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At E3, Razer gave us an update on its Project Hazel N95 mask, a concept design that debuted to much enthusiasm earlier this year at CES. It's got some new features, notably an antifog coating on the transparent section, and it looks like it's been slightly redesigned to be more streamlined. It's scheduled to be released limited quantities, sold in drops, with the first drop landing around October. And you can try it on your face now in AR on Instagram with the Project Hazel filter. 

You'll only be able to get on the drop list via Razer's site; you can sign up now.

Though many people think the mask might be arriving a little late given the continued rollout of coronavirus vaccines, Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan explained the reasoning in March. "We've realized that even with vaccinations, we are hearing you still have to be masked up because there is still the risk factor -- that even if you're vaccinated you still need to be incredibly careful," Tan said, and he added that many countries may still be a year or two off from being fully vaccinated.

In addition to looking cool, the mask was cleverly conceived. For instance, it's got active ventilation and autosterilization, with a separate case that can charge it wirelessly and has a UV sterilizer. It uses replaceable filters and rechargeable ventilators on the pods, which is intended to make it sustainable. And it's transparent so people can see your mouth move.  

LED lights on the pods indicate charge status, and there are also internal LEDs to make your mouth visible in low light; since CES, the company has changed the lighting design to sync with its Chrome RGB illumination. And the pods have audio processing algorithms built in to make your voice sound a lot clearer and more natural.  

The mask has silicone around the edges for an airtight seal, and adjustable ear loops, and you can adjust the amount of airflow for maximum comfort and protection. Plus, it comes in multiple sizes. 

There's still no price, though, and if it's going to be anything more than a fan-buy, cost will be pretty important.

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Razer announced today that its lit-like-a-gaming-PC N95 mask has a new name and a beta program set up ahead of the planned fourth quarter launch. The futuristic-looking Project Hazel has been christened the Razer Zephyr, and you can sign up to be a beta tester right now on Razer’s site.

Razer has not provided any additional information on the timing of the Zephyr’s release or when beta testers can expect to receive their masks. Based on the video Razer shared alongside its announcement, beta testers might get a different mask design from what’s been shared up until this point.

The Zephyr seems a tad wider and rounder than Razer’s original Project Hazel, and there’s a grille at the bottom of the mask that’s a lot more visible than previous images and photos have shown. It might be for additional ventilation or to assist in voice amplification, but it definitely wasn’t featured in Razer’s earlier concepts for the face mask.

The Verge has reached out to Razer for more details on the beta program and any possible design changes that will ship alongside the Zephyr beta.

Photo: Razer
Image: Razer

We should have a better idea about the design once masks actually make it into beta testers’ hands, but the announcement of the program in the first place does make the Zephyr that much more real. Considering the project went from a fun CES concept to a real thing Razer was intent on making, every step pushes this mask further from vaporware. Whether it’s actually affordable, enjoyable, or practical to wear is an entirely separate issue.

Sours: https://www.theverge.com/2021/8/6/22613139/razer-zephyr-n95-rgb-mask-project-hazel
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Razer had a few announcements timed for E3 2021, including its new Razer Blade 14 with AMD’s Ryzen 9 processors, and an updated Raptor 27 gaming monitor along with a 130W GaN charger. We weren’t expecting to hear about anything else, but Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan announced that its Project Hazel mask will actually go on sale, starting early in the fourth quarter of this year.

Tan said that Hazel will be released in “drops” exclusively on its website, with the first coming in that fourth quarter timeframe.

Image: Razer

Alongside that availability announcement, Tan also shared some changes coming to the mask since it was first shown in January. Razer is planning to keep the mask’s transparent design to make it easier to see the wearer’s mouth, but the company will also be adding interior lighting and anti-fog coating on the inside of the mask.

If you want to see what Project Hazel looks like on your face, Razer has an Instagram filter that lets you try it on via augmented reality. (I should note that for some reason, it doesn’t work for me on my iPhone 12 mini.)

If you want to be notified of the upcoming drops, sign up on the Project Hazel website.

Correction: The Project Hazel filter on Instagram is not new; it was released in April. We regret the error.

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E3 2021: Razer's super-fast 14-inch video game laptop, plus Project Hazel face mask

The Razer Blade 14, available to order now starting at $1,799 on razer.com, comes with the newest AMD CPU and NVIDIA graphics processors. It is only 0.66 inches thin and weighs less than four pounds

Smartphone or tablet gaming not doing it for you? Video game hardware company Razer debuted what it called the world's most powerful 14-inch gaming laptop at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. 

The Razer Blade 14, available to order now starting at $1,799 on razer.com, comes with the newest AMD CPU and NVIDIA graphics processors.

At only 0.66 inches thin and weighing less than four pounds, the Blade 14 "is like a laptop that is 10 years in the future," said Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan said Monday during an online E3 presentation.

The laptop has THX Spatial Audio 7.1 surround sound, promises 12 hours of battery life. Higher tech configurations with a QHD display – improved resolution over the full HD display – and faster graphics chips than the standard GeForce RTX 3060 run more: QHD and GeForce RTX 3070 ($2,199.99) and QHD/RTX 3080 CPU ($2,799.99).

A decade ago when Razer brought to market its first gaming laptop, the 17.3-inch Razer Blade priced at $2,800.

The Razer CEO also said its high-tech smart mask Project Hazel is in production and available early in the fourth quarter of 2021. Those who want to be alerted about availability can sign up on razer.com.

Razer's Project Hazel, which the company boasts is the world’s smartest and most socially friendly face mask, has a voice amplifier so your voice isn't muffled.

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E3 2021:The 5 biggest video game announcements

The Razer Raptor 27-inch PC monitor, which THX said is the first PC monitor to earn THX Certification for image reproduction, will be available in early third quarter of 2021 for $799.99.

Also coming from Razer: a new 27-inch Raptor PC monitor, which THX said is the first PC monitor to earn THX Certification for image reproduction. The Razer Raptor 27 will be available in the early third quarter of 2021 for $799.99.

Razer also introduced a new USB-C 130W GaN (gallium nitride) Charger ($179.99, available within 30 days) that charges laptops, tablets, smartphones and other devices up to twice as fast as standard chargers. Highly portable at about 3 inches by 2.5 inches, it can charge up to 4 devices at once.

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Project razer

Razer's Project Hazel face mask has a new name and beta test you can sign up for

Say hello to Razer Zephyr.
Razer Zephyr

Razer’s Project Hazel is one step closer to becoming a product you can buy. On Friday, the company announced a final name for the face mask. It’s now known as Razer Zephyr, and you can sign up to test the device ahead of its planned release date later this year.

Project Hazel is now officially Razer Zephyr – the latest evolution of our wearable air purifier. Designed to be safe, social and sustainable, Razer Zephyr sports 99% BFE, a secure silicon face seal and anti-fog coating. Join our community beta test: https://t.co/mlex2YSMpipic.twitter.com/yLUj0lO2oJ

— R Λ Z Ξ R (@Razer) August 6, 2021

Even among Razer products, Zephyr has had a highly visible development cycle. The company first announced Project Hazel at CES 2021, promising a high-tech face mask with built-in RGB lighting and an active air filtration system Razer claimed was as effective as an N95 mask. In March, Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan revealed the accessory-maker was moving forward with plans to manufacture the mask, noting that he believed there would still be a market for Project Hazel even as countries started to vaccinate their people against COVID-19.

Since we first saw the mask at CES 2021, Razer has added internal lighting and a silicon face seal. The company also says the latest iteration of Zephyr is 99 percent effective at filtering out bacteria. The only detail Razer has yet to reveal is how much the mask will cost.

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