370z 2008

2008 Nissan 370Z Nismo 2dr Cpe Man Features and Specs

3.5L DOHC V6 engine

Continuously variable valve timing control system

Nissan direct ignition system

Drive-by-wire throttle

6-speed close-ratio manual transmission

Carbon-fiber composite driveshaft

Viscous limited slip differential

Traction control system (TCS)

Rear wheel drive

Enhanced body welds & reinforcement components

NISMO-tuned unique designed front & rear body dampers

NISMO-tuned 4-wheel independent multi-link suspension

Front & rear stabilizer bars

Front strut tower bar

Rear strut tower brace

P245/40R18 high performance Bridgestone Potenza front tires

P265/35R19 high performance Bridgestone Potenza rear tires

Compact spare tire

Spare tire cover w/wheel wrench, front tow hitch, jack

NISMO 18" x 9" front/19" x 10" rear RAYS super lightweight forged alloy wheels

Speed-sensitive pwr rack & pinion steering

Brembo 4-wheel vented disc brake system-inc: front 4-piston calipers, rear 2-piston calipers

Electronic brake force distribution

4-wheel anti-lock braking system w/brake assist

NISMO-tuned exhaust w/polished tips

Sours: https://www.caranddriver.com/nissan/370z/specs/2008/nissan_z_nissan-350z-coupe_2008

*We once heard William F. Buckley Jr. say that, and it sounded cool.

At the Z car’s U.S. introduction 40 years ago, Datsun wisely chose not to employ its domestic “Fairlady” moniker, which Yutaka Katayama knew would have been tantamount to calling, say, the Corvette the “Cocker Spaniel.” Since then, the hyphen that originally separated the “240” from the “Z” has vanished, 1.3 extra liters of displacement have more than doubled the original engine’s output, an actor briefly made Mr. K a red-bespectacled TV star, and the car’s price has swollen by about $27,000.

Nissan refers to this latest Z as an “enhancement,” likely largely a male enhancement, rather than a whole new car. The company is being modest. The wheelbase is shorter by 3.9 inches, width is up 1.1 inches, length is down 2.7 inches. The larger engine (same V-6 as in the Infiniti G37) produces 332 horsepower, a bonus of 26, and sits 15 millimeters (0.6 inch) closer to the pavement, which is now hugged by a true unequal-length control-arm front suspension. Although Nissan’s engineers had to add nearly 200 pounds of safety and regulatory bric-a-brac, the car is only 33 pounds heavier than the 350Z we tested in June of ’07, in part because the hatch, A-pillars, and doors are now aluminum. We know, because we attacked them with a “Big Sky” fridge magnet.

Two models are on offer: the base car, starting at $30,625, and a Touring version, which leans toward luxury—leather, Bose stereo, so forth. In either case, options are few: a nav system, a $1300 seven-speed automatic, and a $3000 Sport package. The latter, as fitted to our test car, includes a limited-slip diff, 19-inch wheels, spoilers, larger brake rotors and aluminum calipers, and “SynchroRev Match” for the six-speed manual.

Every body panel is fresh, and the styling, penned in San Diego, is largely successful, although it ignited some vivid office discussions. First, the dual shark’s teeth in the grille look like the outcome of a dolorous ninth-grade study-hall class. The oversize chrome door handles, which we’d paint flat black or body color, would look more at home on a Nissan Armada. And the roof so steeply cants downward that its leading edge forms a sharp, hard crease we’re calling the “Alfalfa peak”—an odd ridge on a car that is otherwise a lava-lamp jubilee of rounded Oprah-ness. Nissan says the roof is intended to look like the GT-R’s. We ask, “Is that important?” A convertible 370Z will arrive as a 2010 model.

The cockpit is richer than its predecessor’s, with graceful contrasting stitching, a kneepad on the center console, and a classy hinged leather panel covering the hole you’ll create if you don’t order the nav system. There’s now even a glove box. The accelerator pedal is floor mounted, and its travel feels freer and more linear. The steering wheel is asymmetrical, neither circular nor oval, but its size and grip are perfect. Although the wheel is adjustable for rake alone, the entire IP moves along for the ride, assuring a clear shot at the gauges. The driver’s seat is more aggressively bolstered than the passenger’s, and both are upholstered in nonslip fabric. It’s a tight fit, with the more globularly hipped among us contemplating the possibility of embarrassing chafing. The size of the shift knob, the pedals’ placement, the three big HVAC controls—all represent an ergonomic hat trick. What’s more, the monstrous cross support aft of the seats, which nearly bifurcated the cargo area, is now replaced by a simple aluminum tube that does minimal damage to storage space.

At the track, the 370Z easily outpaced its predecessor: 0.3 second quicker to 60 mph, a half-second quicker to 100. What we have here is a $35,000 car that accelerates to 60 mph a mere 10th behind a Porsche Cayman S. The new Z’s 30-to-50 passing potential is now about a second better, and it picked up 0.9 second in its 50-to-70-mph burst. Skidpad grip has risen from 0.93 g to a tendon-bending 0.97 g, and the new brakes (no longer Brembos but Akebonos) have tightened stopping distance to 159 feet—race-car territory, kids.

