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Who Is Dabi?

Dabi’s first appearance happens during the end of My Hero Academia season 2 as one of the potential recruits for the League of Villains who’s inspired by the acts of the Hero Killer “Stain.” However, it’s not until the third season episode “My Hero,” where Dabi really comes into play. U.A. High students are going through a training boot camp in the forest when Dabi attacks with the Vanguard Action Squad of the League of Villains. Dabi impressively holds his own against Aizawa and he’s instrumental in the kidnapping of Bakugo.

Dabi reveals during his first encounter with Shigaraki that “Dabi” is not his real name, but what he’s currently operating under. He’s a more stoic individual, but he houses a seething rage deep inside. Dabi’s body is also covered in a series of scars, which is likely because of the extreme temperature of his quirk. Both Endeavor and Shoto have shown pain over their attempts to attain higher levels of power in their fire Quirks and so it seems like Dabi’s body has paid the price for this power.

What Is Dabi’s Quirk?

Dabi is a character who wields a fire-related Quirk, often referred to as “Cremation,” that’s a particularly intense burst of flames. Dabi isn’t the only character to utilize a fire Quirk, but Dabi produces blue flames, which indicates a much greater level of power and temperature. Dabi can incinerate anything that he touches, but he often uses this skill to overwhelm an entire area. In his first major appearance, he touches one tree and is able to turn the entire forest into an inferno. He’s pulled the same trick on other villains, too. Dabi’s extremely efficient in long-ranged combat, but because of the intensity of his heat he has to make his fights brief. 

What Is Dabi Planning? 

Dabi is consistently shown to have aspirations for the League of Villains and what the organization can accomplish. Dabi, along with Himiko Toga, are the original recruits for the Vanguard Action Squad and along with Mr. Compress and Twice they’re easily the strongest. After the fall of All For One, Dabi had attempts to rebuild a stronger version of the League of Villains, but no one was able to meet his high expectations. Much like with Stain, Dabi seems content to simply spread chaos and destroy the heroes’ image of peace that they’ve worked hard to cultivate. This extends to his latest act, to target Endeavor in the very public display in the show’s season finale. Dabi’s stunt is a failure, so it’s likely that he’s going to strike back even harder at Endeavor in what’s to come.

How Is Dabi Connected To Endeavor?

There’s a popular theory that Dabi is actually the estranged elder sibling of the Todoroki family, Toya, which would make him not only Endeavor’s son, but also Shoto’s brother. This honestly makes for fantastic material to explore as no heroes have been related to a villain in this capacity before. It’d make for a strong way to unite Endeavor and Shoto, too. The series has been clear that Endeavor was neglectful to his family and it’s not hard to picture Dabi taking things especially hard and getting swept in by the persuasive League of Villains. However, the biggest tell here is that Dabi’s Quirk is fire-related, much like Endeavor and some of the members of the Todoroki family. Dabi specifically wields blue flames as well, which appears to be something reserved for Endeavor.

Additionally, a major moment that readers of the My Hero Academia manga were waiting for in the recent season finale is a confrontation between Dabi and Endeavor after his defeat of the Nomu. The brief conflict only further ignites the animosity between Dabi and Endeavor and implies that these two are far from done with each other. Dabi may still respond to Shigaraki on some level, but while Shigaraki’s goals are much broader in nature, it looks like Dabi has his sights set on a personal vendetta against the world’s new Number One Hero. This certainly would make sense if there’s some kind of blood connection between Dabi and Endeavor.

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My Hero Academia Confirms the Drawback of Dabi's Quirk

My Hero Academia has finally pulled back the curtain on the mystery surrounding Dabi, the League of Villains' pyrokinetic psychopath. (SPOILERS) It's been revealed that Dabi is in fact Toya Todoroki, the son of Enji Todorok/Endeavor, and the eldest brother of Shoto Todooroki. While revealing himself to his father and brother, Dabi also amplified the pain by broadcasting the truth of his identity out across the airwaves of the entire country. Part of that broadcast involves Dabi recounting his personal origin story to the world - and part of that story comes with the reveal of a limit to the twisted villain's fearsome power!

