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Hands up if you’ve ever bought a planner and then got to the end of the year with it virtually untouched.  Maybe you just didn’t have the planner inserts you really needed?  Maybe, you just didn’t know where to start? (Trust me – you’re not alone)

I’m going to get you going and help you make the most of your planner.  I’ve pulled together a handy list of planner inserts that you can add to your set-up.  Just mix and match the ones you think you’ll use and customise your planner, your way.

1. Annual Calendar

At the start of your planner you should always have an annual calendar for the current year.  Perhaps the next as well.  This gives you a really quick overview of what’s coming up in the next 12 months.  It lets you quickly check dates or see how long you have to wait until your next holiday.  You can even use it as an annual habit tracker. 

Mid-Year 2019-2020 Planners available now in our Etsy Store

2. Monthly Planners

Your monthly planner takes your planning and down a level.  Start by choosing either a calendar view or a vertical planner. 

Why not create your own Monthly Planners with this easy to use Calendar template.

Choose your month, select your colour and even change the font to create a bespoke monthly planner that’s perfect for you.

At the start of each month, write down all the key events that are happening that month.  Include holidays, friends coming to stay, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, date nights, school holidays, . 

Get a clear view of all the major events for the next few weeks.  You can see everything that’s coming up easily at 1 quick glance.

3. Weekly Planners

Now we get to the .  I always include just a few weeks at a time in my planner.  Having too many blank weekly pages can seem pretty intimidating so I just add a few weekly planner inserts at a time.

If you have a big list, you can choose whether to add tasks, emails, or calls in on specific days or just use a productivity planner for the week where you just see all your actions that need completing during the week but don’t need to assign them to individual days or times.

Weekly Planner Pack

Why not try these Printable Weekly Schedules available now over in our Etsy Store? Choose from either a Sunday or Monday week start with 3 colours included.

Weekly Planner Pack

4. Daily Schedules

What do you have to do today and can you fit it all in?  When I was working in an office full time I pretty much lived by my daily plan.  I needed to see what meetings I had and how much time was left to get done all the work that came out of those meetings.

(I see a few of you nodding – you know exactly what I mean..)

One of the great advantages of working for myself is that I can be flexible over my time.  I now just keep a few undated daily inserts in my planner for those mad days when I need to keep track of my time and make sure nothing gets forgotten.

There are so many different types around that it’s your choice whether to go time or for your days.  Maybe try both and see what works best for you?

You can find a free daily planner on my Free Printables page.

5. To Do Lists

I seem to have more of these than anything else in my file – if I don’t write it down it doesn’t get done.  There’s no better feeling than crossing off a task once it’s completed.  Depending on how you split up your life you could use 1 big To Do list or split them into sections (I like to use 4).  Maybe try keeping a master list (like a brain dump) and then transfer specific tasks to your weekly or daily plan as they reach the top of the list..

It can be disheartening to have a massive list that never gets any shorter, so try to focus on what needs to be achieved in a specific timeframe.

6. Habit Trackers

I think I’m very late to the party on this one, but I only recently discovered habit trackers.  I’ve started to use them in my weekly plan but you might prefer to use a monthly or even an annual habit tracker. I choose a few key things each week – some the same and some new and then try to make sure I complete the action every day (or as often as I am supposed to do it). Ticking them off each day (or not!!) does help to focus the mind.

Don’t have too many though or you’ll just stress yourself out trying to remember to do them every day.  

7. Birthdays & Key Dates

This one goes right next to my yearly calendar but I keep this undated so it can be used year after year.  I keep a master list and then every year I highlight my calendar with all the key birthdays and anniversaries of friends and family.  On the back l note down names and dates so you have an instant reminder of your key dates.

Add in another blank page behind this one and when you have a flash of inspiration of that perfect gift for your mum, partner or 3rd cousin twice removed, you can write it down and remember what it was when you finally get to the shops.

Visit my Free Printables page for a free Gift Ideas insert.

No more last minute dashes to the supermarket for a cheap card and a bottle of wine. Cue slightly smug grin.

8. Key Renewal Dates

Using the same idea of remembering birthdays, why not keep a list of those key finance renewal dates?  When your mobile contracts ends / when the interest rate on your credit card goes up / when the car MOT is due?

Write them down and keep it near your annual calendar.  Then, when you set up your monthly planner you can add a “To Do” to search for a better insurance renewal quotes, instead of just auto renewing because you missed the deadline.  Believe me, you’ll save yourself so much time, stress – & most importantly, money having it all to hand and planned in advance.

