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Ep. 68: Story and Song - Finale, Part Two

Did you see them? Did you see the lights above? It’s time to play your part in The Adventure Zone!

—The Announcer


Full transcript available here.

Two lights shine down from the sky. Their story passes through reality. His song fills their hearts.

The world fights back.

The episode begins with a montage of every city and settlement on Faerûn being attacked by an enemy they can't see, or even comprehend. Suddenly the world is bathed in the light of the voidfishes, and every sentient mind is filled with knowledge of the events of The Stolen Century. Able to perceive their enemy, and knowing the whole story of the crew of the Starblaster, the world begins to fight back against the apocalypse.

Magnus returns to the surface of the Bureau of Balance moonbase (the voidfishes having both vanished when their lights flashed), where he and Team Sweet Flips fight Hunger-ized versions of the Royal Beasts from the Animal Planet. While fighting the Royal Bear, Magnus experiences a series of flashbacks to when the Bear taught him "the true meaning of strength". Magnus defeats the Bear but is unable to defeat the Royal Wolf by himself, so (remembering the Bear's lessons) he asks for help; his prayers are answered by Avi, who shoots the Royal Wolf with a BoB transport sphere and knocks it off the moonbase. The BoB regroups but notices that one of the Four Judges is wading across the Still-Water Sea towards Rockport. In an effort to save the city from destruction, NO-3113 willingly gives up her (second) life to pilot Lucas' lab into the Judge, annihilating it instantly.

Meanwhile, on the surface of Faerûn, Lup tells Taako and Barry her plan: to use the glass circle which used to be Phandalin as an interdimensional portal to call for aid, by transmuting it into a sapphire mirror like the ones Lucas used in his lab to observe the planes. Lup and Barry hold off The Hunger while Taako tries (unsuccessfully) to transmute the circle. Lucas appears in an Upsy mech and buys Taako more time. Taako reaches into the Bag of Necessity which Istus gave him and removes the only object inside: a small mirror which opens a communication portal to Earth Prime (i.e., the listeners' world, the "real" world), where he makes contact with Joaquin, a human teenager and employee of the South Beach Tacos food truck. Taako recognizes Joaquin as "the man wreathed in flames" (from Paloma'sprophecy) and asks him to help him fulfill his destiny by "teach[ing] Taako how to make a taco". Joaquin agrees and does so, and at the moment the two of them each take bites of their respective tacos, the mystical force of their connection floods them both with arcane powers. Joaquin sets off to save his own world while Taako effortlessly transmutes the circle. He opens a portal to the Astral Plane and summons Kravitz, who in turn summons Legion, who destroys the second Judge.

Meanwhile, Merle finds himself in a Parley space with John, whose appearance has deteriorated badly since the last time they met. John confesses that he can no longer control The Hunger, and asks Merle to play chess with him, but appears to be losing on purpose. When it becomes apparent that John is using the chess match to tell Merle how to defeat The Hunger, it becomes enraged and consumes John. As the Hunger attempts to consume Merle, Pan appears and rescues Merle. Pan apologizes for not coming to his aid earlier, saying that he was trapped on the Astral Plane until Taako opened it back up. Pan restores Merle's lost powers, and promises to never abandon Merle again. The light fades out, and Merle wakes up on the side of a dirt road where he is picked up by a battle wagon piloted by Cassidy and containing most of the citizens of Refuge. They run into the second Judge, but Roswell (in bird-form) speaks to the earth and summons the Purple Worm, which eliminates the third Judge in spectacular fashion.

The BoB regroups on the moonbase and Davenport congratulates them all on their hard work, but he points out that the facts haven't changed: The Hunger will continue attacking until this entire world is destroyed. He suggests they flee in the Starblaster and try again in the next reality. Lucas takes them to the secret hangar where Lucretia has been keeping the Starblaster all these years, but Lucretia reappears and begs them not to leave; she insists that she can still cast her spell and stop The Hunger once and for all, she just needs a little more time. Taako has an idea, and asks whether it would be possible for her to cast the spell on The Hunger itself, to seal it off from the rest of existence. Lucretia considers for a moment and says she thinks it might be possible, but she would have to cast it from within The Hunger itself; it would be a guaranteed suicide mission. Davenport offers to pilot the Starblaster on one last time, and Tres Horny Boys immediately volunteer to accompany them on their final mission. On the verge of tears, Lucretia begs forgiveness from the rest of the IPRE for her hubris, for thinking she could reclaim the Grand Relics and defeat The Hunger entirely on her own. Magnus instantly and unconditionally forgives her (as do the rest of the IPRE), and Lucretia breaks down in tears. Lup and Barry opt to stay behind and lead the resistance against The Hunger, "to to make sure there’s still a world for you to come back to". After a long series of goodbyes to various NPCs (including Carey, Killian, Angus), Tres Horny Boys board the Starblaster for one final time.

The story cuts away to a battlefield just before the gates of Neverwinter, where Lup, Barry, Carey, Killian, Angus, and Lucas stand at the head of an army of survivors (including Sloane and Hurley, Ren, Cassidy, The Hogsbottom Three, and many more), preparing to make one last desperate stand against The Hunger. Lup gives a rousing speech to the assembled survivors as they brace for The Hunger's final charge, while the Starblaster streaks across the sky overhead, "up and away from the moon base, flying for the first time into, not away from, the storm".

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Godly Comfort[]

You’re not from this world. And, so, technically speaking, that means I’m not your Pan. But you will always be my Merle.

Taco Quest Completed[]

I'll take one taco, with extra destiny.

