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A residential HVAC system is a big investment, and yearly maintenance will prolong its life and keep it functioning efficiently. Every year, a licensed HVAC technician should visit Maple Falls homes to inspect systems for problems. Here, area homeowners will learn what to expect during an annual service call.

Meeting The Service Technician

When they arrive, the technician will come to the door and introduce themselves. Our technicians always arrive in vehicles with the company logo, and they wear uniforms with their first names prominently displayed. Every technician will provide his or her identification on request. With the homeowner’s consent, the technician will enter the home and ask where the circuit breaker and HVAC unit are located.

Indoor Evaluation

Once the company’s technicians find the breaker box and air conditioning unit, they’ll start the indoor part of the annual inspection. During the process, a tech will make several checks to ensure that the unit is operating at peak efficiency. They will:

  • Switch the unit on, listening for strange noises

  • Evaluate and test the system’s wiring, controls, and connections

  • Clean various parts, including the blower, motor, and its housing

  • Inspect the thermostat and test it for proper function, calibrating it if necessary

  • Ensure that the HVAC system is under the correct electrical load

  • Clean and inspect evaporator coils, drain lines, and drain pans

  • Measure the temperature of the air that comes out of the ducts

  • Check the ductwork for leaks

  • Ensure that the HVAC system is working according to manufacturer specifications

Count on the team at LaVergne’s Plumbing to provide the yearly services needed to keep residential HVAC units in great shape. Contact a team member today to book an appointment for yearly HVAC maintenance.

Outdoor Inspection

After they’ve finished the indoor inspection, the technician will evaluate the system’s outdoor components. Those parts of the system are just as crucial as the indoor air handler as far as the family’s comfort is concerned. During this time, the technician will:

  • Measure the refrigerant level and add more if needed

  • Check the AC compressor for signs of wear, tear, and damage

  • Inspect connections and wiring for damage

  • Clean the unit’s housing and condenser coil

  • Remove leaves, dirt, and debris from the area near the unit

  • Ensure the area around the unit is free of obstructions

Yearly service reduces the risk of system failure and helps homeowners find small problems before they become big and unmanageable. Call or click today to make an appointment.

Count On The Pros For Residential HVAC Service, Maintenance, And Repairs

Yearly HVAC maintenance is the best and most cost-effective way to protect the owner’s investment. While Maple Falls homeowners can schedule visits at any time, it’s best to do it during the fall or winter, as that’s when the demand for air conditioning service is low. Additionally, scheduling yearly maintenance provides homeowners with the reassurance of knowing that their heating and air conditioning units will keep them comfortable all year long. Heating and air conditioning services are available, request additional information by phone or contact the team online to schedule.

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