On the highway and in traffic, the 370Z is one Z-licious companion. From rest, the car rolls away elegantly, asking for a mere handful of revs above idle. Clutch takeup is predictable, and the shifter’s throws are so short and smooth that your forearm barely moves. Power manifests as low as 1900 rpm and flows in one great, seamless rush to redline, with no discernible variable-valve step. Brake-pedal travel is minimal, taut, linear. And the structure feels as solid as a Porsche 911’s, issuing exactly zero rattles or squeaks.

The steering is a little heavy but is always accurate, quick, yet never nervous. Aim for a pebble at an apex, and you can place the inside front tire atop it. Select a path through a sweeper, and no further corrections are required. Over scabrous pavement, the 370Z tracks better than its predecessor, and it has a locomotive’s sense of straight-ahead. Brain-damaged text messagers will be in heaven— that’s how long you can take your hands off the wheel.

Body motions are virtually nonexistent, and the ride can be borderline harsh, but both traits remain appropriate to a dedicated sports car. In the hills, the 370Z is simply BMW-ish in the manner its engine and transmission talk to each other. Jump in or out of the throttle, and there’s no jolt, no windup, no neck snap. Revs build and dissipate rapidly but without notice. The car eagerly establishes a soothing driving rhythm, such that glancing at the speedometer always produces a shock. When did we get going this fast? That’s a surefire sign of sedulous engineering.

Up to about eight-tenths on the Blow-Your-Lunch meter, the Z is remarkably neutral. On low-friction surfaces, however, you can deactivate the stability control and induce shooting chest pains courtesy of big throttle-induced oversteer. What’s just as fun and less stressful is to apply 100 percent power out of every corner and let the stability control sort things out.

Speaking of miraculous driving aids, here’s one we weren’t expecting. If you order the Sport package, the manual trans is fitted with the aforementioned SynchroRev Match, which blips the throttle during downshifts. We did some patent searches and believe this electronic boon to be a first on a wholly manual transmission. Upon hearing about it, we warned Nissan that our old-fashioned heel-and-toeing was pure Nureyev—no electronic wet nurses for us. We were wrong. Our own dance steps matched revs accurately about 80 percent of the time. Nissan’s electronic shoes matched revs 100 percent of the time. And you can’t fool the thing. A downshift from fifth to second that requires 4500 immediate revs? No problem. That tricky 10-mph downshift from second to first on a cold morning? Piece of cake. Enter a turn so fast that your whole focus is on braking and steering? Let Nissan manage the blipping. If you still think you can do better, you can deactivate it. But those creamy downshifts add so greatly to the car’s prescient interaction with the driver that we bet you won’t.

Our complaints are few. Visibility astern is slim through that gun slit of a backlight—now sans wiper—and the rear-three-quarter windows don’t even qualify as portholes. The V-6’s exhaust note, at least inside the cockpit, isn’t much sexier than a Pathfinder’s. The gas gauge comprises 16 orange LEDs that are hard to read and look like a temporary fix conjured by the doofus who forgot to order the real gauge. Finally—and this is the big one—the sticky Bridgestones double as megaphones. Boom, slap, echo, hiss, the swishing of water, the pinging of pebbles. You name a road-borne sound, and the tires can magnify it. Perhaps it’s the fault of paper-thin wheel-well liners, because neither engine nor driveline NVH find their way as effortlessly to your tympanic membranes. At idle and at wide-open throttle, the 370Z is louder than its forebear. We’d trade a couple of points on the skidpad in return for less racket and a slightly cushier ride.

Do we love the 370Z? It might now be instructive for the reader to review the text and take a census of superlatives. This latest Z offers amenities sufficient to satisfy a commuter, without doing any obvious harm to the car’s original charm—its bare-bones purity.


In the race among automakers to make in-car cell-phone calls and iPod twiddling ever easier, it’s refreshing to find an addition such as the 370Z’s rev-matching downshifting that actually enhances the driving experience. I must have shifted 500 times on the way home just to marvel at this clever tech tidbit I never knew I wanted. The 350Z was always a road-course missile, now complemented by a much-needed dose of refinement. With cars like the Z within reach, do adolescents still aspire to Mustangs?


The 370Z is proof that revolutionary changes aren’t mandatory to keep a model line fresh. The 350Z lacked a decent interior and storage space, and its styling was starting to look dated. The new car addresses these shortcomings and improves what was already a good package. The result is one of the most desirable sports cars on the market. Steady progress in a model line is not a new idea—Porsche has been following it since, well, forever. Other automakers should take note of this success.