Warning: My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 291 SPOILERS Follow!

My Hero Academia Dabi Quirk Powers Weakness Explained Manga 291 Spoilers

As many MyHero Academia fans theorized, Dabi's look isn't just Goth punk masochist purely for aesthetic reasons. Toya Todoroki was Endeavor's first attempt to create a power superior to his own - one that could rival No. 1 hero All Might. Toya Todoroki had a flame that was more intense than Endeavor's (hence its blue color), but there was a severe drawback: the genetics of his mother Rei's ice powers made Toya's body vulnerable to being burned by his own fire. While we still don't know exactly what happened after Toya's apparent death, but we do know that by then his father had moved on to the other "experiments" of making Toya's younger siblings.

Looking at Dabi now, his appearance is a tale of unimaginable suffering and tragedy. Unless his affiliation with All For One and the League of Villains allowed him to be "cured" of his weakness, then every time Dabi uses his flames it costs him horrible pain and scarring - and yet, he still uses it frivolously to murder and maim, regardless.

There's still so much backstory to his character to learn, such as who performed the various skin grafts and stapling to keep Dabi together (Dr. Garaki?), and what the exact status of his power is, now. This war arc has revealed just how advanced All For One and Dr. Garaki were with transferring, copying, and mixing quirks - so who knows what may have been done to "Toya" to fix and/or enhance what was broken. One gruesome detail we do know: Toya's jaw was recovered from the massive fire that served as his "death" - hence the skin-grafted jaw that Dabi sports.


This limit to Dabi's power may be a key detail now that he's about to battle Endeavor and Shoto: with the kind of heat Dabi can generate, Endeavor's only hope may be the defense of Shoto's ice, and the limits of Dabi's endurance...

My Hero Academia is in production on season 5 of the anime. Online chapters of the manga can be found HERE.

Sours: https://comicbook.com/anime/news/my-hero-academia-dabi-toya-todoroki-quirk-powers-weakness-explained/
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Powers / Skills

Cremation(can ignite and manipulate blue flames from his body.)

High intellect


Spreading Stain's ideology.

Burning people alive.


Surpass All Might and impress his father (formerly).

Kill Shoto when he became a hero to ruin Endeavor's dream (original plan; formerly).
Fulfill the Hero Killer's ideology of a new society (ongoing).
Destroy Endeavor's career (succeeded).
Make Endeavor suffer and kill him (ongoing).


Serial murder

Attempted patricide
Property damage

Type of Villain

Vengeful Supervillain

This is gonna be nothing more than a warning shot. We'll pull those false heroes down from their shining pedestals...And, in doing so, we'll create a bright new future for this world.
~ Dabi to the Vanguard Action Squad.
The League? Shigaraki? I never gave a crap about them. A single person... with a single conviction... has the power to change the world. There are no true heroes. I... plan to make Stain's will a reality.
~ Dabi to Hawks revealing his true nature.

Dabi (in Japanese: 荼毘, translated as Cremation), also known as Blueflame (in Japanese:蒼炎 Sōen), is a major antagonist in the manga/anime series My Hero Academia. He is affiliated with the League of Villains and the leader of the organization's Vanguard Action Squad. Like Himiko Toga and Spinner, he was inspired by Stain and his ideology and decided to join the League, which was believed to harbor the Hero Killer's cause.

It is later revealed that Dabi is actually the eldest son of the Todoroki family, Toya Todoroki (in Japanese 轟 燈矢), who was long thought to have been deceased. His father, Enji Todoroki, sought out to make him his successor due to his powerful Quirk, but because of his weak constitution, his training was abandoned entirely. He is the archenemy of both his youngest brother Shoto Todoroki and his father Enji Todoroki AKA Endeavor.

He is voiced by Hiro Shimono in the Japanese version, and by Jason Liebrecht in the English dubbed version, who is best known for voicing Zeke Yeager in Attack on Titan, and Rob Lucci in One Piece.