Boyfriends Reunite[] did you do that?
I run over and I’m already kissing him. This is ridiculous we’ve been apart for too long, this is stupid.

Ep. 69: Story and Song - Finale, Part Three


Full transcript available here.

Our heroes reach their journey's end.

Aboard the Starblaster, Magnus, Merle, and Taako stand ready as Lucretia comes closer and closer to channeling the last of the Animus Bell into her staff. The Hunger launches an assault of tendrils as their ship approaches, but Davenport displays his usual astounding prowess at the helm and gets them past The Hunger's defenses unharmed... almost. One quivering puddle of Hunger-plasma remains on the Starblaster's deck, which transforms itself into John (or rather "Shadow John", an atavistic version of John). Los Tres Horny Boys attack and appear to beat him easily, but Shadow John reveals his true form, "Final John" (a.k.a. "SephiJohn"): a nightmarish creature emerging from a black opal pool where it is buried up to its thick, jagged torso. It has two long arms ending in razor-sharp, three-fingered claws and skeletal wings made of multicolored light. That same light also makes up a crown sitting on top of its head, and its face is now featureless. Los Tres Horny Boys renew their efforts, but Final John -- seemingly without much effort -- lays them all low, rendering each of them unconscious and defenseless on the deck, laughing as the light fades from their eyes.

As our heroes begin to drift towards death, the Starblaster's Bond Engine begins to hum and glow. Each of the three heroes feels "a warm and loving presence" within the Bond Engine, enticing them to call out to it for aid. Merle calls out to Pan, who appears from within the Bond Engine and heals Los Tres Horny Boys to maximum health. Magnus calls out to Troth, the tiefling monk who inspired him as a child to protect others, and she gives Final John a savage beating. Taako follows suit by summoning Joaquin and enlisting his help against Final John, then Merle summons Garfield the Deals Warlock who lobs a hand-grenade at the snarling monstrosity which once was John. Magnus calls out to Roswell and asks them to "[p]unch the shit out of John", and Roswell obliges. Taako blinds John with sunbeam, Merle summons the Voidfish to attack John's orbs, and Magnus summons the Royal Bear (a.k.a. Power Bear), who delivers the penultimate blow. Badly wounded, Final John lashes out at the Bond Engine, which begins to smoke and emit sparks. Finally, Taako uses his KrEbStAr on John, and as he does so, Merle and Magnus put their hands on his shoulders to brace him. Thousands of white threads connect Taako, Merle, and Magnus to one another. John screams as the light tears him apart... "[a]nd then the light swells and consumes everything [they] see."

As the light fades, Merle finds himself in another Parley space, on a beach with John -- the normal, lucid John -- who asks "Merle...will you sit with me? Just...just for a moment?" Merle agrees, and without saying a word, the two of them watch the sun go down over the ocean, until John disappears with the last sliver of light.

Merle returns to the Starblaster, which has crash-landed on the surface of The Hunger. Lucretia has set up a shield to protect them from The Hunger's minions while Davenport attempts to repair the Bond Engine, and she begins to cast the spell that will seal The Hunger away from the multiverse. Suddenly the Bond Engine thrums back to life and reveals its final gift: a portal back to Faerûn. The portal draws Davenport inside, but Magnus insists they're "not going fuckin’ anywhere". Lucretia's bubble-shield bursts and The Hunger comes pouring in, and time freezes. Our heroes realize that this is the goddess Istus giving them the chance she promised them all those months ago: the chance to decide what to do, whether to stay and die with Lucretia or return to Faerûn. Taako initially takes the portal back to Faerûn to protect Lup, but when he realizes how well the fight is going for her, he returns to Merle and Magnus and Lucretia. Time restarts, and the three of them make their last stand against The Hunger while Lucretia casts her spell and the world goes dark again.

Our heroes awaken in a familiar location: a train-car from the Rockport Limited, which appears to be floating unsupported in an empty white void. An invisible presence (which they name Jeffandrew) speaks to them, saying that he and "a small team of other folks" created this existence, which was almost destroyed when The Hunger circumvented the laws of reality and started consuming other planes of existence. Los Tres Horny Boys' intervention allowed Jeffandrew and company to take all the beings and locations which were inside The Hunger and start putting them all back in their proper places. After thanking them for saving their existence from what appeared to be certain doom, Jeffandrew sends Los Tres Horny Boys and Lucretia back to Faerûn, where they arrive before the gates of Neverwinter, just in time to witness the last of The Hunger disintegrating into nothing. Magnus hoists Angus onto his shoulders, who shouts for all to hear, "Hey, everybody! Johann was right! We won!"


Following the catastrophe, the world begins to rebuild and recover. Goldcliff is rebuilt and legalizes battle-wagon racing. Refuge is revitalized when the earthquakes during the catastrophe open a rich new vein of diamonds. The city of Neverwinter becomes a beacon of hope for refugees, and Lucas Miller chooses it as the place to found his Academy of Arcane Sciences, the star pupil of which is Angus MacDonald. Davenport becomes a wandering sailor, and loves his new life of travel and freedom. Kravitz negotiates a deal with The Raven Queen to have Lup and Barry work for her, hunting down other undead: a job which gives them both immense satisfaction. Barry uses his body-growing vat to make a new corporeal form for Lup, which she loves. Lucretia transforms the Bureau of Balance into the "Bureau of Benevolence", a humanitarian organization which helps to resettle refugees and rebuild towns and cities which were damaged on what came to be known as "The Day of Story and Song".