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Sours: https://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/a15148449/2009-nissan-370z-road-test/
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2008 Nissan 370Z, 2009 MY Z34 US

Applicable to the USA domestic market(s).bodyworkBody type2 seater fixed-head coupéNumber of doors2Designerdimensions & weightsmminchesWheelbase2550mm100.4inchesTrack/tread (front)1549 mm61 inchesTrack/tread (rear)1595 mm62.8 inchesLength4247mm167.2inchesWidth1849 mm72.8 inchesHeight1318 mm51.9 inchesGround clearancelength:wheelbase ratio1.67Kerb weight1466 kg3232 lbWeight distribution54% frontfuel tank capacity72 litres15.8 [19] UK [US] gal.aerodynamicsDrag coefficient0.3Frontal areaCdAengineengine type naturally aspirated petrol Engine manufacturerNissanEngine codeVQ37VHRCylindersV 6 in 60° veeCapacity3.7 litre
3696 cc
(225.544 cu in)Bore×Stroke95.5 × 86 mm
3.76 × 3.39 inBore/stroke ratio1.11Valve geardouble overhead camshaft (DOHC)
4 valves per cylinder
24 valves in total maximum power output
(1999/99/EC)336 PS (331 bhp) (247 kW)
at 7000 rpmSpecific output
(1999/99/EC)89.6 bhp/litre
1.47 bhp/cu inmaximum torque
(1999/99/EC)366 Nm (270 ft·lb) (37.3 kgm)
at 5200 rpmSpecific torque
(1999/99/EC) 99.03 Nm/litre
1.2 ft·lb/cu3Engine constructionaluminium block & headsumpwet sumpedcompression ratio11:1Fuel systemSMPFIbmep (brake mean effective pressure)1244.4 kPa (180.5 psi)Maximum RPMcrankshaft bearingsEngine coolantWaterUnitary capacity616 ccAspirationNormalCompressorN/AIntercoolerNoneCatalytic converterYperformanceAcceleration 0-80km/h (50mph)Acceleration 0-60mphAcceleration 0-100km/hAcceleration 0-160km/h (100mph)Standing quarter-mileStanding kilometreMaximum speedPower-to-weight ratioHigher is better
228.92 PS/tonne (1000 kg)
0.23 PS/kg
168.37 kW/tonne (1000 kg)
0.17 kW/kg
225.78 bhp/tonne (1000 kg)
0.23 bhp/kg
0.1 bhp/lbWeight-to-power ratioLower is better
5.94 kg/kW
9.92 lb/bhp
fuel consumptionFuel consumptionuniversal fuel consumption (calculated from the above)litres/100kmkm/litreUK MPGUS MPGCarbon dioxide emissionsCarfolio Calculated CO2?VED band (UK)CO2 Effizienz (DE)chassisEngine positionfrontEngine layoutlongitudinalDrive wheelsrear wheel drive   Torque splitN/ASteeringpower assisted rack & pinionturns lock-to-lock2.600Turning circleFront suspensionI.DW.ARB.Rear suspensionI.MultiLi.ARB.Wheel size front8.0 x 18Wheel size rear9.0 x 18Tyres frontYokohama ADVAN Sport P225/50 R 18Tyres rearYokohama ADVAN Sport P245/45 R 18Brakes F/RVeDi/VeDi-S-ABS Front brake diameter320 mmRear brake diameter308 mmBraked areaGearbox 6 speed manual Top gear ratio0.79Final drive ratio3.69generalCarfolio.com ID191510Production totalModel codeModel familyZ34RAC rating33.9Insurance classificationNo information availableTax bandNo information available2008 Nissan 370Z (2009) added 2008-11-19.
Last modified 2013-02-28.
Sours: https://www.carfolio.com/nissan-370z-191510

NISSAN 370Z 2008 - 2012

The big family of the Z Coupe vehicles from Nissan received a new member in 2008 and it featured a more powerful version than the previous, 2003 model.

Nissan had a long history with the Z models. Before the 370 Z (Z34) it was the 350 (Z33) and 300 ZX (Z32). And the story goes on to 1970 when the first Z was on the market, named Datsun Z240, part of the Nissan brand name. Usually, the new generation of a car is bigger than the one it replaces. Nissan did the opposite, shortening the wheelbase by 100 mm (4"). The overall length was smaller by 70 mm (2.7") but enlarged the front and rear track and the whole width of the car by 33 mm (1.3").

Inside the cabin, the driver was the main concern. The 370 Z was a driver's car. For that reason, a center console separated the driver and passenger seat. The instrument cluster is attached to the steering column and, when that is adjusted, the dials are also moved. Thus, the driver didn't have to choose between the perfect steering wheel position and the visibility of the gauges.

For the drivetrain, Nissan offered a 3.7-liter V6 engine mated as standard to a 6-speed manual or as an option to a 7-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters behind the steering wheel. As an industry first, when fitted with the manual, the car "blipped" the throttle to rev-match the engine when downshifting.

Sours: https://www.autoevolution.com/cars/nissan-370z-2008.html

2008 370z

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Nissan 370Z

Car model

For the succeding model, which also uses the "Z34" model designation, see Nissan Z (Z34).

