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Boruto: Every Main Character's Age At The Start Of The Series

The sequel series to Narutoand Naruto Shippudentakes place about 14 years after Naruto and Hinata's wedding that finished the series, and 16 years after the Fourth Great Ninja War. Borutofollows the story of the next generation, and places Boruto and Sarada, Sasuke and Sakura's daughter, on the same squad, continuing the legacy.

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There are a lot of parallels between the beginning of Boruto and part I of Naruto, as both main characters are the same age, but it shows the contrast of Boruto growing up with his famous father. Now, the original Squad Seven and the other Rookie Nine from the original series are all adults, and it is time for the next generation to take their place in the ninja world.

10 Himawari: 10

Himawari is the second born child to Hinata and Naruto and is two years younger than her brother, Boruto. Himawari is currently 10 years old in the series and was born when Hinata was 22 and Naruto was 23.

Himawari inherited the Byakugan from her mother, and shares most of her looks, but she has her father's eyes (when they are not being used for the Kekkei Genkai.) Though she also has the same whiskers on her cheeks that Naruto and Boruto have.

9 Konohamaru: 27

Little Konohamaru who was only 12 when Shippuden began, is now the team Jonin for Squad Seven in Boruto. Konohamaru is 27 years old, just a year older than Kakashi was when he was assigned to Team Seven.

Konohamaru still has ambitions to become the next Hokage after Naruto since that is still his role model, making it extra cute that he is the mentor towards his own son. Considering Konohamaru was about 8 years old when he first appeared, he definitely has come a long way.

8 Hinata: 32

Because Hinata's birthday is towards the end of December (on the 27th.) She is younger in age than the rest of the Rookie Nine from the original series. Her birthday is three and a half months after Naruto's, which makes her 32 years old when Boruto takes place. She was 20 years old when Boruto was born and 22 when Himawari was born.

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Hinata is probably close to turning 33 in the series as well since Naruto is already that age and her birthday is only two months after his.

7 Kakashi: 48

Kakashi was the leading sensei to the original Team Seven, Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura when he was 26 years old. By the end of Shippuden, the sensei was 31 himself and at 33 was the Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village. He became Hokage directly after the Fourth Great Ninja War, making him one of the youngest Hokages, besides Naruto, Minato, and Hiruzen who became Hokage only as a teen.

He should have been around 35 or 36 when Boruto was born, which puts him at about 48 years old in Boruto. He still manages to look like the 26-year old that fans met so many years ago.

6 Mitsuki: 12

Mitsuki is the third member of the new Team Seven under Konohamaru. Though he is the artificially made clone of Orochimaru, he is treated more like the ex-villain's son and also is 12 years old like Sarada and Boruto.

Seeing Mitsuki in the main squad along with Sarada and Boruto is super impressive considering what Orochimaru stood for in the originalNaruto series— pure evil and fear. He had a rough upbringing with Orochimaru, as one would figure, so he left to Konoha to find his own way and ended up befriending Boruto.

5 Sarada: 12

During Naruto Gaiden— which took place just before the bulk of Boruto and was the "Sarada Uchiha Arc" in the show— Sarada was 11 years old. By the time she joined Team Seven with Boruto and Mitsuki, she was 12 years old just like her fellow teammates and as her parents were when they were assigned to Team Seven.

Many fans of Boruto feel like Sarada is just as vital to the plot as Boruto himself is and feel as though she is an equally important character.

4 Boruto: 12

Boruto is 12 years old during Boruto: The Movie and the bulk of the series thus far. He is two years older than his younger sister, Himawari, and was the firstborn child to Naruto and Hinata. Boruto is the main character of the show, taking in his father's footsteps (no matter how much he tries to avoid it).

He was born on March 27th, one day before Sakura and only a few days before Sarada Uchiha actually. Just like his father, Boruto was 12 years old when he was assigned to Team Seven.

3 Sasuke: 33

Throughout Boruto, Sasuke is 33 years old. Sasuke is often absent from Konoha as he is still living his life trying to redeem his past crimes and is often far from his family. Sasuke mentions in the recent canon Naruto novel, Sasuke Retsuden, how much he misses his wife and daughter and that one of his biggest regrets is being apart from them for so long.

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Sasuke was 19 years old when Sakura got pregnant with Sarada, and 20 when she was born. Because of the way their birthdays line up, and when Boruto takes place, this makes Sasuke 33 years old.

2 Sakura: 33

Sakura got pregnant with Sarada when she was 20 years old in June, a month before Sasuke also turned 20. She gave birth to Sarada three days after her own birthday, March 28th making her newly 21. Since Sarada is also 12 years old, that makes Sakura 33 throughout Boruto.

In this series, Sakura is an amazing mother to Sarada, who always waits for her husband Sasuke to return home from his missions. A lot of information about how Sasuke and Sakura's relationship strengthened is being revealed in the canon novel, Sasuke Retsuden.

1 Naruto: 33

When fans first met Naruto, he was only 12 years old. It has been about 16 years since Naruto participated in the Fourth Shinobi World War and stopped Madara and Kaguya from destroying the world.

Naruto and Hinata got married while they were both 19 years old, and had Boruto, their first child about a year later when they were both 20 or 21. Since Boruto takes place 12 years later, that puts Naruto at 33 years old, making him one of the youngest Hokage.

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'Naruto' Designs Breakdown Boruto's Older Anime Look

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations fans have been enjoying the manga and anime series, but they have always been more intrigued by the sight of an older, teenage Boruto fighting in a destroyed Konoha at the beginning of the series.

While there is no telling when the series will bring back the older Boruto design, fans can check it out in further detail thanks to a character sheet breaking down his anime design.

Teen Boruto's Design for the anime in full picture from r/Boruto

The first notable design difference between he and his father (whose older face is used as a reference here) is the distinct facial scar. The cut across his Hidden Leaf head band has been explained during the Chunin Exams arc, but the scar on his eye is definitely mysterious.

Further details include a full invoking of his strange power, which Boruto's been touching on after the fight with Momoshiki. The last major element here is the katana, by far. As fans have seen the young Boruto be taken under Sasuke's wing as a new pupil. With Boruto's desire to become a shinobi like Sasuke one day, his style may grow to be more like Sasuke's as he grows older.

Fans are wondering whether or not that's actually Sasuke's katana, and it very much could be considering how the series has had a preference for killing off symbols of past strength in order to emphasize new growth, much like the anime just did with the battle of Momoshiki.


For those unfamiliar with Naruto, it has quite a storied history. Originally created by Masashi Kishimoto, the series ran in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump for 700 chapters. The story follows Naruto, a young ninja with a sealed demon within him that wishes to become the leader of his home village. The sequel, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is set several years after the events of the original Naruto story and featuring the children of many of its key characters such as Naruto and Hinata.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations recently made TV Tokyo's list of Top 5 Anime in sales and profits, coming third in sales and fifth and profits. The anime has been such a success that the Naruto franchise as a whole stills holds a top spot in many anime profits rankings as well. The series even managed to cross 235 million copies of the manga sold worldwide. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations was even given a major bump of approval as it just took over a more familiar timeslot, airing in the same time and day that its predecessor Naruto: Shippuden once did.

