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Kidnapped! Prompts

Anonymous said:Got any prompts about the hero being kidnapped?

Anonymous said:Your hero and villain prompts are the best thing. Could I possibly get some prompts about a captured hero who is totally crushing on the villain, who totally knows it?

Anonymous said:Could I please have some prompts for a man who is terribly in love with someone he kidnapped? 

Anonymous said:Good afternoon! Could I get a couple of prompts about the hero and villain having to work together in order to escape a much worse villain who has captured them? 

Anonymous said:Hero capturing the villain and vice Versa prompts? 

1) “Open your eyes.” The villain dragged the hero over to the window, with a vice like grip on their arm. “Open them. Let me show you how beautiful the world looks burning.”

2) “Gotta love the movies,” the villain said. “It makes so many stupid people think that dangerous means chemistry.” They shook their head, laughed. “It makes it all so easy. All you ever have to do is let people believe that they might just be your exception.” 

3) “I’m sorry, I love you.”
“You don’t kidnap people when you love them.” 
“I couldn’t let you die with the rest of them.” 

4) l“For a moment there, I thought you were going to let them have me,” the hero said weakly. “Convenient diversion for your escape, and all that.” They met the villain’s stare - close in their hiding place, bodies pressed together. The tramp of footsteps down the corridor faded away. 
“For a moment there,” the villain murmured. “So did I.”

5) “But you,” the hero laughed. “You are nothing. There are a hundred people who do it just like you and thinks hurting someone makes them god. Give it a couple of years, and despite all your efforts, nobody is even going to remember your name.” 
The villain spat in their face. 
The hero smiled grimly, and straightened, stepping back from the cell. “Enjoy rotting for what you’ve done. Your immortality’s not going to feel so good then.”

6) “You don’t understand - I’m on your side!”
“Nobody’s ever on our side.”

7) “You’ve kidnapped me to an empty restaurant?” the hero raised their brows.
The villain waved their hand and a glassy-eyed server came over to set down drinks and a plate of hors d’oeuvres.
“As if I would be so stupid as to take you to my base so you can have a look around. Isn’t that what you wanted? Besides.” A gleam entered the villain’s eyes as they speared one of the appetizers with their fork and held it across the table. “It’s almost like a date, don’t you think?”
The hero faltered. The villain looked rather too knowing when they said that. 

8) “You’re kidding me,” the villain said flatly. “We don’t have time to rescue all your little friends! Security are going to notice us missing any minute.”
“I’m not leaving without them - and you know you’re not getting anywhere without me. So you want to stand here bickering about it or try and think where your not so bosom-buddy is holding them?”

9) “Oh would you look at that,” the villain drawled. “You got me. Your plan worked. You’re probably more terrified then I am - you don’t have the slightest clue what to do with me now, do you?” 
“I’m sure I’ll figure something out.”

10) “You know, this is kind of an inconvenient time for me. Any chance we can schedule this in for tomorrow instead?”


Writing Prompt: Missing or Abducted

You can title this Missing, Abducted or whatever you like.

A teenager goes missing on the way home from school. He turns up six months later with very little memory of the past six months.

He starts to remember he/she was kidnapped by the some covert organization and experimented on. Brainwashing techniques or something like that. No one believes him.

He is put in a mental hospital by the family doctor and breaks out to hunt down the people who kidnapped him/her.

  • What kind of memories does he have about the abduction?
  • Does his family believe him or do they think he just ran away?
  • What kinds of things were done to him/her?
  • Is this a sinister group of elites, a cult, the government or scientists?
  • What part does the family doctor play in the whole thing?


#writingprompt - A teenager goes missing on his way home from school and shows up six months later...with very little memory. Read more at #FictionToolbox. Click To Tweet

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Kidnapped/Captured Prompts

Anonymous said:Hello, same ask as the one for kidnap/capture fics. I forgot to clarify if they could possibly for Hero and Villain characters. I just really love those prompts… Anonymous said:Could I possibly ask for some more kidnapped/captured prompts?

Anonymous said:Hi! I love so much your blog, the prompts are all I ever looked for. May I ask some dialogues for the prompt evil wizard x kidnapped princess? Old but gold XD. Thank you so much! 

Anonymous said:More pirate prompts please! Maybe with a the captain from the pirate ship capturing one from the Navy?

1) “You have no idea how much I once admired you,” the villain said softly. “I wanted to be just like you.”
‘Then don’t do this!’ It came out muffled by the gag as the hero twisted against the restraints. ‘I was busy - it wasn’t a slight against you.’ A dozen different explanations that went unheard and ignored. 
“God,” the villain laughed giddily. “You really are quite something, you know?” They wet their lips, eyes gleaming with excitement. “So let’s see what makes you tick.”

2) “You, me, alone in an interrogation room with no witnesses,” the hero purred. “It’s like it’s my birthday.”
The villain eyed them warily, even as their body language stayed deceptively careless. “Well, I’m flattered. I’d have picked a nice hotel room myself, but there’s no accounting for poor taste.” The hero had been trying to apprehend them for years, always shiny and golden in the public eye, but in the private…obsession was probably the word. Wherever they were, whatever they did, the hero seemed determined to stop them. Honestly, it was like they had no life of their own to be getting on with. 
Alone in an interrogation room with no witnesses really wasn’t a comforting thought.

3) “I’m just saying,” the princess said. “You can’t be all that omnipotent if you have to resort to capturing girls to get what you want. Isn’t there a spell for that?”
“Magic doesn’t quite work that way,” the wizard said tightly. 
“Can you do anything cool? Can you turn into a dragon?” 
“Because I was once kidnapped by a prince who could turn into a dragon, and honestly I’ve kind of missed flying. We still write sometimes.” 
The evil wizard stared at her in annoyance. 

4) The wizard’s spell was difficult to resist. It fogged her brain and left her will cloudy, more and more so as the days slipped by. Imprisoned in her own chambers, what a joke!
“We’re only keeping you safe,” the queen assured her. “Stop fighting what is best for you.”
She never would.   

5) “You naval types are always the same,” the pirate captain said. “So proud until you’ve been hung out on deck lashed with no food and water for a week.”
The naval captain kept their gaze straight ahead, jaw clenched. 
The pirate captain grabbed a fistful of their hair, pulling their head back, lips pressing against the navy captain’s ear. “Or maybe I’ll just start with your crew. Make you watch one of them walk the plank each time you don’t give me what I want. Perhaps both. What do you think?” 
“You’ll have to kill me and all my crew before I ever tell you anything.”
The pirate smiled. “I wonder if your crew feel the same way.”

6) “You must feel so hurt, so betrayed,” the pirate captain murmured. “Years of loyal service, and your crew sold you out in a second to save their own skin…not that it helped them of course.”
The navy captain’s ship, and its crew, was a smouldering wreck on the horizon sinking fast. The navy captain could stil taste the acrid thickness of ash on their tongue, feel the blood beneath their finger nails. Their throat lodged tight. “You gave them your word that you would let them go.”
“I have no words or promises of honour for unhonourable men who sell out their captain. You, on the other hand…you have quite the reputation.”
“Then you know I’d never sell out to you,” the navy captain spat. 
“You don’t recognize me, do you?”

Writing Prompt: You Get a Mysterious Box


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