Motor vehicle

The Nissan 370Z (known as the Fairlady Z Z34 in Japan) is a 2-door, 2-seater sports car (S-segment in Europe) manufactured by Nissan Motor Company.[2] It was announced on October 29, 2006, and was first shown at an event in Los Angeles ahead of the 2008 Greater LA Auto Show,[3] before being officially unveiled at the show itself.[4][5] The 370Z is the sixth generation of the Nissan Z-car line, succeeding the 350Z. The 370Z marks the last production car with a naturally aspirated and high-rev V6 coupled to a manual transmission. The 2020 model year was the final model year for the 370Z.[6]

Initial release[edit]


2008 Nissan Fairlady Z coupe

Almost every piece and component of the 370Z has been redesigned from the previous 350Z model. The wheelbase is 4 in (100 mm) shorter at 100.4 in (2,550 mm) and an overall length 2.7 in (69 mm) shorter at 167.1 in (4,240 mm). The overall width has been increased by 1.3 in (33 mm), the rear track by 2.2 in (56 mm), and overall height reduced by 0.3 in (7.6 mm). The smaller exterior dimensions and use of more lightweight materials helped reduce weight.

The 370Z features a front aluminum subframe, aluminum-alloy engine cradle, aluminum door panels, an all-aluminum hood, and an aluminum hatch. Front body torsional rigidity is improved by 10 percent with an extensively revised body structure, which includes a new front suspension cradle to reduce front body lateral bending, new rear structural reinforcements, and an underbody "V-bar" to help reduce rear lateral bending. Rear body torsional rigidity is improved by up to 22 percent and rear body vertical bending rigidity is improved by up to 30 percent. Additional enhancements include the use of a carbon fiber composite radiator housing and strengthening of the rear fender and hatch areas. The new structure weighs slightly less than the 350Z.

2009 model 370Z - featuring frameless door windows

The 370Z uses a front double wishbone suspension, with forged aluminum control arms and steering knuckle. The rear multi-link suspension uses a forged aluminum upper control arm, lower arm and radius rod, the toe control rod is steel and wheel carrier assembly is aluminum.[7] The refreshed 2013 model uses new dampers with the Sport package models. The brakes have been changed from the more expensive Brembo racing brakes to Nissan branded brakes which are manufactured by Akebono.

The coefficient of drag is 0.30 and 0.29 with the Sport Package, figures identical to the 350Z.

Fairlady Z Coupe (2008–2013)[edit]

The Japanese model of the 370Z Coupe went on sale in December 1, 2008.[8]

370Z Coupe (2009–2013)[edit]

Nissan 370Z coupe (Europe; pre-facelift)

The vehicle was unveiled in the 2008 Los Angeles Auto Show, with sales of the North American model beginning at Nissan dealers in early 2009.[9][10]

Standard and optional equipment includes 19-inch RAYS wheels, Bluetooth, Sirius/XM satellite radio, heated electric seats, viscous limited slip differential, Bose sound system with dual subwoofers and 6-CD changer, and automatic climate control.

Deliveries of the European model began in April 2009.[11]

370Z Roadster (2009–2013)[edit]

Nissan 370Z roadster (Australia; pre-facelift)

The touring model adds heated and cooling leather-appointed power net seats, a 6-CD Bose audio system with 8 speakers (with dual subwoofer) and MP3/WMA playback, XM Satellite Radio, Bluetooth Hands-free Phone System, HomeLink Universal Transceiver, and aluminium-trimmed pedals.

Touring model also includes following options:

  • Sport Package: adds 19-inch RAYS forged wheels with Bridgestone Potenza tires, Nissan Akebono Sport Brakes, SynchroRev Match (6-speed manual transmission only), and a Viscous Limited Slip Differential.
  • Navigation Package: adds touch-screen Nissan Hard Drive Navigation System with XM NavTraffic real-time traffic information, a 9.3GB Music Box hard drive for digital music storage and playback, and a USB port for iPod connectivity.

370Z Roadster went on sale in late summer 2009 as 2010 model year vehicle. Early models include the 370Z and 370Z Touring, with Sport Package and Navigation packages for the 370Z Touring.[12][13]

European models went on sale as 2010 model year vehicles.[14]

The Roadster will be discontinued in the US market after the 2019 model year. However, it will continue to be sold in Canada.[15]

NISMO 370Z (2009–2013)[edit]


The NISMO version was introduced for the 2009 model year. The engine produces 350 hp (355 PS; 261 kW) at 7,400 rpm and 276 lb⋅ft (374 N⋅m) of torque at 5,200 rpm with revised ECU settings and exhaust setup. Transmission choice is limited to a 6-speed manual with Nissan's new "SynchroRev Match" function. Handling is improved via stiffened springs and stabilizer bars compared to the 370Z Coupe. Other equipment includes 19-inch RAYS forged aluminium-alloy wheels with Yokohama ADVAN Sport Y-rated tires (P245/40ZR19 front, P285/35ZR19 rear), 14.0-inch front and 13.8-inch rear vented rotors, NISMO Sport Brakes with 4-piston front and 2-piston rear aluminium calipers, and a fully integrated chin spoiler.[16]

The vehicle went on sale in June 2009.[17]

US model went on sale on June 17, 2009 with an MSRP of US$39,130.[18]

The vehicle was unveiled at the 2009 New York Auto Show.[19]

2015 updates

For 2015, the Nissan 370Z NISMO has seen various updates: an automatic (seven-speed) transmission, a built-in navigation system, and tweaks to its restyled front and rear fascia and body trim.

