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Learning to Read With Hooked on Phonics Kit and App

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Did you know that 5 million children have learned to read using Hooked on Phonics? The award-winning Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read program follows the Learn, Practice, Read approach which is a proven, simple and fun method to give kids a strong foundation in phonics and reading skills. The program is based off research, approved by the Children’s Reading Foundation, and is designed in conjunction with leading educators, renowned authors and most importantly parents. Each lesson runs about 20 minutes long.


Most people think of Hooked on Phonics as the big ole’ physical kit of reading goodness. Well Hooked on Phonics has kept up the times and also released a digital edition via Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Kindle. It is geared towards kindergartners and 1st graders with over 200 songs, games, lessons and eBooks. The app will even sync with your child so they can pick up their place no matter the time or device they are on. Kids earn trophies for completing lessons, and each lesson is capped off with an eBook specially designed for kids to read on their own. Three kids at a time can be registered and progress is tracked individually.





If you are looking for the traditional Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read Kit, it is also available. This kit is geared towards ages 3 to 8 years old (Pre-K through 2nd grade.) So this version lasts longer for your child since it starts earlier for them and it includes not only the paper copies of materials but also access to the full digital version. As much as I am a paper and pencil kinda girl, I do love technology, so I love that this version includes both. You never know too what will work best with your child until you try it, so why not have as many options as you can for them!


  • 28 Original Storybooks
  • 8 Bonus Books written by award-winning children’s book authors and illustrators
  • 8 Workbooks
  • 8 DVDs filled with music videos and fun introductions to each lesson
  • 8 Sets of Stickers to celebrate reading success
  • 4 Sets of Letter and Picture Flashcards
  • 1 Quick Start Guide
  • ALSO includes lifetime access to the full digital edition at no extra charge


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Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read - Level 1, 1 - (Paperback)

Book Synopsis

Hooked on Phonics(R) Learn to Read Level 1 is the first Pre-K level in the complete 8-level Learn to Read series.
- Level 1: Early Emergent Readers (Pre-K)
- Level 2: Early Emergent Readers (Pre-K)
- Level 3: Emergent Readers (Kindergarten)
- Level 4: Emergent Readers (Kindergarten)
- Level 5: Transitional Readers (First Grade)
- Level 6: Transitional Readers (First Grade)
- Level 7: Early Fluent Readers (Second Grade)
- Level 8: Early Fluent Readers (Second Grade)

All 8 levels are available in the Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read Kit

Designed to give your child a strong foundation in phonemic awareness, a crucial pre-reading skill, Learn to Read Level 1 introduces these beginning concepts:
- The Alphabet
- Recognizing Uppercase Letters
- Tracing Letter Shapes
- Identifying Letter Sounds
- Rhyming Words and Beginning Sounds

This set includes:
- 2 Original Storybooks written to reinforce the skills your child learns in the program
- Pop! Pop! Pop!
- The Letter Hunt
- 1 Bonus Book, The Cereal Box, by the award-winning children's book author and illustrator David McPhail
- 1 Workbook that will guide you and your child through all of the lessons and many fun activities
- 1 DVD filled with music videos and fun introductions to each lesson, where letters come to life
- 1 Set of Stickers to proudly display in the workbooks and celebrate reading success
- 2 Sets of Letters and Picture Flashcards designed to reinforce letter names and letter sounds
- Video streaming online of all DVD content and additional bonus content on MyHOP (My.HookedonPhonics.com)

Designed in conjunction with leading educators, award-winning authors, teachers and parents, Hooked on Phonics(R)Learn to Read uses a proven, simple, and fun method to give your child a strong foundation in phonics and reading skills.
- Learn: Your child learns to read new words by watching the videos and reading the workbook.
- Practice: Your child practices reading the new sound combinations and words in the workbook.
- Read: Your child puts it all together to read a great story.
- Celebrate: Celebrate success after each lesson and track your child's progress!

