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Player macro DEFAULT

Useful Macro Templates

Mod: Signature Ability
Default: Covenant Ability
Priority: Mouseover > Cursor (Reticle Spells) > Default
Note: You’ll need to replace the generic spells with the specific spells once you select your final Covenant because Blizzard decided to disable the substitutions at that point.

Base Healing Macro

Alt: Self Cast
Mouseover Friend: Cast on Mouseover
Target Friend: Cast on Target
Target Enemy Targeting Friend: Cast on Enemy’s Target
Default casting behavior. This condition also serves to generate the correct tooltip.

Basic Helpful Mouseover Macro

Cast a helpful spell prioritizing mouseover.

Basic Harmful Mouseover Macro

Cast a harmful spell prioritizing mouseover.

Basic Reaction Neutral Mouseover Macro

Cast a spell that can target both friends and enemies, prioritizing mouseover (Penance, Holy Shock, Shadowstep etc.)

Basic Help/Harm Macro

This will cast one spell when mousing over or targeting a friend and another when mousing over or targeting an enemy.

Variant: HARM_SPELL as Default

Multi-modifier Mouseover Macro

Example of how to include multiple spells, differentiated by modifier, including mouseover. Trim it down and change to or depending on what you’re actually using it for.

Basic Reticle Macro

Alt: Cast at Player
Combat: Cast at Cursor
Default: Display Reticle

Nochanneling Macro

Prevent casting when CHANNELING SPELL is channeling.

Prevent casting when ANY SPELL is channeling.

Stopcasting Macro

Cancels your currently queued spell and interrupts your current cast so you can cast a priority spell. Note: this functionality is automatically baked into all interrupts. Also, this is really only useful for cancelling spells with a cast time > 1 GCD OR if you’re cancelling so you can cast a spell that’s off the GCD.

Cancelaura Macro

Useful for things like Levitate, Ice Block, Spectral Sight where you want to be able to toggle them on and off with a single key.

Conditional Focus Cast

Shift: Clear Focus
Alt: Set/Cast on Focus
Default: Cast on Target

Offensive Macro for Healers

This macro is primarily for healers who want to play Disc but want to play it like a traditional healer. Basically allows you to dps while having fiendly players targeted or moused over.

Mouseover Enemy: Cast on Mouseover
Target Enemy: Cast on Target
Mouseover Friend Targeting Enemy: Cast on Friend’s Target
Target Friend Targeting Enemy: Cast on Friend’s Target
Default casting behavior. This condition also serves to generate the correct tooltip.

Dynamic GetSpellInfo Macro

Useful for things like Mercenary racials and PVP Talents where there’s no condition to determine if a spell is known or not.

Death Knight

Raise Ally

Demon Hunter

Alt: Spectral Sight
Default: Consume Magic


Dead: Rebirth
Harm: Soothe
Default: Nature’s Cure/Remove Corruption


Shift: Revive/Mend Pet
Alt: Misdirection
Default: Tranquilizing Shot

If you want to be absolutely certain it perfectly falls back, use this version instead. It just excludes the possibility of mouseover or focus not in your group


Harm: Spellsteal
Default: Remove Curse


Alt: Healing Elixir/Diffuse Magic/Dampen Harm
Help: Detox
Harm (WW): Touch of Karma


Shift: Blessing of Protection
Alt: Blessing of Freedom
Default: Cleanse Toxins/Cleanse


Alt: Mass Dispel
Harm: Dispel Magic
Default: Purify Disease/Purify


Alt: Crimson Vial
Outlaw: Grappling Hook
Default: Shadowstep


Harm: Purge
Default: Purify Spirit/Cleanse Spirit


Shift (Felhunter): Devour Magic
Alt: Unending Resolve
Dead: Soulstone
Default: Command Demon


Alt (Prot): Spell Reflection
Default: Heroic Throw

Below are links to collections of my personal macros. The purpose of them is to condense the number of physical keys you need to press by controlling which spell is cast via modifier (alt/shift/ctrl) and adding enhanced targeting capabilities where applicable. Important Before using these macros make sure you unbind SHIFT 1-6 (Action Page 1-6) keys in your key bindings. If you don’t, pressing any of the shift modified macros will cause you to change action page instead of casting the appropriat…



Desktop Automation Macro Software. Automate tasks using keyboard macro recorder, mouse macro recorder, text expander, and more.

Freely deploy all your macros anywhere. Provide your automation solution to your colleagues or customers. 

FreeMacroPlayer is a free macro playback runtime that that plays back macros created in Macro Toolworks Professional or Perfect Keyboard Professional macro program.   The FreeMacroPlayer is completely free for anyone (personal use, business use, government use) and can be freely distributed without any restrictions, including distribution with other commercial products. FreeMacroPlayer is capable to playback all macros as well as it supports all macro triggers.

Creating the Free Macro Player file is as easy as 1-2-3:


Create a macro file in Macro Toolworks Professional or in Perfect Keyboard Professional.


In Macro Toolworks Professional or in Perfect Keyboard Professional, generate either .EXE file (that contains FreeMacroPlayer runtime in it) or .FMP FreeMacroPlayer file.


