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Product testing scams are rife. Alarm bells should ring if you're offered cash or expensive gadgets like an iPhone or Xbox in exchange for a little testing work.

A common way for criminals to get hold of your cash is through product testing scams, which claim to let you keep amazing items like iPhones and Xbox One's in return for minimal work.

For most of us, rarely a day goes past without getting emails soliciting our views on this or that.

Many are quite harmless. For example, they might send you an email asking you to rate a cleaning or personal grooming products and, in exchange, you might get a free trial size detergent or deodorant.

That's fine – as you know that you’ll likely be on their mailing lists because you once applied for one of their products for free.

But other emails offering expensive gadgets such as Playstations or iPhones to test are the ones to watch out for.

Here, the incentive is more than a pack of washing powder or a bar of soap.

This can be a real attraction – we are talking about goodies costing hundreds of pounds, but often these emails are just a scam.

The scam

Often, the gadget you are supposed to test is something which is not yet available.

For example, fraudsters know there is a large demographic of young males (sorry to stereotype but that group is the largest fan base for games) who would do anything to get a pre-launch or “beta” copy of a new game.

Or they could be promising access to a hotly anticipated new phone. For example, we saw reports of a number of product testing scams while the iPhone X was being developed.

What could happen

So what happens if you respond to an email offering a gadget or a game to keep if you test it?

It could be one of several – sometimes inter-related – scams.

  • You might be told that before you can test the product, you have to purchase something like “Testing for Dummies” or “Teach yourself Product Trials”. This will cost you £25 – for which you receive a few pages of tortuously written rubbish. You never get the product – hardly surprising as no one else outside the company has it either.
  • You are asked to join a product testing panel. This will cost you £10 by direct debit. The debit will be taken each month – the scam artists hope that you’ll forget about it. Of course, the panel does not exist, they have your bank details and you never get the promised item.
  • In a cut down version of the Nigerian advance fee scam fraud, you'll be asked for a payment of perhaps £20 to go via Moneygram or Western Union to show “mutual trust” in such a “confidential matter”. Once this “trust” has been established, you'll be asked for more for “legal clearance documents” and so forth. Again, the item will never appear.

Flattering as it may seem, there is no way that firms developing phones or games want your opinion. If you are promised any significant cash or expensive gadget for what you are told is a few minutes’ work, steer well clear. If an offer sounds too good to be true, then it is so bad that it is criminal.

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Google Search results topped by suspected scam gadget store

By Leo Kelion
Technology desk editor

Image source, MyTechDomestic

A suspected scam store, featuring hard-to-find gadgets priced below the norm, topped Google search results for days.

MyTechDomestic accepted payments via direct bank transfers only - despite indicating support for credit cards and PayPal - and falsely claimed to be owned by a UK-registered company.

It was flagged to Google last week but the US company took action only after being contacted by BBC News on Monday.

The site's operator did not respond to several requests for comment.

However, the platform went offline shortly after BBC News asked for a response to customers' claims it amounted to a "scam".

Action Fraud - the UK's national reporting centre for fraud and cyber-crime - is looking into the matter after receiving a complaint from a member of the public.

"Given the large numbers of people who view these adverts, Google should move much more quickly in response to reports of scams, and be proactive about vetting them to help prevent people losing money to fraudsters," Which? Computing editor Kate Bevan said.

MyTechDomestic's website was registered with a Canadian domain registrar on 19 April.

It was subsequently promoted via ads bought from Google's Shopping service, meaning its listings featured a "By Google" tag when they appeared within its search results.

By late last week, the site was top billed for several gadgets sold out or priced at a premium elsewhere.

These ads appeared at the top of Google's mobile search results and to the side of some desktop searches.

  • the Oculus Quest virtual-reality headset, 64GB edition
  • the Fortnite edition of the Sony PlayStation 4
  • Reebok's GX40S cross-trainer

The store often indicated it had relatively low supplies left in stock and frequently priced products at an 18% discount.

And although its pages featured logos for American Express, Mastercard and PayPal, at point-of-sale it allowed customers to pay via a bank transfer only.

Initially, it listed a Paris-based account.

But after one user drew attention to this being unusual, on a post to's forum, the site switched to using an English bank.

MyTechDomestic stated it was operated by a London-based corporation, for which it provided an address and registration number.

But that company turned out to be a seven-year-old business consultancy with similar initials, which denied involvement.

"MyTechDomestic is nothing whatsoever to do with MTDO Ltd," a spokesman said.

"We don't sell anything on the internet and we were shocked that it was that easy to set up something that steals someone else's company's identity."

MTDO said it had reported the issue to Google on Friday, 8 May, via its Report Phishing tool.

