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Market Leading Platform for Functional and Performance API Testing

We use most of the products from Smartbear, in development and testing. They are very easy to understand, easy to customize and are cost friendly. This product can be used mostly by the teams that follow agile methodologies. We mainly used this product for testing RESTful APIs. However it can be used for both REST and SOAP. This helped us to achieve automation. We do use this platform for both ......

API integration is great but security evaluation is required prior to deployment.

Deployment and API integration is seamless but security and performance is lacking to the expectation....

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Likes and dislikes about SmartBear ReadyAPI

This product has no limitations when it comes to API testing. It can be used for RESTful APIs, TCP, SOAP and other services related to web. We mainly used it for Performance and Functional Testing of APIs. However this platform can be used for Security Testing also. It can be used by agile teams of various sizes. It supports most of the web protocols. Support is also very good. Cost is also low when ......

April 13, 2021

Security of the application is sub par. Needs more controls and value in terms of security...

April 9, 2021

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  • Market Leading Platform for Functional and Performance API Testing

    • Reviewer Role: Data and Analytics
    • Company Size: 10B - 30B USD
    • Industry: Services Industry

    We use most of the products from Smartbear, in development and testing. They are very easy to understand, easy to customize and are cost friendly. This product can be used mostly by the teams that follow agile methodologies. We mainly used this product for testing RESTful ......

  • Smooth way to test your APIs

    • Reviewer Role: Applications
    • Company Size: 30B + USD
    • Industry: Services Industry

    APIs have become such an integral part in everything that we do. The quality of our application depends on the APIs. ReadyAPI enabled us to study about our APIs and make necessary changes to provide the best experience to our customers. ...

  • An overall analysis on ReadyAPI

    • Reviewer Role: Security and Risk Management
    • Company Size: 50M - 250M USD
    • Industry: Services Industry

    We can perform so many API testing features in this single tool.We had done both API performance as well as functional testing using this tool.It provides a very compatabile quality checks for APIs....

  • ReadyAPI is 10/10

    • Reviewer Role: Sales and Marketing
    • Company Size: 50M - 250M USD
    • Industry: Transportation Industry

    ReadyAPI has been one of the best tools we have used at our company. It keeps all of our software and hardware connected with a seamless transition while we use multiple pieces of hardware or software....

  • Adequate tool to test your APIs

    • Reviewer Role: Infrastructure and Operations
    • Company Size: 3B - 10B USD
    • Industry: Services Industry

    Good balance overall as the code has improved dramatically due to code reviews and the use of the best possible practices ...

  • Good API solution at an affordable cost.

    • Reviewer Role: Applications
    • Company Size: 10B - 30B USD
    • Industry: Services Industry

    The data representation is really outstanding and the ease with which it integrates with other related services is really worthy....

  • The best API testing product in the market

    • Reviewer Role: R&D/Product Development
    • Company Size: 3B - 10B USD
    • Industry: Services Industry

    I am not able to recall using anything which can be compared to ReadyAPI for API testing. Our organization sells data as a primary business and consumption of that data through API is kind of obvious. Lot of teams including mine in our organization use this platform for API ......

  • ReadyAPI - A Very Good Testing Product

    • Reviewer Role: Enterprise Architecture and Technology Innovation
    • Company Size: 250M - 500M USD
    • Industry: Services Industry

    We are using these APIs in various departments in our company. We have been using these for both manual as well as automation testing. These APIs contain REST APIs, WSDL APIs, API load testing and many more features. It provides a very smooth integration with Maven, ......

  • API integration is great but security evaluation is required prior to deployment.

    • Reviewer Role: Analyst
    • Company Size: 1B - 3B USD
    • Industry: Services Industry

    Deployment and API integration is seamless but security and performance is lacking to the expectation....

  • A complete solution for API testing

    • Reviewer Role: Data and Analytics
    • Company Size: 50M - 250M USD
    • Industry: Services Industry

    The suite ReadyAPI has different products that help you to fully test your API services: SoapUI to test REST APIs, SOAP and other web services; LoadUI Pro for stress and performance API testing; ServicesV Pro to virtualize your APIs....

  • ReadyAPI Tool

    • Reviewer Role: Applications
    • Company Size: 50M - 250M USD
    • Industry: Miscellaneous Industry

    With this single instrument of ReadyAPI, we can carry out so many API testing functions. Using this platform, we have done both API performance and functional testing. This offers highly compatible quality controls for APIs. ...

  • ReadyAPI

    • Reviewer Role: Applications
    • Company Size: 250M - 500M USD
    • Industry: Services Industry

    The virtualized endpoint is used for establishing, modifying, uploading, and operating the APIs. To really start creating as well as manage REST, as well as Java Message Service in the middleware layer, are available in ReadyAPI....

  • The tool is great for API testing with just 1 complaint - Integration

    • Reviewer Role: Product Management/Marketing
    • Company Size: 50M - 250M USD
    • Industry: Services Industry

    The tool is pretty amazing but the integration sometimes fails. As a result your script sometimes malfunctions and you face quality issues. Although I've been using this tool for the past year and so the customer service is amazing and I would recommend it to everyone. But ......

  • ReadyAPI - A powerful instruments

    • Reviewer Role: Infrastructure and Operations
    • Company Size: 500M - 1B USD
    • Industry: Healthcare Industry

    ReadyAPI one of the best ready made API testing tool, which provide wide range of features and support. Great tool in one word....

  • Cheap and user friendly

    • Reviewer Role: Customer Experience Leader
    • Company Size: 50M - 250M USD
    • Industry: Media Industry

    The system is overall a user-friendly platform. It's a great tool for both companies and customers to take tests and improve the capabilities of the services. The constant need for improvement on our branch of work really comes in handy with these services as we have ......

