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Roller Chains

With the widest variety of chains on the market, Tsubaki Power Transmission, LLC. premium roller chain products include: self-lube LAMBDA® series chain, corrosion-resistant Neptune® chain, fatigue-resistant super chain, and our latest generation of high-quality, long-lasting ANSI chain.

Appropriate for applications as diverse as food packaging, forklift trucks, oilfield mining, and more, our roller chains provide reliable and powerful performance. To learn more, please select a category below.

If you are searching for a straightforward and simple method of transmitting mechanical energy, look no further than roller chains. Roller chains are one of the final connections in motion control systems and are comprised of rollers, pins, side plates and bushings. To work effectively, a sprocket connected to the motor moves the chain, while the other end is connected to the load.

In this section, we'll discuss how roller chains work, why they are effective, and what types of roller chains we can offer for your project.

How Do Roller Chains Work?

Roller chains run on a rotating sprocket connected to a motor that moves the chain. In most roller chains, two types of links alternate in order for it to work.

  • Inner links (also known as Roller Links): two inner plates held together by two sleeves or bushings that sit under two rollers.
  • Outer links (also known as Pin Links): two outer plates held together by pins, pass through bushings of inner links.

The environment in which your roller chain is used, along with the work it performs, will influence what type of roller chain to use and how often you'll need to change the roller chain. Rest assured, roller chains are one of the most effective and efficient options for power transmission and conveyance applications.

You will find roller chains most commonly used for transmission of mechanical power of industrial machinery and for product conveyance throughout manufacturing facilities. Common industries:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Material Handling & Packaging
  • Automotive
  • Primary Metals
  • Construction
  • Mining

Types of Roller Chains by Tsubaki

Tsubaki, the global market share leader for roller chain, manufactures a large variety of roller chains for any application. Some of the chains include:

  • ANSI roller chains
  • Standard and made-to-order attachment chains
  • Lambda® Lube-Free Chains
  • Plastic chains
  • Titan® harsh environment chains
  • British standard chains
  • Anti-corrosive/heat resistant chains
  • Specialty, made-to-order chains
  • Super Stainless™ chain (a unique stainless steel chain with the strength of carbon steel)
  • Gripper™ chains (Packaging)

Tsubaki prides itself on manufacturing and properly applying each of the roller chains we make to ensure your specific application is optimized for efficient operation.

To assist in building the proper attachment chains for you application, and to receive a quote, we have created an on-line attachment chain configurator for designing standard attachment chains with the specific spacing you require. The attachment chain configurator is an easy-to-use, on-line program with the following features:

Chain Configurator

Chain Configurator

  • Drop-down menus to select chain type
  • Drag-and-drop functionality for adding attachments
  • View and download 2D/3D CAD models that can be imported into CAD software
  • Request a quote for the attachment chains you build

Distributor of Chains & Sprockets

Tri-State Bearing CompanyServing Indiana, Southern Illinois,
and Western KentuckyTri-State Bearing Company is an Industrial Distributor ofBearings, Mechanical Power
Transmission, and Motion Control
Products, Parts and ComponentsView Our Product List

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Chain Drive
Chain Drive

Chain Drive

Chain & Sprocket Drive
Chain & Sprocket Drive

Chain & Sprocket Drive



Attachment Chain
  Attachment Chain

Attachment Chain

Manufacturers We Represent

Allied Locke                                 
Hitachi Maxco

Martin Sprocket


Renold Jeffrey
US Tsubaki

Types of Chains & Sprockets We Sell

Extended Pitch
Flat Top

Chain Tools
Finished Bore
Split Taper Bore
Taper Lock Bore

To learn more about the Chains & Sprockets we sell, please contact us directly.

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Featured Suppliers


Martin's Features & Benefits

  • Martin manufactures a vast range of power transmission products including roller chain sprockets, metric roller chain sprockets, 800 series sprockets, engineering class sprockets, idler sprockets, and made to order sprockets.

  • Roller Chain Sprockets: Types include Shear Pin, Bolt-on, Type D, Torque Limiter, Stainless Steel, Double Pitch, and Double Single. Stock pitch sizes range from ¼” to 3”.

  • Accutorch Sprocket: Machine chamfered teeth for proper chain engagement. Produced with high carbon steel of North American origin which means the sprocket has a finer grain structure, higher tensile strength, longer sprocket life, and more secure fit on the shaft. Welds are consistent, penetrate the plate and hub, and exceed industry norms.

PDFs - Product Literature

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US Tsubaki

Tsubaki's Features & Benefits

  • US Tsubaki manufactures a wide range of power transmission and motion control products ranging from roller chains, engineering class chains, power transmission components, sprockets, and cable and hose carriers.

  • Roller Chains: Can be operated at speeds of up to 10,000 rpm. Even at high speeds, chain drive is quieter and smoother than a gear drive. You never have to worry about slippage as you would with a belt. Roller chains are inherently elastic. Compared with gear drives, they soften shock and absorb vibration. They can be used in machines which are subjected to great shock or which constantly move or vibrate. Both the machine's body and bearing parts are protected against damage.

  • ANSI Chains: Tsubaki ANSI Chains exceed ASME standards for power and performance. Tsubaki ANSI Chain sizes 80–240 transmit up to 33% more horsepower than other ANSI chains. Tsubaki is the only supplier in the world that combines the strength and durability of solid bushings with oil-retaining lube grooves to create longer-lasting ANSI Chain.

  • Cable Carriers: Tsubaki KabelSchlepp dynamic cable and hose carrier/management systems product portfolio includes Dynamic Cable & Hose Carriers, Cables for Motion, and Chip Protection.

