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Kansas Prison (DOC) Arrest Records for Inmate JESSICA E DIEHL

Once an inmate is eligible for visiting privileges, the inmate is responsible for ensuring that his/her visitors receive the necessary paperwork to register as visitors. For more information, please review IMPP 10-113: Inmate Visitation, which includes an attachment with an application for visiting privileges.

The inmate obtains the request form from the unit counselor and mails it to those he/she wishes to place on his/her visiting list. The prospective visitor will need to complete the form and mail it back to the facility for review and approval. A criminal background check is completed on all visitors. The visiting rules are sent out with the request form.

Each inmate may have a maximum of 20 visitors on his/her list.

No visitors will be allowed into a correctional facility until the application has been approved. However, members of an inmate's immediate family, who the inmate has submitted on his visitor’s list for temporary approval, may be allowed visitation pending completion of the approval process for the first 30 days after the inmate's transfer from an RDU to a facility for general population confinement.

How are visiting privileges determined? Visitation privileges are determined by the incentive level assigned to each inmate in the following manner. Those inmates assigned to the following incentive levels are provided the following privileges:
  • Intake Level: limited to visits from attorneys, clergy and law enforcement.
  • Level I: limited to visits from attorneys, clergy, law enforcement, a primary visitor and immediate family members.
  • Levels II & III: allowed visits from any approved visitors.
Immediate family members are defined as parents, step-parents, siblings, spouses of siblings, half-siblings, step-siblings, children, spouses of children, step-children, grandchildren, step-grandchildren, spouse, parents of spouse, grandparents, or any person who filled the role of a parent de facto with respect to the inmate as confirmed by the Warden upon review of the social history.

Inmates, who are married by license or common law, must list their spouse as their primary visitor. Unmarried, inmates may declare any person as their primary visitor as long as the person is at least 18 years of age and is not listed as the primary visitor for any other inmate. Inmates may change their primary visitor every six months.

Approved lists are transferable to each facility and remain in effect unless revised by the inmate or for administrative cause. Please review all visiting rules supplied by the facility prior to visiting.

What are the visiting hours and rules? After you have received notification that you have been approved as a visitor, please check with the correctional facility for visiting hours and specific visiting rules. Can children under 18 years of age visit an inmate? Minor children are permitted to visit if they are approved to be on the inmate’s visitation list. The adult who brings the minor child must also be an approved visitor and be the child’s parent or legal guardian. Minor children may not be allowed to visit if the inmate is being managed as a sex offender. Can I be on more than one inmate’s visitation list? Visitors may be on more than one inmate’s visiting list if the visitor is an immediate family member to each inmate. Why would my visiting privileges be suspended? Visits may be denied, suspended or terminated by the shift supervisor on duty for:
  • Visitor under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Insufficient space available
  • Refusal of visitor to submit to search per IMPP 12-115, “Search of Visitors”
  • Refusal or failure to provide sufficient identification or falsifying information
  • Violation of facility rules
  • Failure to properly supervise children
  • Excessive physical contact
  • Visitor or visitor’s child appears ill
  • Reasons necessary to preserve security of the facility and reasonable order in the visiting area

Please note: visitors can be searched to prevent the introduction of any item considered to be contraband if taken into or from a facility. This includes cell phones and all tobacco and tobacco-related items.

What if I am a victim of the inmate but I would like to visit the inmate? This does not mean that you will not be allowed to visit. If you are a victim of the inmate, you must indicate this on your visiting application. The Office of Victim Services (OVS) will contact you for more information. If you have questions about this process, please call OVS toll free at (866) 404-6732. How do I remove my name from a visitor’s list? Send a letter with your request for removal, include the inmate’s name and KDOC number, to the Visitation Clerk at the correctional facility. For mailing address, visit the facility index page. Visitors removed from a list by their own request or by the inmate’s request may not re-apply for visitation for a minimum of 180 days. What if I’m traveling from out of state to visit but I am not on the list? Under certain circumstances, the Warden or his designee may authorize a special visit. Requests for special visits are initiated by the inmate through the inmate's unit team via the Form-9. Circumstances under which special visits may be granted include, but are not limited to:
  • Requests for a single visit prior to background verification and approval of subsequent visits;
  • The visitor has traveled a distance of 150 miles (one way) or more; or,
  • The visit is in the best interest of the inmate's rehabilitative needs or other correctional goals.
 What kind of identification should I bring with me during my visit? Visitors must properly identify themselves with picture identification issued by a government agency, such as a driver's license or a state identification card. A birth certificate is acceptable for persons under the age of 16 who cannot produce photo identification. Are inmates permitted furloughs for funeral/bedside visits? No. Is physical contact allowed during a visit? Contact during visits is limited to a brief embrace or kiss at the beginning and end of the visit. Hand holding is not allowed. Please see IMPP 10-113for additional information.

Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine

Name FieldAdvisor
Abdallah, Abdallah Wagid Animal Science Cheong, Soon Hon
Abetov, Danysh BMCB Nikitin, Alexander
Adams, Myfanwy Catrin Microbiology Chappie, Josh
Adu, Oluwafemi BBS Lin, Dave
Aguilera, Brian GGD Kurpios, Natasza
An, Luye BMCB White, Andrew
Anannya, Orchi BBS August, Avery
Aplin, Cody Biophysics Cerione, Richard
Arroyo, Gerardo  BMCB Weiss, Robert
Bala,Noor  BBS Fowell, Deborah 
Banuelos, Paula  BBS Fowell, Deborah 
Barkley, Russell  BBS Lin, Dave
Barnett-Neefs, Cecil Food Science Ivanek Miojevic, Renata
Bartlett, Arianna GGD Van de Walle, Gerlinde
Basu, Upasana  BBS Doerr, Tobias 
Beacham, Gwen BMCB Hollopeter, Gunther
Beyrent, Erika BMCB Hollopeter, Gunther
Borlle, Lucia Animal Science Felippe, Julia 
Bovell, Rhasaan BBS Lin, Dave
Breault, Jillian BMCB Sevier, Carolyn
Buchholz, David BBS Aguilar - Carreno, Hector
Buglione, Anne  BBS Schaffer, Chris
Bui, Anthony Microbiology Chappie, Josh
Byun, Haewon BBS Aguilar - Carreno, Hector
Carr, Ky'ara BMCB Cohen, Paula 
Ceres, Kristina BBS Grohn, Yrjo 
Chang, Hsin-Yun (Rachel) BBS Lee, Sylvia
Chang, Wen-Hsuan CCB Cerione,Richard 
Chang, Yu-Wei BBS Lin, Dave
Cheng, Chloe BBS Barrow, Joeva 
Chivu, Alexandra GGD Danko, Charles 
Choi, Eun Jin  Microbiology Aguilar - Carreno, Hector
Chou, Shao-Pei  GGD Danko, Charles 
Cockey, James BBS Leifer, Cynthia
Craig, Maya BBS Lin, Dave
Cunningham, Jessie BBS Lin, Dave
Demler, Corinne GGD Kurpios, Natasza
Deshpande, Maithili BBS Crane, Brian
Diaz, Annika BBS Lin, Dave
Donahue, Leanne BBS White, Andrew
Eady, Naya BBS Wagner, Bettina
Ehrlich, Jacqueline BMCB Kawate, Toshi
Emerson, Felicity BBS Lee, Sylvia
Fahey, Meg BBS Delco, Michelle 
Farghli, Alaa GGD Sethupathy, Praveen
Feng, Shi Biophysics Cerione, Richard A. & Crane, Brian
Fernandez, Irma BMCB Weiss, Robert
Fieweger, Rachael  Microbiology VanderVen, Brian
Flores Cortes, Esteban BBS Schang, Luis
Font, Maria BBS Sondermann, Holger
Forlastro, Isabel  BBS Peters, Joseph
Francisco, Adam BBS Sethupathy, Praveen
Frazier, Laura BBS Chang, Pamela
Frueh, Simon Peter BBS Parrish, Colin
Gallardo, Mark BBS Harrington, Laura 
Gao, Jingyi BBS Lin, Dave
Gao, Wenting  BBS Jiang, Shaoyi 
Garcia-Martinez, Karla BBS Leifer, Cynthia
Gelsleichter, Eric BBS Lin, Hening
Gomes Noll, Jessica BBS Diel, Diego
Gopal, Sharada BBS Lee, Sylvia
Gruber-Hollingstead, Erika BBS Leifer, Cynthia
Harlan, Blaine GGD Soloway, Paul
He, Adam  Computational Biology Danko, Charles 
Henze, Erik Biophysics Kawate, Toshi 
Holmes, Camille BBS Wagner, Bettina
Holter, Marlena BBS Cummings, Bethany
Hommer, Alexandra  BBS Lin, Dave
Hsu, Chia-Hsin (Cindy)  BBS White, Andrew
Hu, Shing BBS Kurpios, Natasza
Huangm Rui  BMCB Schimenti, John C.
Huang, Yi-Chia BBS Lin, Dave
Imbiakha, Brian BBS August, Avery & Aguilar-Carreno, Hector
Jager, Mason BBS Van de Walle, Gerlinde
James, Ryan  BMCB Schimenti, John C.
Jones, Joshua BBS Brito, Ilana
Keller, Laura BBS Fortier, Lisa
Keller, Megan BBS Doerr, Tobias 
Kim, Dah Ihm BBS White, Andrew
Koch-Laskowski, Kieran BBS Sethupathy, Praveen
Kolarzyk, Anna (Ania) BBS Lee, Esak
Larson, Elisabeth BBS Wagner, Bettina
Lee, Bom Nae Rin BBS Russell, David G
Lee, Scarlett BBS Rudd, Brian & VanderVen, Brian
Lee, Seona BBS Tumbar, Tudorita
Lee, Seoyeon Nutritional Sciences Soloway, Paul