Dabi is a tall, slender 24-year-old young man with spiky black hair and blue eyes. His most noticeable features include a set of burnt, purple, scarred skin that are present underneath both his eyes (which cannot cry due to his tear ducts being burned up), on his ears and below his jawline all the way down to his collarbone, as well on his torso and all the way down both of his arms, and on his legs as well. These scars are attached to the remainders of his skin with metallic staple piercings.

His outfits seem to vary from time to time. In his initial debut, he had more of a rough and baggy appearance, wearing a loose belt, a torn jacket and pants that barely reach to his ankles. In later appearances, he seems to wear a slightly different jacket that appears to be stitched together with coattails and rolled up sleeves. He also wears boots now and baggier pants.

When he was his younger self as Toya, he possessed red hair that gradually turned white during his childhood, and it was wavier than it was spiked. Due to his premature birth, he was shorter than his younger siblings Natsuo and Fuyumi, but roughly the same height as Shoto. However because of his training and growth spurt, he became around the same height as them. Dabi later reverts back to his white hair color by removing the black dye from it with a bottle of water after revealing his identity.


Dabi is a rude and argumentative person who has no sense of respect. He introduced himself to Tomura informally, and refused to give out his real name. Nevertheless, he is a calm-minded person, who is always focused and determined to complete his given tasks.

Like Toga, Dabi admires Stain and his ideology. He views himself as the one who is destined to fulfill Stain's view of the world, hence his reasoning for joining the League of Villains. However, even though he does not display any psychotic intentions, it appears that he is still just as deluded as Toga as he seems to be unaware of what Stain was actually trying to accomplish. While Stain was trying to bring back the meaning of being a hero, Dabi is simply interested in destroying the current society of humanity as a whole. Despite this, Dabi believes himself to be the true manifestation of Stain's will, believing that "real heroes" are not a thing. It is clear from his actions that he is only using Stain's ideology as an excuse for his actions and that he despises heroes entirely because of how he was raised among them.

Dabi commonly shows sadistic tendencies, as he takes pleasure in taunting Pro Heroes and those that seek to be heroes, while attempting to murder them at the same time. He's also observant and ruthless, willing to endanger the lives of others, including U.A. students and even his own allies, while also commonly exploiting a hero's tendency to save people from danger. Despite this, it appears that he can relate to families that have suffered from the society of heroes and villains due to his own pain from Endeavor's actions, as shown by him crying blood while remembering Snatch’s final words, hinting that he may be capable of feeling remorse.

Dabi can also come across being very derisive and contemptuous towards his teammates, who he finds crazy as he proclaimed Himiko insane, called Tomura freaky and insulted Spinner's driving skills. While he acknowledges the League's capabilities, he ultimately does not care about any of them, and only values them for their capacity to bring his goals into fruition. Despite this, Dabi ensured that Twice would make it out alive and claims that his death saddened him, though it seems that he valued Twice's abilities to help his goals over any bond the two villains had. Rather than showing any sadness, Dabi expressed a crazed expression of gleeful sadism saying that he hasn't cried since his tear ducts got burned up.

It is later revealed that Dabi's main goal is to ruin his father's career as revenge for the pain and agony he endured as a child. He relishes in the fact that Endeavor's past is exposed to the world while gleefully dancing, telling his father to dance with him in Hell. In spite of his relationship with his father, Dabi was very close with his two younger siblings, as well as with his mother when he was still Toya, as his supposed death only added more emotional pain to his mother's mental health, as well as grief for Natsuo. Natsuo in particular was very close to him, as Toya would always come to him in tears after dealing with their father's abuse, seeking for comfort. Fuyumi also wanted him to stop overusing his Quirk because of the burns he got from it. However he showed no remorse when learning that Ending, the villain he sent nearly killed Natsuo and only remarked that if he died then Endeavor would have really suffered.

