The appliance garage trend is the secret to a tidy kitchen

Erin Browne

It is easy to see why appliance garages are having a moment. These practical features allow you to conceal your appliances in an instant – so you can prioritize your kitchen’s aesthetic – without sacrificing your microwave or toaster. 

Unsurprisingly, appliance garages are making waves across the kitchen industry – and experts are rushing to bring this interior design trend into the chicest of spaces. And this movement isn’t going to go anywhere fast. Here’s what you need to know about the feature before you make the investment. 

What are appliance garages?

Appliance garage in a kitchen

(Image credit: Neptune)

As its apt name suggests, this feature is a ‘garage’ for kitchen appliances and other less attractive kitchen essentials. They are often built into the counter or pantry to create a seamless space. While this feature is not entirely new, it fell out of favor after appearing dated. However, appliance garages have had a revamp for 2022.

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