9. Meal Planners & Grocery Lists

Talking of time, money and stress – what about adding in some meal planning?  Work out what you will eat for the next week/month and write out what you need to buy or batch cook at the weekend. 

You’ll save yourself the stress of standing in front of the fridge wondering what to have for tea / or standing in front of the fridge throwing out all the food you bought but never got round to eating.

10. Home Organisation

OK so this might be a bit of a stretch but it makes a nice round number of ideas!

It makes a lot of sense to have a home file/binder all to itself where you keep all the information on maintenance, cleaning, home finance and decorating that you need on hand. 

On top of this though, one really useful list to keep in your personal planner is of the key dimensions of each room, window or empty space in your house.  How often have you been out shopping and seen something you liked but couldn’t quite remember the size of your windows or how big a sofa you could squeeze into the corner of your room.

Measure your rooms, windows & furniture write it all down and keep it safe in your planner and you’ll always have the perfect excuse to get that bargain when you see it.

Go Get your Planner Inserts

There are a hundred and one things to include in your planner but these are my favourite 10 to get you started. 

Whether you buy a planner, download some printables or create your own from scratch you’ll be more organised, less stressed and more productive with your time if you use some of these ideas on a regular basis.

To get you started, I add free printables here on the site every month.  If you haven’t been for a visit yet, click here to check them out.

If you like the idea of printable planners, but need a little help to get started, check out:

Recommended Reading:
If you want some guidance on Printing out a perfect Planner Insert
How to Print out your Printable Planners
And once you’ve printed them out, how about
The Incredibly Simple Way to Hole Punch your Printables

You can also find loads more ideas over on my Pinterest I share some of my .

If you’ve got the bug and want to get yourself some more complete planner sets, then check out the printable inserts in my Etsy shop. 

Or, if you’re not into printing your own, have a look in the stores next time you are out shopping and buy something ready made.

Have fun and happy planning

Sarah x

PS: Let me know what you find most useful to keep in your planner – what’s your insert?

10 Awesome planner inserts to add to any planner set-up. The perfect list of planner inserts for all occasions and everytime you need a plan! Click to read the full list. #plannerinserts #printableplanners #plannertips #plannersetup

Planner Pages: 10 Awesome planner inserts to add to any planner set-up. Ideas, Tips and Tricks on how to make the perfect list of planner pages for your life planner, everytime you need a plan! Click to read the full list. #plannerinserts #printableplanners #plannerorganization #plannerpages


One of the most effective ways of getting the planner/organiser that you want is to build one yourself. Yes, we can buy one with lots of pages already included but most of the time we don’t even use all of them, or we require pages that aren’t included.

This post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission if you decide to purchase something through my links. Read my full disclosure here.

Building your own planner can be very rewarding because you can design it the way you want! Each one of us is unique and we have different needs. By building your own planner you can have something that is unique to you and that will help you be even more productive.

Let’s see how we can start building our own planner.

Buy or decorate a folder

Firstly, we need a folder/binder to place all our planner inserts in. If you have one already, that’s great! I’m using my large kikki.K planner from last year and will be using it over and over again. It was quite expensive so I want to make sure I get value for my money.

You can buy an inexpensive binder from any office supply store. Try to find one that fits your style or cover it with cute wrapping paper.

If you’re feeling crafty, here are a few video tutorials showing you how to personalise your binder:

You can even create a fabric planner from scratch!

Add planner accessories

Visit office supply stores and art stores for cute planner accessories like stickers, flags, etc to decorate your planner pages with.

You could even make your own dashboard, dividers, zipper pouch, elastic band and more!

Or download these free printable top tab dividers to help you flip to the right page in your planner.

Add your inserts

This is probably the most important part. You can have the prettiest planner cover and decorations but without the planner pages you won’t actually get anything done!

You can buy separate planner inserts from the company you bought your planner from. For example, you can buy planner refills from kikki.K.

kikki-k planner refills

This free printable habit tracker insert has helped a lot of people track their goals:

Reach your goals with this free printable daily habit tracker. Use it to keep track of tasks and habits. Download it here for free!

You could even make your own planner inserts if you are computer savvy:

If you’re looking for a complete life planner kit that will help you keep track of your life, remember important things and set goals, check out my Inspired Life Planner – a 60-page kit filled with printable planner pages. All you have to do is print them at home or at a copy shop.