His relationship with his youngest sibling, Shoto, is more ambiguous, since the two were kept separated from each other for a long period of time. Dabi claims that he views Shoto as nothing more than their father's "little puppet" and that he planned to kill him during his hero career, but this was only because this was part of his plan of ruining his father's legacy, until his father became the No. 1 Pro Hero. The fact that Dabi ended up abandoning this plan seems to suggest that he doesn't truly hate Shoto, but he thinks very little of him. Dabi later makes it clear to Shoto that he's lost any feeling for not just him and his family, but for anything in general, as everything he's done to this point is to ensure their father suffers for it.

In his youth, Toya was originally a very energetic and positive boy who enjoyed spending time with his father and was very eager to learn Endeavor's strongest technique. However, his father's shift of focus towards Shoto and subsequent abandonment of Toya as his successor caused him to spiral into a state of sadness and depression, experiencing an existential crisis and wondering his purpose in life. As a result, his determination on achieving his father's goal became an unhealthy obsession that made him act more hostile and dangerous, as well as putting his own life at risk for the sake of being acknowledged.

Powers and Abilities


  • Cremation: Cremation allows Dabi to control and manipulate extremely hot blue flames, which are able to set forests ablaze and can burn large groups of people to a crisp. He can also use his flames to propel himself upwards and hover in the air. Dabi's Quirk is said to allow him to produce flames even stronger than Endeavor's.


  • Keen Intellect: While not very strategic, Dabi is very observant to everything around him. With just a glance, he easily identified Tomura's instability and effortlessly saw through Aizawa's stoic nature, even knowing that Hawks was a traitor from the moment he met him. Had it not been for Twice stopping him, he would have found and killed Aoyama. Later he identified Snatch’s quirk, and understood it’s limits.

Overall, Dabi is one of the more powerful members among the league. His quirk has shown to have a destructive nature and he is skilled enough with it to hold his own against Pro Heroes. Shota Aizawa, a powerful Pro Hero, struggled against a clone of Dabi for a considerable amount of time (which did not have the same power as the original). Later, in conjunction with Mr. Compress, they managed to both seal and kill Snatch, a strong Pro Hero. On top of this, he managed to fight evenly against and later pin down the extremely skilled No. 2 Pro Hero, Hawks, while overpowering the latter with the brute force of his flames.


Despite his Quirk's power, Dabi's flames begin to eat away at him and burn his body should he use them for too long, which prevents him from fighting prolonged battles. To counter this, Dabi tends to rattle his opponents and engage in psychological warfare in order to buy himself time to cool down. He is also capable of saving firepower for more devastating attacks.



  • While Dabi's Quirk has no official name, it has been widely labelled as "Cremation" due to the word being translated directly from Dabi's name.
  • Before the release of Chapter 290, a popular theory among the fandom was that Dabi may actually be a relative of the Todoroki family. One of the reasons that the fans use is the fact that his flames are blue, in which Endeavor is also capable of producing blue flames, though this is something that was only shown in the anime. Other reasons included his similar eye color to Endeavor and Shoto.
    • With more recent chapters hinting towards this theory, Dabi was generally speculated to be Toya Todoroki, the oldest son of the Todoroki family, who was revealed to have an unnamed fire Quirk and implied to have went through harsh training with Endeavor regarding his Quirk and appeared to have a strong resemblance to him. This theory was eventually proven true when Dabi revealed his true identity and what drove him to become a villain.
  • Dabi and Shoto shared the same abuse and harsh treatment from their father's strict teachings. However, unlike Dabi, Shoto started to let go of his grudge towards him while Dabi is consumed by his hatred to the point he became a villain to destroy his father's reputation.
    • In a way, the two contrast one another, as Chapter 301 revealed. Despite being molded by his father to surpass him, Shoto admired All Might's acts of heroism and wanted to become a hero with similar ideals, whereas Dabi was obsessed with surpassing him and making his dad proud. While Shoto had no choice but to endure Endeavor's vigorous and harsh trainings, Toya was enthusiastic about furthering his abilities and was frustrated when his dad didn't make time for him. And while Shoto was forced to perfect his abilities at his father's commands to become the number one hero, Enji tried to get Toya to stop using his quirk altogether and give up on his dreams.
    • As such, Dabi serves as Shoto's dark reflection of what he would have become if he let his hatred consume him and didn't meet Izuku. Shoto himself noted this similarity, which is why he believed that it was his responsibility to handle Toya.

