

Chris, a transplant from Oahu, is an artist by trade who learned to surf at a young age. Quiet and respectful in the water (and a doting father to baby twins!), he lets his kiting to the talking. 

Chris Gutzeit smiles when he thinks about his next foil session, or his twin kiddos.
Kent Hardley of Cloud 9 Surffoils takes a break from foil shredding to catch up with his canine companions.

As part of the same small crew, we all kite together regularly and trade gear and tips as new stuff is developed and makes its way to us.  When kite foiling came along, Kent and Chris were among the first of our local crew to adopt it. 

When Kent and Chris began work on Cloud IX Surffoils (formerly Pelican Surf Foils), they were looking to create an easier, more stable, lower-speed foil that would lessen the steep learning curve and work for surf, kite and SUP.  With our friendship and similar goals on the board side of things, we began testing each other's equipment and providing input over post-session pints. 

Fletch is partial to the S24 for paddle surf foiling. Photo: Elizabeth Brewer.
Fletch Foil_FCD Surfboards_Coud 9 Surffoils.JPG

Now, we always have a way to get in the water! Surf or foil in the morning, and afternoons are spent kitesurfing or kite foiling. Kent and Chris are also keep into kite-foil-wave riding, pushing the boundaries of the sport quietly and without fanfare.

We are stoked to recommend Cloud IX Surffoils for both kite and paddle surf foil. Our foil boards and mast attachment tracks are optimized for the Cloud 9 kit and while we don't yet carry them in the FCD shop, we can literally throw a rock 50 yards to the Cloud IX office for you if you're interested.  To purchase online, check out their website or take a look at their product on our foil page. 

Jessica Salcido

Setting up your S24 foil

Cloud 9 X22 Surf Foil for kite foil review

Postby wallydog » Wed Aug 14, 2019 8:21 pm

I have been using the Cloud 9 new X22 foil to replace the Liquid Force Impulse I had before this. The LF Impulse is the same as the old Cloud 9 S24 wing. The X22 is the smallest wing in their new line. They make a 22", 24, 28 and 32" surf wings. Wings are designed for surf foil but we all know how wings crossover to kiteboarding nicely.
I enjoyed the LF Impulse/ S24 in low/normal powered conditions but did not like the lift created when riding overpowered. Too much for my 160 lb. rider ability. I have found the X22 is very manageable in all conditions especially strong wind. It turns nice and is stable like the Impulse and may have more top end speed but I would not call this a fast wing which is OK for me. It pretty much has done everything I wanted for a kiting wing.
The wingset comes with a new design carbon fuselage (more streamlined) with an aluminum mast (Carbon available also). Mast hole pattern is the same as a Liquid Force mast so your LF mast will bolt right up. Sadly the new wings are not reverse compatible to the old LF Impulse and old Cloud 9 carbon fuselage.
The new carbon fuse is very nice. The wings come in a hybrid or carbon construction. I went with the hybrid construction to save some money and they still are very light. May add a X24 or X28 wing option for light wind foiling as it bolts right on to this fuse.
I have hit bottom many times (sand and rock) and they have held up well with my negligence. Thats about it. Nice foil for the money. Check them out. I am not affiliated with Cloud 9.

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