Leung, Wilfred BBS Melnick, Ari
Li, Liangdao BBS Schimenti, John C.
Li, Ruizhi BBS Cerione,Richard 
Lieberman, Seth BBS Schaffer, Chris
Limper, Candice BBS August, Avery
Liu, Jinjing Animal Science Chang, Yung Fu
Liu, Yangyang CCB Cerione, Richard
Llanos Soto, Sebastian BBS Ivanek Miojevic, Renata
Loehr, Amanda   BBS Weiss, Robert
Long, Donald GGD Sethupathy, Praveen
Lopez-Astacio, Robert BBS Parrish, Colin
Lormand, Justin BMCB Sondermann, Holger
Loyola Irizarry, Hector BBS Brito, Ilana
Lubinski, Bailey BBS Whittaker, Gary
Ma, Rosanna BBS Sethupathy, Praveen
Mansano do Nascimento, Gabriela BBS Diel, Diego
Marks, Brooke BBS Coonrod,Scott A.
Maschmann, Zachary CCB Crane, Brian/ Cerione 
Matthews, Melia BBS Lin, Dave
Maymi, Viviana  BBS Rudd, Brian 
McGurk, Alexander BBS Fowell, Deborah 
Miller, James BBS Van de Walle, Gerlinde
Molina, Alexandra BBS Travis, Alexander
Morrison, Kayleigh BBS Lin, Dave
Mukhtarov, Furkat BBS Sevier, Carolyn
Mullmann, James BBS Cerione,Richard A & Weiss, Robert
Murphy, Sarah Food Science Wiedmann, Martin & Ivanek Miojevic, Renata
Murrell, Chloe Microbiology Schang, Luis
Nguyen, Philip BMCB Kawate, Toshi
Nguyen, Thi Thuy Tien CCB Cerione,Richard 
Oldfield, Alexis BBS Lujan, Marla
Pang, Weilun BBS Hu, Fenghua
Parasar, Bibudha CCB Chang, Pamela
Partlow, Edward BMCB Hollopeter, Gunther
Pea, Jeffrey BBS Lujan, Marla
Phuong, Daryl BMCB Cummings, Bethany
Post, Sarah BBS Brito, Ilana
Qin, Yiwen BMCB Schimenti, John C.
Robinette, Timothy BBS Cheong, Soon Hon
Robinson, Andrea BBS Mehta, Saurabh
Roscoe, Jennifer BMCB Sevier, Carolyn
Roszkowski, Emma Microbiology VanderVen, Brian
Rozanitis, Tyler Biophysics Kawate, Toshi
Saddoris, Sarah  BBS Schang, Luis
Sanchez, Julio BBS Cerione,Richard 
Sanketi, Bhargav Dinesh BMCB Kurpios, Natasza
Savelle, Charles BMCB Sondermann, Holger
Schumann, Anna BBS Lin, Dave
Scott, Samantha Microbiology Chang, Pamela
Secor, Erica BBS Lin, Dave
Seely, Claira Animal Science McArt, Jessica 
Seewald, Virgina  BBS Lin, Dave
Shiroor, Divya BBS Adler, Carrie
Shumway, Alexandria (Alexx) GGD Sethupathy, Praveen
Sibinga, Nathaniel Food Science Marquis, Helene
Simon, Leah BBS Cohen, Paula
Soares Feijo, Lorena Animal Science Felippe, Julia 
Sosnicki, Danielle BBS Travis, Alexander
Swanda, Robert BBS Qian, Shu-Bing
Tabilas, Cybelle BBS Rudd, Brian 
Tapper, Justin BMCB Adler, Carrie
Teplitz, Eric BBS Lin, Dave
Teran Pumar, Oriana BMCB Cerione,Richard 
Theriault, Monique Elaine Microbiology Russell, David G
Todero, Jenna BMCB Cummings, Bethany
Tomlinson, Joy BBS Van de Walle, Gerlinde
Touey, Amanda GGD Cohen, Paula  
Troconis Gonzalez, Eileen BBS Warden, Melissa
Upadhye, Viraj BBS Aguilar - Carreno, Hector
Van, Destiny BMCB Weiss, Robert
Vaze, Animish BBS Lin, Dave
Villanueva, Jonathan BBS Sethupathy, Praveen
Wang, Fangyu BMCB Cerione,Richard 
Wang, Kuang-Tse GGD Adler, Carrie
Wang, Yuyan BME  Paszek, Matthew/ Heidi Reesink 
Wei, Derek BMCB Hollopeter, Gunther
Westhoff, Trent Animal Science Mann, Sabine
Wilburn, Kaley BBS VanderVen, Brian
Winters, Marquita GGD Schimenti, John C.
Womack, Sydney BBS Lin, Dave
Wood, Anna BMCB Cohen, Paula
Wu, Chunyan BBS Xu, Chris
Zhu, Julia BBS Lin, Dave
Zilch, Tiago  BBS Fowell, Deborah 
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New Stores: New Futures

