Tips for establishing or maintaining a healthy lawn

Erin Browne

Lawns are an important part of many functional, beautiful landscapes and provide a lot of enjoyment – especially for kids and pets and outdoor entertaining. But not all home landscapes need lawns, and there are many options for going turf-free.

For homeowners that wish to have a thick, healthy lawn but are starting from scratch or want to rejuvenate a stressed yard, late spring/early summer is a good time to plant bermuda grass seed and is also a good time to lay sod. Start with good soil preparation – turfgrass will establish much better and maintain a better appearance and stay healthier in the long run if the soil is loosened up and compost is tilled in before planting. But be sure to smooth and level out the soil before planting the seed or sod. Water lightly very frequently at first to help establish roots, then slowly reduce frequency and increase duration until one inch of water is applied no more than once per week.

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