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Swarovski Nail Art Crystal ss7

Swarovski crystals are world-renown for their clarity of cut, colour and brilliance. Beautiful stones up close so the ultimate choice for couture occasions and bridal wear, but just as widely used in everyday applications. These nail art crystals are 'Article 2058' (Art 2058) from the Swarovski range. They have a flat underside, so will sit flat on a suitable surface. Mix with other colours and shapes to achieve stunning designs, or use on their own as a single crystal accent.

Measurements ss7 (tolerance of 2.10mm - 2.30mm)

Colour Crystal. Looks like a tiny diamond, foiled on the underside and classically crystal from the visible top side.

Material Machine cut crystal

Country of Origin Austria

Method of Application Apply these with a suitable adhesive to fabrics and cards, and under (or on top of) a top-coat lacquer for nail art. Eye-lash glue can also be used for this purpose.

Suitable for All applications including stage costumes, fashion, performance wear, craft, special occasion wear and accessories

Pack Size Options Choose your pack size from the drop-down box below

$8.50Per 100

Sours: https://www.rhinestonz.co.nz/Product/Nail-Art-Crystals/Swarovski-Nail-Art-Crystal-ss7

7 Best Swarovski Crystals for Outstanding Nail Art


Whether it’s your wedding day, a red carpet event, or just a great day to feel special Swarovski crystals amp up your nail art and take you to the next level of Hollywood glam. You will dazzle and enchant as your nails become the canvas for countless stunning creations. Swarovski crystals offer an opportunity to put your own personal spin on outstanding nail art and artistry.

Your imagination takes flight with Swarovski crystals. Use flat back no hot fix Swarovski crystals to create three-dimensional designs that get noticed for all the right reasons. The name Swarovski invokes images of elegance and beauty. Show your elegant side with Swarovski crystals for outstanding nail art. Make your Swarovski accessorized nails the focal point on your special day or for any occasion.

The 7 Top Swarovski Crystals for Your Nail Art


Swarovski nail art is a fun and popular way to stay on trend. Of course some styles of crystals work better than others for the purpose of nail art. There are a few styles of flat back no hot fix Swarovski crystals that are the better choice when it comes to blinging your manicure. In one of our previous posts we showed you 7 most common Swarovski crystal cuts and here is a look at 7 of the best Swarovski crystals to enhance your nail art.

Swarovski 2058 Flat Back No Hotfix

Swarovski 2058_Round Crystals for Nail Art

Swarovski crystal style 2058 is a flat back no hotfix crystal that’s highly suitable for your nail art design. Create your own design, or go with a tried and true design. Use as many or as few crystals as you like. These round, multi-faceted beauties are available in several different colors and degrees of dazzle. Accessorize your entire nail or affix an eye-catching spray of shimmer and shine. 


Your Swarovski accessorized manicure can be personalized in so many ways. Turn your ring finger into your “bling finger” on your wedding day with a full display of Swarovski crystals. Strut your stuff on the red carpet with or turn heads on a special date night when you go all-out in the style of the Hollywood A-listers. The best thing about using Swarovski crystals for your nail art is that you can decide how much or how little and you’ll always be in good taste.

Swarovski 2200 Navette Flat Back No Hotfix

Swarovski 2200_Navette Crystals for Nail Art

Swarovski crystals are recognized for their innovative style and long-lasting appeal. That’s why designers have used Swarovski for decades to embellish their favorite pieces. Now you can use these fine crystals to create your nail art designs. 

The 2200, a navette crystal, similar in shape and appearance to the marquise cut, can be incorporated into a lovely art deco theme, or used to create a sunburst or flower design. These stones are available in 4 different colors, each one distinctly dazzling. The stone also comes in a rimmed version, the 2200I.

Swarovski 2205 Flame Flat Back No Hotfix

Swarovski 2205_Flame_Crystals for Nail Art

This Swarovski crystal is called the flame crystal, and with good reason. The faceted face of Swarovski 2205 FB comes alive as it reflects and sparkles as if aflame. Create a dramatic effect with this particular style when you incorporate one or several in your nail art design. The flame crystal is available in 10 distinct colors. Find the right one to complement your manicure and light up the night (and day).

Swarovski 2303 Pear Flat Back No Hotfix

Swarovski 2303_Pear_Crystals for Nail Art

Swarovski 2303  is a pear-shaped Swarovski crystal. Stunningly beautiful in it’s simplicity this crystal would be appealing alone on one finger, or set amidst a fire of Swarovski crystals in your favorite design.

Swarovski 2304 Raindrop Flat Back No Hotfix

Swarovski 2304_Raindrop_Crystals for Nail Art

Swarovski 2304 appears as an elongated raindrop, nearly mimicking, in miniature, the shape of your nail itself. With the selection of several colors you can find the perfect crystals to enhance your manicure or attire. Anytime Swarovski crystals are used as part of your nail art design you know it is a work of craftsmanship that has spanned over a century. 