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Boruto Uzumaki


Manga Debut

Naruto Chapter 700 (Original series)

Chapter 1 (Boruto series)

Novel Debut

The Last: Naruto the Movie (Naruto series)

Light Novel 1 (Boruto series)

OVA Debut

The Day Nauto Became Hokage (OVA)


The Last Epilogue: 5

Movie: 12
Flashforward: 16[1]


Male icon.pngMale


Blank Period: 110 cm

Movie: 145 cm
Boruto (148cm)
Flashforward: 163 cm[2]

Blood Type

Hyūga, Uzumaki


Vanished Rasengan

Boruto Uzumaki (うずまきボルトUzumaki Boruto) is a shinobi from Konohagakure's Uzumaki Clan and a direct descendant of the Hyūga clan through his mother. Initially nonchalant in his duties as a member of Team 7 and resentful of his father and the office of Hokage because it left him with no time for his family; Boruto eventually comes to respect and reconcile with his father and his role as Hokage, yet vows to become like his mentor Sasuke Uchiha — a support system for the Hokage and the village.


On the day that Naruto was to be inaugurated as the Seventh Hokage, his sister Himawari wanted to bring her panda toy to the ceremony. However, Boruto feared that he would end up carrying it, so he tried to take it away from her. When the toy's head was ripped off in the ensuing tug-of-war, Himawari awakened her Byakugan and attacked Boruto in her anger, despite his vehement apologies. Sensing her killing intent, Naruto protected Boruto and was knocked out in the process due to the attack landing on one of his chakra points. Fearful of what an attack that could knock out his father would do to him, Boruto tried to run from Himawari, although she easily located him hiding in a closet.[3]


Like his father, Naruto, Boruto is loud, energetic, and stubborn. He even possesses a verbal tic, "dattebasa" (だってばさ), that is similar to Naruto's "dattebayo" and his paternal grandmother's "(da)ttebane" ((だ)ってばね). However, compared to his father, Naruto at his age, Boruto is more refined and crafty, (seemingly) knowing all the shortcuts, as well as more mature in knowing how the world works. Between the two, he is the more sarcastic. Unlike Naruto, Boruto doesn't yell what he feels, which is the biggest difference. Despite his laid-back attitude, he is actually very studious. Conversely, Boruto's upbringing has also been different than that of his father's: Boruto's family is always there for him. Baruto also has many friends, and his acquisitions came easily and naturally to him from a combination of prodigious talents and nurturing parents.

For these reasons, Boruto has a high opinion of himself and freely brags about his abilities. His cocky nature, however, has made him put no value on teammates or teamwork, believing he can do anything on his own. He believed in achieving success is the main point of anything, even taking insincere shortcuts to do so. One example is utilizing a cheat program to easily win a video game. Another is using the Kote to create a façade of performing advanced techniques to earn his right to be Sasuke's disciple, and later swiftly resorting to the same device to defeat opponents once they seem to have an upper hand. However, at the same time, he does not look down on anyone else and is very loyal to his friends. Without hesitation, he has repeatedly come to the aid of Denki when he was being physically harmed. He also avoids confrontation or name-calling when someone is talking behind his back, completely ignoring the situation altogether unless his friends get hurt, which shows his maturity. Even when a friend was revealed to be an enemy, he remained determined to help bring them back from their dark path.

Boruto deeply loves his mother and sister - becoming indignant when either are hurt physically or emotionally. Both Sasuke and Naruto commented that Boruto resembles each other when they were younger. It's noted that Boruto has displayed characteristics of both shinobi when they were younger, causing Naruto to state that his son is something entirely different from both of them; for example, he displayed Naruto's mischievous habits to get attention and Sasuke's desire for power even by using shortcuts. Similar to that of their parents, Boruto shares a complicated relationship with Sasuke's daughter, Sarada. The two are often at odds, with the young Uchiha valuing the Hokage post while Boruto showing utter disdain for it and even saying he would rather die. Despite this, Boruto cares for Sarada and her dream as witnessed during the Chūnin Exams when he voiced his desire to win so as to not diminish Sarada's progress to becoming Hokage.

Although Boruto loves his father, Naruto, and is overjoyed when they spend time together, their relationship has been strained ever since Naruto became the Seventh Hokage. This is mainly because of the job's many responsibilities that prevent Naruto from being around all the time, it has led Boruto to feel neglected and becoming resentful toward the Hokage title, only seeing it as a position that takes his father away from him and declaring it (aware that Naruto grew up as an orphan) as only fit for those with no loved ones. Eventually, after Boruto is exposed to the complications of his father's life, he finally understands, and forgives his father's busy schedule, and stops trying to take the easy options in life.

While initially only wanting to know about his father's past so as to surpass his father, Boruto becomes genuinely curious about Naruto's past, as he asks his father about his past. Boruto was particularly interested in learning about how he has come to become one of the strongest shinobi to ever live, despite being seemingly utterly hopeless in everything else. From his battle against Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki, Boruto ultimately came to see his father in a new light, both admiring his might as a shinobi yet still having such an equally selfless nature to protect the village. Afterward, he and Naruto were able to find command grounds and have a healthy relationship again, with Naruto agreeing to show up more often in person while Boruto stopped demanding his father's time altogether, both openly pushing the other forward in their goals. Despite having let go of his anger towards his father and his disdain for the Kage title, Boruto openly states that he has no intention to become Hokage. He opts to instead walk his own path, becoming a support to the Hokage instead, like how his master is.

Boruto apparently likes burgers where he would rush to get a limited edition green chili hamburger, on the last day it would be sold, and would sometimes carry burger discount coupons. He notes that his favorite dish is a yakisoba bun. He also appears to enjoy drawing a lot, while seemingly oblivious to his poor skill for it. Boruto appears to be influenced by the popular movie character, Kagemasa, as he mimics the hero's attitude while wearing a replica of the character's visor.

As a teenager, Boruto's personality has changed in stark contrast to that when he was a child; he's very calm and composed, even when goaded about his father, Naruto's fate. Boruto refers to his old self as a brat, heavily implying that the older version of Boruto has changed drastically.


  • Boruto in The Last

  • Boruto in the academy.

  • Boruto in the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga.

  • Boruto in the flashforward.

Boruto has spiky, blond hair, blue eyes, and two whisker markings on each of his cheeks. Overall, he bears a great resemblance to his father, though he has also inherited his mother's facial features such as the shape of her face and eyes. Boruto's hairstyle resembles a leaf, his ahoge (アホ毛, Literally meaning: foolish hair) serving as the stem. According to Sarada, his eyes are bluer than Naruto's.

