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  • 100% polyester vinyl material
  • Faux leather jacket has 3 buttons on center front and faux pockets
  • Vinyl pants have elastic waistband and boot cut at the bottom
  • 10 " Stake is made of foam
  • Tank top and shoes not included
  • Exclusive, officially licensed

Welcome to Sunnydale

You are the slayer. In each generation, a slayer is born. One girl in all the world, the chosen one. One born with the strength and skill to hunt the vampires...

Remember when Giles delivered this speech to Buffy in Season 1? Yeah, so do we. We still get chills when we hear it. So imagine how you'll feel when you repeat it while dressed in this Women's Buffy the Vampire Slayer Costume! Pretty wicked, huh? And regardless what Faith may want to think, there can only be one slayer in Sunnydale, and it's you! This costume is taken straight from your favorite show and looks perfectly 90s retro, especially when paired with our Buffy Wig. So are you ready to team up with Willow, Xander, Cordelia, Giles, and even Spike? Are you ready to play out months of will they-won't they tension with Angel? Are you ready to defend Sunnydale from the forces of evil? We thought so! That's because you are the one girl in all the world, the chosen one!

Design & Details

Our design studio teamed up with the show to bring you this authentic, officially-licensed look, straight off the streets of Sunnydale! (BONUS points to any fan who can tell us which episode this look is featured in!) It includes red faux leather pants, a black faux leather jacket, a black tank top, and—duh!—a handy-dandy, vampire-destroying stake. Don't leave home without it. Pair this costume with some 90s-ready footwear and a kick-butt attitude and you're ready to fulfill your destiny!

Don't Quit Your Slay Job

If you want to take on your role as the slayer, then you have to maintain anonymity, choose who to trust very carefully, obey your watcher (most of the time), and opt for a lifestyle that allows you some flexible hours (no night shifts!). It's a tough role, but we're glad to see you stepping up to the plate on behalf of humanity. We owe you one!


X-SmallJacket Chest34 1/2"88cm
X-SmallJacket Length22"56cm
X-SmallPants Waist20" - 26"51cm - 66cm
X-SmallPants Length40"102cm
SmallJacket Chest36 1/2"93cm
SmallJacket Length22"56cm
SmallPants Waist22" - 28"56cm - 71cm
SmallPants Length40"102cm
MediumJacket Chest38 1/2"98cm
MediumJacket Length23"58cm
MediumPants Waist24" - 30"61cm - 76cm
MediumPants Length40 1/2"103cm
LargeJacket Chest41 1/2"105cm
LargeJacket Length23"58cm
LargePants Waist26" - 32"66cm - 81cm
LargePants Length41 1/2"105cm

Costume Sizing Tips

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10 Buffy The Vampire Slayer Outfits That Can Be Your Next Halloween Costume

Pandemic or not, Halloween’s just around the corner and we’d be damned if it wasn’t given its due.

But with all the “new normals” that’s been tossed about this year, how about something a little more familiar for ol’ All Hallows eve? From the depths of genre-defining supernatural classics, Buffy the Vampire Slayer has once again emerged as a trending topic thanks to a new comic series and a possible upcoming return to television.

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Prepare yourself for a selection of iconic looks that go beyond style and demand a suitable dose of substance to properly pull off your character. After all, one does not cross the wardrobe sensibilities of Sunnydale’s resident vampire Slayer without being staked… or quipped at.

And if you’re looking to add an extra bite to your costume, be sure to use one of our professionally-sourced pro tips!

10 Spike

We’ll start with the obvious: everyone wants to rock that long leather duster look and be thought of as the coolest too-cool-for-school character from the Buffyverse—and it really doesn’t get cooler than a character whose first appearance was literally in an episode entitled "School Hard" (season 2, episode 3).

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Line up a black duster, black t-shirt, black jeans, black combat boots, and some black nail polish and you’ve essentially got yourself Spike.

Pro tip: For those of you classicists, throw on a red unbuttoned shirt under that duster for the right season 2 look.

9 Angel

Itching to pull on the dark and broody, but not a fan of the peroxide? Thankfully Angel’s been rocking tall, dark, and pastry-names (oh, you Lorne fans!) since before one William Pratt stole borrowed his look. So get liberal with that hair gel, and work all them strands of hair off of your forehead!

And remember to wear that all-knowing but oh-so-tortured smirk when you go about chatting people up as just “a friend.”

Also, feel free to go simpler with a nice black tie-worthy shirt and jacket… san black tie, of course. After all, don’t we all just love the quippier Angel of Buffy Season 1?

Pro tip: Leather pants and a longer coat puts you in evil Angelus territory. +4 to Charisma.

8 Faith

Ah, costume, thy name is convenience.

