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U'r Family Ring w/ 1 to 9 Simulated Birthstones in Sterling Silver or 10K Gold, Mothers Rings

12 Months, 12 Stones

Traditionally, a birthstone is associated with each month of the year. For example, the birthstone for January is a garnet, while lucky babies born in April get a diamond as their birthstone.

There are numerous legends and myths about birthstone healing powers and their therapeutic influence. According to these legends, wearing a gemstone during its assigned month heightened its healing powers.


GOLD & SILVER are the best known of the rare precious metals.

STERLING SILVER is reflective and mirrors the soul, and is said to bring calm and balance to the wearer. Shaman believes silver gives the wearer protection from negativity and evil.

Whereas GOLD adds richness and warmth to everything with which it is associated. GOLD also can bring status and position, as well as represent divinity and mystical power.

Take Her Breath Away

By creating your custom birthstone ring gifted in metal and stone, you are reaching out to that special someone to simply let her know that you care.

This is a timeless and beautiful way to express your love, one that is worth more than a thousand words.

All orders come complete with beautiful gift packaging and a gift box.

Sours: https://www.amazon.com/Ur-Family-Simulated-Birthstones-Sterling/dp/B01N42H2G4
KranichsA Family Owned
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SKU#:50012 (MR-4-9)
Ring Size:4-12
Description:This Mothers Ring style 4 Birthstone Ring with 9 Stones is available in 10 kt White Gold, 14 karat White Gold, 10 kt Yellow Gold, 14 karat Yellow Gold, or Sterling Silver. You can customize this ring with birth month gemstones. SPARKLING CLUSTER OF BIRTH MONTH GEMSTONES OR CRYSTALS ARE SET IN THIS BEAUTIFUL MOTHER'S RING. Classic Fine Mother's Birthstone Rings. GEMSTONES IN BEAUTIFUL 9 STONE BIRTHSTONE AND COLORED STONE RING SETTINGS FOR MOTHER AND SPECIAL LADIES A Nine Stone Birthstone Mother's Ring is a Stunning Gift for Your Special Mother. If you love wearing and giving sparking birthstone jewelry that catches the light, glittering and gleaming warmly on your finger or on the ring finger of a special mother within your life, you will be glad you found that ring right here at Kranich's Jewelers. We have the exclusive styles and designs that will express your excellent taste in fine birthstone jewelry and rings. Mother's 9 stone birth month rings, birthstone rings with nine stone settings for each person represented. You pick the stones, and choices of precious or semi-precious gemstones can be set in the ring for the birth months of your loved ones. We offer a large selection of styles and precious metals with quality gems. Browse our mother's rings for styles you are attracted to and build that perfect nine birthstone ring. Enjoy a great variety of popular 9 birth stone rings. Choose one of the charming rings featured within Kranich's ring collections designed with in style and originality. Sparkling birthstone color crystals are an optional to be set in the Mother's Ring for a slimmer budget. * Beautiful Fine Jewelry Mother's Rings * Large Selection of Ring Styles * Nine Stone Setting Ring * Stones for the Birth Month Birthstone Rings * 9 Stone Color Stone Rings * 9 Stone Precious Gemstone Rings * Semi-Custom Designed Rings * 9 Birthstone Mother's Rings You Design * Design Your Unique Mother's Birthstone Ring * Color Crystal Birthstone Mother's Rings SELECT AND DESIGN THE RING OF YOUR CHOICE. Enjoy Kranich's sweet variety of popular 9 birth stone rings. Filter your selections with the design tool. Choose one of the elegant rings featured within Kranich's ring collections we offer a variety of styles and originality. Select the design and then customize the ring. DESIGN A NINE STONE MOTHER'S RING AND A BIRTHSTONE RING FOR EVERY MEMBER OF YOUR FAMILY. OUR EASY-TO-USE-DESIGN TOOL lets you build and order your custom gem stone ring or pendant online right from this website. 1. SELECT THE RING setting or pendant design style that best suits your stones and preferences. 2. CLICK ON THE GEM NUMBERED WINDOW and select the birthstones of your choice, it will appear in place on the ring or pendant. 3. CHOOSE YOUR PREFERRED METAL TYPE: 14kt, 10kt, yellow, white gold or sterling silver. 4. ADJUST YOUR RING, stones and metals until your custom piece is the way you like it. 5. If you are designing a birthstone ring, CHOOSE YOUR RING SIZE. 6. ADD TO CART and CHECK OUT! CREATE A UNIQUE RING FOR MOTHER AND THE SPECIAL WOMEN IN YOUR LIFE. KRANICH'S JEWELERS OFFER EASY FINANCING FOR YOUR BEAUTIFUL RING PURCHASE.