One year later...[]

Taako's name was cleared the day after the Day of Story and Song, when Sazed turned himself in to the local authorities for poisoning the audience of Taako's last show. In the meantime, Taako has become the headmaster of his own school, dubbed "Taako’s Amazing School of Magic", with Ren as his deputy headmistress. He splits his time between running the school and travelling to promote his own personal brand. Taako and Kravitz are still dating, and Angus drops by to say hello. He asks if Taako has gotten his letters (he has, but didn't read them), and Taako tries to hire Angus (who is about to start teaching in his own right) away from Lucas' school with an enticing signing package, which he insists is "non-negotiable". Angus reveals that he knows about Taako stealing his grandfather's silverware, and Taako amends his offer to "somewhat negotiable".

Merle spent the intervening year travelling the world with his new business, "Merle’s Extreme Teen Adventures", teaching young people how to become adventurers and build self-confidence. He was also approached by Lord Artemis Sterling about becoming the governor of a resettlement colony for refugees located on the remains of Bottlenose Cove: Merle agrees to the responsibility, but only if he can have the title of "Earl Merle". As the year draws to a close, Merle officiates the wedding of Carey and Killian, with all the surviving Bureau of Balance members in attendance.

Magnus also opened up a business-slash-school named “Hammer and Tails” on the remains of Raven's Roost, where he trains service dogs "to protect and serve those who need them". Despite his original intention to die in a blaze of glory so he could be with his dead wife Julia, Magnus finds new purpose in life, and lives to a ripe old age. At his deathbed, all of his friends from the Bureau of Balance are there at his side, including Kravitz, who gently harvests Magnus' soul and takes him away to a tiny island floating in the Astral Plane, where Magnus is — at long last — reunited with Julia. The two are given a little home and a pair of Magnus's favorite dogs, and Kravitz tells them that he will "make sure you will have as much time as you need" to make up for all their lost years together.

The narrative shifts back to Carey and Killian's wedding day, where Magnus has to talk Carey through some last-minute pre-wedding jitters. Carey says that although she's really excited to spend the rest of her life with Killian, she's also afraid of how much her life will change, even though she knows it's going to be good, when she walks through that door and says "I do". Magnus consoles her that "the fact of the matter is, your life is a constant stream of changes" and that although he wishes he could "tell you that everyday from now on will be amazing, and the happiest day of your life, but that’s not the way that life works, but every day will be made better because she’s in it with you. You aren’t going to be alone ever again, even if you’re ever separated, you’ll still never be alone."

Carey stops pacing and catches her breath, takes a moment to compose herself, and proudly asserts that she is ready to begin the next phase of her life with Killian. As Magnus and Carey walk through the door and the congregation rises to their feet, the "camera" pans up and up into space, where we see Fisher and Junior drifting happily through the void, together, heading off in search of new worlds to explore and new stories to tell.


As the music fades, Justin interjects "Thus ends the Adventure Zone: Balance, the story of four idiots that played D&D so hard, that they made themselves cry." The McElroys share an almost-tender moment with each other, filled in equal parts with love and good-natured ribbing, and they debate what game they should play next. Griffin bids us goodbye, and "No Dogs on the Moon" plays us out.


Featured NPCs[]

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Final Battle Begins[]

John, I've died 68 times. 68, been there, done that. Do your worst pal.
Hey you know what, let's do this.
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Extremely important update: The Adventure Zone ended, and I wasn’t ready.

This Thursday, August 17th, 2017, The Adventure Zone‘s first campaign, the Balance Arc, is coming to an end. While the finale has already had two episodes, it has been confirmed that this upcoming episode will be the final installment of the campaign.

The Adventure Zone is an actual play D&D podcast hosted by The McElroy brothers of My Brother, My Brother and Me fame. If you’re not already familiar with the show, though, this whining, sad post is not for you. What is for you is this link to the “supercut” of the first episode. Stop reading this post now and go start one hell of a ride–and as any fan can tell you, stick with it. What starts out silly and kind of boring becomes so much more beautiful than any of us could have expected.

Update: I wanted to be rational and chill and not constantly add to these lists, but who are we kidding? I think I’m going to be adding to them forever. Check back whenever you want to see if I have remembered more things that make me feel too much.

The first episode of The Adventure Zone aired on December 4th, 2014, as what was planned to be a one-off episode of MBMBaM. Now, almost three years later, the show has become something entirely different and extremely beautiful. I’m not going to talk about that in that post, though, for two reasons:

  1. I’ve already done that.
  2. I’m already sad. I have no interest in feeling more feelings.

While I am happy this arc has a planned end and won’t be doing what I call “Night Vale-ing,” continuing on and on for no reason other than producing more content with a wave of growing and diminishing returns, I want to spend this post reflecting back on what I loved about this show so much.

And please, comment below with discussion of your favorites. Let’s all share this pain together.

Moments that made me cry the hardest

Listen. I want to talk about the happy and not all of my emotions, but this post would be garbage without all of the moments that made me sob.