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My Hero Academia is a Japanese superhero manga series written and illustrated by KōheiHorikoshi and has taken the top spot on everyone’s top list. The story has engrossed and entertained us with each character, storyline, Quirks, and action. Besides these, bonding between the characters has also won many fans’ hearts.

The world of My Hero Academia is constantly terrorized by villains and it’s the heroes that engage and defeat them. From the beginning of the series, numerous villains had been introduced in different arcs but in this post, we are going to discuss Dabi and his Quirk along with his background and power level.

Who is Dabi? –

Hallowen shop
My Hero Academia Chapter 302

Dabi was first introduced in The Aftermath of Hero Killer: Stain and later in the Final Exams Arc, he was recruited by Giran to join the League of Villains. He is commonly known by the name Dabi or Blueflame and his real name is Toya Todoroki. During the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, it was finally revealed that he was the long-lost son of the Pro Hero, Endeavor, making him the eldest son of the Todoroki Family. It was shown that he holds a grudge against his father and a misunderstanding regarding his father made him join the path of a villain and create hatred toward his family.

Even though he was part of the League of Villains, he didn’t care much about the organization and its members and is using them to achieve his own goals. He follows Stain’s ideology and joined the League of Villains to make his ideas into reality. Previously, he led the Vanguard Action Squad to invade the Beast’s Forest and attack the U.A. High School students. Along with Geten, he is the current commander of the Vanguard Action Guerilla Warfare Regiment: Violet.

Quirk of Dabi (My Hero Academia) –

True to the name Bluflame, Dabi can generate highly destructive blue flames from his body and his ability Cremation can burn large groups of people to ashes. It is also powerful enough to set any forest ablaze. He is an expert in controlling his flames and can project them in a wide area at a reasonable distance from himself, and also in massive quantities. Besides this, he uses the flames to maneuver himself in the air which gives him a further advantage in battles. 

This ability enables Dabi to raise his fire’s temperature to the highest level and also maximize his power which further augments his attack power. Besides augmenting his attack power it also increases his speed. This ability was Endeavor’s signature move which later got passed down to him.

My Hero Academia

Must Read- Power of All For One in My Hero Academia Explained

  • Flashfire Fist (Jet Burn) –

This ability of Dabi allows him to shoot his desired opponent with a blast of fire and unlike his father, Endeavor, he shoots blasts of fire rather than making any direct contact with his opponents. During Paranormal Liberation Front Arc, he used this ability against his younger brother, Shoto Todoroki, which severely wounded him.

Prominence Burn is a super move that grants Dabi the ability to vaporize his opponent by using a concentrated beam of fire that is generated from his whole body. This ability was first seen when he nearly used it against Endeavor but was interrupted by Best Jeanist’s arrival.

Dabi is a keen individual who possesses good sense and is very perceptive of his surroundings. He can easily perceive someone’s intentions and weaknesses and use them against them. Moreover, he psychologically engages his opponents to weaken them morally and also buy time since it complements the vulnerability of his flames hurting his own body over time.

Quirk Abilities & Power of Dabi

Power Level of Dabi (My Hero Academia)-

As he was trained from a young age by Endeavor and also going through self-training, he has proved himself to be a powerful villain and one of the strongest members of the League of Villains. Even though he is weak in terms of physical strength, his flame strikes are strong enough to burn anything in an instant and also nearly killed Hawks while holding back his firepower. He also has immense speed and agility that he could keep with Tokoyami and Hawks’ movements after burning half of his wings. Despite his disheveled body and Quirk drawbacks, Dabi is fairly effective at enduring battles wherein heavy injures are eminent. Also withstood tackle from both Vlad King and Gran Torino proving his durability during battles.

