Set timer 90 m

Set timer 90 m DEFAULT

Code for a simple JavaScript countdown timer?

For the sake of performances, we can now safely use requestAnimationFrame for fast looping, instead of setInterval/setTimeout.

When using setInterval/setTimeout, if a loop task is taking more time than the interval, the browser will simply extend the interval loop, to continue the full rendering. This is creating issues. After minutes of setInterval/setTimeout overload, this can freeze the tab, the browser or the whole computer.

Internet devices have a wide range of performances, so it's quite impossible to hardcode a fixed interval time in milliseconds!

Using the Date object, to compare the start Date Epoch and the current. This is way faster than everything else, the browser will take care of everything, at a steady 60FPS ( / 60 = ms by frame) -a quarter of an eye blink- and if the task in the loop is requiring more than that, the browser will drop some repaints.

This allow a margin before our eyes are noticing (Human = 24FPS => / 24 = ms by frame = fluid animation!)


Seconds - Interval Timer for HIIT & Tabata

Seconds is widely recognised as the best interval timer for HIIT & Tabata training for mobile devices and is recommended by celebrity trainers and personal trainers to their clients all around the globe.

Non-paying users may create as many timers as they wish, but once an interval timer is started it may not be used again. Upgrading to the full version removes this restriction.


• Large, full screen, color coded display that is easy to read from a distance. The display works in either landscape or portrait.

• Templates for HIIT, Tabata and circuit training. A custom template to create every interval. And the compound editor where you can combine many interval timers into one.

• Speaks your interval names so that you can follow a workout without seeing the screen at all. Seconds can even provide prior warning of the upcoming interval. Other alerts including beeps and bells are available.

• Coordinate your music with your Tabata workout. Each interval can have its own music assigned allowing you to match the intensity of your music to the intensity of your HIIT workout.

• Seconds runs in the background allowing you to either have your display off, or use other apps while the HIIT timer is active.

• Export and import. Share the Tabata timers with friends or download them from the web and install them in Seconds.

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Time Timer TWIST Minute Digital Countdown Clock — For Kids Classroom Learning, Homeschool Study Tool, Teachers Desk Clock, Exercise and Kitchen Timer

Promote Independence

The Time Timer is clinically proven to increase self-regulation in children. Whether it is school, work, screen time, or chores, they are able to see how much time is left. Give them the confidence and independence to track their own time.

Simple Twist

To use, simply turn the outer ring until you get to your desired time, then push the play button. A digital display shows at a glance how much time remains.

A Timer for Any Setting

With the magnetic back the TWIST a snap to display. Easily attach it to most metallic surfaces from refrigerators and file cabinets to the ballet barre in a dance studio.

Intuitive Assistive Technology

Time Timer believes in creating products that truly help people of all ages and abilities to conquer time - in the classroom, in the home, and in the office. While time can be a challenge for differently abled people, we aim to provide intuitive and innovative solutions that make a real difference.

3 Hour - TIMER \u0026 ALARM - 1080p - COUNTDOWN

Pomodoro timer

Start the Pomodoro timer by indicating your durations in minutes, 25 + 5 + 25 + 15 creates a sequence of a duration of 70 minutes with four timers.

Activate your ringtone

Activate the ringtone by clicking here

The ringtone of your from your browser is activated

Program a sequence in minutes

hhourhoursminuteminutesminminssecondssecondsexceededelapsed timeinrestclose

Preprogrammed Pomodoro



Timer box kSafe remove distractions to focus on work !


Pomodoro and Pomodori

Red hourglass tomato color

The Pomodoro method is based on respecting periods of 25 minutes called pomodori. These work periods are separated by short breaks of 5 minutes. This method would make it easier to focus on his work.

Pomodoro timer

Pomodoro timer

/5 (11)

Simple to use pomodoro timers with time display in the tab, alarm, elapsed time display if exceeded colorful display in green, orange and red.


  • Display in the browser tab, to remain visible during your navigation
  • Activation of several pomodoris with a single click for more than 30 preprogrammed times
  • Delete a pomodori in one click
  • Save your latest pomodoris
  • Adjustable ringtone
  • 3 different ringtones
  • An Anti-Oops mode! offers to confirm that you close the browser if a countdown is in progress
  • Time management  :  Pomodoro timer
  • Requires HTML5 et JAVASCRIPT

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Timer 90 m set


1 Hour 30 Minute Timer - 90 Minute Countdown Timer


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