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Bull's Blood


Beta vulgaris subsp vulgaris

Bull's Blood

Seed #532

This variety has stunning purple-red color seedlings when grown as microgreens and baby leaf. Beet tops are dark red-purple color and with remarkable sweet flavor. The tasty roots are best when harvested 2-3" in diameter.

  • Cool season annual
  • Approx. 200-400 seeds in packet. (A seed will vary in weight and size within a given seed lot. The number of seeds stated is only an estimate.)
  • Maturity: Approx. 20 days microgreens, 35 days baby leaf, 55-60 days

For quantities greater than 500 lbs, or for special requests such as seed treatment, ask us for a price quote on this variety.

Cultivation: Best color and flavor develop under cool conditions and bright sun. In warm weather, beets may be light colored, less sugar and color zoning in the roots. Prepare fertile, well-drained soil. Soak seeds and rinse water 3-4 times before planting. Sow seeds in spring after last frost in a warm, sunny location or partial shade in hot areas. In temperate areas, sow in late summer/early fall as well. Keep soil moist. Fertilize as needed. Too much nitrogen will produce lush foliage and small root development. Like chard, beet seeds produce more than one plant, so will require thinning when seedling are 4-5" tall. When the plant has a strong root structure, harvest a couple of leaves from each plant. Mature plants can be cut back to 1-2" above soil for re-growth for a cut-and-come again harvest.


Please note: Maturity, adaptability and disease tolerance may differ under your specific climate and/or growing conditions.

Culinary tips: Tasty roots for baking, roasting, boiling or sautéing and fresh greens to boil or steam. Bull's Blood variety add exceptional color and flavor to microgreen and baby leaf mixes.

Sours: https://www.kitazawaseed.com/seed_532-207.html

Beet, Detroit Dark Red (Beta vulgaris) seeds, organic

Family:  Goosefoot (Chenopodiaceae)

Biennial.  55 days to maturity.

Detroit dark red produces intensely red roots.  The can be harvested at any stage, from small to large, and remain solid and delicious even when allowed to grow magnificently large.  That’s a lot of borscht.   The beet greens may also be harvested and juiced fresh or simmered as a pot-herb.  This is also delicious and powerfully good for you.  We do grow our own beet seed and encourage use of this cultivar–it is the very best in our opinion–and growing beets gives a very impressive yield per square foot–one of the best homegrown foods there is.  Direct seed in the spring garden by making a shallow furrow in a good seedbed, sprinkling in the seeds, barely covering, and tamp and keep moist until germination, which is rapid.  Thin to 4 inches apart.

Packet contains 50 seeds
5 g contains ~ 350 seeds
10 g contains ~700 seeds

Certified Organically Grown

PS:  In 2019 I planted 100 RF of these by direct-seeding in the garden on May 14th.  The beets grew pretty well, and I thinned them to 4 inches apart.  On August 6 I harvested 3 for my mother (pictured in gallery, with roots pointing up) and they weighed in at over a pound apiece.  That took 83 days.

PSS: On October 27th of the same year I harvested a few more beets.  The largest weighed in at 3.8 lbs. (!)

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Sours: https://strictlymedicinalseeds.com/product/beet-detroit-dark-red-beta-vulgaris-packet-of-100-seeds-organic/
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Beetroot Seeds

(Beta vulgaris)

High nutrition and vitamin content, tops are rich source of vitamin C, eat in salads or soups. Native of northern Africa and western Mediterranean, ancient Greeks used leaves only. Beetroot can be steamed with other vegies or grated raw as well as boiled and pickled for salads. Best results in soil with pH over 6 and if always kept moist. Can sow indoors and transplant. Thin to 30-50mm, young thinnings may be transplanted older thinnings as leaf vegetable, sow after frost. Roots store well after harvest. Sow spring to autumn, anytime in mild climates.

50-90 seeds per gram
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