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This U’r Family Ring ships within 3 business day from order time. It has a prong setting and is accented by your choice of 1-9 Simulated Birthstones. This is a slim profile ring with a mirror polished edge. The Round Brilliant Cut Simulated Birthstones measure 3.0mm each. This Classic Trellis Band/Ring is 2.5mm thick and is crafted in your choice of Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver, or 10K & 14K White, Yellow, or Rose Gold.

Light up your look with this U'r Family Ring! Perfect with any outfit! Available in finger size 4-12 including half sizes. This Family Ring is designed to make any wearer proud with each birthstone symbolizing someone they love. This ring quickly turns from great gift to family heirloom.

This ring comes with either 8 or 9 stones (Even numbers of birthstones requested gets an 8 stone ring & an odd number of birthstones requested gets a 9 stone ring) so the birthstones will always be centered. If you order 1 birthstone, the other 8 stones will be Cubic Zirconia (simulated diamond look). If you order 2 birthstones, the other 6 stones will Cubic Zirconia. If you order 3 birthstones, the other 6 stones will be Cubic Zirconia. Etc… You can pick up to 9 Simulated Birth Stones.

A timeless treasure and a lovely addition to your jewellery collection! This ring is a sweet way to celebrate someone special in your life. Mothers Rings are a great choice for a gift for Valentines Day Gift, Mothers Day Gift, Christmas Gift, Hanukkah gift, Birthday Gift, Anniversary Gift, etc… This makes a great gift for a mother or grandmother or great grandmother representing their children and/or grandchildren and/or great grandchildren.

If you are looking for a January birthstone, February birthstone, March birthstone, April birthstone, May birthstone, June birthstone, July birthstone, August birthstone, September birthstone, October birthstone, November birthstone, December birthstone, birthstone ring, garnet, amethyst, aquamarine, diamond, emerald, mystic topaz, alexandrite, ruby, rubies, peridot, sapphire, pink tourmaline, blue zircon, cubic zirconia, cz, or cz ring, then look no further.

This U'r Family Ring is Personalized and Customized for you. This U'r Family Ring ring comes with your choice of 1 to 9 Simulated Birthstones in 10K Rose Gold. The Round Brilliant-Cut Simulated Birthstones measure 3.0mm each and It is 2.5mm Thick. For more information, please view the CAD image on this listing. Optimistic and positive, gold adds richness and warmth to everything with which it is associated. It illuminates and enhances. Gold represents perfection in all things. Be quick to show affection for your mother or the mother like figure in your life by giving her an amazing gift in the form of a Ring. This ring can also be a gift for your significant other especially when you are hoping to build a strong bond with her. and you will find her grabbing on to it once you present it to her. The ring looks like the loveliest piece of art and gives you the It is time to do something for your mother. Let us express our special thanks to the special ladyin our life. Gift her an ultimate Ring/Band where the simplicity stands out for the class and beauty of this elegant ring so artfully designed that it will almost take her breath away. So, it would be a form of showing your gratitude without resorting to long drawn words. Go ahead and create a vision in metal and stone only for mommy dearest. The rising price of gold makes this a great investment. Thank You for Your Consideration, We Appreciate You. Eternity love is Always Fashionable... Never Trendy.

Synthetic gemstones are man-made reproductions of genuine, natural stones. Your choice!

  • Garnet

    JanuaryGarnetFiery Red

    Said to bring safety to travelers and symbolize loyalty

  • Amethyst

    February Amethystpurple

    Said to promote serenity and peace

  • Aquamarine

    March Aquamarinesea-green

    Said to manifest affection in others and good luck

  • Diamond

    April Diamondclear/white

    Said to symbolize eternity, love and loyalty

  • Emerald

    May Emeralddeep green

    Said to give insight into the future and bring about happiness

  • Alexandrite

    June Alexandritevariety

    Said to establish harmony between physical, astral and mental bodies

  • Ruby

    July Rubydeep red

    Said to bring about health, wealth and wisdom

  • Peridot

    August Peridotlight-green

    Said to heal the sick, reduce anger and protect against nightmares

  • Blue Sapphire

    september Blue Sapphiredeep blue

    Said to represent faith and chastity

  • Pink Tourmaline

    October Pink Tourmalinepink

    Said to transform negative energy to positive and bring good luck

  • Topaz

    November Topazyellow

    Said to give strength and confidence; to bring about success

  • Zircon

    december Zirconblue

    Said to bring about clarity, courage and strength

Sours: https://mamasjewelry.com/
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Birthstone ring 9


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