You could even buy some of the pages contained in The Inspired Life Planner separately. This is a perfect solution if you only need the basics. Buy individual planner inserts here.

printable daily, weekly and monthly planner inserts

  1. Waste management san fernando valley
  2. Roblox cat games
  3. Walmart battery pack for iphone
Download and print your free goal planner printable at MakeAllTheStuff today! #freeprintable #plannerjunkie Available for A5, A4, Half Letter, Letter, Mini Happy Planner and The Happy Planner. Goal Planner Template, goal planner printable free, goal planning, goal planner, goal planning worksheet, goal planner printable, half letter printables free, a5 planner inserts, discbound planner printables, free printables, big happy planner ideas, a4 planner printables free, planner ideas Planner Free, Goals Planner, Planner Ideas, Planner Pages, Happy Planner, Planner Inserts, Planner Template, Printable Planner, Templates Printable Free
Goal Planner Printable Free by Make All The Stuff
Download and print your free goal planner printable at MakeAllTheStuff today! #freeprintable #plannerjunkie Available for A5, A4, Half Letter, Letter, Mini Happy Planner and The Happy Planner. Goal Planner Template, goal planner printable free, goal planning, goal planner, goal planning worksheet, goal planner printable, half letter printables free, a5 planner inserts, discbound planner printables, free printables, big happy planner ideas, a4 planner printables free, planner ideas
Get your Monthly Review Template for free at This free planner printable is available in a variety of sizes such as Half Letter, A5, A4, Letter, Happy Planner and Happy Planner Mini. #freeprintables #plannerprintables #plannerpages Monthly planner printable, monthly review bullet journal, monthly review printable, junior size planner printables, junior size discbound planner, half size printables free, discbound planner printables, big happy planner ideas, a4 planner binder A5 Planner Printables Free, Planner Free, Templates Printable Free, Planner Template, Planner Ideas, Happy Planner, Monthly Review, Discbound Planner, Mom Hacks
Monthly Review Template, Free Planner Printables
Get your Monthly Review Template for free at This free planner printable is available in a variety of sizes such as Half Letter, A5, A4, Letter, Happy Planner and Happy Planner Mini. #freeprintables #plannerprintables #plannerpages Monthly planner printable, monthly review bullet journal, monthly review printable, junior size planner printables, junior size discbound planner, half size printables free, discbound planner printables, big happy planner ideas, a4 planner binder
Reference Planner Inserts: What I Am Currently Using \u0026 Ideas For Inspiration - Plan With Bee

Bored with your planner? 25 ways to mix it up

So you’ve been using your planner for a while and it’s getting, well, a little boring. Your spreads look basically the same week to week, you tend to use the same colors and types of stickers and planning has become a bit mundane and boring. If any of these sound familiar, here are 25 ways to mix up your planner!

1. Do a no sticker week

You can still decorate your planner without using stickers. Some alternatives are the obvious: washi tape, highlighters and colored pens.

However, don’t underestimate what you can do with just a black pen such as different types of divider lines:

how to use your planner effectively, what to do if your planner isnt working, organization, color coding, key bullet journal bujo index divider

2. Try Color Coding

A long, long time ago I didn’t color code my planner. And it was a jumbled mess. Color coding is a must do for me – once you get in the habit, it’s hard to stop!


Tips for color coding

  • If planning by category, don’t choose too many colors. I recommend 3 – 5
  • Choose colors that are readily available in the office supplies you want to use. E.g. while pens come in red, sticky notes and highlighters often don’t
  • You don’t have to color code by category, you could also color code by day of the week and priority / importance

how to use your planner for meal planning color coding ideas grocery list shopping list agenda diary sarah pinto 2017 weekly planner horizontal ideas-min

Related: Using the Sarah Pinto Weekly Planner 

3. Try a completely different planning system

Such as:

  • Reminders app on your phone (or any of the plenty of productivity apps that are available)
  • Bullet journaling
  • If you like daily planning, the Slice planner integrates paper & digital planning
  • A monthly calendar and a to do list (maybe you don’t even need a weekly planner)

Slice planner app review color coding alternative to traditional bullet journal bujo daily spread ideas bujo diy hack planning

4. If you currently plan on paper, try a digital planning system

Some ideas:

alternatives to a paper planner digital planning tools apps productivity time management microsoft word color coding tips inspiration

Using Microsoft Word to plan your week

5. Go on YouTube

There are numerous plan with me videos on YouTube. I also like watching planner review videos (if you’re bored with your planner it may be time to buy a new one!). Anything and everything from planner reviews, to sticker hauls, pen reviews, DIY ideas to videos with time management tips.