  • A 2015 Nissan 370Z NISMO with a restyled front end.

  • 2015 Nissan 370Z NISMO rear (Note: The smaller rear spoiler and larger brake heat extractor vents.)

Fairlady Z Roadster, Fairlady Z 40th Anniversary (2009–2013)[edit]

40th anniversary editions of the Fairlady / Z-cars were released both in 2009 and in 2010 (USA edition)

Sales of the Japanese model of the 370Z Roadster began on October 15, 2009.

The Fairlady Z 40th Anniversary is a limited version of the Fairlady Z coupe Version ST for the Japanese market. It was built to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the original Fairlady Z. It includes:[20]

  • A choice of a 6-speed manual or 7-speed automatic transmission
  • Real Leather/Suede-like Fabric Combination Seat specifically made for the 40th Anniversary model & Door trim (color: red)
  • Memorial engraving on the seat back. ("40th Anniversary")
  • Real leather-covered steering (with red stitches)
  • Real leather-covered shift knob
  • Console boot (with red stitches)
  • Instrument panel upper box (with red stitches)
  • Kneepads in the driver and passenger seats (with red stitches)
  • Special emblem (in the rear) for the 40th Anniversary model
  • RAYS special aluminium forging wheels for the 40th Anniversary model (dark chrome color coating)
  • Special SPORT Brake Calipers for the 40th Anniversary model. (color: red)
  • body colour: Metal Gray (Multi flex color) (Special color for the 40th Anniversary model), Premium Deep Maroon (P), Brilliant White Pearl (3P), Brade Silver (M), Diamond Black (P), Vibrant Red (C)

370Z Yellow (2009)[edit]

The 370Z Yellow is a limited edition of the 370Z GT Pack coupe for the British market, inspired by the European GT4 race car. It includes an Ultimate Yellow body colour, 19-inch RAYS forged alloy wheels, black leather and suede interior upholstery, integrated satellite navigation system, illuminated entry plates, special mats and a Bose audio with 8 speakers and a 6-CD autochanger.

The vehicle went on sale in September 2009 for £31,650 (manual) or £33,050 (automatic).[21]

A North American version, was also available with a different paint color called Chicane Yellow for 2009 only, is otherwise identical to 370Zs. Chicane Yellow was also available the following model year for an extra $500 in North America as the only extra cost color with other colors available for no additional charge.

370Z Nürburgring Edition (2009)[edit]

The 370Z Nürburgring Edition is a limited (80 units) version of the 370Z coupe for the German market. It includes a Premium Ultimate Yellow body colour, special decals, a more sonorous Cobra exhaust system, a numbered plaque, 19-inch OZ alloy wheels, Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT tires (255/40 R19 front, 285/35 R19 back) and a €150 gift card redeemable at the Nürburgring.[22][23][24]

370Z 40th Anniversary Edition (2010)[edit]

The 370Z 40th Anniversary Edition is a limited (1,000 units) version based on the 370Z Coupe Touring, built to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Datsun 240Z arriving in North America. It includes a manual transmission, Sport Package (including SynchroRev Match, front chin spoiler, rear spoiler, Nissan Sport Brakes, 19-inch RAYS forged aluminium-alloy wheels and viscous limited-slip differential), special "40th Anniversary Graphite" exterior color, red leather interior upholstery, a high-luster smoke wheel finish, red brake calipers, 40th Anniversary badges on the rear hatch and front strut tower brace, red door panel inserts, 40th Anniversary seatback and floormat embroidery, and red stitching on the center stack, shift boot and kneepads. It also has a leather steering wheel with red stitching, a plaque of authenticity, and a commemorative premium satin car cover.

The vehicle was unveiled at the 2010 Chicago Auto Show.[25]

The vehicle went on sale in spring 2010.[26]

370Z Black Edition (2010–2011)[edit]

The 370Z Black Edition is a limited (370 units) version of the 370Z Coupe commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the Datsun 240Z launch in the US market. It was built for the European market.[citation needed] It includes unique red leather & suede appointed interior (seats & door trim) with embossed 40th Anniversary logo seats, smooth leather wrapped steering wheel with red stitching, red stitching on the centre cluster, centre console and knee pads; Nissan's Connect Premium combined touch-screen satellite navigation and audio system with USB connectivity, dark grey 19" aluminium forged RAYS wheels, red brake calipers, 40th Anniversary emblem on the back door.