  • Taako and Magnus counting down to attack Lucretia
  • Magnus talking about his flesh body while in his mannequin body, saying, “Those are the arms that held my wife.
  • Literally the entire last episode of the Stolen Century arc, but especially, “Who?”
  • Taako’s leg shaking when Lup tells him she’s going to become a lich
  • Hurley and Sloane
  • Taako telling Kravitz he works with the bureau because nobody else would have him
  • Merle and Taako vowing to avenge Julia
  • Everyone’s reactions to Magnus being “dead”
  • Merle asking John, “Are we friends?”
  • This fucking gem from the TV tropes page:

Best part of the TV Tropes pages

The best part of the TV Tropes pages for The Adventure Zone is absolutely how the spoiler censoring looks exactly like the visual representation of when people talk about things the voidfish have eaten:


Moments that made me laugh the hardest

  • Lup’s introduction, and any subsequent mention of Greg Grimaldis
    • Similarly, “Count the shells!”
  • Magnus yelping in alarm when one of the twins appears behind him in their flashy introduction
  • Magic Brian keeping his ridiculous accent when he’s posing as Gundren Rockseeker
  • Angus telling the trio he’s a “good enough detective to see through [their] bullshit”
  • Any time Lucretia is super, super casual with the trio, e.g. “Booyah”
  • And when Lucretia says, “Magnus, this is the nightmare scenario” when he offers to give her a massage
  • Tom Bodet
  • Fantasy Justin filling in for Delilah
  • The golf commentary during the realtor phone call
  • Every moment with the Fantasy Gashapon
  • Taako not figuring out Barbara’s name, quickly followed up with:

TAAKO: My name . . . of course . . . is Taako. Psych, that’s my name. Say my name.

JUSTIN: I cast Magic Missile.

Moments that made me the happiest

  • Lup being canonically trans
  • Magnus’s duck
  • Every moment with Ango
  • The absolutely incredible moment of plot derailing when the trio forced Magnus’s soul into the mannequin body instead of letting him hit the astral plane
  • Merle building the church for the mushroom people for no reason other than that it was important to bring them hope
  • Hearing Griffin talk about how creatively fulfilled the show has made him
  • The return of every character during the finale
  • The reveal of Barry Bluejeans being the helpful Red Robe after Griffin insisted he wouldn’t brought back
  • Taako canonically wearing a skirt, and Justin making that moment clearly not a joke:

JUSTIN: Um, don’t–and please don’t trip, I’m wearing a skirt. Don’t even bug on that.

GRIFFIN: Like a–

JUSTIN: Of course I’m wearing a skirt.

CLINT: A kilt!

JUSTIN: Not a kilt.

GRIFFIN: Like a man kilt?

JUSTIN: Not a kilt. Like a–

TRAVIS: Merle would have a utili-kilt. That’s a fact.

JUSTIN: No, like a skirt, but like, a magical one.

My favorite Fantasy Costco items

  • The Pocket Spa and Workshop, a.k.a. Boy Pokeball
  • Mockingbird Gum
  • The Slicer of T’pire Weir Isles, obviously

. . . all of which I have implemented into my own campaign.

My favorite Horny Boy

Absolutely not. How dare you.

My favorite arc

Other than The Stolen Century, obviously, this one has to go to The Eleventh Hour for me. The setup was just so inventive, the city was built so well, the music was amazing, the plot was exciting, and there was the perfect mix of comedy and drama. This arc felt like the moment when all of the characters had really settled into who they were, and we had some substantial growth in Taako, Magnus, and Merle.

The things I’m going to miss the most

  • Angus
  • It’s Angus
  • I’m going to miss our beautiful magic boy so much, y’all.

But also, this arc in general. I’m going to avoid getting sappy here, but I’ve spoken briefly before about how this show hits all of my interests. At my wedding, our officiant was our Dungeon Master, and we rolled initiative to see who read their vows first. I met my husband and some of my best friends working at a radio station, on which we played D&D like some early version of The Adventure Zone that took itself much too seriously. This show is the perfect example of both how important podcasts can be and how important D&D can be. I could go on about what this show means to me specifically, but y’all, I am just already feeling too much.

The Adventure Zone‘s final episode of the Balance arc will be released this Thursday, 8/17/17. You can, and should, listen to it on any podcast streaming service, or on its website.

Please share you favorite moments down below! I’d love to hear what you loved the most and why!

Like this:


are you my friend? - taz ep 63 animatic

The Adventure Zone

American comedy roleplaying podcast

The Adventure Zone is a biweekly comedy and adventure actual playpodcast based loosely upon the Dungeons & Dragons game series, along with other role-playing games. The show is distributed by the Maximum Fun network and hosted by brothers Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy, and their father Clint McElroy. Regular episodes of the podcast feature the family solving puzzles, fighting enemies, and leveling up their characters in a series of cinematic and humorous encounters.


Origins and Balance (2014–2017)[edit]

In 2010, the McElroy brothers launched their flagship podcast My Brother, My Brother and Me, an advice podcast which joined the Maximum Fun network in 2011. During the 97th episode in May 2012, the brothers answered a question about a Dungeons & Dragons game—which Justin called "The Adventure Zone".

The McElroy brothers would ultimately begin playing with their father Clint in the summer of 2014, using the newly released Starter Set for the fifth edition of D&D, which was released that July. The set came with the module The Lost Mine of Phandelver,[2] which served as the basis for the first few sessions. The first of these recordings was initially released as an experimental MBMBaM episode entitled The Adventure Zone on August 18, 2014, to cover for Justin's paternity leave.[3] Starting that December, The Adventure Zone was then expanded into its own podcast on the Maximum Fun network, releasing biweekly.[4] Griffin McElroy served as the show's primary host and Dungeon Master for the show's first campaign, later titled the Balance Arc. The campaign concluded with Episode 69 in August 2017.

