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This highly interactive and comfort oriented car racing simulator from Simfocal is designed to broaden your definition of reality. With this amazing device, you can enjoy your favorite car racing gaming titles such as F1, NFS, iRacing, rFactor DIRT and many more. Now you can even feel the powerful turbo revs of the engine, curves and bumps of the road on our highly realistic car racing simulator all in the comfort of your living room.

Modeled employing the latest cutting edge tech system to produce turbo accelerations and also produce stunning state of the art motion graphics; this simulator designed like a car seat puts you in pole position to enjoy over the top speeds of about 71 degrees per second within a movement range of about 27 degrees full dual-axis when used for car racing.

We are known for always adding wings to dreams therefore we bring to you this simulator system on a 64nm torque driven assembly.

This simulator is second to none in comparison with other simulators of its type available on the market today, as it can also be perfectly adapted for flight, bike and any other kind of motion simulation gaming.

Key Features Include:

  • Groundbreaking mains-powered 2-DOF FULL MOTION SIMULATOR for home or commercial use
  • Suitable for gaming, professional training and general entertainment events
  • Covers large movement axis, real time acceleration, engine rev and power feedback complimented by stunning high-fidelity 100Hz motion simulate in-game, employs minimum force but still delivers a truly exhilarating ride experience
  • Ultra-compact arrangement for easy storage and transportation
  • Extensive adjustability for different riders and driving positions. Reversible shifter and handbrake mounts to facilitate left or right hand drive layouts
  • Compatible with VR headsets for the ultimate all-encompassing entertainment experience.
  • Multiple configurations available (including flight, bike ride etc.)
  • USB Plug-and-Play. Extensive game support with over 100+ titles and counting!

All of these remarkable features comes with their wiring and electronics carefully and professional handled by our expert team. So you don’t have to go through the stress of working yourself around the wired connections and fittings.

Premium Racing Simulator Cockpit

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The 5 Best Budget Sim Racing Seats in 2021

Every Sim Racing rig needs a seat, but often for many, they are an afterthought as it is not the most exciting or flashy part of the rig. However out of all parts of the rig, it is the part of the setup you are in contact with most, so it needs to be the right choice for you. There are many different styles of seats from GT, Formula or even comfort. What may be best for some is not for others. so understanding what you can get for your money and what style will fit you best is key. In this guide, will break down each seat helping you decide what’s for you.

What should I look for in a Sim Racing seat?

Sim Racing seats are one of the vital parts of your Sim Racing experience. Once attached to a Sim Racing rig, they are what allow you to race in comfort over long periods of time, whilst knowing that you aren’t going to move your entire setup whilst slamming on the brakes.

When considering which seat to buy, sturdiness is one of the key points. If your seat shifts as you drive, it will certainly have a negative impact on your experience. Meanwhile, having a seat that is comfortable to drive in over long periods of time will be a make or break point, as you don’t want to be driving in pain whilst trying to race at the top of your game. Adjustability is another important talking point, as flexibility in position is something you may be interested in. Being able to shift from a GT to an F1 style position is something that could really enhance your experience in the rig, so maybe something to consider.

Our top 5 cheap and affordable Sim Racing seats

OMP Racing TRS Steel Frame£178GTValue for money
FIA Approval
Not purpose-built for Sim Racing
Sim Lab SPEED3 Bucket seat£240GTSpecially designed for Sim Racing
Lots of comfort features
Not FIA approved
Sparco R100£243RoadLightweight yet strong design
Ability to recline
Snug fit
Sparco Grid Q Bucket seat£390GTFIA certified
Lots of comfort features whilst keeping lightweight
Tight fit
Sim Lab SF1 Formula Sim Racing Seat£348FormulaA great choice for a Formula car fan
High-quality materials
Not suitable for GT racing

OMP Racing TRS Steel Frame


This seat is one of the best seats for those looking for quality. It is designed with real racing in mind,  giving the assurance that all details have been thought through for a driver’s needs. 

The seat has a tubular steel frame design, keeping cost down but not reducing the quality or stiffness. In addition, there are five harness slots, allowing you to fix many different harnesses and medium height side bolsters to provide additional support if needed. In terms of comfort features, the seat has large shoulder bolsters and removable leg rests, allowing many different heights to all find a combination to provide both comfort and support 

The seat has also been constructed with hard-wearing velour to provide plenty of durability that is sure to last long and keep its comfort and appearance. One nice addition to this seat is that it has been FIA approved, assuring that while the seat can be used for Sim Racing, it has been rated for real road and track use in closed cockpit cars. If this isn’t an assurance of quality, then we aren’t sure what is. 

So this seat is definitely one to consider due to its low cost and many features, which make it a great addition to any sim rig. 

Sim Lab SPEED3 Bucket seat


This seat has been designed especially for Sim Racers and has a few key quality of life features that can’t be missed. This seat maintains all the quality of a real racing seat despite not being designed for it, being made of high-quality materials whilst still keeping the cost down by removing unnecessary costly features. 

The seat has a fibreglass design, providing a quality feeling product and assuring a strong base for any sim rig. This seat also contains a five-point harness and sufficient side bolstering, meaning no matter the use you will stay secure in the seat. With this, the seat has also been ergonomically designed and has high-density foam padding, ensuring comfort on those long sim racing stints. 