New Stores: New Futures

The Arts Council of Fort Worth and AURORA are partnering to present New Stories: New Futures in conjunction with Fort Worth Public Art’s major installation on Pioneer Tower.

Dr. Lauren Cross, curator of the exhibition at the base of Pioneer Tower, selected ten North Texas artists working with a wide range of new media approaches for their art installations.

Artists include:

Nick Brontrager
Ciara Bryant
Angela Faz
Jessica Fuentes
Jeff Gibbons
Jin Ya Huang
Sedrick and Letitia Huckaby
Raul Rodriguez
Bernardo Vallarino

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Marine Park: Artist Conversation with Raul Rodriguez and Jessica Fuentesvirtual exhibition: under the southern cross | bajo la cruz del sur

Rounding out a yearlong artist residency through Tarrant County College–South Campus, Jessica Fuentes will debut her new series under the southern cross | bajo la cruz del sur in a virtual exhibition through The Carillon Gallery’s instagram account: @the_carillon.

This body of work combines photographs taken from 2001 through 2020 while on trips to Uruguay, Argentina, Mexico, west Texas, and Galveston. Each piece is digitally layered and references childhood summers spent with grandparents, religious and spiritual iconography, and places of significance to the artist in her own learning and understanding of Latina/o/x art and culture. In these dreamy compositions, time and memory are condensed. The title evokes both the prominent constellation in the southern hemisphere and the experience of growing up in the South in the United States.