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Developers that need an API testing solution

About ReadyAPI

The ReadyAPI platform accelerates functional, security, and load testing of RESTful, SOAP, GraphQL and other web services right inside your CI/CD pipeline. ReadyAPI allows teams to create, manage, and execute automated functional, security, and performance tests in one centralized interface - accelerating API quality for Agile and DevOps software teams. Teams can get started by importing API definitions like OAS (Swagger) or WSDLs, testing and recording live API traffic, or virtualizing web services to remove pipeline dependencies. Create comprehensive, data-driven functional API tests without the hassle of maintaining scripts. Generate load, stress, and spike tests to validate whether your API can handle real-world traffic conditions. Secure your vulnerable APIs from XSS, malformed XML, SQL injections and more with each deployment. Remove dependencies in your testing pipeline by virtualizing RESTful, SOAP, TCP, JMS, and other web services.


Starting Price:

$644 per year

Free Trial:

Free Trial available.


Company Information


Founded: 2009

United States

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Product Details


ReadyAPI Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What other applications or services does ReadyAPI integrate with?

ReadyAPI integrates with: AlertSite, Azure DevOps Server, Docker, Git, Jenkins, Jira Software, Selenium, ServiceV Pro, Slack, SwaggerHub, TeamCity, TestArmy, TestComplete, and Zephyr.

ReadyAPI Product Features

API Testing

Validation Testing

Functional Testing

UI Testing

Security Testing

Load Testing

Runtime and Error Detection

Penetration Testing

Fuzz Testing

Functional Testing

Unit Testing

Smoke Testing

Interface Testing

System Testing

Regression Testing

Sanity Testing

Automated Testing

Reporting / Analytics

Load Testing

API Load Testing

Database Load Testing

Load Test Performance Reporting

Mail Load Testing

Multilocation Load Testing

Multiple Protocol Support

Test Script Customization

Web Application Testing

Performance Testing

API Testing

Cross Browser Testing

Load Testing

Parallel Testing

UI Testing



Historical Reporting

Mobile Testing

Regression Testing

Web Testing

Software Testing

Test Case Management

Issue Tracking

Variable Testing Methods

Reporting / Analytics

Static Testing

Dynamic Testing

White-Box Testing

Black-Box Testing

Manual Testing

Automated Testing

Quality Assurance Planning

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What is our primary use case?

We are partners with SmartBear and I'm a test architect.

What is most valuable?

ReadyAPI is one of the best tools for API testing because they have made a single platform for functional testing, load testing security, and also service actualization. We also have virtual work that can be an add-in within ReadyAPI. For integration for CACD, they have something called TestEngine, which can also be an add-on for ReadyAPI. We use Python request library and things like that but if you're a bigger organization with hundreds of APIs, then ReadyAPI is a one-stop solution for complete API testing. If you consider TestComplete and other products for an equivalent outcome, you might get something nearly comparable, butReadyAPI is the outstanding product.

What needs improvement?

I think the security testing with API could be improved as they provide limited templates. It would be helpful if they provided us with more capabilities and the flexibility of adding more custom verification for the security testing part of ReadyAPI. Basically, some additional features would improve the product. 

For how long have I used the solution?

I've been using this solution for five years. 

What do I think about the scalability of the solution?

If you are thinking about huge numbers of APIs that need to be maintained and executed, this product can be scalable to large amounts. We can create multiple projects, maintain them and group them according to what suits our test skills. All this comes with a beautified structure from whatever SoapUI open source we have. They carry all the advantages of open source and additionally they are non-scripting and generate reports after test events. All these things as well as custom reporting if you need that, so it's very comfortable for scaling.

We need to use ReadyAPI for scalability, because if you go to RestAssured and are writing a framework there, it is good for a hundred APIs. But if you go for a thousand APIs you'll need to have someone to maintain the code completely and to fix it whenever it's failing. You need to rewrite the frameworks and then if your API is getting updated you need to modify all this stuff, but here the API is so good.

How are customer service and technical support?

Technical support is very good. If you have a customer ID and you purchase the license, I think you will get a response from SmartBear within 24 hours. They also give a platform for requesting new features. They have a large technical team who analyze and try to implement, and they give you the status of your suggestions, so they will tell you that they're still in the process of analyzing whether they will accept them or not. Their community, the SmartBear community, is huge and very well organized actually. If you have any technical questions, even if you don't raise a support ticket but raise a question in the community, they have multiple community managers for specific products. They'll either answer or tag someone to answer any question. 

Which solution did I use previously and why did I switch?

I previously worked with SoapUI Open Source, and also with ParaSoft SOAtest which is a similar product to ReadyAPI from the ParaSoft SOAtest. That is also a very good API testing tool and I think they recently added smart generator features and other things. I think that perhaps their ID is not very compatible and not as user friendly as ReadyAPI, but it also has very good features.

How was the initial setup?

The initial setup is pretty straightforward, it's just an exe. And then when we execute it, the UI pops up and we can use it. Recently I think they've added a lot of integrations and other new releases. Implementation takes a couple of minutes and we're up and running. 

What's my experience with pricing, setup cost, and licensing?

When it comes to large enterprise, ReadyAPI is good. They also sell specific additional products but they don't force you to buy the complete package. You can select and purchase whichever products you want. The price is reasonable and I don't think it's very high, because of the flexibility - anyone can buy any product at any time.

What other advice do I have?

If you're testing mainly on API and then you want to have a full-fledged API testing on load performance, function, security, etc., this product will actually be a one-stop platform for that.

I would rate this solution an eight out of 10. 

Which deployment model are you using for this solution?


Disclosure: My company has a business relationship with this vendor other than being a customer: partner

ReadyAPI Overview - API Testing With ReadyAPI


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Getting Started with LoadUI in ReadyAPI - API Testing Tutorial


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