The McElroy family performed 13 live bonus sessions within the Balance setting from 2016 to 2019, with several of these continuing beyond the conclusion of the campaign's primary story. Additionally, three special episodes were released over the course of the campaign, titled The "The Adventure Zone" Zone, and these act as "an informal chat show" discussing the game.[5]

"Déjà Vu" by Mort Garson (from the album Ataraxia: The Unexplained) served as the primary theme song for The Adventure Zone during the Balance Arc, as well as various interstitials and backing tracks. Griffin McElroy also created original compositions to enhance the show's production.[6] Later arcs would use original themes for opening and closing. An officially produced trailer for the Balance arc was uploaded to YouTube on January 25, 2018.[7]

Experimental arcs and Amnesty (2017–2019)[edit]

Following the conclusion of the Balance campaign, the McElroys decided to work on smaller "experimental arcs", a set of shorter campaigns using other systems, in order to give themselves time to develop their next overarching storyline. Three experimental arcs were aired from October 2017 to March 2018. These included Clint's Commitment arc, Griffin's Amnesty arc and Travis' Dust arc. Each of these arcs takes place in their own game worlds, separate from those explored in the other campaigns. With the conclusion of these experimental arcs, McElroys announced that Season 2 of "The Adventure Zone" would continue the story introduced in Amnesty, and that it would become the next full campaign.

Griffin McElroy again took on the role of game master (called a "Keeper" in the system). While the arc was inspired by monster of the week shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Supernatural, Griffin stated that the arc is mostly based on the Persona game series. To replicate the less connected nature of the former's 1990s setting, Kepler is situated in West Virginia's section of the National Radio Quiet Zone. Hal Lublin provides a guest voice in one episode. The campaign ended after 36 episodes on September 23, 2019.

When performing live the McElroy family continued to predominantly use the Balance setting in this period, though two Amnesty live shows, The Ballad of Bigfoot and Amnesty Halloween Special, released on October 17, 2019 and November 12, 2020 respectively.[8] Additional episodes of The "The Adventure Zone" Zone were released at the start and conclusion of the main run of Amnesty.[9][10]

Graduation (2019–2021)[edit]

Prior to the Amnesty finale, it was confirmed in a SyFy Wire interview that Travis McElroy would run the third Season of The Adventure Zone.[11] A trailer for the Season released on October 18, 2019 confirmed a return to the Dungeons & Dragons system.[12] The fantasy themed campaign, centred around a school for heroes and villains, began on October 31, 2019 and ended on April 15, 2021.[13][14]

All four cast members played as guests in Dimension 20’s Tiny Heist campaign, a game DMed by Brennan Lee Mulligan in late 2019, for release in early 2020.[15] When designing the world of Nua for Graduation, Travis was inspired by Tiny Heist's worldbuilding, commenting that "the world in that was so well thought through that it was basically like a big playground..."[16]Graduation was poorly received for its heavy exposition, lack of player agency and large cast of non-player characters (NPCs).[17] Travis considered stepping back from the show around the 20th episode, and having someone else brought in to finish the season- but decided that would be unfair to those who were invested, including the players. These issues were acknowledged by the cast in Post-Grad, an episode of The The Adventure Zone Zone which wrapped up the Graduation campaign, and remedies were discussed for future arcs.[18]

There were few live shows during the run of Graduation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A "Laughter & Love" McElroy family tour in April 2020 would have featured The Adventure Zone performances in Boston and Baltimore.[19] A virtual live show took place on March 9th 2021 and made use of the Honey Heist system, with Erika Ishii guest starring.[20]

Ethersea (2021–)[edit]

Before the finale of Graduation, Griffin McElroy confirmed in an interview with Brennan Lee Mulligan, as Episode 18 of Adventuring Academy, that the fourth season of Adventure Zone would also be played in the Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition system, and would involve ships.[21] Unlike previous arcs, in which world-building was undertaken privately by the GM, the world-building for Ethersea took place during the first episodes as a collaborative effort.[22] The campaign's name, Ethersea, and a brief trailer were released on May 3, 2021.[23]


To date the podcast has had four "seasons", consisting of longer campaigns. Several of these campaigns were preceded by special episodes for worldbuilding and character generation, which are counted in the "Setup" column.

Additionally, there have been several shorter campaigns without the season designation. These have variously been released as bonuses to Maximum Fun donors, as experimental arcs or as live shows which are released online later. Along with the main campaigns, each game corresponds with a letter of the alphabet (albeit performed out of alphabetical order). Some, such as Lords of Crunch, were initially performed live, with the recording released as a donor bonus. The second season, Amnesty, originated as an experimental arc that was later extended into a full campaign.

Advertisements from corporate sponsors and paid messages from listeners are read by the Dungeon Master in the middle segment of the program. Fans tweeting about the show using "#thezonecast" may be selected to become the namesakes for various non-player characters in the story lines. This trend was continued during the later arcs. During the Balance Arc, fans could also suggest items to stock at "Fantasy Costco" for the characters to buy between quests. The Fantasy Costco system has been partially revived in each successive season to give fans a way to interact with the show.[25]

Main campaigns[edit]

Balance Arc[edit]

The overall plot of The Adventure Zone's first campaign, the "Balance Arc", involves a global war catalyzed by the Grand Relics—seven powerful magical artifacts that each contain the essence of one of the schools of magic. These relics compel those who find them to use them, almost always in a chaotic and destructive manner. The relics have been erased from everyone's minds save for the Bureau of Balance, an organization that seeks to find and destroy the relics. The narrative also explores the mysteries of the Red Robes, the magical faction who purportedly created the Grand Relics, and the lost histories of the main characters that involve a shadowy, cosmic threat to the universe. The primary quests challenge the characters to retrieve one of the Grand Relics. In addition, interlude episodes exist which allow the characters to regroup, purchase new equipment, and prepare for the next quest. Griffin McElroy has confirmed that the ideas for some episodes occur when watching a film or a TV show. The Balance Arc takes place over the course of several quests:

  • Here There Be Gerblins (Episodes 1–6) – The introductory quest is loosely based on the Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set adventure Lost Mine of Phandelver, but quickly diverges into the primary plot of the adventure. The party helps Merle's cousin Gundren find and reclaim his family's lost treasures, but are quickly dragged into a conspiracy involving a powerful magical weapon of mass destruction, a war no one seems to remember, and the mysterious Bureau of Balance which seeks to keep it all hidden. The plot centers on the discovery of the Phoenix-Fire Gauntlet, the Grand Relic of evocation.
  • Moonlighting (Episodes 7–9) – In a non-relic retrieval quest, the party is introduced to the Bureau of Balance headquarters, located on a second, false moon. They are inoculated by drinking voidfish ichor and meet various characters, including the mysterious Director of the Bureau and her ward, Davenport. To prove their worth to the Bureau, the party undergoes a brief challenge involving ogres and robots. They receive non-removable bracers with the Bureau of Balance logo on them, a mirrored Berkanan rune.
  • Murder on the Rockport Limited (Episodes 10–16) – The party goes to reclaim a relic found by a Bureau operative killed after placing it in an unbreachable vault on the Rockport Limited train. Finding a Rockport staff member murdered on the trip, the party must discover the murderer before the train arrives in Neverwinter. During their mission, they meet and are aided by the World's Greatest (boy) Detective, Angus McDonald. The party discovers and retrieves the Oculus, the Grand Relic of illusion. (This relic is not used.)
  • Lunar Interlude I: Carnival Chaos (Episode 17) – The party attends a midsummer carnival on the Bureau of Balance's lunar headquarters. They all dress in costumes. The carnival ends when the party sees the sky turn black with millions of eyes for a split second, causing the rest of the partygoers to fall unconscious.
  • Petals to the Metal (Episodes 18–27) – The party is sent to retrieve the Gaia Sash, the Grand Relic of conjuration, used to control nature and weather. This relic is currently being used by a master thief known only as the Raven. Through a series of events, the party find themselves allied with Hurley, a law enforcer and former lover of the Raven, and taking part in a mostly-illegal death race to claim the relic. A mysterious Red Robe appears at the end of the arc. The plot for the quest occurred to Griffin while watching Fast Five.[26]
  • Lunar Interlude II: Internal Affairs (Episode 28) – The party returns to the Bureau of Balance's moonbase for a debrief with the Director and a visit to Fantasy Costco. They host a Candlenights party in their new apartment, which is interrupted by a frantic phone call to the Director from the scientist Lucas Miller. This jump-starts the events of The Crystal Kingdom.
  • The Crystal Kingdom (Episodes 29–39) – A science-fantasy adventure quest focused on the Philosopher's Stone, the Grand Relic aligned with the school of transmutation. The Philosopher's Stone has begun transmuting a floating laboratory into pink crystal, with lethal consequences for the world below if it is not kept from crashing. The party must navigate the dangers of the crystallizing laboratory, track down rogue Bureau scientist Lucas, and battle with mysterious enemies including crystal golems and the undead bounty hunter, Kravitz. The plot for the quest occurred to Griffin while watching Alien.[26]
  • Lunar Interlude III: Rest & Relaxation (Episode 40) – The party takes some time off.
  • The Eleventh Hour (Episodes 41–49) – A quest based around a time-loop mechanic. The party is sent into the Woven Gulch to retrieve the Temporal Chalice, the Grand Relic of Divination. Avi, friendly Bureau cannoneer, helps them enter the bubble-surrounded and wild-west inspired town, Refuge. There, the party first meets Roswell, a clay-based earth elemental with a Vermilion flycatcher acting as their voice, and find themselves cycling repeatedly through the final hour of the town's life, in a loop created by the Temporal Chalice.
  • Lunar Interlude IV: The Calm Before the Storm (Episode 50) – The heroes explore some sidequests between their main quests.
  • The Suffering Game (Episodes 51–57) – A darker quest in which the party must retrieve the Necromancy Grand Relic: the Animus Bell. This relic was discovered by the Director before the Bureau was created, and in her failed attempt to retrieve it, she sacrificed twenty years of her life. Inspired by the Zero Escape video game series,[27] the party delves into Wonderland, a lethal, mentally taxing, and endless deathtrap that promises whatever participants desire as a prize for surviving. However, as the party travels through Wonderland, making sacrifices and fighting horrific monsters, the place is revealed to be a trap created by a pair of twin Liches who feed on suffering.
  • Lunar Interlude V: Reunion Tour (Episodes 58–59) – The party is tasked with an infiltration mission.
  • The Stolen Century (Episodes 60–66) – A prequel quest in which the party rediscovers their long-forgotten memories and gains better insight into the Hunger, the ultimate foe of all reality.
  • Story and Song (Episodes 67–69) – The climactic finale quest of the Balance Arc, in which old friends and former foes join the party to stop the Hunger from consuming the multiverse.

As the Dungeon Master, Griffin portrayed all non-player characters (except for Garyl, Taako's summoned phantasmal binicorn). Notable characters include Lucretia, the Bureau's stony, mysterious director; Killian, a crossbow-wielding orc woman who becomes an early ally of the protagonists in Here There Be Gerblins; Carey Fangbattle, Killian's girlfriend (later wife) and a dragonborn rogue who trains Magnus; Lup, Taako's transgender twin sister who is a lich and married to Barry Bluejeans; Barry Bluejeans, a denim-clad scientist and lich; Davenport, Lucretia's ward and captain of the Starblaster; Johann, a morose bard employed by the Bureau and self-proclaimed greatest musician in the world; Kravitz, a grim reaper employed by the Raven Queen and later Taako's boyfriend; Angus McDonald, the world's greatest (boy) detective; Garfield, The Deals Warlock, sinister owner of the Fantasy Costco; Roswell, an armored elemental who serves as deputy of Refuge; Lucas Miller, a Bureau-affiliated scientist conducting research into the workings of the planar multiverse; and John, the enigmatic and disturbing antagonist.

