Spring Cleaning Explained

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Spring cleaning is that time of year when the cleaning ritual goes into high gear. Manufacturers use the opportunity to promote their cleaning products. Magazines, blogs, and numerous websites such as Fantastic Cleaners offer spring cleaning tips and different campaigns are launched to promote the ritual. The idea behind spring cleaning is to encourage people to clean those parts of the home that are often overlooked. The question is, who came up with spring cleaning, and is it really needed?

What Is Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning describes the thorough cleaning of the entire home, each room from top to bottom. The cleaning includes those areas that are not cleaned on a regular basis. Spring cleaning includes cleaning beneath carpets, furnishings, the ceiling, appliances, and other surfaces around the home. It also involves decluttering the rooms and getting rid of unused items. Many people use the opportunity to have garage sales where they can dispose of their unwanted items.

Spring Cleaning – The Origins

It is not clear where spring cleaning originated from. Most people believe that the ritual has its roots in several cultures. Researchers trace the ritual to ancient Jewish cultures where the home was cleaned in preparation for the feast of Passover.

Others suggest that spring cleaning has its roots in days when open fires were used to heat homes during winter. The airflow in the home, according to Country Living, was restricted, resulting in a large amount of soot and grime. When the weather changed, the fresh season called for cleaning of all the dirt that had accumulated over winter.

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Modern Day Spring Cleaning

Homes today are heated differently than in the past. They are also built with plenty of ventilation. Long gone are the open fires, to be replaced by clean central heating systems. This begs the question, is spring cleaning still necessary?

Cleanliness standards have improved over the centuries and most people find that their homes do not require the annual cleaning ritual. There are still others who claim that their work schedules do not leave time for spring cleaning. According to Vapor Clean, many homeowners hire professional cleaners to take care of all the cleaning.

Spring Cleaning & Technology

Advances in technology have led to changes in the spring-cleaning tradition. Images of a homeowner on their knees using a brush to scrub the floors are a thing of the past. Today, people use gadgets and modern solutions that make cleaning more convenient. Brushes, rags, and mops have been replaced by vacuum cleaners and other smart gadgets. People can perform cleaning tasks daily or weekly, which prevents the accumulation of dirt.

Spring Cleaning & Human Biology

Studies suggest that spring cleaning can be linked to human biology. People are less active during the cold winter months. They are also less motivated to perform any activities that require high energy. Lack of sunlight results in the production of higher amounts of melatonin.

This is the brain chemical responsible for inducing sleep. Feeling sleepy and less energetic usually means that the house is likely to get messier during winter. When spring comes round, the mind and spirit wake up from the melatonin-induced sleep.

When Does Spring Cleaning Begin?

There are different traditions when it comes to the start of spring cleaning. The cleaning can start anytime from the beginning of March to the end of April. Of course, many of us procrastinate, so you can start before the summer begins. Different cultures will usually have their traditions such as a spring cleaning day.

This is when neighborhoods gather to clean local parks and other common areas. Many places have spring cleaning week to promote the idea of thorough home cleaning. You can decide when your spring-cleaning day will be. Warm sunny days can make cleaning an enjoyable activity.

Is Spring Cleaning Really Needed?

It is easy to assume that your home is as clean as it can be. However, when was the last time you looked behind the bookcase or your large furniture? The inspection of the top of kitchen cupboards and a peek into the garage can reveal the need for urgent spring cleaning. Many people believe that spring cleaning is more than physical activity, it is also a mental exercise. Apart from refreshing the home, thorough cleaning can help to revive the spirits, signaling a new season.

Annual deep-cleaning presents the opportunity to deal with tasks that are usually overlooked in the winter months. The longer days and the sunlight streaming into the home are likely to highlight the dust you may have overlooked. On the bright side, you do not have to deal with soot on the walls and ceiling.

Sources: Fantastic Cleaners, Country Living, Vapor Clean.

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