In The Last: Naruto the Movie, Boruto wore a black tracksuit that had a red fire symbol on the left breast, a symbol that resembled a bolt on the back, and red stripes along the sides of his pants. Early in his days as an Academy student, his outfit is quite similar to his previous attire, with additional red stripes on the jacket. Beneath this jacket — which he leaves unzipped — he wears a white T-shirt and a bolt tied to a string around his neck. He wears a longer jacket by the time he's a genin, but his clothing is otherwise the same, except the addition of a forehead protector. Boruto also briefly wore his father's original orange jacket, along with Sasuke's scratched forehead protector.

After Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki makes contact with his arm, Boruto gains a black diamond-shaped seal on his right palm. At age sixteen, Boruto has a large scar across his right eye, and an elaborate sigil tattooed on his right arm, which also covers part of his hand, glows blue, and spreads over the right side of his body. He wears a belt with noticeably shorter black pants, and regular shinobi sandals, and a cloak. He also wears a forehead protector with two intersecting slashes on it.

In Boruto Manga, he wears a Hyuga crest shirt.


Stemming from two strong bloodlines, Boruto is a prodigy. He is able to learn techniques in short periods of time and is regarded as being able to accomplish anything he attempts. He is deemed an elite Genin, having mastered various Jōnin-level feats despite his young age. As such, Mitsuki believes it's inevitable he'll be Hokage someday. When his father trained with him while only an Academy student, Naruto briefly contemplated going all out. In the Academy, he quickly established himself as the second top student, only behind the much older Iwabee Yuino, who Boruto could still compete against. Sasuke acknowledged Boruto's potential and selected him as his disciple; under his tutelage, Boruto refined his skills enough to prove crucial in Momoshiki and the Mujina Bandits' defeat.


Boruto mastered the Shadow Clone Technique before entering the Academy, able to coordinate his attacks with his shadow clones and use them for maneuvers of Chūnin, if not Jōnin, level. From training with Sasuke, he has become skilled in shuriken-jutsu, able to change a weapon's trajectory mid-flight and coat his shuriken in Lightning Release. He has also learned his father's various Sexy Techniques. As an adult, he was seen wielding a sword in battle, indicating that he has skill in kenjutsu. At Sasuke's insistence, Boruto learns how to perform the Rasengan from Konohamaru Sarutobi after extensive practice, initially doing so with both his hands.

Nature Transformation

Boruto can perform the nature transformations of Wind, Lightning, and Water Release. With these transformations, he uses techniques including Lightning Release: Purple Electricity, Water Release: Splash Bullet (水遁・飛沫弾, Suiton: Himatsudan) and Wind Release: Gale Palm. His skill at nature transformation is apparent, able to effectively use two elements simultaneously, forcing even his father to rely on a protective wall to handle the assault. While initially creating the Rasengan, he subconsciously applied lightning-natured chakra to it, making it his greatest technique, and a feat no other user could accomplish through standard ninjutsu. Upon throwing the technique, the nature transformation abruptly activates, turning it invisible, and tricks the opponent into letting their guard down as sufficient damage is inflicted when it makes contact. Though Boruto's Rasengan is initially small, soon after he demonstrated the ability to create a normal-sized one.

Vanishing Rasengan

Vanished Rasengan.png

When Boruto requested Sasuke to accept himself as his pupil. Sasuke says that he will accept him as his pupil only if he masters Rasengan. First, he was not able to make it a perfect Rasengan. It was a wind and lighting style style Rasengan. Which makes it invisible to naked eyes.

High Compression Rasengan

High Compression Rasengan.png

Instruct of creating a massive rasengan like Naruto Uzumaki. He compressed the Rasengan that contain same energy as the massive Rasengan

Super High Compression Rasengan

Super High Compression Rasengan.png

It is the super highly compressed Rasengan which has the power of ten times the High Compression Rasengan. It is like a two-edged sword. It will also affect the user also. Boruto is forbidden to his super-high compression Rasengan.

Wind Style : Rasengan

Wind Style Rasengan.png

After practicing a lot with Shikadai Nara. He finally created a new move. It is Wind nature-style Rasengan. Similar to Naruto's Rasenshurinken

Massive Rasengan

During the battle with Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki. Naruto Uzumaki helps Boruto to create massive Rasengan.

Borushiki Uses Massive rasengan during the battle with Boro


At the age of eight, Boruto subconsciously awakened a Dōjutsu in his right eye, which is featureless in appearance (with a darkened sclera in the anime). While originally only able to instinctively activate it in times of threats, several years later, he was capable of activating it at will, along with black markings across his right arm and face. Boruto was able to communicate with Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki's dying spirit. As Momoshiki explained, it was because he possessed the blood of a Byakugan wielder.

It grants him the ability to detect things such as chakra which is generally unseen by a normal eye. This dōjutsu can perceive the flow of Chakra, enabling Boruto to see the visible changes in one's chakra and likewise track a target through its chakra. It can also determine the key point of the chakra pathway system, and see-through invisible barriers that connect between dimensions.


As an Uzumaki, Boruto is shown to have very large reserves of stamina and chakra, able to produce four shadow clones in battle before being properly trained in the Academy. Even after having most of his chakra absorbed, he still retained enough strength to fight effectively and create multiple clones. His chakra is very strong for a genin, having already mastered three nature transformations. His chakra control is noticeably advanced, able to effectively perform the Rasengan after mere days of training and instinctively improve on the technique.


Boruto is adroit and graceful, running about the village with acrobatic feats of parkour and free-running nature through narrow and large obstacles without pause or struggle. He is noticeably fast, able to quickly get behind his opponents unnoticed. He also displayed an aptitude for taijutsu, even before joining the Academy, sparring with his father. In the Academy, he was able to hold his own against Iwabee, a senior student, performing relentless assaults through coordinated strikes from each of his limbs. Likewise, he is able to shift his body in mid-air to change tactics. He's also able to use the Gentle Fist, though, without the Byakugan, he's unable to target an enemy's tenketsu.


While usually carefree to the point of coming off as lazy, similar to his mentor Sasuke, Boruto is a very keen-minded individual who excels at reading the situation and adapting to it. Though not unlike his father, he shows noticeable ingenuity with the Shadow Clone Technique for complex strategies, yet shows more subtly as he is since he is limited to four clones. Preferring an overall more direct approach in battle, he relies on various intricate misdirections and feints, which allowed him to get the better of Iwabee and even the likes of Momoshiki. He is shown able to flawlessly solve advanced problems through his own methods. Inojin notes that he has a knack for this.


Academy Arc

In the anime, Boruto came across Denki who was being bullied by some kids. After rescuing him, they become friends and insist that Denki stands up to his father for being forced to join the Academy against his will. The next day on route to begin his studies at the Academy, Boruto unknowingly awakens his dōjutsu and notices a dark shroud surrounding Denki. As he follows him onto a Thunder Rail carriage, Boruto stops Denki from taking revenge on the bullies from the previous day and diverts the carriage from crashing. Boruto and Denki then depart with the bullies and take the carriage to the Academy's entrance ceremony. It's there that they manage to crash it into his father's stone face, leading to him receiving a two-week suspension. For the next two weeks, Boruto is home-schooled by Hinata. After returning to the Academy, he is placed in Shino Aburame's homeroom, and introduces himself to his classmates, to which they begin talking negatively about him for being under the impression Boruto gets special treatment for being the Hokage's son. He soon met Iwabee, who views Boruto negatively. Through the heated encounter, the two decide to fight each other in a match. Upon barely defeating Iwabe within the rules he set in place, his classmates view Boruto differently than they did initially.