I also have some planning videos on my YouTube channel – make sure you subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already!

6. Use a 1 page weekly planner or a different page size

If you’re bored with your planner because you always have a lot of white space you never know what to do with, a 1 page planner may be a better fit for you. Similarly, if your planner ends up being a jumbled mess of writing with no space to decorate, a 2 page spread may be a better fit for you.

Related: Week 39: Weekly Planning using Studio Stationery notepad 

studio stationery notepad weekly planner blogging color coding notes habit tracker bujo tear off pad stickers diy

Try a bigger page size that allows more room for decorating or doodling in the margins.

Related: Finding planner peace: how to choose the right planner page size for you 

7. Use a printable

You can find plenty of printable online these days. I also have some in my printables Etsy shop 🙂

Because it’s much cheaper to print a printable you can experiment with a ton of different layouts.

One of the reasons why I love printables is that you create a design once and can continue tweaking it as your needs change. If you need more, just print more. You don’t have to go buy another planner which might have pages you don’t even need.

How to make a weekly planner free email course

If you buy a printable rather than make your own, they’re only a few dollars so if the layout doesn’t work for you, you’ve haven’t ‘lost’ much money. And if you do like the printable, you can print multiple copies or take them to your local office supply store to have them bound into a custom planner.

If your planner is set up in sync with the way you think and pages you’ll actually use then you’re more likely to use it.

I prefer to use the ARC discbound system with printables as I can add and remove pages as often as I please!

weekly planner printable template editable daily minimalist black and white bullet journal habit tracker project

Week 35: Planning with a functional minimalist DIY weekly planner printable 

Helpful links:

8. Use sticky notes

Sticky notes allow more flexibility with planning. One of the reasons you may be bored with your planner is because you’re having to re-write a lot of the same routine tasks over an over again. With sticky notes you can write it once and move it from week to week. I recommend the Post it note 3M brand – they’re super sticky and usually last a couple of week before I have to re-write the tasks out again.

using sticky notes for planning reminders reucrring tasks don't forget routine habit tracking ideas inspiration tips planner spread

Another option for a more permanent solution is to use a list insert such as this free printable I shared in this post.

free printable planner insert list making dashboard dry erase planner accessories rainbow to do list checklist

Free printable planner insert (for to do lists, grocery lists, weekly routine tasks etc.)

Sticky notes are also great for meal planning – especially if you rotate cooking the same meals:

how to meal plan monthly color coded meal planning planner organization sticky notes organization household binder effective scheduling

Related: Color coded monthly meal planning using sticky notes 

9. Change the cover

Free printable and tutorial on how to add a DIY cover to a spiral bound planner in this post.

DIY planner cover versus professionally printed erin condren custom cover eclp planner hack diy tutorial free printable

How to make a DIY Erin Condren Planner Cover for less than $2 (plus free printable cover) 

10. Stop writing mundane stuff

If you’re bored of re-writing the same tasks, use an insert (like this one).

Laminate a checklist printable (such as a cleaning checklist with the tasks pre-filled) then tick off with a whiteboard marker.

This hack works best with discbound systems: punch a clear binding cover, place over the top of your list and use a whiteboard marker:

Habit trackers are my all time favorite time saver (download the one below from the free printables library here).

how to use blank pages of your notebook empty planner habit tracker routine checklist free printable color coded organizer month-min

Related: 100 things to put in your habit tracker of your planner or bullet journal (plus free printable habit tracker)

11. Use Stamps

Stamping isn’t for everyone (as I found out). However, there’s so many cute stamps to choose from – it’s fun if you have the time.

planner stamping weekly planning ideas inspiration color coding plum paper blogging daily am pm scheduling washi tape

Week 44: Planning the week using stamps (MAMBI, Carpe Diem & Creative Devotion)

The only stamps I currently are self-inking such as the Pilot Frixion erasable (my all time fav) and Happy Planner stamps.

frixion erasable stamps video review

Frixion erasable stamps review

12. Keep track of different things

There are so many things you can track in your planner from exercise, vitamins, fruit and vege intake, cleaning routines, spending etc.

Try adding a journaling section, favorite memory, milestone, inspirational quote or something fun to motivate you to want to keep using it.