In addition to this, the sim racing specific features make this much more user-friendly than other sim-racing seats. The seat even has a mobile phone pocket, meaning you can keep your phone secure and nearby. In addition to this, the seat features a side mounting bracket and screw set included, meaning you’re ready to go from day one. 

If you’re looking for a sim specific GT racing seat, then the Sim Lab SPEED3 is for sure one to add to the list. 

Sparco R100

COST: £243.00 STYLE: RoadBRAND: Sparco

This is the first seat on this list that is more of a road style seat but still comes with some nice comfort features. However, it maintains the racing look and the quality product we are accustomed to with a brand like Sparco. 

The seat is lightweight and has a compact steel frame construction, meaning most rigs will be more than sufficient to support this seat. It has been built for comfort whilst still providing bolster support, keeping you firmly held in the seat. In addition to this, there is still the ability to fit a four-point harness whilst keeping the ability to recline the seat to find the optimal seating position. 

It also provides a cloth-based fabric, providing a quality look but still providing comfort and durability. With this, there is a range of colour trim options that can add another layer of customization to your rigs look. The design also ensures that despite size or height, this is a seat that will provide a comfortable position for those long sim racing stints. 

If you are looking for a road style seat with recline feature but still want a quality brand and the ability to add a harness, then this is the seat for you. 

Sparco Grid Q Bucket seat

COST: £309.00 STYLE: GTBRAND: Sparco

This seat provides a host of great features while staying lightweight and high quality. Not only that but this seat has been FIA certified ensuring that it is of the highest standard and will be more than sufficient for sim racing purposes. 

The biggest feature of this seat is the addition of multiple areas of removable padding. The padding is secured with velcro and allows each part to be individually adjusted or just removed if needed. This can be an invaluable feature to ensure comfort on those longer sim racing stints. The design of the seat has also allowed the weight to be extremely low for the style thanks to Sparcos Quick Resin Tech material and construction process this keeps the seat just under seven kilograms with all padding. 

In terms of support, the seat offers modular leg cushions and mid-sized bolstering. There is also the ability to add a five-point harness covering all potential needs for securing yourself into the seat while racing. 

If a lightweight and comfort-focused seat is what you need then the Sparco Grid Q is definitely one to consider.

Sim Lab SF1 Formula Sim Racing Seat

COST: £348.00 STYLE: FormulaBRAND: Sim lab

This is the first formula-style seat on this list. For any avid F1 racer, this is a great choice to add that extra layer of immersion. Although there is a formula-style bias, this will be more than sufficient for a GT racing lover. 

The design is a single-piece polymer style material that provides sufficient stiffness for any Sim Racing application. The fabric on the seat is lined with GRP high-quality material and fabrics made of 3D fabric – offering a breathable material that helps increase comfort during longer racing stints. 

The seat comes with the mounting brackets required that allow the recline to be adjusted to a full-blown formula-style position or a slightly more upright position. One thing that must be noted is that unlike the other seats on this list, there are no harness options. Although, the large seat width and the deep curve will keep you well secured within the seat. Also, this is one of the lightest seats on this list coming in just over six kilograms.

If your looking for a formula-style seat that can cover all your other racing needs but not suffer on the quality then this is definitely a seat to try out on your rig. 

Coach Dave Academy’s choice 

At Coach Dave Academy, the team has more hours in sim racing seats than many could do in a lifetime, so we know a thing or two about what a Sim Racer needs. 

If you are on a strict budget but still want quality to be the main focus, then you can’t go wrong with the OMP Racing TRS Steel Frame. As mentioned, the seat is FIA approved and comes with lightweight construction ensuring a level of quality from the get-go. In addition, the removable leg cushions can provide additional support and create more room for taller users. Although the seat is the lowest price on the list, it will still be giving you all the necessary features. It’s hard to look past the OMP as not being the top choice. 

As we all know, some Sim Racers’ budget isn’t an issue and with this, it can bring a host of additional comforts. If money really isn’t a concern, then the Sparco Grid Q Bucket seat is the choice to go for. The Sparco offering gives some of the best customizations in terms of comfort and support, which is almost a must for those Sim Racers who love to take on endurance racing or spend all day in their rig. In addition, the lightweight construction offers ease of installation and ensures almost any rig can hold the seat without an issue. So if you’re going all out, then the FIA approved Sparco Grid Q Bucket seat is the choice for you. 

It is helpful to remember that many of these seats can add to the immersion and make you feel more hooked up to the driving experience, but none of these will change you as a driver overnight. However, ensuring your comfort is not a distraction will set you on your way to becoming the next best Sim Racer.

Sours: 4x4 Simulator is released for sale.


Max. weight

150 kg

Height of main product (in mm)

1010 mm

Width of main product (in mm)

500 mm

Depth of main product (in mm)

1500 mm

Total weight

22000 g

Weight of main unit

22000 g

Seat depth

45 cm

Seat width

33 cm

Backrest height

80 cm

Suitable surface

carpet/laminate/parket/resin floors/floor tiles

Adjustable arm rests


Adjustable seat height


Adjustable sitting angle


Adjustable back rest angle


Min/max height user

160 cm - 200 cm


PU leather

Backrest padding

High density foam

Cushion padding

High density foam



Item number


EAN code



2 years

Package contents

Racing simulator seat (including pedal base and steering wheel base)

Assembly materials

User guide

System requirements

Racing gear (steering wheel, pedals)

Flat surface area of at least 150x60cm


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