However, the adverts remained online until Monday evening.

After being contacted by BBC News, Google began its own investigation.

It concluded the site had violated its "misrepresentation policy" and should have been dealt with more quickly.

"We take dishonest business practices very seriously and consider them to be an egregious violation of our policies," a spokeswoman said.

"We have a tool where anyone can report these ads and these complaints are reviewed manually by our team.

"In 2019, we removed 2.7 billion bad ads and we're constantly updating our policies as we see new threats emerge."

The site's registrar, PlanetHoster, confirmed it had also taken action of its own.

"Currently, the website is suspended for a violation of our policy," it said in a statement.

"Unfortunately, we cannot share more information about this case without an official warrant."

'Suspicious site'

Meanwhile, several of the site's users voiced concerns they may have been "scammed" out of hundreds of pounds, in complaints posted to TrustPilot's review site.

"[An] investigation is currently ongoing with my bank and the Action Fraud police," one, who had paid £311.59 for a treadmill, told BBC News.

One cyber-security expert said consumers should be "wary" of listings from unfamiliar names - even if they were promoted by Google.

"Having been warned of a suspicious site, Google could easily have confirmed that the site was less than a month old and asking for payment in a way which doesn't protect consumers," Graham Cluley said.

"At the very least, it should have suspended the shopping lists while it investigated the domain."

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We found a massive spam operation — and sunk its server

For ten days in March, millions were caught in the same massive spam campaign.

Each email looked like it came from someone the recipient knew: the spammer took stolen email addresses and passwords, quietly logged into their email account, scraped their recently sent emails and pushed out personalized emails to the recipient of that sent email with a link to a fake site pushing a weight loss pill or a bitcoin scam.

The emails were so convincing more than 100,000 people clicked through.

We know this because a security researcher found the server leaking the entire operation. The spammer had forgotten to set a password.

Security researcher Bob Diachenko found the leaking data and with help from TechCrunch analyzed the server. At the time of the discovery, the spammer’s rig was no longer running. It had done its job, and the spammer had likely moved onto another server — likely in an effort to avoid getting blacklisted by anti-spam providers. But the server was primed to start spamming again.

Given there were more than three million unique exposed credentials sitting on this spammer’s server — hosted on , we wanted to secure the data as soon as possible. With no contact information for the spammer — surprise, surprise — we asked the hosting provider, Awknet, to pull the server offline. Within a few hours of making contact, the provider nullrouted the server, forcing all its network traffic into a sinkhole.

TechCrunch provided a copy of the database to Troy Hunt. Anyone can now check breach notification site Have I Been Pwned to see if their email was misused.

But the dormant server — while it was still active — offered a rare opportunity to understand how a spam operation works.

The one thing we didn’t have was the spam email itself. We reached out to dozens of people to ask about the email they received. Two replied — but only one still had a copy of the email.

The email sent by the spammer. (Image: supplied)

“The same mail appeared on three occasions,” said one of the recipients in an email to TechCrunch. “The subject was related to an email I had sent previously to that person so the attacker had clearly got access to his mailbox or the mail server,” the victim said.

The email, when clicked, would direct the recipient through several websites in quick succession to determine where they were located, based off their IP address. If the recipient was in the U.S., they’d be pushed to a fake CNN site promoting a bogus health remedy. In this case, the spammer was targeting U.K. residents — and most were directed to a fake BBC page promoting a bitcoin scam.

One of the fake page.s (Screenshot: TechCrunch)

The spammer had other servers that we had no visibility into, but the exposed server revealed many of the cogs and machinery to the operation. The server, running an Elasticsearch database, was well-documented enough that we found one of the three spam emails sent to our recipient.

This entry alone tells us a lot about how the spam operation worked.

A database record of one email sent by the spammer. (Screenshot: TechCrunch)

Here’s how it works. The spammer logs into a victim’s email account using their stolen email address and password. The scammer pulls a recently sent email from their victim’s email server, which feeds into another server — like and — tasked with generating the personalized spam email. That email incorporates the subject line of the sent email and the target recipient’s email address to make it look like it’s being sent from the real person.

Once the message is ready to send, it’s pushed through a proxy connection, designed to mask where the email has come from. The proxy server is made up of several cell phones, each connecting to the internet over their cellular connection.

Each spam message is routed through one of the phones, which occasionally rotates its IP address to prevent detection or being flagged as a spammer.

Here’s what that proxy server looks like.

The proxy server comprised of several cell phones with rotating IP addresses. (Screenshot: TechCrunch)

Once the spam message leaves the proxy server, the spam message is pushed through the victim’s own email provider using their email address and password, making it look like a genuine email to both the email provider and the recipient.

Now imagine that hundreds of times a second.