These habit tracker stickers are from my shop. Similar weekly habit stickers here.

how to use blank pages of your planner monthly notes page habit tracking planner stickers routine free printable tracker blank notebook empty

13. Use washi tape

Whether it’s within the spreads or using a weekly spread, washi tape can save time writing out things that run over multiple days (e.g. vacations) – just use a strip of washi tape instead.

or add a washi border

christmas planner spread weekly red and green washing tape planner stickers hand lettering kikki k planner review lined horizontal simple colorful

14. Make use of all the pages in your planner

How many times have you purchased a planner and it included a bunch of pages you’ll never use? For me it’s always the contacts pages. I’m not really sure why some planner companies continue to include this since most people just plug this straight into their phone…

If you have pages like this, re-purpose them for something else like a password tracker, to do list or just extra notes pages, otherwise, rip them out to make way for pages you’ll actually use.

15. Use symbols

Some ideas:

bullet journal list ideas inspiration layout tips tricks hacks organized to do list color coding symbol

planner list making ideas bujo stamping highlighters simple minimalist diy weekly spread daily monthly color coding

16. Use different pens

As you may have picked up by now, I have a slight pen addiction… Much like I can’t stay loyal to one planner, I frequently switch between pens.

My all time favorite are the Frixion erasable, closely followed by the PaperMate Inkjoy Gel. Closely followed by at least a dozen other pen brands!

jet pens haul planner pens supplies color coding ultimate favorite best brands stationery sarasa highlighter sakura gel pens-min

17. Utilise the notes pages

The notes pages are an empty canvas!

Rule some lines and create a custom layout with columns for spending tracking, split the page in 2 for list making, jot down movies you want to see etc.

How to color code your planning using highlighters categorised to do list checklist planner hack budget diy-min

Title stickers and these stickers make better use of the pages and add a pop of color!

how to keep track of spending using your planner expenses stickers printable use blank note paper online shopping purchases

Related: How to keep track of spending using stickers and blank notes pages of your planner

color coded planning how to use blank notes pages of your planner monthly goal setting process rainbow checklist planner sticker printable-min

Related: 130+ functional ideas to use blank notes pages of your planner or an empty notebook

18. Try a different binding style

I personally hate ring bound planners. But I only found that out when I tried planning use one.

If you’re someone that typically uses a coil bound planner, try a Filofax and see if you prefer to pick pages out rather than keep them bound and flicking back and forth.

Plum Paper (and I’m sure a few other companies these days) will leave the planner pages unpunched if you request this when placing your order. I opted to ARC my Plum Paper instead:

arcing the plum paper me planner pros and cons coil binding custom personalised diy planner discbound arc versus happy planner mambi punch which is better

Arcing my Plum Paper Planner – everything you need to know if you’d like to try it yourself! 

19. Use a themed sticker kit

Themed sticker kits make planning quick and easy. With all the stickers you need on just a couple of sheets, it means less mess and quicker planning.

erin condren planner size stickers in happy planner mini review comparison pros cons diy sticker kit-min

Week 22: Using Erin Condren size planner stickers in the Mini Happy Planner 

using erin condren vertical planner sticker kit in horizontal life planner sticker size guide floral themed weekly spread

20. Make something

I find that if I DIY something I’m more excited to use it.

Related: How to make a DIY Erin Condren Planner Cover for less than $2 (plus free printable cover) 

21. Take stuff out and use 2 planners

Maybe you’re bored with your planner because it’s cluttered and you can never find anything. There are more and more planners these days with 1 page weekly layouts and notes pages (my favorite type of planner). This layout is ideal for overflow tasks, brain dumping and if you want to include things like budgeting and cleaning with your planner rather than keeping a separate household binder.

Related: Choosing sections for your planner: what to keep in your weekly planner versus a household binder 

The Plum Paper Horizontal Lined with notes is my favorite weekly + notes planner (that I use for pre-planning the week)

pre planning the week using a plum paper planner how to pre plan the week tips weekly spread inspiration ideas choose a new planner

22. Look at bullet journal layouts

See these posts for plenty of ideas:

23. Change the monthly planning layout

I rarely use a traditional monthly calendar anymore, I prefer a list style format with the dates running down the page. I’m a list maker and I like the extra space for each day.

Planner hack tips a5 page size using full page inserts tips monthly blog planning ideas inspiration arc notebook

Related: 12 Different ways to plan blog posts using pen and paper

A few ways to plan the month:

  • A traditional calendar (with the square boxes for each day that most planners have)
  • A list style format
  • A monthly planning page
  • A simple list!