PDFs - Product Literature

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Supplier & Distributor of Industrial Roller Chain, Sprockets & Gears

Accent Bearings Company, Inc. | Specializing in Metric & Hard to Find SizesAccent Bearings Company, Inc. | Specializing in Metric & Hard to Find SizesAccent Bearings Company is a
Supplier & Distributor
of Bearings, Cam Followers, Rod Ends, Belts, Chains
& Sprockets
Specializing in Metric & Hard to Find SizesView All
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Accent Bearings Company, Inc. offers a complete line of precision Roller Chain, Sprockets and Gears. Manufactures of roller chain include Daido, Senqcia, HKK Chain, Ramsey, UST, Rexnord, Morse and many others. When it comes to Sprockets & Gears, Accent Bearings also has you covered representing leading manufacturers such as: Linn Gear, UST, Martin & Van Zeeland.

Whether you are looking for a standard or custom product, Accent Bearings can supply all of your Roller Chain, Sprocket and Gear needs. Contact us today.

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Van Zeeland Sprockets Distributor

Van Zeeland Sprockets Distributor

Steel Single Sprocket Distributor

Steel Single Sprocket Distributor

Industrial Sprocket Distributor

Industrial Sprocket Distributor

Roller Chain Idler Sprockets Product Features, Benefits & Brochures


The Daido line up of precision roller chain products includes a complete range of Standard Drive Chain, the innovative D.I.D. New Tech Chain Series, and a wide selection of Standard and Specialty Conveyor Chain. Furthermore, Murtfeldt Chain and Belt Tensioner and Guides enhance the chain run in ideal conditions to maximize efficiency. All Daido products are internationally recognized as the most technologically advanced in both design and manufacture.

PDF Daido ANSI Std Roller Chain (PDF - 92KB)

PDF Daido Conveyor Chain (PDF - 448KB)


Our innovations in the area of chain strength, wear performance, corrosion protection and maintenance free operation are solving problems, and providing value to our customers and partners.

PDF Hitachi Roller Chain Catalog 2015 (PDF - 14.4MB)

HKK Chain

In addition to use on plant machinery and farm equipment, HKK chains are found in the lumber, mining, oil, food processing, packaging, construction and many other industries. The basic function of HKK roller chains is the transmission of mechanical power with a high degree of efficiency.

PDF Standard ANSI (PDF - 197KB)

PDF Heavy Series (PDF - 187KB)

PDF British Standard (PDF - 82KB)

PDF Double Pitch (PDF - 32KB)

PDF Stainless Steel Single Pitch (PDF - 22KB)

PDF Stainless Steel Double Pitch (PDF - 472KB)

PDF Nickel Plated (PDF - 82KB)

PDF Leaf Chain (PDF - 37KB)

PDF Single Pitch Attachments (PDF - 133KB)

PDF Double Pitch Attachments (PDF - 140KB)

PDF Special Attachments (PDF - 160KB)


Ramsey manufactures an extensive range of silent chain and sprockets for use in industrial power transmission and conveying applications. Chain designs are available to accomodate a wide variety of application requirements and budgets.

PDF Ramsey Chain Sprocket Catalog (PDF - 1.69MB)

PDF Ramsey Silent Chain Catalog (PDF - 5.13MB)

UST/U.S. Tsubaki

With the widest variety of chains on the market, U.S. Tsubaki's premium roller chain products include: self-lube LAMBDA® series chain, corrosion-resistant Neptune® chain, fatigue-resistant super chain, and our latest generation of high-quality, long-lasting ANSI chain.

Appropriate for applications as diverse as food packaging, forklift trucks, oilfield mining, and more, our roller chains provide reliable and powerful performance.

PDF US Tsubaki l10916 Sprocket Catalog (PDF - 2.17MB)


Rexnord is the industry leader and most experienced chain manufacturer in the world. Our chain designs are created on the latest computer-aided design equipment, and then transmitted via computer network to the manufacturing floor where the designs are turned into finished products. Using state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, we bring quality, reliable chain with years of trouble-free performance.

PDF Rexnord CP040 Power Transmission Products and Industry-Solutions (PDF - 3.39MB)

Cross & Morse

Precision Roller Chains to both British Standard (B.S.) and American Standard (A.N.S.I.) from 1/4" to 2.1/2" in simplex and multistrand forms. Drives suitable for powers from fractional to 2500 kW with operating speeds up to 25 metres per second. Cross & Morse produce only high performance Roller Chain of consistent quality, using modern manufacturing technology combined with long established and proven specifications.

PDF Cross Morse Roller Chain BS-ANSIEN (PDF - 181KB)


UST/U.S. Tsubaki

U.S. Tsubaki sprockets are manufactured from top-grade , heat treated steel to withstand heavy shock loading, resist abrasion, and provide long service life. Alloy and stainless steel sprockets are also available for extra corrosion resistance and food-grade applications.

PDF US Tsubaki l10916 Sprocket Catalog (PDF - 2.17MB)


Martin sets the standard when it comes to sprockets. Martin stocks more sprockets in more sizes than any other manufacturer. In addition, Martin offers re-bores, alterations and made-to-order sprockets in days not weeks.

PDF Martin Roller Chain Sprockets (PDF - 5.93MB)

Van Zeeland

Our sprockets are available in a variety of sizes with bore types such as stock bore, finish bore, taper-bushed, and QD-bushed, as well as any number of teeth and thicknesses. They are available in the following materials:

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Plastic
  • Nylon

PDF Van Zeeland Sprocket Catalog (PDF - 1.13MB)

Linn Gear Co.

Linn Gear

  • Stock & custom power transmission products
  • Sprockets, Gears, Shafts & Bushings
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