The vehicle went on sale from all Nissan High Performance Centres and throughout the dealer network with deliveries starting in April.[27]

BRE 370Z (2010)[edit]

The BRE 370Z is a version of the 2010 Nissan NISMO 370Z Coupe built to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Z's First National Championship. the 370Z commemorative car was built by STILLEN and it includes a red, white and blue BRE paint scheme designed by Pete Brock.

The vehicle was unveiled at the BRE Reunion dinner at the Classic Motorsports Mitty at Road Atlanta on Thursday, April 29, 2010.[28]

Fairlady Z version NISMO (2011–2013)[edit]

The vehicle was unveiled at the 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon,[29][30] and later at the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon.[31][32]

2011 Model Year Nissan 370Z Coupe and Roadster (2011–2013)[edit]

Changes to the 370Z Coupe and Roadster for the 2011 model year include:

  • a new tire pressure monitoring system
  • a rear view camera integrated into the Nissan Premium Connect satellite navigation system
  • improved isolation of road noise on the Coupé
  • automatic versions of both Coupé and Roadster have a revised 'Snow' setting for enhanced grip when setting off on ice and snow
  • GT Pack versions add heated and ventilated leather/suede seats, a premium BOSE sound system, cruise control, 19-inch forged alloy wheels, Synchro Rev Control technology on the manual version along with Uphill Start Support

European models went on sale as 2011 model year vehicles.[33]

370Z GT Edition (2011–2012)[edit]

The 370Z GT Edition is a version of the 370Z Coupé commemorating Nissan's global success in GT racing and 40 years of the Z in the UK. It is built for the UK market and it includes a choice of 3 body colours, (Pearl White, Kuro (metallic) black and Black Rose), grey 'GT' stripes running along the flanks of the car, 19 inch RAYS forged alloy wheels in dark anthracite colour, retuned dampers to provide the ideal balance between ride comfort and high-speed handling, a rear view parking camera as part of the Premium Connect satellite navigation system, a tyre pressure monitoring system, seven-speed automatic option with snow mode and revised underbody insulation to reduce road noise.

The vehicle went on sale starting at £35,000, and deliveries began on 1 June 2011.[34]

Body styles[edit]

Body type ((CBA-)Z34)CoupeRoadster
370Z2009— 2010— 
NISMO 370Z2009— N/A 


ModelYearsType/codePower, [email protected]
370Z (North America)2009— 3,696 cc (226 cu in) V6 (VQ37VHR)337 PS (248 kW; 332 hp)@7000, 365 N⋅m (269 lb⋅ft)@5200
370Z (Black Edition)2010—?3,696 cc (226 cu in) V6 (VQ37VHR)328 PS (241 kW; 324 hp)@?, [email protected]?
370Z (Europe)2009— 3,696 cc (226 cu in) V6 (VQ37VHR)331 PS (243 kW; 326 hp)@7000, 366 N⋅m (270 lb⋅ft)@5200
370Z (UK)2011— 3,696 cc (226 cu in) V6 (VQ37VHR)328 PS (241 kW; 324 hp)@7000, 363 N⋅m (268 lb⋅ft)@5200
NISMO 370Z2009— 3,696 cc (226 cu in) V6 (VQ37VHR (NISMO Version))355 PS (261 kW; 350 hp)@7400, 374 N⋅m (276 lb⋅ft)@5200


All models (including the 2015 Nismo) include either a 7-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters or a 6-speed manual transmission. SynchroRev Match system for 6-speed manual transmission is included with the Sport Package.


The 0–60 mph acceleration times are as follows:

Nissan 370Z Coupe (6-speed manual transmission): 4.7 seconds[35]

Nissan 370Z Coupe (7-speed automatic with manual shift mode): 4.6 seconds[36]

Nissan 370Z Roadster: mid-5s seconds[37]

1/4 mile (coupe): 13.3 seconds at 105.7 mph[38]

1/4 mile (roadster): mid-14s seconds at 102.9 mph[37]

Skidpad (coupe): 0.99 g

Skidpad (roadster): 1.00 g[37]

Braking, 60-0 mph (roadster): 103 ft[37]


Curb weight 3,232 pounds (1,466 kg) (base)
Wheelbase 100.4 in (2,550 mm)
Length 167.1 in (4,240 mm)
Width 72.8 in (1,850 mm)
Height 51.8 in (1,320 mm)

Trim levels[edit]

  • US trims: 370Z (base), Sport, Touring, Sport Touring, NISMO
  • Japan trims: Fairlady Z (base), Fairlady Z Version S, Fairlady Z Version T, Fairlady Z Version ST, Fairlady Z Version NISMO


Calendar YearU.S.[39]Canada[40]Europe[41]

Awards & recognition[edit]


The Nissan 370Z is featured in Electronic Arts' Need for Speed: Undercover video game which was released on November 18, 2008.[46] This allowed people to drive the 370Z in-game prior to the vehicle's actual release. Nissan claimed it to be the first time an automaker had a vehicle world premiere by partnering with a video game company.[47] It was featured in the Xbox 360 racing simulator Forza Motorsport 3, and featured in the PlayStation 3 driving simulator game Gran Turismo 5, it was also featured in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. The 370Z also made its debut on the arcade racing game Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3DX. The car also appeared in the Asphalt franchise, and Real Racing 3 .