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Athenaeum Review: Issue 4 Virtual LaunchNo Commission Saleduo means two

duo means two, a solo exhibition in the Frost Gallery at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center, will be on view from February 29–March 28, 2020.

closing reception: March 28, 2020; 6-9 p.m.

Whether working in photography, mixed media, or narrative writing, Fuentes’ work explores the concepts of time, memory, and repetition. Often she examines these ideas through the display of photographs using transparency or vinyl to physically layer and consequently distort images. In duo means two, it is the process—the repetition of carrying out a simple idea over a fourteen year period of time and across a variety of locations—that relates directly to the larger themes of Fuentes’ work. The images in this series capture pairings of everyday items from both outdoor and interior scenes. At first glance, the work seems to simply present the mundane coupling of objects. As the viewer looks closer, the repetition of paired items highlights the relationships between the objects and inevitably evokes the complexities of personal relationships.

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Picture This: An Alumni Show

Curated by Dr. Diane Durant, UT Dallas Associate Professor of Instruction, Director of the Comer Collection of Photography, and Alumna (PhD, Humanities–Aesthetic Studies, 2013).

Reception: August 23, 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Gallery Talks: Thursday, September 12, 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Featuring UT Dallas photo alumni:
Jessie Bowers (BA, Art and Technology, 2017)
Ciara Elle Bryant (BA, Art and Performance, 2016)
Garrett Chace (BA, Emerging Media and Communication, 2018)
Lauren Christlieb (BA, Art and Performance, 2013)
Jessica Fuentes (BA, Art and Performance, 2004)
Eric Keig (BA, Art and Performance, 2014)

SP/N Gallery hours:
Sunday - Monday: Closed
Tuesday - Wednesday: 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Thursday - Friday: 1:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Saturday: 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

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FW Zine Fest 2K19

Join us for our annual Zinefest here in Fort Worth, TX.
FWZF is where we celebrate DIY Culture in the form of Art, Music and Spoken Word.

$8 Entry (No one will be turned away due to lack of funds)

Food by Mariachi Diner (VEGAN OPTIONS)

Musical Line-Up(ongoing):
After Dinosaurs
Artemis Funk
Big Heaven
Crisis Management Squad
Echo Spring
Guy London
Lando Sea
Miles Canady
Same Brain
Three Rose Charm

Artists/Zines(more TBA soon):

-Adriana Andrade- 7 Ways to Die in a Bathtub
-AHK - Off White
-Alex Atchley / Kris Gouge
- Alyssa Greenwood - Alyssa Gee Comics
-Anya Boz
-Arte de Andi/MonicatDesigns (San Marcos)
-Brent Ozaeta
-Carley Jacobs
-Chicle Zine
-Chudo Udo Publications (AR)
-CONSCIOUS: The Zine (Nagadoches)
-Delicia Williams
-Dormalou Project (HTX)
-Enchanted Botanica (Tarot Readings and Zines)
-Eric Eastland - Sent from my iphone
-Everything Living/Botanical Loyalty
-Film is a Dead Media
-Gabriella Gonzalez
-Gerardo Velasquez - Ediciones Inéditos ALV
-Girls Rock Ft Worth
-Goblin Paradise & Meaty Fingers - Sophia & Mario
-Haley Cook - Turbip Baby
-Ian Wortham
-Itzel Zuniga
-Jessica Fuentes
-Jordan Sweet- Queering Monsters
-Katie Goodrich - Kadusaurus
-Lauren Maxwell - Frog Babies
-little SISTER Zine (KS)
-Marlon Jones
-Meta Flop (OKC)
-Morgan Hanneken
-Mystic Multiples (HTX)
-Penny Halcyon
-Planned Parenthood
-Quentin Smith
-Queers and Their Clothes (ATX)
-Sarah Barnett
-Splendor and Travail (SATX)
-The Center for Imaginative Cartography & Research (HTX)
-Thoele Sarradet- Offtrack/ Dating Advice
-Weaver Zines
-Whitney Billings- Sewer Babe (ATX)
-Yes Ma'am
-Zine Vergüenza (CA/TJ MX)
-Dwayne Carter - Madness Zines

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Let's Talk... Through Art: UPROOTED

A People’s Art Collaborative workshop in partnership with UNICEF Dallas, MHMR Tarrant County and UNICEF TCU Student Club

Topic: UPROOTED- We will learn about the personal toll forced migration takes on families and individuals as well as the short and long term impact on communities rehabilitating uprooted families and individuals.