About the Author

At Hooked on Phonics, we believe that every child loves to learn, so we focus on nurturing that thirst for knowledge with products that are fun, effective, and easy to use. We respond to a child's natural curiosity and support families and teachers as they help children improve literacy skills. We celebrate every success so learning becomes a positive cycle that kids will love to repeat again and again. We meet all children at their level, engage their imaginations, and help them climb to the next level step by step. Every achievement ends in a celebration of success, an elevation of confidence, and an increase in self-esteem. As children master reading skills, they also lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning. It's our goal to make a difference in children's lives by making learning fun and easy. That's why we've brought together a dedicated team of parents, leading educators, interactive designers, writers, and artists. Through collaboration, research, and testing, we continually develop innovative products and systems that teach children not only to learn but also to love learning.
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hooked on phonics

If you’re looking for ways to entertain and educate your kids while taking their reading to the next level, Hooked On Phonics is offering a deal you don’t want to pass up. Right now, you can help your kids learn to read by getting your first month for just $1, granting you access to tons of digital learning resources plus books and workbooks sent directly to your home.

Over 5 million parents and teachers have used the award-winning Hooked on Phonics to teach kids to read. The program is designed to build children’s self-esteem while also being fun and engaging. In fact, they promise your child will read in 30 days, guaranteed.

“Parents tell us all the time that their kids don’t want to stop ‘playing’ Hooked On Phonics,” reads a statement on the company’s website. “With music, games, lessons, and stories, Hooked On Phonics Learn to Read is the simplest, most effective, and most fun way to learn to read.”


What’s Included?

Hooked On Phonics uses over 200 music videos, stories, exercises, and interactive games to keep kids motivated and interested in learning how to read. Kids can use the program on their own with just a little help from their parents and start to become confident readers.

  • Each lesson is designed to last 20 minutes or less
  • Lessons follow the 3-step process of Learn, Practice, and Read
  • The program has lessons and resources for kids from Pre-K to 2nd Grade
  • The program includes unlimited access to the Hooked On Phonics App plus monthly Practice Packs that include workbooks and storybooks mailed to your home
  • Up to 3 kids can use the program, a great value for families


The Offer

Right now, you can get your first month of Hooked On Phonics for only $1. Hooked On Phonics guarantees that your child will start reading within 30 days.

If you decide to keep your subscription after the first month, future months will be billed at $12.99 each. Canceling is easy and you can do so at any time without obligation.

To learn more and to get your first month for just $1, visit HookedOnPhonics.com.

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Hooked on Phonics Preschool/Pre-K Review - NEW Workbooks with App Subscription!

Hooked on Phonics Learn & Read

Learning Program: More than 5 million children have learned to read with Hooked on Phonics. With the help of early childhood education experts, we have enhanced the Hooked on Phonics App greatly with this launch, and are utilizing the most cutting edge research to most effectively teach early reading skills. We have included machine-learning algorithms to give children more practice in areas where they are struggling, and will give parents better insight into how their children are progressing with brand new reporting features. • Perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and 1st grade readers (ages 3-7). • Correlates to federal and state reading proficiency standards into 2nd grade. • Over 250 songs, award-winning videos, interactive games, reading lessons, & ebooks. • Earn virtual awards and achievements. • 100+ ebook library with stories to complement every lesson. • Use on multiple devices – pick up where you left off, no matter where you are. • Add multiple readers and track their progress individually. Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read contains 36 progressive lessons featuring leveled learning activities that cover key building blocks of reading: short vowels, simple plurals, simple compound words, beginning and ending consonant digraphs and blends, two-syllable words, and sight words.Each lesson concludes with a story specially written with the words just learned. Your child will read this book, proudly, on their own. If your child is in Pre-K, has not quite mastered the alphabet and letter sounds, or they are struggling with Step 1 of the Learn to Read program, The Pre-reader section may be a good place to start. The Pre-reader section is an exciting preschool learning program that introduces pre-readers to the alphabet and letter sounds – critical skills they’ll need to begin Step 1 of the Learn to Read program. WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU DOWNLOAD: Hooked on Phonics is FREE TO TRY. Step 1 of Learn to Read (includes 3 lessons), and the first episode of Pre-reader are unlocked and available for download immediately. Try it before you buy it, and experience the joy of your child reading their first book. Terms of use: - Hooked on Phonics provides a 7-day free trial, which upon completion, becomes a monthly subscription charged to the user’s iTunes account - Subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours prior to the end of the current period - Subscriptions may be managed by the user by going to account settings after purchase - No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period https://hookedonphonics.com/terms-of-service/ Practice Pack Program: What sets Hooked on Phonics apart from other reading apps is the option to include complementary Practice Packs that help a child develop concepts of print, as well as appealing to even more types of learners with off-the-page, hands-on ideas for deeper learning at home. Built using feedback from education experts and our customers, the Practice Pack program includes 5 Pre-reader, and 12 Learn to Read packs that include workbooks, stickers, storybooks, and in the first Pre-reader pack, flashcards that are sent to the home, monthly. Users can customize how often they receive these shipments through their account dashboard to tailor the pacing to each family’s needs. Created in conjunction with the App, the Practice Packs allow children to engage in different modalities of learning, review the skills they’ve gained in the App, and practice hands-on skills—like writing and tracing—that can’t be mastered in a digital setting. The result is an immersive program of learning experiences that keeps kids highly engaged in learning to read.
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On practice hooked pack phonics