Not only was the spammer’s Elasticsearch database leaking, its Kibana user interface was also exposed. That gave the spammer a detailed at-a-glance look at the operation in action. It was so granular that you could see which spam-sending domains were the most efficient in tricking a recipient into clicking the link in the spam email.

The spammer’s Kibana dashboard, displaying the operation at a glance. (Screenshot: TechCrunch)

Each spam email includes a tracker in the link that fed information back to the spammer. In bulk, that allows the spammer to figure out which email domain — like or users — is more likely to click on a spam email. That can also indicate how an email provider’s spam filter acts. The greater number of clicks, the more likelihood of its spam going through — allowing the spammer to target specific email domains in the future.

The dashboard also contained other information related to the spam campaign, such as how many emails were successfully sent and how many bounced. That helps the spammer home in on the most valuable logins in the future, allowing them to send more spam for lower bandwidth and server costs.

In all, some 5.1 million emails were sent during the 10-day campaign — between March 8 and March 18, with some 162,980 people clicking on the spam email, according to the data on the dashboard.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen a spam operation in action, but it’s rare to see how successful it is.

“This case reminds me on several other occasions I reported at some points in the past — when malicious actors create a sophisticated system of proxying and logging, leaving so much tracks to identify their patterns for authorities in the investigations to come,” Diachenko told TechCrunch. “This shows us — again! — how important a proper cyber hygiene should be.”

What’s clear is that the spammer knows how to cover their tracks.

The language settings in the Kibana instance suggested the spammer may be based in Belgium. We found several other associated spamming domains using data collected by RiskIQ, a cyberthreat intelligence firm, which scours the web for information. Of the domains we found, all were registered with fake names and addresses.

As for the server itself, the provider said it was possibly hacked.

“This was a resold box and the customer already responded to the abuse forward saying it was supposed to have been terminated long ago,” said Awknet’s Justin Robertson in an email to TechCrunch.

And we still can’t figure out where the email addresses and passwords came from used to send the spam. Only 45 percent of emails were already in Have I Been Pwned, ruling out the possibility that all of the passwords were stolen from credential stuffing.

Since the hosting provider pulled the spammer’s server offline, several of their fake sites and domains associated with the spam campaign no longer load.

But given the spread of domains and servers propping up the campaign, we suspect the sunken server is only a single casualty in an otherwise ongoing spam campaign.

Got a tip? You can send tips securely over Signal and WhatsApp to +1 646-755–8849. You can also send PGP email with the fingerprint: 4D0E 92F2 E36A EC51 DAAE 5D97 CB8C 15FA EB6C EEA5.

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Email scammers targeted by new bot that inundates them with endless annoying questions

An artificially intelligent bot that inundates email scammers with a never-ending stream of questions has been created.

Re:scam is designed to waste the time of the people behind email scams, and annoy them until they give up.

It’s been developed by Netsafe, which says it’s time regular web users “fought back”.

Gadget and tech news: In pictures

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At the time of writing, Re:scam has sent over 16,000 emails to scammers which, according to Netsafe’s calculations, have collectively wasted more than 25 days of scammers’ time.

“I adopt one of my many personalities to continue the conversations of any would-be victim,” the bot, which also describes itself as “super-interested” and “a bit naive”, says.

“I waste their time with a never-ending series of questions and anecdotes so that they have less time to pursue real people. Just like you, I mqke typos, and jokes that no one appreciates.

“They won't know when they're scamming, or getting scammed out of their own time. It’s bad for business.”

According to Netsafe, $12 billion is lost globally each year because of phishing scams.

The organisation is inviting anyone who thinks they’ve been targeted by a scam email to forward it to Re:scam, which will verify if it is a scam or not.

It will then use its own email address to target any scammers it manages to detect.

“Deleting a scam email protects you, but forwarding to [email protected] protects others,” says Re:scam. “It's also kinda funny.”


Spam gadget laboratory

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Proton Pure is a smart home device that improves the quality of your air indoors. In 30 minutes, it automatically filters 99.7% of invisible 0.1 micron particles - including dust, pollen, pet dander, and mold - in a 500 square feet space.

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If you have knee pain, you may be taking multiple medications, with little relief. Caresoles takes a more wholistic approach of knee pain, that is working for many people. One of the biggest mistakes people make with knee pain is to limit movement of the affected joint, which leads to stiffness and weakness that only makes matters worst. The Circa Knee Compression Knee Sleeve relieve and protect your knees from discomfort and inflammation, while still allowing you to move your knee. It's a great way to get on your feet again, while managing the pain.

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Extremely effective device that you can rest assured that you’ll be 100% sanitized after using it.