The Mi Goals Planner has one of my favorite monthly planning layouts:

mi goals planner review monthly blog post planning color coding a5 australia planner content calendar editorial blog planners

24. Change the planner layout

If you currently use a day to a page planner, try using a weekly planner. If you currently use a 2 pages per week spread, try using 1 page per week (you can always add a list insert if you need a bit of extra room).

Instead of using a vertical planner, try a horizontal planner (or vise versa).

For each planner layout there are multiple ways you can plan:

  • Divide a horizontal planner into 2 sections per day
  • Split half of a daily planning space into an hourly section and a checklist
  • Take out things you’d normally plan in the weekly view and put them in the monthly view (such as meal planning)
  • For vertical planners, divide up the box into multiple sections for each of your planning categories e.g. cleaning, meal planning, project etc.

25. Stop using a planner

Maybe you don’t need a planner at all – maybe you just need a notepad where you jot down the things to get done each week.

cheaper alternative to inkwell press daily planner notepad weekly planning ideas alternative to traditional planner coil bound officeworks diy simple minimalist

Week 26: Using a weekly planner notepad to plan the week

26. Change the planner

Try a different planner (or planners). That’s why I did the 52 planners in 52 weeks challenge (and am continuing to use different planners throughout this year). You don’t need to use a different planner every week but alternating between a few will keep things fresh.

Need some ideas? Here are some of my past planner layouts:

Found this post helpful? Pin it!

bored with your planner decorating ideas minimalist tips planner newbie bullet journal bujo inspiration ideas simple all about planners setting up a new planner notebook

bored with your planner planning tips inspiration ideas hacks color coding sticky notes weekly spread ideas bullet journal bujo

bored with your planner inspiration ideas creative decorating tips planner newbie getting started planning introduction agenda

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Posted In: Bullet Journal, Bullet Journal Tips, Planning Tips & Inspiration· Tagged: bullet journal spread, creative planner, creative planning, daily planning tips, diy planner, getting the most out of your planner, how to get the most out of your planner, how to use a planner, life planner, plan with me, planner decorating, planner ideas, planner layout, planner tips, planner tutorial, planning ideas, planning inspiration, planning tips, weekly planning tips


Insert ideas planner

If you’re looking for a huge list of things to keep track of in your planner, then you’re in the right spot! This list of planner ideas is a perfect way to put your Happy Planner, or any planner for that matter, to great use to help you stay organized!


promotional graphic with a notebook and text overlay that says

*This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission from these links.  Read my full disclosure here.

Nothing beats a good old Planner. I’m not talking about a Planner app on your iphone, I’m talking about an old-fashioned, pen to paper planner to organize your crazy life.

And if you’re like me, then you’ve got a super cute planner full of things to keep track of to help you stay organized…

Doctors visits – Check

Kids’ field trips – Check

Website usernames and passwords – Double check (who can remember all of those different usernames and passwords without writing them down?!)

And, ladies, if the planner aisles at the craft stores are any indication, then we’re not alone.

Planners are having a moment!

Just walk down the aisles of Michael’s or check out the end caps of Target.  You’ll find bright and colorful planner in all sizes with the cutest sticky notes and coordinated pens to go with them.  And you can even make your own DIY planner covers with free printables, like I did here: DIY Planner Covers with FREE Printables – Great for Happy Planner!

But more important than the aesthetic of your planner is the function of your planner… you know to actually plan things. 

So if you’ve jumped on the bandwagon and invested in a seriously cute planner to organize your life, then put it to good use.  (And if you’re looking for a new planner, be sure to check out this post: The Best Mom Planners to Get Seriously Organized!)

Here’s a huge list of things to keep track of in your planner to help you stay organized!

And be sure to check out this post on The Happy Planner – Everything Beginners Need to Know if you’re a Happy Planner newbie!

open Happy Planner on a desk with Happy Planner accessories including stickers, habit trackers, washi tape and planner pens

75+ Things to Keep Track of In Your Planner:

Important Dates

Obviously, this is at the top of the list! Here are a few important dates that you can keep track of in your planner:

  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Meetings/Appointments
  • Holidays and Family functions


Personal finances can be a tricky thing to track, but using your planner to keep track of monthly bills, automatic savings account transfers, and online banking log-ins can help!