Later, when Boruto's recklessness caused some property damage, Shino decided to have Boruto and other students help repair the Hokage Rock. The following day, Boruto, along with Inojin and Shikadai found Metal Lee, who was acting unusually aggressive. Boruto's dōjutsu activated, noticing the same dark chakra surrounding Lee that Denki had. With a group effort, they were able to subdue Lee long enough for the dark chakra to leave him. After apologizing to Lee for the other day and applauding his remarkable combat skills, the group became much closer. Later, concerned about how only he could see the dark chakra, he asked Hinata more about the Byakugan. Later, while the students began learning about the Summoning Technique, Boruto caused tension between the girls and boys of his class, leading to Shino organizing a race to capture a flag between the two groups. In the climax of it, Boruto attempted to use the Summoning Technique, leading to the Ghost being summoned. As it began causing havoc, Konohamaru Sarutobi subdues the beast. Afterward, the girls win the competition and make peace with the boys.

On another day, Boruto met the new transfer student Mitsuki, who he found strange. After his welcoming party, Boruto alongside other students subdues a construction worker at the academy who was being possessed. Boruto, Mitsuki, and Shikadai, were later called to the training field by Shino for an extracurricular class. Once their teacher appeared, Boruto noticed he was being possessed. As the students were being attacked by their teacher, they came up with a plan to subdue him. Once they defeated him, Shino ends up rescuing Mitsuki and Boruto who were on the verge on drowning in their attempt to defeat Shino. Later, as Shino voiced his decision to resign as a teacher despite being possessed, the students convinced him to reconsider, apologizing for their earlier statements.

Later, growing concerned about these repeated and seemingly random attacks, Boruto and Shikadai begin discussing, trying to figure out the source behind them and why apparently only Boruto could see it. Later, they along with Mitsuki find several of the girls confronting Magire, a shy boy that is a student from a different class. As the boy was stalking Sumire lately, Chōchō insisted that he be more forward with his feels. When Magire meekly asks her out, Sumire turned him down, leaving him distraught and he ran away in shame. The following day, various creepy messages are left for Sumire. While Boruto and the others decide to watch over her, they are systematically separated from Sumire. Eventually, the perpetrator is revealed to be a possessed Magire, who kidnaps Sumire. Boruto and the others soon find them, where Magire quickly attacked them with his concealment skills. Eventually, Chōchō was able to reach Magire, noting that such an indecisive nature will never win anyone over. Accepting his poor methods of trying to make Sumire like him, the Ghost was rejected from Magire. As Magire began to apologize for his actions, he fainted, resulting from a severe chakra drain caused by his possession.

Later, as Boruto continued to wonder about the nature of his shadow specter attacking everyone and why only he could see it, he ultimately fell asleep. While dreaming, he was approached by Toneri Ōtsutsuki, who warned him of impending danger and that Boruto's eye is the key to stopping it. Upon waking up and seeing his dōjutsu for a moment in a reflection, Boruto became overjoyed at the prospect of being a great hero. He began acting like the action movie hero Kagemasa. When his family approached him about his new attitude, he insisted that he had finally manifested his Byakugan. Naruto noted that it was very unlikely since Boruto had no prior training for it. However, admitting that Himawari did achieve such a feat prior, they decided to talk to Hiashi about this. Upon arriving at his grandfather's home, the doting grandfather quickly smothered his grandkids in hugs, which was quickly repeated by their equally doting aunt Hanabi. As Himawari played with Hanabi, Boruto and Naruto explained the nature of their visit. After Hiashi gave a similar explanation to Naruto's about the unlikeliness of Boruto's powers being the Byakugan, he decided to test his grandson with a sparring match.

Hanabi then stepped in, insisting to spar Boruto herself, which was agreed. Quickly, the heiress showed her might, easily overwhelming Boruto and countering all his assaults and tactics. Hanabi began mocking Boruto into revealing his speculated Byakugan. While Boruto's performance forced Hanabi to fight more seriously, he was ultimately defeated soundly. This led everyone, including Boruto to sadly conclude that he in fact did not awaken his Byakugan. Afterward, it was decided for Boruto and his family to stay the night. After dinner, Boruto began pouting alone, wondering if his dream from earlier was meaningless. Hanabi then approached him, seeing how down he was. Realizing that Boruto's goals weren't just about proving himself to his father, but also a personal problem. She insisted that Boruto continue trying to figure out on his own and only ask for help after he tried his hardest.

Deciding to get some air, Boruto wandered into the village, where he bumped into Sarada. Suddenly, Boruto's eye activated again, noticing someone with the dark shadow again. He decided to follow, discovering that it was Kagemasa, the famous movie star. Much to Boruto's shock, the celebrity had become obese. Kagemasa began attacking Boruto, take his frustrations out on the fact that his movie series was going to be canceled because of his increased weight and poor dieting. As Kagemasa pinned Boruto down, he was saved by Sarada. As Boruto explained the situation, while she didn't fully believe the story, she did trust that Boruto wasn't lying. Following Boruto's plan, Sarada launched a shuriken assault on Kagemasa. Knowing that the movie star would dodge, Boruto disguised himself as one of the shurikens, letting him get close enough to knock out Kagemasa, purging the Ghost. The following day, after hearing that Kagemasa was getting back in shape and saving his movie series, a proud Boruto got over not having the Byakugan, determined to figure out the truth about his eye.

After learning that his father was beginning an investigation of his own on the random attacks. Boruto became determined to figure out the truth behind the Ghost, which Boruto decided to call the "Ghost", before Naruto. Alongside Mitsuki and Shikadai, they even resorted to skipping classes with a faked excuse. Due to Mitsuki's poor written excuse, Boruto was quickly found out and confronted by his visibly angry mother. The following day, Boruto was scolded by both Hinata and Shino, the latter of which decided Boruto would have to take after-school classes to make up the lost time. Later, Shino assigned his class to tail other workplaces to better understand non-shinobi life. Seeing Boruto's desire to continue patrolling the village, he subtly convinced Boruto, Shikadai, and Mitsuki to try the postal service. While sorting stamps, they heard on the news that another attack happened at the water purification plant, where Sumire was. Boruto and his friend quickly rushed to her aid.

After learning that Sumire was okay, Boruto and his friends were approached by Naruto. Realizing that the children were conducting their own investigation on the attacks. The Hokage decided to show them what became of people who were possessed by the Ghost for prolonged periods, requiring intensive care from near-complete chakra depletion. While Naruto insisted they stay out of this matter, Shino appeared, insisting that Naruto not underestimate his students after seeing what they were capable of, and Naruto agrees to leave the matter to Shino. As Boruto and his friends continued their post-work and tried to find the Ghost, they soon learned that the creature was intentionally attacking in areas far away from Boruto. This is because Boruto was the only one who could see it, from which Shikadai deduced that they were being spied on. Deciding to get help from their classmates to better patrol the village, they left the post office, anticipating that the culprit controlling the Ghost would go after the post chief Komame. Half the team went after the retreating masked culprit while Boruto and his half stayed to subdue the possessed Komame. While saving the post chief, the Ghost and the culprit ultimately got away.