Tank top? Check. Black pants? Check. Deep colored lipstick? Check.

Great, now grab that pointy wooden stake you have lying around and you’ll be ready to slay Halloween!

While Faith may seem like she dresses to kill, truth is—well, yeah, that’s pretty much the truth. Equipped with an efficient ensemble that remains on the more pragmatic side of Sunnydale Slayer-chic, Faith’s attires hardly delve into the realm of “costumes” as some of these others might. However, the “dark Slayer’s” true get-up is all in the attitude, so be sure to strut down the street as if you own it.

Pro tip: Faith’s iconic dagger is called Jackal and is designed by legendary fantasy artist Kit Rae. It’s the same dagger used in Star Trek: Nemesis by Tom Hardy’s character, Shinzon.

7 Riley & The Initiative

Got a squad that needs to be geared up? Then look no further than, well, an Initiative squad!.

A sinister and foreboding presence that loomed over much of Season 4, The Initiative had a surprisingly long-lasting impact on the Buffy-verse, getting directly involved even as later as Season 7 and popping up during Buffy spin-off Angel’s fifth season.

Thankfully, dressing up as an Initiative soldier is a lot less complicated than their history. Just some camo-friendly clothes (i.e., green turtlenecks) and toy guns, and you and your squad are good to go! It’s so effective, that even Buffy mistook the Initiative’s patrolling grunts as military-themed trick or treaters in "Fear Itself "(season 4, episode 4).

Pro tip: Choose the most boring member of your squad to be Riley.

6 The Gentlemen

MilSim not your thing but still got a squad to dress this Halloween? Well, you can finally put your prom attire to good use as the Gentlemen.

Not for nothing, this season 4 episode has been hailed as a masterpiece—one defying any dialogue-centric Whedon tropes while still being witty and sharp. Not only does the episode boast more than half of its content without dialogue, but it also plays host to the iconic Gentlemen, arguably the creepiest denizens to grace Sunnydale over the course of the show’s run.

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Pro tip: If you happen to have some dirty bandages and a straitjacket lying around (why, though?) you could instead dress up as the Gentlemen’s Footmen, the muscle to their menace.

5 Giles... Just Giles

A man of many talents (being knocked unconscious placing high on that list), Giles has also had some of the most interesting looks throughout the series. From fuddy-duddy librarian in tweed to awkward loner in a sombrero (and a chainsaw-wielding savior later that same episode), and to straight-up hot fox in his wizening years, dressing up as Rupert Giles’ is more than just wiping your glasses unnecessarily.

But the best part, the man has range: be it walking around in a robe with a “Kiss the Librarian” mug, or going all out with a Fyarl get up, Giles is truly the renaissance man’s Halloween costume.

Pro tip: Silver fox Giles sports a silver earring on his left ear.

4 Sweet

Not very often does a demon come along and leave an impression that way Sweet did. But it’s not very surprising given his involvement in the seminal, mind-blowing musical “Once More, With Feeling”—the only  episode of season 6 written or directed by Joss Whedon

From his snappy suit to his snappy lyrical dialogue to his snappy dance moves (which involved him actually snapping his fingers), Sweets’ over-sized suit is one for the books.

Pro tip: Get rid of the facial prosthesis and it leaves you looking like MC Hammer… and, really, how is that not a great Halloween costume anyways?

3 Fuzzy Willow

Right from the very first episode, Cordelia makes it pretty clear that Willow’s no fashion icon. Burdened by her mother’s preference for seeing the softer side of Sears, Willow’s often the butt of tragic fashion jokes.

And yet, the character’s now a fashion legend! With ugly, fuzzy sweaters all the rage come winter seasons, Willow’s lack of contemporary taste has only proven the extent of her new age wisdom! Take that, Cordettes!

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While Willow does find her “look” as she finds her place in the world as the Scooby Gang move on to college, her fuzzy pink sweater will forever remain a distinctive wardrobe choice, one that is adorably Willow!

Pro tip: Vamping it up with the fuzzy sweater scores you an alternate look as Vampire Willow as seen in "Doppelgangland" (season 3, episode 16).

2 Musical Tara

Despite being one of the more beloved characters in the show, Tara never really got many opportunities to stand out against her more… colourful friends. While her blending into the background was probably by design—making her sudden involvement quiet but still powerful—the character was finally given a chance to shine in season 6’s musical episode “Once More, With Feeling.”

Dressed in a fairytale-inspired gown reflecting the ambience of the symphonically-struck Sunnydale, Tara’s look in the musical numbers “I’ve Got A Theory” and “I’m Under Your Spell” is an eye-catching yet possibly effortless one.