A version of Megatron Fairlady Z was produced by Takara TOMY, as part of the Transformers Alternity toy line.[48]

As part of the UK market launch, a TV commercial featuring a Nissan 370Z vs racing chickens was produced.[49]

As part of Nissan's plan to build the ultimate 370Z track car, a campaign allowing fans to vote which components will be used in the project took place in association with Facebook and Autoblog. The suspension choices (hosted by Autoblog) include NISMO S-Tune Springs and Dampers, KW Variant 3s and an A'PEXi S1 Damper System.[50] The completed vehicle includes a GReddy twin turbo kit, GReddy Ti-C catback exhaust system, KW Variant 3 suspension, Stoptech big brake kit with 2 piece aerorotors, Volk TE37SL wheels and a Metalloy decal kit.[51]


The Nissan 370Z has enjoyed some successes in motorsport. Notably, in drifting Chris Forsberg campaigned a twin turbo, 812 horsepower, 676 lb-ft torque VQ37DE 370Z in the 2017 Formula DRIFT season. After an engine failure in the debut round, he piloted his backup 370Z. This car was powered by a 5.6L V8 swapped from a Nissan Titan and produced over 1,000 horsepower. [52]

2013 model year update (2012–2020)[edit]

370Z (2012–2020)[edit]

Facelift Nissan 370Z coupe (Australia)
Facelift Nissan 370Z coupe (Australia)

New features for the 2013 model year include:[53]

  • Refreshed front fascia with vertical LED daytime running lights (except NISMO 370Z)
  • A new 18-inch wheel design for 370Z Coupe
  • Two new body colours – Magma Red and Midnight Blue
  • The Sport Package equipped models include a new larger 19-inch wheel design, with larger red-color brake calipers and Euro-tuned shock absorbers.
  • The Sport Tech Package equipped models include the Sport Package features, plus a touch-screen audio and navigation screen.
  • The NISMO 370Z includes 5-spoke 19-inch RAYS forged aluminium-alloy wheels with a dark-finish, revised brake system components, optional Bose Premium Audio Package (six speakers, in-dash 6CD changer, Bluetooth Hands-Free Phone System, auto-dimming inside mirror, and HomeLink Universal Transceiver), and Magma Red body colour option.

The 370Z coupe was unveiled at the 2012 Chicago Auto Show.[54]

The 370Z coupe and 370Z roadster were unveiled at the 2012 Paris Motor Show.[55][56]

Sale of the vehicle began in June 2012.

Fairlady Z Coupe, Roadster, Fairlady Z Version NISMO (2012–2020)[edit]

Changes to the Fairlady Z Coupe and Roadster include:

  • new front bumper with LED hyper daylight
  • Dark chrome colour 19-inch aluminium wheel standard in Coupe Version ST and Version S, optional in Roadster Version ST
  • 18-inch aluminium wheel from Fairlady Z Roadster for Coupe (except Version ST and Version S)
  • Red brake calipers as standard on Coupe Version S and Version ST, Roadster Version ST
  • 2 new body colours premium sun flare orange and dark blue for total of 8 colours
  • Base colour for car information display is changed to dark metallic grey
  • Front and rear shock absorbers are tuned to improve stability (Coupe Version S and Version ST, Roadster Version ST)
  • Brake pads use new friction material to improve stability when braking from high speed to low-medium speed, and improved fade endurance (Coupe Version S and Version ST, Roadster Version ST)

Changes to Fairlady Z Version NISMO include:

  • Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 tires
  • Increased body rigidity
  • Suspension tuning

The Fairlady Z Version NISMO was unveiled at the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon.[31][32]

The vehicles went on sale on July 18, 2012.[57]

Fairlady Z NISMO Z-Challenge Spec (2013)[edit]

It is a race car based on the Fairlady Z for the Z-Challenge single-spec race series.

The vehicle was unveiled at the 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon.[58][59]

370Z NISMO (2014–2020)[edit]

The 2014 370Z NISMO is an updated version of the NISMO 370Z with:

  • new dark gray coloring added to the front and rear fascias, lower side sills, side mirrors and NISMO rear spoiler, with each element (except side sills) featuring NISMO-style red pinstripe accents
  • Solid Red replaces the previous Magma Red body colour option
  • addition of a new steering wheel with Alcantara appointments and red accents
  • addition of red NISMO tachometer
  • Bridgestone POTENZA S001 tyres (245/40ZR19 front, 285/35ZR19 rear)[60]

The vehicle was unveiled at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show,[61] followed by the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.[62][63][64]

The US model was set to go on sale in summer 2013.