Here is a list of finance-related things to track in your planner:

  • Bill due dates
  • Financial account usernames and passwords – If you’re confident that you won’t lose your planner!
  • Contributions to your savings account – Get motivated to reach your savings goal!
  • Charitable contributions or donations made – You’ll be glad that you kept track of these when tax time comes around
  • Work-related expenses – So that you can easily find deductions for your tax return
  • Tax due dates – If you’re self-employed like me and have to pay your own quarterly taxes
  • Track your income and spending

Click here for How to Keep Track of Spending Using a Weekly Planner!

This is my fail-proof method for how I keep track of my family’s finances in less than 5 minutes each day! I walk you through step-by-step where to write everything so that it’s nice and organized. And at the end of the month, you know down to the penny exactly how much money you’ve spent for that month.

graphic showing how to use your weekly planner to track expenses

*By the way… if you don’t have an Emergency Binder set up with detailed info on your usernames and passwords, online bank account log-in info, utility companies, etc. Then I NEED you to go read this post on The Emergency Binder – Why You Need One and What to Include!

I almost died from heart failure and sepsis at the age of 27, and I manage 100% of my family’s finances. If something ever happened to me, my husband would NOT know what to do… like he literally doesn’t even know the name of our mortgage company. So I created my Emergency “What If” Binder just in case!

Fun Stuff to Put in Your Planner

Planners don’t have to be all business! Here are some fun things to keep track of in your planner:

lady writing in a bullet journal with photographs scattered in the background
  •  New quotes that you read
  •  Parties and social events – Keep track of RSVPs to send and important details of social events such as time, location, attire, and where the guest of honor is registered.
  • Movies you want to see
  • Books you want to read
  • Schedules of your favorite tv shows
  • Titles of songs that you love
  • Netflix/Hulu/Amazon shows you want to watch – I’m currently watching Schitt’s Creek and New Girl, and I HIGHLY recommend them both!
  • Date night times and ideas
  • Recipes to try
  • New restaurants to try
  • Bucket lists – Places you want to visit or things that you want to do during the summer or holidays

You can visit this post for aFREE Holiday Bucket Listthat you can print out and add to your planner!

  • Blogs/podcasts you love
  • Memories – Cool/funny/inspirational things that happen to you that you don’t want to forget
  • Inspirational quotes that motivate you to get things done – Here’s the one that’s hanging over my desk: “Dreams don’t work unless you do”
  • Packing lists for upcoming trips
  • Photo-a-Day Tracker – If you love photography, you can find some great photo-a-day challenges on Google, and track them in your planner
  • Funny quotes to post on social media – Currently on my list: “I killed another plant… Lord help me if my kids grow roots and start photosynthesizing.” (Yup, that’s an original) 🙂
  • Gardening lists – Keep track of vegetable seeds that you plant so that you know what seeds to buy for next year
  • Brain dumps – Anything that you think of that you want to write down to get out of your head
  • Your wish list – Things you want to buy for yourself
pink planner open on top of desk next to laptop computer and cup of coffee

Health Stuff

  •  Daily water intake – Make sure that you’re drinking enough H20!
  •  Food and calories consumed each day – I have done this in the past to lose weight, and you would be amazed at how much better your diet is when you have to actually write down what you eat.
  •  Doctors appointments
  •  Pill or antibiotic tracking – Make sure you remember to take your birth control or antibiotics with a simple chart – This is especially useful if your kids are on antibiotics and you don’t want to rack your brain over if you’ve given them their dose yet.
  • Step counts – Keep track of the number of steps that you take each day to motivate you to walk more.
  • Bed times – Track your bed times in your planner to make sure that you are getting enough sleep each week.
  •  Weight – Trying to lose weight?  Track your daily or weekly weigh-ins in your planner to see how far you’ve come.
  •  Exercise – Let your planner hold you accountable! Keep track of exercise circuits to try – 15 burpees, 30 jumping jacks, 50 crunches…

These cute habit tracker sheets from Happy Planner are a great way to track self care habits:

Happy Planner open on a desk with a habit tracker sheet

Or, you can head to this post for some FREE Printable Habit Trackers! Plus, you’ll find 80+ ideas for what types of things you can track with a habit tracker!

free printable habit trackers

Household Stuff

  •  Menu planning – Plan ahead on meals that you will cook each night to eliminate the impulse to go out to eat.
  •  Grocery lists
  •  Pantry inventory
  • Fridge inventory
  • Freezer inventory
freezer inventory sheet with text overlay that says

You can grab my FREE Freezer Inventory Sheet HERE to put in your planner or hang on your fridge!