Two Hands utilizes infrared induction for convenient disinfecting. Simply position your hand above the device and it will project a mist upwards, providing complete sanitization quickly and easily without touching anything.

Sprays 75% alcohol evenly over your hands for deep penetrative cleaning.

Take it anywhere! Never rely on public sanitizing stations again! For even more convenience, use the built-in lanyard hole to hang your Two Hands from your bag or backpack.

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Get EqualPlus Vision with Revolutionary NEW Reading Glasses That Do Wonders for Both Up Close and Far Away.

Tired of squinting trying to read your phone or laptop? Sick of not being able to see people, wildlife, and objects in the distance.

These remarkable, yet highly affordable, reading glasses are fully ADJUSTABLE. Simply use the little dials on the sides of the lenses to adjust the magnification. It takes just seconds to dial in the perfect custom magnification for super clear up-close reading and handy work. Then dial again to see distant objects with complete clarity.

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"You are getting bitten like crazy just for taking your trash out. One night, you went for a brief stroll, and in 15 minutes you got 12 mosquito bites all over your body."

“BUZZ B-GONE USB Insect Zapper removes insects from your home or work environment easily and effectively. BUZZ B-GONE uses UV light to attract insects and a powerful 360 degree suction fan to capture them. It kills without the use of chemicals and is perfectly safe for children and pets. It’s really small and light, perfect for camping, outdoor meetings and indoors too. We can avoid unnecessary bites and all the danger because all the mosquitos are sucked into this 100% trap and get killed before they can bite us!”

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Do you want to look for a way to constantly monitor your temperature at home? Fever Patrol ring allows you to monitor your body temperature without holding an embarrassing thermometer gun to your head.

Fever Patrol Ring does not rely on electronics or batteries that can fail. It uses ultra-accurate colour coding heating sensors that literally cannot fail during any disaster. The simple operation is literally wear and read your temperature (or your loved ones'). Get accurate results instantly with Fever Patrol Rings.

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Koretense is the smarter way to build strength and lose weight without the hassle of going to the gym. At first glance, this unassuming piece of equipment may not seem like much but if used correctly, it can deliver and give you all the same results as you would get in a gym. They’re most known to be used by physical therapists for rehabilitation after an injury.

But in the past few years, they’ve become an essential tool used by elite athletes in the NFL, NBA, NHL, UFC, and professional bodybuilders all over the world to develop strength, power, speed, increase muscle size, and burn fat at home.

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If you have cats or dogs, or if you just do not love to clean, then there is a good chance that your home might have a certain unfavorable smell to it. Blaux-In-Home can help you get rid of any bad smell in your home!

Blaux is an air filter that ionizes the air to make it cleaner. Through the ionizing process, the filter can give your home an amazing fresh and clean smell that you might hardly believe. If you are tired of living in a house or apartment that smells bad, then get your Pure air freshener today!

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Is Constant Noise Driving You Crazy? Noise is EVERYWHERE nowadays. Cafes, restaurants, sporting events, on the road, even in your own home! It’s so bad in some places that people can’t even get a good night’s sleep!

Thankfully, help has arrived! QuietBuds are the revolutionary new NOISE-CANCELLING ear buds that will completely BLOCK OUT those annoying sounds that can overwhelm your senses!

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Millions of Americans are going through hair loss every day. While it's a very natural thing as we age, it can be extremely stressful to many. Vita Hair, is a high-tech device that can help reverse your hair loss, and grow it back. It uses cutting edge laser technology that naturally stimulates and nourishes to naturally grow healthy hair again.

Natural and chemical free, Vita Hair is a very cost effective way to take a stand against hair loss.

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Sticking with your phone all day, do you know that your phone is 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat, bringing you a huge potential of getting many dangerous diseases? Yes, it’s true, so you’re looking for an effective product to clean all your devices and destroy all invisible pathogens?

Mobile Klean is a powerful UV sanitizer using a flash of ultraviolet light to eliminate virtually all bacteria, viruses and pathogens and create a super hygienic environment. This is definitely the first line of defense against sickness, giving you wellbeing and peace of mind. Being used on all sorts of surfaces, this is the must-have for hygienic protection within your home and for your devices!

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Wearing a seatbelt in the car is something we don’t think twice about, but what about when our dogs come along for the ride? The crucial motive behind the Dog Car Seat Belt is that dogs need protection too. When you take a sharp turn, slam on the brakes or an accident is inevitable, your dog is faced with serious injury without a proper restraint.

That’s where the dog seatbelt effectively protects without sacrificing comfort. Durable Nylon with a shock absorbing bungee and a swivel clasp allows for standing, sitting or laying in the front or back seat. You can drive in peace without getting distracted by an excited pup.

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