So if you’re looking to grace the streets with a Buffy-inspired costume, but not seem too out of then next time you run high on laundry and wear this to the mall, this dress might really be the sweet spot.

1 Buffy The Wardrobe Slayer

“I may be dead but I'm still pretty.”

Perhaps no other line quote so well summarises the wit, resilience, and strength of Buffy Summers. And while no one attire of hers may have popped out of the screen quite like the others of this list, the fact remains that Buffy was a walking fashion icon—and boy, did she slay every costume choice for the 6 years she dominated television.

And to prove that she’s still got it, actress Sarah Michelle Gellar recently re-visited one of Buffy’s more memorable looks from season 1 finale, "Prophecy Girl". And she’s clearly still slayin’ it—and you can too with a white dress and leather jacket!

Pro tip: Leather jackets go with everything… and we mean everything.

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Easy ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ Halloween Costumes That Are ’90s Perfection

If you're more of an Oz than a Buffy when it comes to dressing up. then you'll definitely appreciate these easy Buffy The Vampire Slayer costumes for Halloween. Whether you don't have the time to attempt anything complex or just can't be bothered wasting more than an hour on an outfit, this list is the perfect collection of easy Buffy costumes. Luckily for us, Buffy The Vampire Slayer was already full of great Halloween visual gags and iconic outfits, giving you a lot of easy to replicate ideas. You just have to know where to look.

To be fair, you'll probably have to hang out with fans of Buffy during Halloween for them to get the majority of these references. But if your friends don't like Buffy enough to catch the vibe that you're serving up to them, then can they even be counted as friends? Probably not.

Regardless, these are simple costumes designed to bring a smile to the faces of your Buffy-nerd friends. You know, those people who will be able to take one look at you and automatically know exactly what you're supposed to be. And, perhaps most importantly, those people who will applaud you for making the biggest statement with the least amount of effort possible. You got this, Scooby Gang, now get out there and slay.

1. Anya's "Scary Costume" From "Fear Itself"

If, like Anya, bunny rabbits are your biggest fear, then this costume is the scariest thing you could possibly wear on Halloween. Incidentally, it's also one of the easiest and the comfiest, involving a simple one-piece pajama set.

2. New Student Buffy

The genius of this costume is that it's all about the details. You can pair any casual, low-key outfit that you want with the rest of it, but Mr. Pointy and Buffy's humongous cross necklace are the only essential parts. For extra fun, carry around the Vampyr hardback journal too, and get folks to sign it with vampire slaying tips at whatever party you're attending.

3. Willow And Oz As Joan Of Arc And God

The ultimate lazy couples costume idea is perfect for you and your honey, or you and your bestie. While you can always add accessories like Willow did (such as some plastic armor), this chainmail hooded top should do the trick — especially over a plain black or white t-shirt. Then all you have to do is write "God," on a name tag, stick it on your date for the night, and boom. You got a costume.

4. Halloween Ghost Willow

It has the added bonus of being so old school that it can almost be worn ironically, but it's still quintessential Buffy, too. Simply cut some eye and nose holes out of a white sheet and paint "Boo!" on there, and you've got it.

5. Drusilla

If you're already rocking some acrylic talons right now, then you've got Dru's look halfway done. Just add a red, gothic maxi dress like the one below, accessorize with a macabre choker, and, for added creepiness, carry one of Dru's favorite porcelain baby dolls around with you at all times, too.

6. Doublemeat Palace Buffy

The most sinister fast food joint to have ever hit Sunnydale also happens to make for a super simple costume idea. Get yourself a red and white striped button down, a red cap, and safety pin (or superglue) a stuffed animal toy head (like the emoji cow one below) onto the front of it. For extra pizzazz, make your own "Buffy Summers" name tag by writing on a small bit of cardboard, taping a safety pin to it, and pinning it to your shirt.

7. Dark Willow

This one works if you happen to be a redhead (like mid-transformation Willow) or a brunette (like full-blown Dark Willow), and the most important part of it is just some black contacts. Pair them with a white t-shirt or a black button down, and, for an extra "I just saw the love of my life get killed and now I'm out for vengeance" vibe, feel free to spray some fake blood across your upper torso. And try not to cry about it (basically impossible.)

8. Graduation Day Buffy

The pairing of Buffy's red leather trousers and black top in the Season 4 finale episodes "Graduation Day Part 1 and 2" have become iconic. So much so that, if you pair the two together (and hell, maybe treat yourself to that Mr. Pointy stuffed toy from earlier), than people will automatically know who you are.

9. Maggie Walsh

All you need to be The Initiative's diabolical professor is a lab coat with some low-key casuals worn underneath it. To really add to the look, however, you could always persuade some pals to dress in military clothes and be the Initiative street team.