Dabi My Hero Academia

His flames possess more firepower than his father Endeavor’s Hellfire Quirk and become more strong according to Dabi’s strong emotions. But his body gets burned from prolonged use of his Quirk as he inherited his mother’s resistance to freezing temperatures unlike his younger brother, Shoto. It is estimated that his flames are also stronger than Shoto as the latter suggested so saying Dabi’s flame is more powerful than either his or their father’s. Though there is a drawback in using his Quirk for a prolonged time which results in scars on his body.


The My Hero Academia has currently 4 seasons in total with 5th season releasing this month and a total of 304 chapters. The series can be read on VIZ Mediaor any paid platform. The story follows Izuku Midoriya’s adventure in becoming a Hero in a world full of superheroes despite him being Quirkless. We will be back with more posts like this, till then stay tuned with us.

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My Villain Academia: 5 Strange Secrets About Dabi's Cremation Quirk

One of My Hero Academia's more mysterious characters is the League of Villains' Dabi. The human flamethrower certainly keeps his cards close to his chest, refusing to reveal even his real name to his fellow League members. However, one thing's for sure -- he's got a very real vendetta against the Pro Heroes, especially the current Number 1, Endeavor. Dabi has never explained how his Cremation Quirk works in detail but its power can't be overstated; his trademark blue flames have scorched many a foe since his first on-screen appearance. Here are a few secrets we've learned about it so far.

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1. Cremation Is Unsuited For His Body

Dabi's most defining features are the very prominent purple burn scars all over his body. The little that's left of his skin clings to his body with the help of surgical staples. For a flame user to get burned by overuse of their own Quirk isn't unheard of -- after all, that's why Endeavor sought to raise a child with the perfect ice and fire balance -- but Dabi's flames seem to affect him even with minimal use of his Quirk.

During Dabi's match against Geten, he was forced to use his Quirk more than he'd ever been shown doing. After letting out a few larger-than-normal blasts, his Quirk's incompatibility became apparent. His skin started to give off smoke and Geten noticed he began to smell like he was burning.

It's not a stretch to assume his burn scars were self-inflicted, perhaps from an even more intense battle he was involved in before joining the League of Villains. The story behind his scars might even explain his hatred for Pro Heroes.

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2. His Flames Are Much Stronger Than Endeavor's

My Hero Academia boasts some pretty insane fire users, and Dabi ranks at the top of this list. While the Pro Hero Endeavor outshines him in terms of skill and practical application of his similar Quirk, Dabi's raw power is off the charts.

Dabi's Quirk does exactly what its name suggests: complete cremation. Apart from Gigantomachia, everyone who's ever come into contact with his flames has been completely reduced to ashes. Dabi is also capable of wide-range flame attacks that are almost impossible to dodge; if he wants to burn someone, they're most likely going to be unable to do anything about it. Dabi's "instant kill" attacks contrast with Endeavor and Shoto's base-level flames, which are more likely to stun their opponents than leave them with severe or life-threatening injuries.

While both Todorokis can pull off similar feats of incineration, they need to use super moves such as Flashfire Fist so their flames are charged up enough to deal greater damage. Dabi doesn't seem to have any moves of a similar nature just yet, so it's possible his Quirk could get even more powerful once he learns to condense his flames as Shoto and Bakugo can -- although for now, that doesn't even seem necessary based on how effective his Quirk is.

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3. He Doesn't Rely Solely On His Quirk To Fight

No one is more aware of Cremation's limits than Dabi himself. As a result, he usually fights in a carefully restrained manner rather than employing the kind of flashy, explosive strategy one might expect from the wielder of such a powerful Quirk.

