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I’ve heard and read about the famed Uncle Cheng’s Special Beef Noodle (at Seksyen 17 then) for quite some time, and always meant to give it a try. That mission somehow eluded me, then one day, I saw the bright and shiny UNCLE CHENG special beef noodle signage on the shop lot right next to the pet fish store I always frequent at Alisan.

Uncle Cheng moved to within walking distance from my house, marvelous!

Uncle Cheng's special beef noodle, at Alisan
Uncle Cheng’s special beef noodle, new location at Alisan

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the area, this area called Alisan (Alison) is actually at the tail end of SS 2, intersecting SS 3 and SS 4, within a stone’s throw away from Taman Bahagia Station and quite a distance away from the more familiar SS 2 square (with wai sek kai, McDonald’s, and the likes).

beef, tripe, and beef ball - RM 7.50
beef, tripe, and beef ball – RM 7.50

Uncle Cheng serves Johor style beef noodle, and this is quite a bit different from the usual Central version that we are familiar with (like ngau kei at Tengkat Tongshin, song kee at lot 10 Hutong).

The soup version of beef noodle comes with clear broth that’s slightly salty, a choice of laifun, horfun, or meehun, beef, tripes, and beef balls, a bit of salted vegetable, and served with home made chili sauce that carries a kick.

This is the basic version at RM 7.50, with the amount of beef stuff, it was certainly well worth the money.

beef noodle, dry and soup, with laifun & meehun options
beef noodle, dry and soup, with laifun & meehun options

The dry version is served with the same ingredients but with the addition of sesame seeds and peanuts, a slightly sweet, starchy sauce completes the dish, with a small bowl of soup at the side. I’ve tried both and personally favors the soup version, the dry one is not bad but slightly too starchy for me, but it does certainly have an interesting texture with the sesame seeds and peanuts.

There’s also beef noodle with dry meat (RM 8.50), beef, tripe, beef balls, dry meat (RM 9), tenderloin meat (RM 9), beef + tripe + beef balls + dry meat + tendon (RM 12), I tried the latter before, and boy it was a feast.

check out the special beef tendon, the size of it!
check out the special beef tendon, the size of it!

For those who loves beef tendon as much as yours truly, Uncle Cheng sometimes carry a special type of beef tendon not easily available anywhere else. The chef personally introduced this big slab of tendon to me. Served in a bowl of saltier broth, it was sticky, super flavorful, and absolutely heaven for anyone who loves tendon. I was lucky.

A separate bowl of tendon goes for RM 6 or RM 12. You can also order shank, brisket, and even bone marrow in bowl or clay pot.

map to Uncle Cheng beef noodle at SS2, Alisan

Uncle Cheng is open for breakfast and lunch everyday, and dinner too on weekends. The good chef/owner is still tinkering a bit with the menu I think, but whatever that is described here are always available.

I’m gonna walk there more often. 😀

p/s: this place is pork free.

Uncle Cheng Special Beef Noodle
Jalan SS 2/4a
SS 2, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 012-303 0626

Sours: http://kyspeaks.com/2011/05/23/ky-eats-uncle-cheng-special-beef-noodle/

Uncle Cheng Special Beef Noodles @ SS2 , PJ

One day, i been searching around for some new food stall. With the help of Facebook, i get to know about this famous Uncle Cheng Beef Noodles (previous root at Section 17, Khasiat Kopitiam) has been moved to SS2 near Alisan Kopitiam. Previously, its in a small stall in Khasiat Kopitiam but now Uncle Cheng has his own shoplot and opening not long ago. Wow..

They served in southern's style of beef noodles which contains pickled vegetable and peanut. Normally, central style is served in thick gravy without those ingredient i mention just now. If you not sure what is the best to order, you may refer to their staff. They are ready to serve you well. For info, this place is pork free.

Chef Julian is preparing my bowl of beef noodles.

He and his assistant in kitchen 

The owner told me personally that if your bowl of soup is not enough, you may request for a refill until you satisfy, as they prepare lot of soup to serve.
Beef + Tripe + Beef Balls + Dry Meat + Tendo  LaiFun  RM13

This bowl of beef noodle was strong recommend by the owner. They glad to have this all mix ingredients as their signature menu. After my taste, I feel like heaven. All the meat is so soft and easy to shallow without chew! Like and re-recommend to you on behalf of the owner. 

Beef + Tripe + Beef Balls  LaiFun  RM8
For small eater, I recommend you to have an order of menu. Its slightly less ingredients but the taste is still remain in MAX level and enough for you to taste their delicious. Great!

Beef Feast!

Again, the owner sudden send me a little pot of lime juice. He told me that if add this in the half way of having this beef noodles and you will taste another flavour in your mouths. After adding this into my noodles, I found its a little bit sour but taste refreshing. Nice!

Address : Uncle Cheng Special Beef Noodles

54, Jalan SS2/4A,

Sours: http://www.nikelkhor.com/2012/05/uncle-cheng-special-beef-noodles-ss2-pj.html
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Shum and I were at a radio recording studio a few days ago and once we were done, our boss (D.F) took us next door for beef noodles. =D
Located in Section 17, the stall is managed by a young chap called Julian Cheng. D.F ordered two bowls of dried beef noodles – one with tripe for Shum and without tripe for me. He also added dried beef slices (RM 2.50) in our noodles.This version of beef noodle is different from Ngau Kee’s. The beef noodle here is the Johor type. Instead of minced beef sauce we’re accustomed to, the lai fun comes with with beef slices, tripe and beef balls. And garnished with sesame seeds, char choy and peanuts. Slightly starchy, sweetish and thick, the sauce went well with the lai fun. The beef slices, especially the dried ones (marinated in dark sauce) were tender and rich in flavour.A bowl(only one size) costs RM6, and can go up to RM10 per bowl with additional “liu”. Not exactly cheap, but the beef is of good quality. The beef balls had a good springy texture and the clear beef broth was kau and nice; so good that I had to have a refill.The noodles were decent, but I would prefer it to be beef-ier. That aside, it was a hearty bowl of beef noodles. He’s also known for his Bone Marrow soup, but you’ll have to order that in advance.I will definitely try the beef soup noodles the next time I go!

Ambiance: 6.5/10
Price: 6.5/10
Food: 7.5/10
Verdict: Considering location and cleanliness,I’d choose this beef noodles over Ngau Kee’s.

Uncle Cheng Special Beef Noodles
Khasiat Cafe
Corner Coffeeshop at Jalan 17/12
Section 17
Petaling Jaya
Julian (012-303 0626)

Sours: https://www.bangsarbabe.com/2009/01/uncle-cheng-special-beef-noodle-section-17.html
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