10. "Beer Bad" Buffy

If beer also happens to turn you into a Neanderthal, then Buffy's look from "Beer Bad" is the one for you. Simply back comb your hair furiously (and throw on some hair spray to help make it last throughout the night), and accessorize with Buffy's army green vest and a gigantic beer stein to drink from for the entire night.

11. Cheese Man

If you can empathize with Cheese Man's recurring statement from "Restless" that he is not the cheese, the cheese wears him, then this is for you. Pair a white button down blouse (or an old work shirt that you don't mind destroying) with a black tie, and then fix some cheese slices to it (still in their wrapper) using glue or safety pins. Sure, they might melt, but this isn't exactly the most rational of costume ideas. Plus, you can always snack on them throughout the night, so it's kind of win-win.

Here's hoping you're attending the kind of Halloween party this year that will be full of Buffy fans that will love whatever costume you eventually opt for. If not, then, hey, at least you didn't put too much effort in.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Make up \u0026 Outfit inspiration //Last minute Halloween costume/ Day 1

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2021

How to Make a Buffy Summers Costume

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
1Tank-top, blackBuffy’s outfit begins with a simple and versatile black tank-top that allows her easy mobility and a sexy fit.
2Leggings, red, leatherA very sexy choice of bottoms, Buffy rock these red leather leggings that are not only for looks, but made of tough leather which act as protection as well.
3Jacket, leather, blackOver her black tank, she wears this sleek black leather jacket. Her jacket allows her to hide her weapons discreetly and also a bit of protection from fangs and claws.
4Necklace, silver, crossOne of her only pieces of jewelry, Buffy wears this silver cross necklace mostly for protection, but it does add to her slayer look.
5Stake, wood, costumeOne of the most important parts of her outfit, Buffy always needs a stake in her business of vampire killing as that is one of the only ways to kill them.
6Scythe, stake, costumeShe also has this really cool scythe that has a stake attached to the end of it for a double-ended effect.
7Wig, blonde, straightBuffy’s hair is a striking honey blonde to light blonde ombre that you can get to fit your costume with this wig.
8Boots, blackThe last piece of Buffy’s outfit is her simple black boots. They are sturdy and string enough to support her slaying.
9Full CostumeOptionally if you want to save the hassle

Buffy’s style is her own, but it is definitely very 90s inspired and tailored to her job of vampire slaying. Her makeup and hair of some of the outstanding parts of her look that really speak of 90s fashion.

The leather that makes up most of her outfit is for protection purposes, as well as for the sexy factor too. The three leather pieces in her outfit are a pair of simple and versatile black leather boots, a sleek black leather jacket, and a pair of sexy red leather leggings.

Some of her accessories include a silver cross necklace, a wooden stake for vampire slaying, and a sharp scythe also for vampire slaying.

Buffy Summers Makeup/Hair Look Tutorial

Buffy’s makeup is definitely very 90s style with dark eyes and simple lips, which you can easily get by following this makeup tutorial.

About Buffy Summers

Buffy is one of the biggest TV icons of the 90s and early 2000s. She is actually student, but is taken under the wing of vampire who teaches her everything about her fate of vampire slaying.

Buffy is played by another big face of the 90s, Sarah Michelle Gellar.

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Costume ideas buffy

Buffy the Vampire Slayer DIY Costume Guide

It’s time to trade in your cheerleading uniform for something a little more practical—you’ve been chosen to battle the evilest of evil forces.

Buffy Summers was just a normal girl in high school when she found out that she had been chosen by fate to defend earth from sinister supernatural forces.

Read on to learn how to get Buffy’s look.

See more TV inspired costume guides here.

Buffy Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Buffy has medium-long straight blonde hair that she parts on the left. She typically wears it straight down or pulled halfway back. Throughout the series it varies through different shades of blonde. You can either find a wig to become Buffy, or style your own hair.


Buffy is typically dancing the line between cheeky cheerleader and badass. There are a couple ways you can do this. You can find all of the clothes at either a second-hand store or a retail chain. If you want to get specific, try looking online.

One of the most iconic Buffy outfits is the one with red leather pants. She’s wearing a black tank top, black leather motorcycle jacket, red leather pants, and black ankle boots with a chunky heel. You don’t need leather pants to achieve the look—vegan leather or denim will do.


Buffy never leaves the house without a vampire slaying tool, so you’ll want one too. At the very least you’ll want a wooden stake. A cross necklace is also a nice touch. The necklace can be found at most major retail chains. The stake can be made from wood in your yard or neighborhood, or purchased online or at a costume/halloween store.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Make up \u0026 Outfit inspiration //Last minute Halloween costume/ Day 1


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