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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Kirk Hatcher is moving from Alabama’s House to the state Senate.

Hatcher, a Democrat, won Tuesday’s special election for Alabama’s District 26 Senate seat.

He defeated Republican William Greene with 78% of the vote. According to the Alabama secretary of state’s unofficial results, Hatcher got 4,565 votes while Greene got 1,254. There were eight write-in votes. Click here for full election results.

Hatcher is a current state representative. He was elected in 2018 to represent House District 78. There is no word yet on how his House seat will be filled.

During his state Senate campaign, Hatcher said the state has lost a lot of communal concern, “especially in terms of leadership that I recognized from growing up.”

He said focusing on education and economic development will provide more opportunities and help reduce crime.

After Tuesday’s victory, Hatcher said he’s looking forward to legislation in the Senate on gaming and a measure he’s created to help high school student-athletes with their image and likeness.

“The are pieces that are exciting to see because I think it’s, it’s legislation that people can get behind and can sink their teeth into, something that says these people really are working for the community and for our people here, not only in Montgomery but in the state of Alabama,” he said.

The District 26 seat was vacated in September 2020 when former state Sen. David Burkette resigned and pleaded guilty to a campaign violation.

District 26 covers much of Montgomery County.

Greene is a former Montgomery City Councilman and has worked in computer consulting for 30 years.

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Alabama State Senate District 26
Current incumbentKirk HatcherDemocratic Party
Race22% White, 0.2% American Indian or Alaska Native, 1.1% Two or More Races, 1% Asian, 2.8% Other, 72.7% Black, 0.1% Pacific Islander[1]
Voting age74.1% age 18 and over

Alabama’s twenty-sixth state senate district is represented by DemocratKirk Hatcher.

As of the 2010 census, a total of 120,666 civilians reside within Alabama's twenty-sixth state senate district.[2] Alabama state senators represent an average of 136,564 residents.[3] After the 2000 Census, each member represented 127,060 residents.[4]

About the office

Alabama's senators serve without term limits for four-year terms. Alabama's state senators assume office the day following their election.[5]


See also: State legislature candidate requirements by state

Under Article IV, Section 47, of the Alabama Constitution, senators must be at least 25 years of age at the time of their election, must be citizens and residents of the State of Alabama for at least 3 years and residents of their district at least one year prior to election.


See also: Comparison of state legislative salaries
State legislators
SalaryPer diem
$51,734/yearFor overnight stays: $85/day. For two or more days with overnight stays: $100/day.


See also: How vacancies are filled in state legislatures

If there is a vacancy in the Alabama State Legislature, a special election must generally be conducted in order to fill the vacant seat. In the event that a vacancy occurs on or after October 1 in the year of a regular election, the seat will remain vacant until filled at the regular election. Otherwise, the governor must call for a special election if the vacancy happens before the next scheduled general election and the Legislature is in session.[6][7] The governor has all discretion in setting the date of the election along with the nominating deadlines.[7]

DocumentIcon.jpgSee sources:Alabama Code § 17-15-1

District map

Sours: https://ballotpedia.org/Alabama_State_Senate_District_26
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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Alabama state Rep. Kirk Hatcher won Tuesday’s special Democratic primary runoff election for the state Senate’s District 26 seat.

Hatcher beat former state Rep. John Knight with about 74% of the vote. Hatcher got 3,961 votes while Knight got 1,374.

“We’re excited about this move to help our community to be better even better than it presently is,” Hatcher told supporters.

Hatcher was elected in 2018 to represent District 78 in the House and though only serving a short time as a representative, he believes that he is ready and capable to serve the people of District 26 in the Senate.

“As I have said to so many of our voters a vote for me is a vote for the future of this city and it’s not the simple language it’s a life of what we are doing to move things forward,” Hatcher added.

Hatcher believes a focus on education and economic development will provide greater opportunities in the future.

“I am convinced that if we get that right then we will start to see a decrease in crime,” Hatcher said. “We will find a way to have better health preventive options so that our people are tended to with wellbeing all those things are I think change when you work on those two major pieces.”

Hatcher will face Republican William Greene in a special general election on March 2.

District 26 covers much of Montgomery County. The seat was vacated when former state Sen. David Burkette resigned and pleaded guilty to a campaign violation.

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