Special Guests:

Jessica Fuentes - Mixed-media artist and art educator at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art

Cathy Stout, LCSW, CTTS - Director of Emergency Management, MHMR

Lily Heine - Global Citizenship Fellow - UNICEF USA

free, but registration required - [email protected]/817-332-3271

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Life in Analog Reception

Fort Works Art is pleased to announce the reception for the open call show Life In Analog: A Juried Film Photography Exhibition. The competition will include works by 36 artists from around the country who work in film photography. The talented artists featured were selected by juror Kristen Gaylord, Assistant Curator of Photography for The Amon Carter Museum of American Art. 

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Critical Mass: An Unprecedented UT Dallas Artist Alumni Exhibition OPENING RECEPTIONAfter Hours: Works by DMA Staff

Every two years, staff of the Dallas Museum of Art are provided the opportunity to showcase their talents in exhibition form. After Hours: Works by DMA Staff showcases over 50 intriguing works by Museum employees. Among the works are landscape paintings, photography, cross-stitch, and much more. 

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Ro2ooth Gift Grab

OPENING RECEPTION: December 23rd from 7pm - 10pm

Ro2 Art and Art Tooth, are excited to present Ro2ooth Gift Grab, a collaborative small works group exhibition showcasing a diverse array of works by some of the most energetic regional artists at Ro2 Art Gallery. This marks Art Tooth’s first foray into the Dallas art scene. 

Just in time for the holidays, the group exhibition offers an opportunity for all art lovers to enjoy and affordably collect fine art in an invigorating and eclectic variety of mediums, including sculpture, photography, painting and prints by some of the metroplex’s most beloved emerging and mid­career artists.

Featured Artists:
Wyatt Adams, Alexa Alarcon, Greg Bahr, Jessica Beatty, Gillian Bradshaw-Smith, Ari Brielle, Lael Burns, Mick Burson ,Sophia Ceballos, Charles Clary. Ray-Mel Cornelious, Ken Craft, Val Curry, Hillary Dohoney, Chance Dunlap, Erika Duque, Cuyler Etheredge, Austin Fields, Cheryl Finfrock, Jessica Fuentes, Adam Benjamin Fung, Ollie Gee, Michelle Cortez Gonzales, Joshua Goode, Jessika Gúilleń, Linda Dee Guy, Terry Hays, Ronnie Heart, Carina Hiscock, Jeremy Joel, Brian K. Jones, Sonali Khatti, Bumin Kim, Tuba Köymen, Lindsey Larsen, Yuni Lee, Julia Mclain, Melissa Mohammadi, Jeanne Neal, Mark S. Nelson, The Nomadic Fungi Institute, Jeff Parrott, Alexander Paulus, Brandon Pederson, Julon Pinkston, Robin Ragin, Jana Renee, Kathy Robinson-Hays, Brian K. Scott, Sewer Humor, Erica Stephens, Clay Stinnett, Benjamin Terry, Chip Tompkins, Diana Urbina, Fabiola Valenzuela, Peggy Wauters, Scott Winterrowd, James Zamora

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Coming Home @ Artes de la Rosa

Friday, December 16 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Saturday, December 17 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Coming Home: Community Conversations on Public Art is an ongoing temporary public art project that will engage Fort Worth residents of all ages and cultural backgrounds in a dialog about the future of public art in our city. 

Join us in the art gallery at Artes de la Rosa's Mariachi Christmas Concert before the show on Friday and Saturday night as we ask, "what kind of public art would you like to see in Fort Worth and where?" Your answers will inform the new Fort Worth Public Art Master Plan.

This pop up project will be taking place in the art gallery before Mariachi Christmas. To attend the concert, tickets are required. Information about the concert at: 

Conceived and led by ACT United, comprised of artists Carol Benson, Lauren Cross, Tom Diel, Jessica Fuentes, and Tiffany Wolf Smith. 