Amnesty Arc[edit]

Initially the second of the mini-arcs, Amnesty was later announced as season two's full length arc on March 29, 2018. The first five episodes, as part of the mini-arcs, began the series' temporary weekly schedule to get to a full second season more quickly.[28] The Amnesty arc is based on the Monster of the Week system by Evil Hat Productions, and is set in the fictional ski-resort town of Kepler in contemporary West Virginia. Kepler is regularly invaded by eldritch monsters nicknamed "Abominations" from a mysterious otherworld called Sylvain, opposed by a monster-hunting organization called the Pine Guard headquartered at the titular Amnesty Lodge. Sylvain is a dying world, being consumed by an evil force known as the Quell, and the latter half of the series partly involves the cast attempting to stop it.

The Game Master, Griffin portrayed all non-player characters (except for Beacon, Duck's talking sword). Notable characters include Madeline Cobb (called Mama), the owner of the Amnesty Lodge; Barclay, who is Bigfoot; Indrid Cold, who is Mothman; and various other residents of the Lodge such as Dani, a vampire; Jake Coolice, a sylph; and Agent Stern, an FBI agent who is looking for signs of supernatural activity.

Graduation Arc[edit]

The players initially take on the role of students who have enrolled in the henchperson and sidekick program at Hieronymous Wiggenstaff's School for Heroism and Villainy.[29] The campaign focuses initially on their classes and misadventures at the school, but later moves to broader themes such as Order vs. Chaos, threats of Demon wars, mind control vs. free will, and rebellion against capitalism.

Ethersea Arc[edit]

The Ethersea campaign was announced on May 3, 2021[23] and began on May 6, 2021. The first five episodes were not played in Dungeons & Dragons, but used a world-building tabletop game called The Quiet Year.[30] The prologue tells the story of a group of survivors with one year to find a way to continue their society underwater, as a worldwide magical storm threatens to wipe out all above-water life. The McElroys took a collaborative approach with world creation, resulting in both player-created and game master-created content. A summary of the first five episodes was released on July 1, and the Dungeons & Dragons campaign began on July 8.

Secondary campaigns[edit]

(K)nights Campaign[edit]

A campaign consisting of 3 episodes created as exclusive content for the MaxFunDrive 2017. Travis DMs the adventure, which brings together an unlikely group of heroes: Troth, a tiefling monk played by Justin; Tom Collins, a half-elf warlock bartender played by Griffin; and Lenny Manolito, a human keytar-playing bard played by Clint. This campaign uses the Dungeons & Dragons system, and features a guest appearance by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who plays the bard Atreyus.

Commitment Arc[edit]

The second campaign, and the beginning of a selection of "mini-arcs", was a superhero inspired RPG that does not take any setting or characters from the Balance arc into consideration.[31] The game was run by Clint McElroy with Griffin now taking the role as a player, along with Travis and Justin. As opposed to Dungeons and Dragons, this arc uses the FATE system. The characters all work for the Do Good Fellowship, a "cult adjacent" organization that uses technology and science to improve the world. This arc has a total of four episodes, not including the setup episode the McElroys used to establish their characters, etc. It was notably inspired by the T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents series of comics.

Dust Arc[edit]

Travis McElroy takes the role of master of ceremonies in the fourth campaign, using the Urban Shadows system by Magpie Games. Originally, the arc was envisioned with the making of a custom role-playing game in mind, but the task proved too large for the given time frame. The campaign is set in a fictionalized version of the Wild West, where creatures such as vampires and werewolves live alongside humans, and focuses on feuding families in the town of Dry River.

Elementary Campaign[edit]

Elementary is a two-shot campaign created exclusively for the MaxFunDrive 2019. The episodes use a special game system Four (sometimes five) Sherlock Holmes and a Vampire (Who Is Also One of the Aforementioned Sherlock Holmes), written by Andrew Young. What little plot there is involves Justin (as GM), Travis, Griffin and Clint (and once guest Patrick Rothfuss) each playing as a different version ofSherlock Holmes solving nonsensical, convoluted mysteries.

Fur Campaign[edit]

Much like Elementary, Fur is a one off made for the MaxFunDrive 2019, the game system used is Honey Heist, a one-page RPG written by Grant Howitt, and Travis is the DM. Justin, Griffin, and Clint play three bears attempting to rob a briefcase of Manuka honey from the Sacramento Convention Center during a screening of Bee Movie.

Hootenanny Campaign[edit]

TAZ: Hootenanny was performed live in Nashville, TN at the Ryman Auditorium and is a country music themed space opera. The game used One Seven Design's system Lasers and Feelings, inspired by The Doubleclicks's album of the same name. The party consists of three musicians, all from different planets: Shoots McKrackin (Travis), Benny Gene Esserit (Clint), and Pepsi Liberty (Justin) as the band Hootie and the Nannies, who are performing at the Grand Space Opry. Griffin acted as the game master. The game ended with the four McElroys and Paul Sabourin performing a cover of Future Folk's song "Space Worms".