As classes continued, Mitsuki continued to show noticeable interest in Boruto, ultimately asking if he can join him for dinner at his house, which he agreed to. On that night, Boruto was surprised to learn that Naruto would actually be joining them for dinner for a change. However, as dinner began, Naruto learned that a strange chakra was being dispersed throughout the village, prompting him to leave. Boruto was furious at this, seeing his father leave at the slightest notices. Seeing Naruto's duties as Hokage as someone who would sacrifice those closest to him for the sake of the entire village, he was determined to stop the Ghost before Naruto to prove his father wrong on his methods. Mitsuki then revealed he knew who the culprit was. Mitsuki claimed that it was Sumire. While Boruto rebuffed such a claim, he explained the nature of his investigation. Suddenly, there was a large earthquake, followed by the emergence of the Ghost, now in a tangible form, which attacked the village. Boruto quickly rushed off to help. Mitsuki told Boruto that they can stop the creature if they kill the summoner. Boruto refused to kill his friend, prompting Mitsuki to restrain him with a snake clone, which he defeats after Mitsuki leaves.

When he finds Mitsuki, he stops him from clashing with Sumire. She proclaimed that the girl they knew never existed. As Boruto Dōjutsu actives, Nue arrives from a portal and takes Sumire into its dimension, leading to Boruto and Mitsuki following her. Inside, Boruto began looking for Sumire, only to be attacked by Nue. As his right eye realized the weak point of the creature, Boruto and Mitsuki manage to immobilize it, leading to Sumire stepping in to defend it. Talking her out of revenge, Boruto comments that Nue won't blow them all up as it viewed Sumire as its parent. Letting go of her anger, the Gozu Tennō is weakened, leading to the dimension they reside in to begin crumbling. Boruto reached for Sumire and convinced her to join in escaping. When they arrive back in Konoha, Sumire is taken into custody by Sai Yamanaka. Before leaving, Boruto informs Sumire that Nue had survived.

Several weeks later, Boruto realized that his eye's power had seemingly disappeared completely. Later, Shino decided to change up the 3-man teams for their next challenge to determine the optimum pairings for graduation. Mitsuki insisted on staying on Boruto's team and also teamed up with Lee. As rumors about Sumire's fate began to spread, Boruto confronted his father about it. Naruto insisted that while he has to think about the whole village and he does not have absolute say, he will help Sumire. The following day during the team challenge to capture a flag, Mitsuki and Boruto's teamwork managed to win their match. Afterward, to everyone's joy, Sumire returned to the class. Sometime later, Boruto took care of Himawari when she became ill. After arguing with Naruto, the two are kicked out of the house, leading to Naruto buying them dinner at Ramen Ichiraku.

When the classes at the Academy were dismissed early due to the Five Kage Summit taking place in Konoha. Boruto tried to convince his classmates to help him pull a prank, believing a successful prank despite all the security would be a testament to their abilities. They all refused, so he instead defaced the Hokage Rock by himself. He was stopped by Naruto, who ordered Boruto to clean up the graffiti, which Boruto suggested they do together. Naruto, however, reminded him that as Hokage the entire village is like his family and as such he couldn't always make time for his children; asking that Boruto endure the hardship of their frequent separation.

Sarada Uchiha Arc

Main article: Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring

As their graduation from the Academy approached, Boruto and his classmates trained with their parents to prepare them for their final exams. Naruto sent one of his shadow clones to train with Boruto and the two spar. Having not had the opportunity to do this with his dad in quite some time, Boruto tried very hard to elude capture so as to prolong their time together. Because Naruto had other responsibilities that he needed to focus on, his adviser, Shikamaru Nara, caught Boruto with his Shadow Imitation Technique so as to bring the game to an end.

Naruto left the village on a mission shortly afterward. Boruto is sent by his mother to see Naruto off and deliver lunch to him, but when he arrived, he found that Naruto had already left. Annoyed, Boruto decided to go home despite Mitsuki's observation that they could still catch up to Naruto. At this suggestion, Sarada and Chōchō Akimichi suddenly appeared and offered to deliver the lunch for him; Boruto reluctantly agreed. When they finally returned, Boruto thanked Sarada for what she did. She insisted that she should be thanking him, as she got a lot out of the experience and now decided that she wanted to be Hokage; Boruto, however, scoffed at the idea. Upon graduating the Academy, Boruto, Mitsuki and Sarada were placed on a team under the leadership of Konohamaru.

Field Trip Arc

In the anime, to improve relationships with other villages and symbolically show the warring era was over, the Seventh Hokage set up an official class trip for the Academy to go to Kirigakure. Much to Borut's chagrin, he was appointed class leader. While everyone was getting hyped up about the trip, Iwabee made it clear he was against the idea due to its history as the "Blood Mist Village". Upon arriving, they were met with Kagura Karatachi, who was appointed by the Mizukage to act as the class' tour guide. While very formal to Boruto as the son of the famed world hero, Boruto insisted to treat each other as equal friends. Once inside the village, everyone was amazed at the various sights of the very modern village. Boruto soon noticed Iwabee wandering off into a back alley, Boruto and Denki pursued him. They were quickly confronted by an older ninja who apparently despised Konohagakure citizens. After a small skirmish between Boruto, Shisuma Hoshigaki applauded Boruto and Iwabee's guts at facing them before calmly walking off.

Later, the class got to meet Mei Terumī and Chōjūrō, respectively the Fifth and Sixth Mizukage, who welcomed the class to their village. Afterward, the class was shown the new Kiri Academy. Amazed at their curriculum including water terrain combat and kenjutsu, Boruto jumped at the offer to have a match against Kagura. However, Boruto was swiftly disarmed by the chūnin. Kagura then brought the class to the site of the old "Bloody Mist Village" final graduation hall where students would fight to the death to earn their genin status. The class was then approached by a group of delinquents, with their leader, Tsurushi Hachiya, making their disdain of outsiders clear. Realizing that Boruto was the son of the Hokage, they wanted to make a name for themselves at Boruto's expense and attack him. Their efforts were quickly repelled by Kagura and Iwabee. Later that night, Boruto, Shikadai, and Inojin received a message in blood on the window that the Denki was kidnapped and ordered Boruto to go to the pier.

Once arriving, the culprits were revealed to be Tsurushi Hachiya, an old classmate of Kagura, and his delinquent gang. As they began mocking Kagura's relationship with the Konoha-nin, they attacked the visiting class. During the fight, Hachiya revealed Kagura's dark past as the grandson of the Fourth Mizukage and having his own personal bloodshed reputation from his Academy days. After defeating their enemies, to cheer up Kagura, they inviting him to play a card game with them. While Kagura enjoyed the game, he continued to lament about his past. Boruto however insisted that he can't let his family ties define him, as Boruto could relate to being compared to his famous Hokage father and grandfather. As a sign of friendship, Boruto decided to give Kagura his playing cards.