  •  Cleaning checklists – Daily, weekly, monthly
  • Lists of things to clean room-by-room
  •  Maintenance schedules – Keep track of when you need to change the air filters or when to expect the pest control man. Or, you can be super-organized and create a Household Maintenance Binder!
  • Car Maintenance – Use your planner to track when your car is due for an oil change, tire rotation, etc.
  •  Favorite recipes
  • DIY project ideas to try
  • Holiday Planning Stuff – Track gifts that you need to buy, Holiday events to attend, sales you want to catch for Black Friday, and Christmas cards that have been sent and received, and more!
pens in a rainbow of colors laying on top of a planner

Need new pens for your planner? I tried 12 different pens so you don’t have to! Check out the results here: The Best Pens for Planners

To-Do Lists

  •  Daily/Weekly/Monthly to-do lists
  •  Honey-do list


  •  Addresses and contact info for friends and family – Just in case your smartphone bites the dust!
  •  Contact info for Doctors/Dentists
  •  Emergency contact info
  • Contacts for people that perform services for you – Your planner is a great place to keep track of contact information for hairstylists, lawn care companies, maintenance people, etc. so that you always know who to call.

Personal Stuff

  •  Goals – Things that you want to accomplish each week/month
  •  Daily Affirmations
  •  Bible verses you love
  • Daily scripture readings or devotionals
  •  Website usernames/passwords
  •  Menstrual cycle – I can never remember the dates of mine when I’m asked by the Doctor 🙂
  • Things that you’re thankful for – And be sure to check out this post on How to Start a Gratitude Journal!
open journal on a table with the words
  • Information about different beauty products that you use – foundation colors, hair colors, favorite nail polish colors, etc.
  • Reasons why you love your husband – If your hubby does something sweet for you, write it down so that you can put it on your “I Love You Because” DIY memo board (this is also on my list of Creative Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Husband!)
picture frame with a handmade page inside that says

Kid Stuff

Keeping up with your kids can be hard! Why not use your planner to help remind you of all of the parties, field trips, homework assignments, and dentist appointments!

Here are some kid-related things to track in your planner:

  •  Kid’s activities/parties/extracurriculars
  • Contact information for your kids’ schools and teachers
  •  Due dates of school projects
  •  Special school events (Spirit Week, Picture Day, etc.)
  •  Major Milestones – First steps, first tooth, etc.- I wish that I would have started this earlier so that my kids’ baby books are more accurate!
  •  Funny things your kids say – Jot it down so you remember how hilarious your kids are (which could be useful when they’re working your last nerve!). One of my favorites from my kids: “I don’t believe in tooth fairy anymore, but I believe in the money.” Haha! Yes, my 9 year old still expects money from the tooth fairy even though she stopped believing in her months ago.
  •  List of kids’ chores
kids chore chart and chore cards laying on a table

You can also go to this post to see my snazzy Chore Charts for Kids and get a FREE printable of age-appropriate chores!

  • Growth tracker
  •  Kids’ allowance tracker – Giving your kids cash for allowance is so last year… and maybe not a good idea once you walk in to your daughter’s room to find her throwing around dollar bills like a middle-aged man at a strip club (don’t laugh… it happened to me!). So check out this post on the BEST Allowance Trackers for Kids to see what I use!
  •  Kids’ birthday/Christmas wish lists
  • Fun activities to do with your kids
open planner on a desk with colorful planner accessories

Tools to Help You Keep Track of Things in Your Planner

If you’re even going to attempt to use this big list of things to keep track of in your planner, then you’re probably going to need some help in the form of planner organization supplies.

It’s one thing to write something down in your planner, but it’s another thing to actually remember where in your planner you wrote it.

Here are some awesome planner supplies to help you use your planner to stay organized:

DIY Binder Dividers – A planner full of hundreds of papers is useless without binder divider tabs to help you find things easily. You can go HERE to see how to make your own DIY Binder Dividers with a free printable template!

DIY binder dividers in a binder

FREE Color-Coding Key for Planners – Click HERE to grab the FREE Printable and learn how to color code your planner by category!

half sheet of paper inside a planner that says

Colored Pens (affiliate) for Creating a Color-Coded System

Washi Tape (affiliate)

Planner Stickers (affiliate)

Divider Sticky Notes (affiliate)

And, there you have it!  A TON of fun and useful things to keep track of in your planner! 

What about you… how do you use your planner? What things do you keep track of? I’d LOVE to hear from you! Leave me a comment below!

And if you loved these planner tips, then check out some of my other posts on getting organized with a planner:

Promotional graphic with a black polka dot planner that says

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