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Kawaii hair accessories are one of the easiest ways to add some cute to your look, whether it’s for cosplay or every day. Here’s some fun ones to try.

Kawaii hair accessories - plush pastel cats

Candy Zombies makes the cutest hair clips – or hair puffs! These cats are my favourite, and available in so many fun colours, but there’s also bunnies, stars, bats and more.

Kawaii hair accessories pastel glitter bow

If you’re going to wear a bow on your head, you may as well get the biggest, sparkliest one around. This giant glitter pastel rainbow headbow is made to order by Roxie Sweetheart for a bargain £20. Theres other fun fabrics available too including holographic.

Kawaii hair accessories fluffy cat ears

Cat ears are always a cute easy look for cosplay and Halloween. I love this fluffy headband from Cherry Bon Bon, complete with confetti sprinkles and a pink bow.

Kawaii hair accessories - Le Cocone star hairband

For a bit of cosmic sparkle, head to Tokyo Otaku Mode. These Le coconne falling star hair bands are so kawaii with glitter, stars and ribbons. They also have a great range of 6%DOKIDOKI  hair accessories and bows.

Kawaii hair accessories Sanrio

JapanLA have a super sweet range of Sanrio character hair ties featuring Hello Kitty and friends. Perfect for adding a touch of cuteness to long hair.


Marceline is the co-founder and editor of Super Cute Kawaii and author of The Super Cute Book of Kawaii. She also designs cute character goods as Asking For Trouble. Having visited Japan five times, Marceline is enormously inspired by all things Japanese and especially loves bunnies, space and any kind of food object with a happy face.


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Kawaii Cute Accessories Snap Hair Clip Craft Pink Flower Japan

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Kawaii Cute snap hair clip DIY craft supplies Japan
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Cutest Japanese Everyday Hair Accessories!

Japanese women, especially teenagers, are known for their love for cute fashion and all things kawaii! 

In Japan, it is perfectly normal to dress yourself with all kinds of cute fashion items from head to toe or to combine some unusual fashion items into a bizarre look, even when you are a grown woman. You can find people dressed in kawaii style, lolita style, gothic style or a combination of all in public, especially if you go to places like Shibuya or Harajuku.

It’s very easy to find many cute and stylish fashion items in Japan. Even if you don't plan on completely conforming to a certain Japanese fashion trend, you can still follow certain aspects of Japanese fashion to incorporate into your daily wardrobe. That’s why, this time YumeTwins wants to write about cute Japanese everyday hair accessories!

We have compiled some cute hair accessories that is really popular in Japan right now! We bet, after seeing these items, you’re gonna want one for yourself ^_^! 

Looks familiar with this cute hair accessories? Of course! Because we have put this moving bunny ear hat in your Yume Twins June box! Simply press the paws and the ears of the hat will move! In case you missed it, you can still get the hat here!

Beret is a common fashion item but not just any regular ol' berets! They all come in various shapes from the cute but silly ones, the classic kawaii ones, to the unique ones like this fox-shaped beret. Would you wear a foxy beret?

You can wear this big sized bow with pigtails, ponytail, or just clip it when you wear your hair down to make your simple look cuter!

Although it’s originally for keeping your hair out of your face when you’re applying makeup or cleaning your face, this headband can be used as everyday hair accessories too!

Pssstttt… Our sister box, NoMakeNoLife also put a similar headband in their June box and you can get it here!

This fan flower hair clip is usually wear when you use yukata/kimono, but now, it can be use for daily hair accessories. We really love these fan-shaped hair clips! Aside from the pretty colors, it feels nice to wear some Japanese traditional accessories and mix it with modern fashion.

We love how this hair accessories could help us to have hair bun in less than 30 seconds! Perfect for summer time, when we don’t want our hair to be sticky with sweat.

Pro tip: you can use your pencil or pen as hair stick! The Pokemon pen from YumeTwins April box could be a cute alternative to the hair stick. If you want to get the Pokemon pen, you can get it here.

Don’t know how to do it? You can follow this simple and easy tutorial video from TsMadaan to style your hair with hair sticks:


What do you think of our list? Which one of these cute Japanese everyday hair accessories do you like the most? Do you want a cute hair accessories in your upcoming box? Comment below in the comment box!

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Want to get a FREE Japanese kawaii subscription box? Check out how to get one here!

Sours: https://yumetwins.com/blog/cutest-japanese-hair-accessories/
Polymer Clay kawaii pumpkin (hair accessories) HALLOWEEN TUTORIAL


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♥♡★Kawaii Hair Accessories Tutorial By Honey☆♡♥


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