Versus Momoshiki Arc

Main article: Boruto: Naruto the Movie

Several months later, during a mission to catch a rampaging bear, Konohamaru tested a recent invention of Konoha's Scientific Ninja Weapons Team: the Kote. It's a device that allows anyone to perform any ninjutsu pre-stored in a scroll. Boruto is very intrigued by the device. While later reporting the bear's successful capture to Naruto, Boruto brags that he could have completed the mission on his own. Naruto tried lecturing him on the importance of teamwork, which Boruto felt he has no right to do since they never spent time together. Rather than continue the argument, Boruto reminded Naruto that it was Himawari's birthday and warned him not to forget it before storming out.

Sarada and Mitsuki track Boruto to a restaurant to give him an application for the next Chūnin Exams, which Konohamaru thinks they should enter. Boruto is uninterested despite the fact that they must all enter as a team and ignores Sarada's complaints that his selfishness is preventing her from achieving her dream of becoming Hokage. Instead, Boruto only wants to play video games with Shikadai Nara and Inojin Yamanaka, but they both lose interest when they discover that Boruto is using a hacked game save. Sarada and Mitsuki continue to pressure him to enter the Chūnin Exams, but it's only Sarada's reminder that the Hokage will watch the performances of the finalists that gets Boruto to agree. Boruto then runs into his mother and sister and they walk home together.

When they get home, they find Naruto waiting for them. Himawari's birthday goes well until Naruto started carrying her birthday cake to the table, at which point he — being a shadow clone — suddenly disappeared; dropping the cake. Boruto was enraged, stating he envied his father since his grandfather — the Fourth Hokage — was dead while Naruto was growing up. Thus Naruto never had to put up with this sort of negligence. When Hinata tried to calm him down, Boruto insisted he was disappointed with Naruto for Himawari's sake, not his own.

Boruto later attacked Sasuke at the front door believing it to be his father returning home. Sasuke easily blocked the attack, waved off Boruto's apology, and asked for Naruto's whereabouts. Hinata directed Sasuke to the Hokage office. Having heard that Sasuke was Naruto's only equal, Boruto decided that he wants to train under him so that he can become strong enough to surpass his father. He followed Sasuke and asked to accept him as his student, but Sasuke refused to accept him until he learned to use the Rasengan. Boruto immediately went to Konohamaru's home and asked him to teach him the Rasengan, which Konohamaru eagerly agrees to. They started training the next day. He eventually learned to create a Rasengan on his own after several days of arduous training. He demonstrated it to Sasuke, who noted how small his Rasengan was. Boruto wrongly assumed this meant that Sasuke rejected him, so he borrowed the Kote from its inventor: Katasuke, so that he can instantly create normal-sized Rasengan. Boruto demonstrated "his" Rasengan to Sasuke again. Although Sasuke noticed the Kote, he said nothing and agrees to train Boruto.

After his day training with Sasuke, Boruto starts by asking about his father's weaknesses. Sasuke told him that Naruto had many weaknesses, but nonetheless managed to pull himself up and become Hokage. Believing Boruto's approach to be incorrect — Sasuke explained that Naruto is better understood by the hardships he overcame in his life than how he appears as he is now. This doesn't satisfy Boruto, so he throws himself into training for the upcoming Chūnin Exams, shurikenjutsu figuring prominently in Sasuke's lessons. While training, Boruto struggles with bending his throws — complaining that shurikenjutsu is Sarada's speciality, because she is Sasuke's daughter. Sasuke retorts this assertion by applying the same reasoning to Boruto regarding the Shadow Clone Technique. He then promptly creates more than a dozen, while Boruto can only create four, as opposed to his father — who can create thousands.

Boruto progressed well under Sasuke's guidance, yet he still wished to be the standout of the Chūnin Exams. Katasuke persuaded him to use the Kote during the exams despite the fact that its use is forbidden, and gives him one after introducing him to its abilities in the lab. On the day of the exams' first stage, the competing teams are given a true or false question. When Boruto and his team select their answer they are dumped into a pit, which Boruto, assuming this means they've failed, makes no effort to save himself from. Sarada and Mitsuki prevent him from falling into the ink at the bottom of the pit, which is the first stage's true objective and thus permits them to continue to the second stage. Naruto sends Boruto a congratulatory email when he hears the news; Boruto is upset that Naruto didn't send at least a shadow clone instead.

During the second stage a few days later, the teams compete against each other in games of capture the flag. While Sarada and Mitsuki go off to capture the opposing team's flag, Boruto defends their own, believing he and his four shadow clones give him an advantage over the other team's three members. When each member of the other team turns out to also be able to make shadow clones, Boruto is quickly outnumbered and his flag is nearly captured. While initially reluctant, he eventually uses the Kote to perform a combination of water and lightning jutsu to stop them and knock them out, allowing Boruto's team to continue to the finals. While Boruto recuperates at home later, Naruto visits him in person to state his pride in him and encourage him not to lose to Shikadai. Boruto remarks afterward that Naruto's brief words could have been put in an email, but he is nevertheless moved to tears by his father coming to see him.

For the final matches, the remaining genin fight in a series of one-on-one tournament matches. Boruto is unable to get close to his first opponent, Yurui, so he attacks from afar with the Kote and defeats him. In his second match, he faces Shikadai, who catches him and all four of his shadow clones with the Shadow Imitation Technique. Although Boruto can't directly do anything to escape, he is able to use the Kote to make several dozen shadow clones, forcing Shikadai to forfeit. Naruto, who has been watching the fights, approaches him afterward, seemingly to congratulate him. Instead, he disqualifies Boruto for using the Kote, giving the victory to Shikadai. Boruto begins lashing out at his father when the stadium is suddenly attacked by Kinshiki Ōtsutsuki. Naruto tries to get Boruto to safety when he is attacked from behind by Momoshiki, flinging him from the stadium.

Boruto attacks Momoshiki with several elemental volleys using his Kote, each of which Momoshiki absorbs with the Rinnegan in his hands. Momoshiki moves in on Boruto, but Naruto returns in time to protect him. They regroup with Sarada and Sasuke, the latter of whom reveals that Kinshiki and Momoshiki plan. It involves taking the world's chakra for themselves to grant themselves unfathomable power without ever needing to train to earn any of it; their plan reminds Boruto of the Kote. Momoshiki attacks with the jutsu he's absorbed, including those earlier used by Boruto. Naruto protects them with his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode — which Boruto hasn't seen before — though even with help from Sasuke's Susanoo it cannot shield all of Momoshiki's attacks. Naruto instructs Sasuke to focus his Susanoo on protecting Boruto and Sarada while he engages Momoshiki with his Tailed Beast Mode. Boruto is amazed by Naruto's power and calls out to him just before he loses consciousness.