Distribute the generated file to the users.

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Player Macro Configurator

Package Description

The problem

Games go more smoothly when players have some commonly used macros on their hotbar, but actually getting the macros set up is a PITA:

  • Logging in as each player and setting the same bar up many times is awful (particularly with passwords or many players)
  • Asking players to set up their own macro hotbar is... no.

The solution: Player Macro Configurator!

With PMC, just set your macro hotbar up the way you wish it was for all players. Then right-click the word "Players", click Yes, and you're done:

Right-click Players in Player List

Boom! All your players (even offline ones) now have that sweet macro hotbar that you created for them.


  1. Automatically assign characters to players if they own exactly one Actor (bonus feature!)
  2. Assign the macro hotbar only to selected players
  3. View and edit the macro hotbar of a particular player
  4. Lock player macro hotbars
  5. Saving and restoring your own macro hotbar
  6. Custom hotbar compatibility (


v1.0.4 - Initial public release, inspired by The League of Extraordinary Developers July 2021 Package Jam but sadly entered too late.

Tagged Categories

  1. Automation Enhancers
  2. Tools and Controls

Available Versions

  1. Version 1.0.4

Diamond Player learns Advanced Macro and Rotations - Challenger LoL Coaching.

Casts the first spell for which the options are true.

/cast [options] spell name or item or bagID slot or invSlotID

You can also use .


This command accepts secure command options. The value associated with the first satisfied condition will be interpreted as described below, and an action will be performed at the condition target (or your current target, or the implied target if the condition did not specify an explicit target). If no conditions are satisfied, no action will be performed.


The clause value is interpreted as either:

spell name 
Name of the spell to cast, prefixed by an exclamation mark to prevent toggling an ability off
The name of the item to be used.
BagID slot 
The bag the item is in (0 is backpack, etc...), and the slot number containing the item, starting at 1; e.g. "0 1" would use the first item in your backpack.
The slot on your character in which to use an item.

If the clause value is the name of both a spell and an item in your inventory, the /cast command prefers to cast the spell.


  • This will revive the pet if it is out and dead, call the pet if it is not out, or mend the pet if it is out and alive
/cast [@pet,dead] Revive Pet; [nopet] Call Pet; Mend Pet
  • If activated with mouse button 2, this will cast Flash Heal on the player else if the unit saved as the player's focus can have helpful spells cast on it and is alive, it will cast Flash Heal on the player's focus else it will cast Flash Heal on the player.
/cast [@player, btn:2][@focus, help, nodead][@player] Flash Heal
Let's analyze:
...[@player, btn:2]...
The macro directs the spell to be cast at the player if the macro is activated with mouse button 2.
...[@focus, help, nodead]...
The macro directs the spell to be cast at the player if the unit in the player's focus can have helpful spells cast on it and is alive.
The macro directs the spell to be cast at the player with no additional conditions.

Patch Changes

Bc icon.gifPatch 2.3.2 / API(2008-01-08): /cast now toggles toggleable abilities on and off, but prefixing the name with an exclamation mark prevents this.

See also


Macro player

Playing a Macro

There are two manners of playing a macro, the normal playing and the quick playing. The quick playing differs from the normal playing slightly. This means you does not open Play Options dialog with the quick playing before playing the macro.

To play a macro

  1. In Macro Manager, select macro you'd like to play.
  2. Click the button Play on the toolbar, or right-click the macro, then select the menu item Play or QuickPlay.
  3. In the dialog of Play Options, determine the play options, and then click OK to start.

Playing more than one macro in the order

  1. In Macro Manager, switch to the tab Macros, select macros. You can drag the mouse pointer to create a selection around the outside of all the items that you want to include. You may also press and hold down the Ctrl key, and then click each item that you want to select.
  2. Click the button Play or Quick Play. The player will play selected macros in the order they appear in the list.

Playing the macro in Windows Explorer

  1. In Windows Explorer, right-click the macros script file which has the extension name ".msd".
  2. Select the menu item Play or Quick Play.
The ONLY MACRO GUIDE You'll EVER NEED - League of Legends Season 11
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Purpose and description

The macro player enables the user to play multiple macros behind each other. Each macro will have an own selection filter defined. 
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Installing the Macro player Extension

The installation package can be found here.

After the installation, the Macro player Extension can be found in the component catalog.

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Using the Macro Player Extension

The extension is started from the component catalog by double-clicking on the icon. The following dialog box opens:

Select the model objects which you want to include in the object selection. Set up the macros and the corresponding selection filters and start the macro player by pushing either the "All" or "Selected" button.
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Standard file

You can select your saved settings and load them or you type something new and save it under this name.
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The filter defines on which of the model objects selected by the user will the corresponding macro run on.
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The macro shown runs on the model objects which have been selected by the user and at the same time pass the corresponding filter.

If you hover over the row, you will get additional icons shown. With these icons, you can move a row up or done or delete it.
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Here the user can add new macros and corresponding filters.

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Run for selected or all

The user can select to run the macro player for all parts in the model or for the current selection.
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The user can close the user interface without running the macro player.

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