More information on this public art project at Fort Worth Public Art.

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Artist Reception - 4th Annual Juried Artists' Books Exhibition

In November 2016, WoCA Projects is partnering with the Fort Worth Community Arts Center once again to present its 4th Annual Juried Artists' Books Exhibition exploring the diversity within the artist book medium, including both traditional book-binded forms as well as (but not limited to) those works that use books as a reference or metaphor to create other conceptual forms. Examples might explore the interchangeable use of of mixed-media, painting, drawing, printmaking, fiber arts, photography, sculpture, ceramics, sound, film/video, and installations in the creation or referencing of the book form. Note: the inclusion of text and exact references to traditional books not required. 

WoCA Projects is a non-profit arts organization featuring contemporary artworks by local, national, and international women artists of color through exhibitions and community artist programming. And supports the work of all artists (from all nationalities and backgrounds) whose work explores equality in its diverse methods and interpretations. 

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Coming Home: Official Debut and 15th Anniversary of the FW Public Art Program

At this celebration of the 15th Anniversary of the Fort Worth Public Art Program, ACTunited artists will debut their latest project, Coming Home: Community Conversations on Public Art. This ongoing temporary public art project will engage Fort Worth residents in a dialog about the future of public art in our city. Come see what we have in store for the months ahead as we work toward an update of the Fort Worth Public Art Master Plan.

In conjunction with the celebration, FWPA is pleased to announce the release of the first-ever FWPA collection catalog, The Commissioned Works: 2001 - 2015. This comprehensive volume features over fifty projects commissioned and completed since 2001. Confirm your attendance to reserve a complimentary copy to be picked up at the event, so RSVP today! 

Bring your family and friends and join us for light refreshments, music, and fun.

Please RSVP at [email protected] More information is also available at

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Coming Home @ Arts Goggle"This Must Be The Place" the F6 Gallery Reunion Art Show

Telling the story of the present without forgetting the past, this show will focus on the Arlington based F6 Gallery, that was the starting off point for so many DFW artists. The show will have a 6 year span of artists, from painters, sculpters, graffiti, audio/visual along with installations to folk art. Please join us at the Grackle Art Gallery on Oct 1st for a reunion of sorts, a night to get the tribe back together again.

Vanessa Lerma
Joe Art
Adam Werner
Jeremy Biggers
Cody Phillips
Jessica Fuentes
Carlos Donjaun
John Worley
Jeru Gabriel
Matt Sacks
Jeremy Joel
Kris Swenson
David Yubeta
Jerrel Sustaita
Jessica Cazoban
Mike Moffatt

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Reflective Writingtree house divided_artist talkDrawing from the Collection w/Jessica Fuentes at The Moderntree house divided
El horror con cirugías fraudulentas de Jessica Cediel y Alejandra Guzmán - Al Rojo Vivo - Telemundo


After early stints at Allure and Marie Claire, Jessica moved to Vogue to work with Grace Coddington before spending 12 years at Vanity Fair in the roles of Style Director, Fashion Director, and ultimately, Creative Director of Fashion and Style.

While at Vanity Fair, Jessica was responsible for covers and celebrity stories featuring some of the top talent in the world including Julia Roberts, George Clooney, Jennifer Lawrence, Matt Damon, Caitlyn Jenner, Angelina Jolie, and Meghan Markle among others. Her regular collaborators include Annie Leibovitz, Tim Walker, Inez and Vinoodh, Craig McDean, Mert and Marcus, Mikael Jansson, and the late Peter Lindbergh.


After leaving Vanity Fair Jessica has become a much sought after fashion stylist and consultant for celebrities including Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lawrence and top models including Karlie Kloss, Carolyn Murphy, Grace Elizabeth and Hilary Rhoda. 

Jessica also collaborates with a range of brands on seasonal collections, advertising campaigns, editorials and various other projects some of which include Max Mara, Stuart Weitzman, Carolina Herrera, Dior, Guerlain, Estee Lauder, Donna Karan, Banana Republic, Pirelli and more. 


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    Gloria Trevi - Todos Me Miran (Videoclip Oficial)


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