Spring Roof Check Up Prior to Hurricane Season

Erin Browne

With recent news reports of construction pitfalls in Florida and hurricane season approaching, condominium owners considering roof repairs should take extra steps with request for proposals (RFPs.)

Advanced Roofing CEO Rob Kornahrens has taken pride over the past four decades to ensure the contracting industry provides key information for anyone considering pre-qualification steps towards their building construction. 

“To determine the highest level of ethics and ensuring that a contractor is providing full disclosure of previous work, there are at least ten questions that should be answered with every RFP,” explains Kornahrens. “In the weeks ahead, discovery associated with the Surfside tragedy is anticipated which is even more reason to take extra steps during vetting of contractors.”

Kornahrens offers the following recommendations before hiring a roofing contractor:

1. Ask about the company’s size and form of business organization (such as whether they are an LLC) along with how many years they’ve been in business?

2. Has the company or one of its officers ever filed for bankruptcy?

3. Determine the amount of general liability insurance held and bonding capabilities?

4. Are they providing emergency roof repair 24/7?

5. Is there a preventive maintenance program available with the ability to maintain and extend manufacturer’s warranties?

6. Discover their payment requirements to include if money is required upfront to start project?

7. Determine what hurricane/disaster program is in place, including national roofing contractors available to help with emergency repairs following a major event such as significant hurricanes?

8. Does the company provide a manufacturer’s labor and material warranty for a period of 20-years?

9. Ask for a list of trade associations which company has a membership and for how long?

10. Realize the lowest bid for your roofing project may not provide the best overall value proposition. Request an interview with the key management team that will be running your job. Always make sure to request three references.

“When the RFP relates to older buildings which are having planned roof replacements, organizations should be pro-active to make sure no stone is left unturned,” adds Kornahrens. “Floridians are especially aware of the consequences that are involved when the proper questions simply have not been asked during an RFP process.”

Kornahrens, a board member for the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) and RoofConnect, has served as CEO of Advanced Roofing for the past 37 years. His family business may be found at www.advancedroofing.com

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Spring Roof Check Up Prior to Hurricane Season

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