In order to give himself time to recover from the effects of his own flames, Dabi tends to try and unsettle his opponents. Whether it's the revelation of a particularly devastating truth or drawing their attention to a fact they'd previously ignored, there's nothing off-limits for Dabi when he's trying to destabilize his opponent. He alternates between overwhelming fire blasts and short breaks to verbally torture his opponents, banking on them being wary of his flames or too shaken by his words to attack while he speaks. This strategy gives Dabi some much-needed rest mid-battle and a potential mental advantage over his opponents.

On the rare occasion his psychological fake-outs don't work, he's never completely defenseless. For the very possibility that his bluff ever gets called, Dabi never releases 100% of his firepower. If he's ever attacked mid-monologue, Dabi can tap into his reserves for a surprise attack, going Plus Ultra much like any UA student.

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4. He Has Unprecedented Control Over His Flames

Dabi's powerful Quirk can't help but look like it's in constant danger of overwhelming him, although he's proven on multiple occasions that he's always in complete control. He can create perfect rings of fire in order to trap his foes, as displayed when he cornered Endeavor at Kyushu and during his attack at the UA students' training camp.

While his hands are his preferred medium with which to use his Quirk, Dabi can ignite flames from every single part of his body. This makes attempting to capture him nigh impossible, as he could easily burn off whatever restraints used to trap him.

Dabi can also control his flames' temperature. While Cremation is usually hot enough to completely obliterate anything in its path, some opponents and materials aren't as readily flammable. When he's around teammates, he's careful not to let his flames reach temperatures that could burn those around him, but he's capable of taking it up several notches.

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While repelling Geten's unrelenting ice attacks, Dabi's flames became hot enough to affect bystanders. Mr. Compress was quite some distance away from their smackdown, yet even he could feel the heat from Dabi's unleashed power.

5. His Flames' Heat Never Reduces

The blue color of Dabi's flames is an indicator of just how hot the fire he produces is. Additionally, even after being detached from his body, the flames never lose their heat; they maintain their color and temperature even as they spread. Their high heat also allows them to spread much faster than normal fire does, leading to an almost unstoppable chain reaction.

When the League’s Vanguard Action Squad attacked the Wild Wild Pussycats' training camp, Dabi set most of the forest ablaze simply by touching a couple of trees. The flame his touches ignited was strong enough to sustain itself, becoming a forest fire worthy of attention from emergency services.

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My Hero Academia Explains Dabi's Quirk in Full for the First Time

From the start, fans of My Hero Academia knew Dabi was someone to keep tabs on. The fiery villain had a goal in mind, and while netizens did not know what it was, they did know Dabi would go to insane lengths to make it happen. Now, we have learned all about the boy and his vendetta against Endeavor. It turns out Dabi's past with the pro hero is something of a horror story, and a recent flashback went so far as to detail the villain's exact quirk at last.

The whole thing went down at the start of chapter 301. My Hero Academia's new chapter was dedicated to the Todoroki family and its troubled past. Once Rei appeared before her estranged husband, fans were given a lesson on how their son Toya turned into Dabi. As it turns out, Endeavor placed too many expectations on Dabi, and the fire he lit couldn't be extinguished even when Toya's quirk sputtered out.

My Hero Academai Dabi

The pair noticed as a kid Toya would be injured by his fire, but the question remained as to why. The boy's parents got answers from a doctor, and it was there fans got a full detail of Dabi's quirk.

"An unusual case, to be sure. Your son has inherited an even more powerful form of the fire-based quirk factor, but he takes after his mother physically. Meaning, he's not built to endure fire, but rather, to withstand freezing temperatures," the couple learned.

Now, fans know why exactly Dabi cannot stomach his blue flames. The fire is so hot that it combats his body. Endeavor's body can withstand heat, but Dabi inherited his mom's ability to withstand the cold. Obviously, this means fire is not safe for the boy, but Endeavor had already ladened Toya with his dreams. As time went on, the boy became obsessed with fulfilling his promise, and Endeavor's refusal to help Toya is what led him to become the Dabi we all know today.


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Sours: https://comicbook.com/anime/news/my-hero-academia-dab-quirk-fire-ice-manga-flashback/

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