When Boruto wakes up, he learns that his father was captured while protecting all the villagers and that his mother was hospitalized in a failed attempt to rescue him. Upset, Boruto runs to Naruto's office, discarding the Kote along the way because it unfavorably reminds him of Momoshiki. In the empty office, Boruto finds Naruto's old jacket, which he puts on, now feeling guilty for all the things he said to his father. Sasuke follows him and invites Boruto to accompany him and the other Kage in rescuing Naruto, believing Boruto's skills would be useful. As they all enter through Sasuke's portal, Hinata arrives to stop Boruto from going, but after seeing how similar her son is to Naruto now, she decides to believe in him. Boruto asks Sarada and Mitsuki to look after everyone before following Sasuke into the portal.

Upon arriving on Momoshiki's Planet, the Kage free Naruto and engage Kinshiki and Momoshiki. On seeing Boruto, Naruto tries to apologize for not being around more, but Boruto replies that it's okay, although he asks that Naruto start telling him about when he was younger instead of lecturing him. Naruto joins the battle and Momoshiki, despite absorbing Kinshiki to try and gain the upper hand, is defeated. However, Katasuke arrives to lend assistance and attacks Momoshiki with the Kote, only to inadvertently rejuvenate him and allow him to capture the Kage. With encouragement from Sasuke, Boruto attacks Momoshiki with his small Rasengan, which forces him to release the Kage. Naruto is impressed that Boruto was able to learn the Rasengan and, still unable to move, adds his own chakra to Boruto's Rasengan, making it gigantic. Sasuke helps Boruto get a shadow clone close enough to Momoshiki to blind his Rinnegan with a kunai, preventing him from absorbing Boruto's Rasengan and thus leaving him unable to dodge it, killing Momoshiki. However, upon investigating the remains of the God Tree. Momoshiki then reappears before Boruto, freezing time for everybody but himself and Boruto. This allows him to give Boruto a cryptic warning that someone who defeats a god ceases to be a normal person then gives him a seal on his palm. When Momoshiki fades away into mist, time resumes for everyone and they return to Konoha.

A few days later, Boruto's life sees many changes back home: he starts over a non-hacked video game character, even though it makes the game more difficult. Naruto is home more often and Boruto is supportive of his grueling work schedule. Despite being caught cheating in the Chūnin Exams, Baruto becomes a minor celebrity thanks to his role in helping with the previous crisis. He also gets to do the same kinds of interviews his father sometimes does. Boruto no longer has disdain for the Hokage title, though he still doesn't want to be Hokage. Instead, he decides to support Sarada in her dream of being Hokage, just as Sasuke supports Naruto. Mitsuki finds all the discussions about their parents interesting, but insists that Naruto and Sasuke have nothing on his parent: Orochimaru. Sarada is at first shocked, and then ponders whether Orochimaru is Mitsuki's mother or father. On the other hand, Boruto becomes continuously more frustrated by Mitsuki and Sarada ignoring his question, demands to know who Orochimaru is. At some point, Boruto tells Sasuke about the seal on his palm, to which he warns Boruto to be on guard.

Mujina Bandits Arc

While Team Konohamaru is on a mission, Boruto keeps thinking about the seal. However, he soon regains his senses when Konohamaru reminds him of their mission to capture the Mujina Bandits. Boruto manages to defeat the robbers, but in the process ruins the team's objective of letting one of the shinobi escape and track him to his boss. Afterward, Boruto buys some Shinobi collecting cards before Metal Lee arrives and tells him that Konohamaru requires his presence at the Hokage building. Upon arriving, he is introduced to Tentō Madoka, the Fire Daimyō's son, and given the mission of protecting the boy for the next few days. Later, at Tentō's request, Boruto demonstrated various ninjutsu. Eventually, Tentō showed off his near-complete collection of shinobi collecting cards. When Boruto was amazed that Tentō had the one card he wanted despite how rare and expensive it was, Tentō offered to give Boruto the card if he would teach him some ninjutsu. While not liking Tentō's attitude on trying to buy his way towards anything, he decided to teach Tentō nonetheless.

As Boruto began teaching him shurikenjutsu, Tentō quickly became discouraged at how he couldn't even properly throw a shuriken. As Tentō explained his desire to become a ninja was to make his father notice him. Boruto, able to relate, reminisces about the things he did to make Naruto notice him, insisting that some things cannot be bought. Encouraging Tentō to keep working at it, the boy gradually improved in his technique until finally hitting the target. Proud of himself for succeeding, he thanked Boruto for his help, who encouraged him to keep practice to find his own path. Later, the two began playing the trading card game with each other. Afterward, Boruto gave Tentō the Seventh Hokage card he was missing for his collection. After the three days of body-guarding passed, Tentō asked if he could visit Boruto again, which Boruto agreed to as they were now friends, much to Tentō's joy.

Later, Boruto and his team were delighted to be issued their first B-rank mission. As Boruto was about to prepare for his mission, he noticed the ultra-rare trading card he desired was in his pocket. Realizing that Tentō slipped it in, Boruto admired the boy's effort but still decided to return it. While sneaking into Tentō's room, he overheard the daimyō talk to his attendants saying that Tentō was kidnapped by the Mujina Bandits and a ransom of 500 million ryō plus the release of all criminals in Hōzuki Castle to return Tentō. Determined to save his new friend, Boruto asked Sarada to tell their team he couldn't join them on the mission because of an important matter. Boruto soon found Tentō, just in time to stop Shojoji from performing his Corpse Clone Technique technique on Tentō.

Shojoji sent his men to deal with Boruto, who swiftly defeated them all. Tentō warned Boruto about Shojoji's Corpse Clone Technique, which Shojoji used as a distraction to attack. As Boruto managed to evade being devoured by the glutton, he countered with shuriken. Shojoji easily repelled it with his Wind Release: Shield of the Wind Count. As he continued to repel Boruto's attacks, Shojoji gloated about how invincible his techniques made him. Boruto attempted to catch him off guard with a smoke bomb. Shojoji, however, anticipated Boruto's attack with shadow clones. As he dispelled the clones and subdued the genin, Shojoji began proclaiming how he would eat Boruto. Suddenly, he found a shuriken lodged in his back. As he turned expecting to find another shadow clone, he was shocked to see it was actually Tentō who threw it. Enraged at his captive attacking him, Shojoji forgot about Boruto, allowing him to knock Shojoji out with his Rasengan. Boruto then applauded Tentō for his help.

As Shojoji manages to get back up, Boruto prepares another Rasengan. Before he can use it, his body becomes paralyzed with pain, which came from the mark on his palm spreading. At the sight of it, Shojoji is left horrified, wondering if Boruto is part of a certain organization. As Boruto insists he is clueless to such a thing, Shojoji resumes his attack, only to be subdued and knocked out by Mitsuki and Sarada respectively. Realizing that his teammates abandoned their B-rank mission to help him, Boruto apologized to them as the mark receded back into his palm and the pain stopped. Later, Boruto and his teammates were scolded by Konohamaru for abandoning their mission, insisting that there would be punishment. He did however promise to take into account their noble efforts of saving the Daimyō's son and capturing the Mujin Bandits. When Tentō was reunited with his father and prepared to leave the village, Boruto gave him back the rare card, insisting that he has to get one on his own.