A sequel, "2tenanny", was released during the 2020 MaxFunDrive as exclusive bonus content for donors to the Maximum Fun network. Clint acted as game master (Benny having left the band to go solo), with Griffin playing replacement band member 48 (short for the entire lyrics to the song "I Like It, I Love It" by Tim McGraw).

Inheritance Campaign[edit]

TAZ: Inheritance[b] was performed live at the Balboa Theatre in San Diego, CA during San Diego Comic Con 2019, based on an original system created by the players. The setting takes place in a post-apocalyptic desert wasteland, featuring groups of different stereotypical dads. The party consists of four dads, each from a specific dad tribe (Sports Dads, Vacation Dads, Car Dads, and Grill Dads). They team up to defeat the evil Crafting Dads in order to obtain the legendary TV remote control. The game featured all four McElroys as players, with CollegeHumor's Brennan Lee Mulligan, host of Dimension 20, as GM.

Just Us[edit]

The Just Us campaign is GMed by Travis McElroy, and described by Griffin as "Travis' take on superheroes trying to pretend to be normal".[32] It was recorded as a live show in Atlanta using the game Supernormal, written by Ursidice.[33]


TAZ: Mercer is a one-shot made for the MaxFunDrive 2020, marketed as a "modern day crime drama" set in an unnamed north-east American city in 2006 and based on Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. It was named after and guest DMed by Matthew Mercer of Critical Role.

Lords of Crunch[edit]

Lords of Crunch was a one-shot performed at the Taft Theatre in Cincinnati, OH. It was GMed by Justin, using an original system based on One Seven Design's Lasers and Feelings system. Travis, Clint, and Griffin play as cereal-box mascots. It was released as bonus content for the 2020 MaxFunDrive.


Charlieverse was a one-shot released for MaxFunDrive 2021, GMed by Justin and designed by his 6-year-old daughter, Charlie. It was based on the Muppet Babies RPG system by Origami Gaming, an adaption of the Lasers and Feelings system. Griffin, Clint and Travis play characters that have been transformed into babies and who have to traverse the Fruity Pebbles Castle of Torment to return to their adult forms.


Balance (2014–17) Amnesty (2018–19) Graduation (2019-21) Ethersea (2021-)
Clint McElroyMerle Highchurch
Dwarf Cleric
Edmund "Ned" Chicane (1-29)
The Crooked
Arlo Thacker (29-36)
The Searcher
Argonaut "Argo" Keene
Genasi Rogue
Brinarr Ranger
Griffin McElroyDungeon Master (DM)Keeper (GM)Sir Fitzroy Maplecourt
Half-elf Wild Magic Barbarian
Dungeon Master (DM)
Justin McElroyTaako
Elf Wizard
Wayne "Duck" Newton
The Chosen / The Mundane
Firbolg Druid
Amber Gris
 ?? Monk
Travis McElroyMagnus Burnsides
Human Fighter
Aubrey Little / The Lady Flame
The Spell-Slinger
Dungeon Master (DM)Devo la Main
 ?? Bard/Orator


The podcast has been well-received, especially among younger and LGBT+ demographics. It has sold out dozens of live shows since 2014, and has been downloaded hundreds of millions of times.[34] One of the creators, Justin McElroy, said of the podcast, "[it] has a following."[35]The Adventure Zone currently holds a 4.9 rating on Podbay, and a 5.0 rating on Apple Podcasts.[36][37]

The Balance arc received overwhelmingly positive criticism. It was described by The Mary Sue as "one of the most moving and epic adventures of recent memory."[38] The climactic ending in particular was warmly received.[39]Patrick Rothfuss stated the show possessed “some of the finest storytelling I have ever experienced. In any genre. Ever.”[40]

The Amnesty arc was described by The Mary Sue as possessing a "uniquely compassionate kind of story-telling, based on connection and hope, and that's something so rare in this world that even the imperfect efforts must be applauded, simply because there's nothing else quite like it out there."[41]Comic Book Resources also received the arc positively, stating that it was "filled with great characters, goofs, and heart-wrenching moments."[42]

The Graduation arc received criticism for Travis McElroy's performance as dungeon master, with complaints that the arc had a confusing plot line, an overabundance of secondary characters, and a lack of meaningful consequences for poor dice rolls by the players.[43][44] The positive representation of Fitzroy Maplecourt as the show's first asexual character however was praised.[45] Em Rowntree of The Geekiary was more positive about the direction of the campaign, emphasising that "the heart of TAZ as far as I'm concerned is a sort of very stupid and unexpectedly emotional outrageousness. It soars when it's narratively unjustifiable."[46]

Graphic novel adaptations[edit]

The Adventure Zone: Here There Be Gerblins, a graphic novel adapting the first quest, was released in July 2018. The book was written by the McElroys, illustrated by Carey Pietsch, and published by First Second Books.[47] It quickly topped New York Times' best-selling trade fiction list, becoming the first graphic novel to do so.[48] A sequel, which adapts the quest Murder on the Rockport Limited, was released on July 16, 2019.[49] The third book in the series, Petals to the Metal, was released on July 14, 2020.[50]Crystal Kingdom, the fourth book in the series, was published July 13, 2021.[51]

The Adventure Zone: Here There Be Gerblins, The Adventure Zone: Murder on the Rockport Limited!, and The Adventure Zone: Petals to the Metal have all become New York Times Bestsellers.[53][54]

Animated series[edit]

An animated adaptation of the Balance Arc is in development for the NBCUniversal's streaming service Peacock.[55] It has not been picked up for a series as of January 2020.[56] In July 2020, the McElroys revealed that they are developing the pilot and that it will be different from both the podcast and graphic novel versions and possibly feature a different voice cast.[57]

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