Hooked on Hebrew: Hebrew Phonics Pack Playing Cards

Hooked on Hebrew is a game-based way to practice Hebrew letters and prayers. The playing cards can be used to play a wide variety of games in school, at home, and even remotely. 

There are up to 15 different games that can be played with each deck, including Go Fish, Memory, War, Bingo, Gin Rummy, Crazy 8s, and more. They can be played one-to-one, in small groups, or in teams. All can be played in person, and some can be played remotely. Brief game instructions are included with each deck, and an expanded version is available below for free download.


  • 8-Adult  
  • Learners in grades 3-5
  • Families - especially great for intergenerational play


  • Hooked on Hebrew: Hebrew Alphabet 1 (with hints) - This beginner deck is sold individually
  • Hooked on Hebrew Phonics Pack - This set contains four different decks: the original beginner deck, Hebrew Alphabet 1 (with hints), Hebrew Alphabet 2 (no hints), Hebrew Vowels 1, and Hebrew Vowels 2.
  • Hooked on Hebrew Prayer Pack - This set contains three decks: Sh'ma and V'ahavta, Aleinu, and Mi Chamocha

Each deck consists of 52 full-color playing cards, 2.25 x 3.5", shrink-wrapped.


Visit www.behrmanhouse.com/hooked-on-hebrew for free detailed game directions, printable game boards, teacher’s guide, and teacher training video.


A free downloadable guide with an overview, goals, tips for use, assessment tool, game directions, game boards.


Teachers can use the free Hooked on Hebrew Reading Assessment to check each student’s ability level and progress, and determine which deck to use for their skill level. This will help students play and learn at their appropriate level which in turn helps promote success.


A free downloadable family guide with game directions, game boards, and tips for use. 


You can use Hooked on Hebrew to:

  • Make students (children or adults) comfortable by creating a fun learning environment based on play.
  • Build trust between students and teachers by creating common goals using the quick, one-to-one assessment.
  • Create purposeful and playful game-based in-school and at-home practice opportunities that students will want to repeat on their own.
  • Promote emotional and social skills such as waiting one’s turn and good sportsmanship via game-play.
  • Prepare students to read multisyllabic words which appear in universal prayers such as Sh’ma/V’ahavta, Aleinu and Mi Chamocha.
  • Strengthen bonds among classmates as they have fun learning Hebrew together.


Marilyn Arsham graduated from Yeshiva University and has been a Hebrew school teacher for 24 years and a bar/bat mitzvah tutor for 18 years. She is a former cytogenetics technologist, editor-in-chief of a cytogenetics journal, and co-editor of The AGT Cytogenetics Laboratory Manual (Wiley/Blackwell).

Ron Arsham is a past president of Temple Beth Shalom in Mahopac, NY. He is currently a district board member of the METNY region of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism and a board member of the Westchester Jewish Council.

Linda Silbert, Ph.D., is an educational counselor and former Hebrew school principal. She received the BJE-NY Gabriel Schonfeld award for Educator Excellence, and is co-author of numerous award-winning books and educational games. She is co-owner of Strong Learning, Inc, www.stronglearning.com, and is a keynote speaker on creating school environments conducive to learning and making learning fun. 

Al Silbert, Ed.D., is a former physics and math teacher and graphics artist. He is a past president of Temple Beth Shalom, Mahopac, NY, where he was also a past chairman of the Hebrew school. He is co-owner with Linda of Strong Learning, Inc. He has an MA from the Belfer Graduate School of Science, Yeshiva University.


Hooked on Hebrew was previously published as Hebrew School Fun, and included more decks. We’ve pared it down to make it simpler for customers to choose what they need.     



Sours: https://store.behrmanhouse.com/index.php/hooked-on-hebrew-hebrew-phonics-pack.html
Hooked on Phonics Review (Digital Subscription)


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