Ao Arc

Weeks later, Boruto joins his father in a sparring match in front of the Academy students and other spectators. While Boruto shows off impressive improvement in his timing and control of his various techniques, Naruto is able to easily repel his various assaults. While driven to win, Boruto is surprised by Naruto's sudden new ability to absorb techniques with his right hand. While focused on this, Boruto failed to notice Naruto removed his prosthetic hand as a distraction while he got behind Boruto to pin him. Afterward, Boruto learned that his father replaced his usual prosthetic hand for a new invention of Katasuke, inspired by Momoshiki's own ability to absorb chakra and techniques. While Boruto was furious at this deception, viewing Naruto as a hypocrite for using such advanced tools in combat after scolding him for doing the same. Sasuke calmed Boruto down, making him realize that this match was about refining new weapons more than the actual competition. He claims that this was necessary as the danger to their world was still very imminent.

Boruto manifesting Momoshiki 2.png
Version of Boruto Uzumaki - Ninja World -

Boruto: Every Main Character's Age, Height, And Birthday

Boruto is an incredible anime series that follows the events of Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden. It has gained a massive fanbase over the years, all who love and adore the main characters of the series. Though there are many great protagonists and villains in the action-packed series, the main few leave a lasting impact on viewers of the show.

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These characters have big dreams and even bigger hearts and do a lot to affect other characters and spark major events of the story. There's a lot to know about the main cast, so here are some of the basic essentials about each important Boruto character.

10 Boruto Uzumaki

  • Age: 12 years
  • Height: 145 cm (4 feet 9 inches)
  • Birthday: March 27th

Boruto is the main character of this shonen epic, and is the first child and only son to Naruto and Hinata. He shares his father's loud, wild, and fearless personality. Boruto had a better upbringing than his father, giving him a more refined and mannered approach to things, though he is still fiercely loyal and holds passionate dreams.

Boruto has a great relationship with his mother and sister, and would do anything to protect them. He proves his incredible strength in each episode, learning everything he can to improve his skills and abilities.

9 Sarada Uchiha

  • Age: 12 years
  • Height: 147cm (4 feet 10 inches)
  • Birthday: March 31

Sarada is the only daughter of Sakura and Sasuke, born when the two were adventuring away from Konoha. She boasts personality traits from both her parents, though she tends to act more like her mother. She is intelligent, witty, sociable, and caring, but she will erupt in flames when she is angered.

Though Sarada and Boruto are rivals, they have a close and dependable relationship. Sarada dreams of becoming Hokage some day, just like Naruto did in his series.

8 Mitsuki

  • Age: 12 years
  • Height: 149 (4 feet 11 inches)
  • Birthday: July 25th

Mitsuki is a clone of Orchimaru who traveled to Konoha to find Boruto, who was supposed to hold importance to him. He is calm and collected, but will unleash his merciless violence when in a battle that threatens his friends and comrades. Mitsuki is often cheery, and is very smart and witty.

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He cares about Boruto more than anything else, and typically always follows his lead or loves getting his approval. He is an important part of Team Konohamaru.

7 Konohamaru Sarutobi

  • Age: 27 years
  • Height: 177.5 cm (5 feet 10 inches)
  • Birthday: December 30th

This important mentor and team leader is very different from how he appeared in Naruto, as he is now a grown man rather than a loud and unruly kid. He is the grandson of the Third Hokage and wishes to become Hokage himself.

He deeply admires Naruto for being his mentor in his youth, and is honored to be the mentor of Naturo's son. Konohamaru has an abundance of passion for his students, friends, and fellow ninja. He's is very powerful, and a force to be reckoned with!

6 Himawari Uzumaki

  • Age: 10 years
  • Height: 138 cm (4 feet 6 inches)
  • Birthday: August 1st

Himawari is the second and youngest child of Naruto and Hinata. She loves her family and always wishes to play with her brother Boruto. Though young, she is immensely powerful, having inherited Hinata's Byakugan.

Himawari mainly took on her mother's appearance, bearing the same dark hair and soft features, but her eyes and cheeks clearly resemble her father. She is bright, cheery, and loving towards others, and has potential to be an incredible ninja as she gets older.

5 Naruto Uzumaki

  • Age: 33 years
  • Height: 180 cm (5 feet 11 inches)
  • Birthday: October 10th

The original yellow haired protagonist that everyone grew to love over the many years of Naruto appears in its sequel as well. This incredible father and husband became the seventh Hokage at the start of Boruto.

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After finally achieving his lifelong dream, Naruto is now in an important position of power and has less time to spend with his family at home. He is much more mature as an adult, but still has the same passion and upbeat attitude he always did.

4 Sasuke Uchiha

  • Age: 33 years
  • Height: 182 cm (6 feet)
  • Birthday: July 23rd

Sasuke Uchiha is much more mature and wise as an adult, having learned from his past. He now approaches things in a more responsible and helpful way. He struggles balancing his duty to Konoha with his presence in his family.

This causes a lot of issues with his daughter Sarada, who desperately wants to spend more time with him. Sasuke loves and cares for his wife and child and continues to be a protector of his home. he is more open about his emotions now, but still can come off overly critical or reserved at times.

3 Hinata Uzumaki

  • Age: 32 years
  • Height: 160cm (5 feet 3 inches)
  • Birthday: December 27th

Hinata was known as the very quiet, timid, and shy girl in the village when she and Naruto were young. She grew into a more confident and powerful woman over her years, and is now a very well spoken and dependable woman and mother.

Hinata is a strict yet loving wife and mother, always reminding her family about manners and behaviors. She is very supportive and caring, and does her best to keep Naruto's home life peaceful while he spends more time at work now that he is Hokage.

2 Kakashi Hatake

  • Age: 48 years
  • Height: 181cm (5 feet 11 inches)
  • Birthday: September 15

Though he plays a smaller role in Boruto than he did in the Naruto series, Kakashi will always be among the most beloved characters. He is wise, powerful, smart, and a fantastic teacher, though his methods can be a little questionable. He respects Naruto immensely and cares for his village with all his heart.

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The lower half of his face is always covered by a mask, making him extra mysteriou. Kakashi is a huge reason Naruto and the other successful ninja are where they are at the start of Boruto.

1 Sakura Uchiha

  • Age: 33 years
  • Height: 165 cm (5 feet 5 inches)
  • Birthday: March 28

Sakura is one of the toughest characters in Boruto, being a strong ninja and an incredible mother. Her husband Sasuke left her to embark on an important mission when their daughter was just a toddler, and leaves her alone to raise Sarada for years.

Sakura is one of the best medical-nin of all time and raises her daughter to be strong, intelligent, loyal, and kind .She continues to prove her worth to her community and family time and again throughout the show.

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