Swarovski 2771 Kite Flat Back No Hotfix

Swarovski 2771_Kite_Crystals for Nail ArtUse this Swarovski kite-shaped 2771 FB to make a whimsical statement, if you like. You can have it appear to fly along your finger with a til the spans your other digits. If you’re looking for something a bit more low-key, this shape is every bit as dazzling as any in the family of Swarovski crystals. Count on your Swarovski crystals to add bling and whimsy to your outstanding nail art. 

Swarovski 2773 Diamond Flat Back No Hotfix

Swarovski 2773_Diamond_Crystals for Nail Art

This classic diamond dazzler will take your nails from invisible to en vogue. The multifaceted design of Swarovski 2773 Diamond FB throws off enough sparkle to enchant all those in your orbit. Flash your finery wherever you go when you add the Swarovski diamond shape crystal to your personal nail design. Ten different color options ensure your nails will be absolutely perfect in every light.

Tools of The Trade

Nail Art with Swarovski Crystals

Application of your Swarovski crystal nail art can be tricky unless you use the right tools. You already know the flat back no hotfix crystals are a must. You want to use the right glue to affix your nail art and hotfix isn’t really an option for your nails for obvious reasons. 

You’ll need a picker to pick up your crystals and apply them to your nails. We suggest you use the mini-picker offered on our website. This makes application much easier than trying to improvise with a simple craft store picker. 

Next you’ll need a suitable nail glue for attaching your crystals and a dotting tool to place the glue on your nail. Any standard nail polish is easy to work with and you can find them in your local drugstore. If you are using a gel polish, then you can be even more sure that your nail art will last. A dotting tool is simply a swab used to apply the glue to the nail. You can find professional dotting tools or use disposable small-tip swabs used to apply eyelash glue. Don’t forget a positioning stick to easily move your crystals where you want them before the quick-drying nail glue set. 

Bling Your Toes

Remember nail art isn’t just for your manicure. With beach weather you may want to take your toes to a “whole another level” with the addition of Swarovski crystals for your pedicure nail art. Poolside, on the beach, or out in the town you’ll give a new definition to “twinkle toes” when you wear Swarovski crystal nail art.

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Sours: https://www.modastrass.com/blog/2018/05/22/7-best-swarovski-crystals-for-nail-art/
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How to Apply Swarovski Crystals

Take your nail art game to the next level with Swarovski crystals. With millions of styles to choose from, the nail design possibilities are virtually endless! Here, a tutorial on how to use Swarovski crystals with both nail glue and gel polish. 

If #blingnails are your MO and diamonds your best friend, you’re going to want to take a look at Swarovski crystals, a collection of sparkling, dazzling nail art accents that can elevate any look to couture status.

Learn how to apply this product with both nail glue and gel polish in the tutorials below.

Using Nail Glue

Step 1

On polished nail, add a small amount of nail glue where you want to place the crystal.

swarovski-crystal-pixie-step1Once your base dries, apply a small amount of nail glue to where your crystal will go.

Step 2

Pick up the Swarovski crystal with a wax stick or tweezers and apply to the glue on the nail. Continue to apply glue and crystals to create the design of your choice.

np-swarovski-crystals-step-2Pick up your Swarovski crystals with a wax stick or tweezers.np-swarovski-crystals-step-3Continue placing the gems to create your desired design.

 Step 3

Use a thin detailing brush to apply a small amount of top coat around the base of the crystals to seal.

np-swarovski-crystals-step-4Seal the crystals with top coat.

Using Gel Polish

Step 1

After applying the gel color of your choice, apply the gel top coat, but do not cure.

np-swarovski-crystal-gel-polish-step-1Apply your gel top coat but do not cure.

Step 2

Pick up crystals with a wax stick or tweezers and apply to the uncured top coat in the pattern of your choice.

np-swarovski-crystal-gel-polish-step-2Apply the crystals with a wax stick or tweezers.

Step 3

Cure the nail under the UV light to set the top coat and crystals.

np-swarovski-crystals-gel-polish-step-3Cure the nail to seal the crystals.

Step 4

Use a thin detailing brush to apply a small amount of top coat around the base of the crystals to seal. Cure under the UV light.

np-swarovski-crystal-gel-polish-step-4Add a small amount of top coat to the base of the crystals to seal.np-swarovski-crystal-gel-polish-step-5Cure once more and you’re finished!

With Swarovski crystals, it’s as easy as 1,2,3! What designs will you create today? Show us your Swarovski nail art by hashtagging #NailProdigy and #Swarovski.

Images courtesy of Swarovski.

Sours: https://www.nailpro.com/products/article/21157530/how-to-apply-swarovski-crystals
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