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Curator Hinde Haest, responsible for both his solo exhibition Out of Camp in 2017 at Foam and the group show On Earth in Arles (FR) will lead a short Q&A with Jeppesen. The gallery has been selling work, limited edition prints and books, of Jeppesen since 2017. This time the presentation of the book coïncides with his presence with work at Unseen Photo Fair.

ERROR, OBJECT, STRUCTURE, 2019 © Adam Jeppesen

ERROR, OBJECT, STRUCTURE comprises more than a decade of Adam Jeppesen’s work – from the epic photographic journey of the Flatlands Camp Project, 2009 to the new, monumental installation The Great Filter at BRANDTS - Museum of Art and Visual Culture, 2019.

Foam is supported by the BankGiro Loterij, De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, City of Amsterdam, Foam Members, Olympus and the VandenEnde Foundation.


Jeppesen Textbook

The intuitive organization and colorful presentation of the manual helps you learn quickly from the start. The text contains complete and concise explanations of the fundamental concepts every private pilot needs to know, with the subjects arranged in a logical manner that builds upon previously introduced topics.

You can expand your knowledge of specific subjects and the world of aviation by exploring the Discovery Insets strategically placed throughout the chapters. To help you understand how your mind and body function during flight, human factors principles are presented in Human Element Insets. Throughout the manual, concepts that directly relate to FAA test questions are described in FAA Question Insets. To help you review material more effectively, key terms are highlighted throughout the text and listed at the end of each section along with a checklist that summarizes important concepts. Additionally, you can evaluate your understanding of material by completing the associated questions found at the end of each section.

  • Concise and complete explanations of fundamental concepts

  • Subjects build on one another from section to section

  • Strategically-placed Discovery Insets supplement your learning

  • Human Elements Inserts help you understand the mind/body/flight connection

  • FAA Question Insets help you with related test questions

  • Summary checklists at the end of each section

  • Key terms are highlighted throughout

  • Review questions are presented after each section

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Jeppesen offers a full range of high-quality FAA- and EASA-approved aviation training courseware and reference products that have been trusted around the globe for decades. We take an application-oriented approach to training, which incorporates real-world scenarios and examples so you’ll discover the why and how of aeronautical concepts—not just the facts needed to pass a test.

From initial pilot and technician certification to advanced ratings and ATP, Jeppesen has you covered with the training solutions to support your flying passion.

Our comprehensive library of courseware and reference material includes:

  • FAA Private Pilot kits, e-books, textbooks and online training
  • EASA LAPL(A)/PPL(A) textbooks
  • FAA Instrument/Commercial kits, e-books, textbooks and online training
  • FAA Multi-Engine e-books and textbooks
  • FAA Flight Instructor e-books and textbooks
  • FAA ATP textbooks
  • EASA ATPL textbooks
  • FAA Aviation Maintenance Technician e-books and textbooks
  • EASA Helicopter training textbooks
  • Test prep
  • Reference material
  • Avionics training

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