Fairlady Z NISMO (2013–2020)[edit]

The Fairlady Z NISMO is an updated version of the Fairlady Z Version NISMO with:

  • Special front bumper (Front LED hyper daytime running lights are not installed)
  • Special door
  • Special side sill protectors
  • Special rear bumper and rear fog lamps
  • Special rear spoiler
  • Special fender molding (front and rear)
  • NISMO badges (front and rear)
  • Four available exterior colors: Brilliant White Pearl, Brilliant Silver, Diamond Black and Vibrant Red
  • Special combination seats made with genuine leather and suede-like fabric (with ‘nismo' logo and red stitching)
  • Alcantara-covered steering wheel with three spokes (featuring a red center mark and red stitching)
  • Special genuine leather shift knob (smooth leather)
  • Special console boot (with red stitching)
  • Special door trim (with red stitching)
  • Special serial number plate
  • Special instrument cluster (with ‘nismo' logo, red tachometer dial and 280-km/h speedometer)
  • Special instrument upper box (with red stitching)
  • Special knee cushion pads for the driver and passenger (with red stitching)
  • Special engine cover
  • Customized suspension system (springs, shock absorbers and stabilizer bars)
  • Special highly rigid compression rod bushings
  • RAYS special forged aluminium-alloy wheels (with ‘Nismo' logo, dark metallic coating)
  • Special Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 tires (front: 245/40R19, rear: 285/35R19)
  • Special high-rigid brake hose
  • High-performance brake fluid
  • Four-wheel aluminium-caliper opposed-piston brakes
  • Special vehicle speed-sensing power steering system
  • Special strut tower bar (with ‘nismo' logo)
  • Special front member brace
  • Special under-luggage brace
  • Special rear under-floor V-bar
  • Special Yamaha performance dampers (front and rear)

The vehicle went on sale on June 24, 2013.[65][66]

NISMO 370Z2012-No NISMO roadster available


ModelYearsType/codePower, [email protected]
370Z (North America)2012-3,696 cc (226 cu in) V6 (VQ37VHR)337 PS (248 kW; 332 hp)@7000, 365 N⋅m (269 lb⋅ft)@5200
NISMO 370Z2012-3,696 cc (226 cu in) V6 (VQ37VHR (NISMO Version))355 PS (261 kW; 350 hp)@7400, 374 N⋅m (276 lb⋅ft)@5200
370Z NISMO (North America)2013-3,696 cc (226 cu in) V6 (VQ37VHR (NISMO Version))355 PS (261 kW; 350 hp)@7400, 374 N⋅m (276 lb⋅ft)@5200
370Z NISMO (Europe)2013-3,696 cc (226 cu in) V6 (VQ37VHR (NISMO Version))349 PS (257 kW; 344 hp)@7400?, 374 N⋅m (276 lb⋅ft)@5200?
Fairlady Z (Japan)2012-3,696 cc (226 cu in) V6 (VQ37VHR)336 PS (247 kW; 331 hp)@7000, 365 N⋅m (269 lb⋅ft)@5200
Fairlady Z Version NISMO2012-3,696 cc (226 cu in) V6 (VQ37VHR (NISMO Version))355 PS (261 kW; 350 hp)@7400, 374 N⋅m (276 lb⋅ft)@5200
Fairlady Z NISMO2013-3,696 cc (226 cu in) V6 (VQ37VHR (NISMO Version))355 PS (261 kW; 350 hp)@7400, 374 N⋅m (276 lb⋅ft)@5200


370Z (North America)2012-Coupe: 6-speed manual, 7-speed automatic

Roadster: 6-speed manual (touring only), 7-speed automatic

370Z NISMO (North America)2013-6-speed manual, 7-speed automatic, (2015 present)
370Z NISMO (Europe)2013-6-speed manual
Fairlady Z Version (Japan)2012-coupe: 6-speed manual (base, Version T, Version ST), 7-speed automatic (base, Version S, Version ST)

roadster: 6-speed manual (Version T, Version ST), 7-speed automatic (base, Version ST)

Fairlady Z Version NISMO (Japan)2012-6-speed manual, 7-speed automatic
Fairlady Z NISMO (Japan)2013-6-speed manual, 7-speed automatic

The 7-speed automatic transmission includes a manual shift mode, paddle shifters and Downshift Rev Matching. The 6-speed manual transmission includes SynchroRev Match synchronized Downshift Rev Matching system.


  • US trims: 370Z (base), Touring, Sport, Sport Tech, NISMO, NISMO Tech (2017 -2018 only)
  • Japan trims: Fairlady Z (base (coupe, roadster 6MT)), Fairlady Z Version S (coupe 6MT), Fairlady Z Version ST, Fairlady Z Version T (7AT), Fairlady Z Version NISMO, Fairlady Z NISMO


As part of the Nissan 370Z campaign, a series of 6 Heisman House TV commercials were produced, featuring previous Heisman Trophy winners. Nissan 370Z Roadster was featured in the 'Hula' commercial.[67] The car has featured in Rio 2, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Sleepless and other films. The Nismo 370Z had also made its Driveclub debut alongside its other Nissan sports car, the GT-R as one of the 5 DLC cars in the RPM Expansion Pack and it is also the first Japanese carmaker to appear in the game.

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