Tips for keeping your home clean even if you have kids

Erin Browne

If you have children or share a home with them, then you know that keeping your space clean can be a tedious, never-ending task.

As difficult as it is to clean and keep your space neat with children constantly underfoot, it is not an impossible mission.

Here are some tips to keep your home spick and span, even if you have kids.

The more stuff you have, the harder it is to keep your house clean. Do you really need to keep every article of clothing, every toy and every baby bottle or sippy cup your child has had from birth to now? If not, why not donate to charity, have a garage sale, repurpose what you can and dump what can’t be used again? Yes, we hold on to certain things for sentimental reasons, but do you really need all of it? 

Teach your kids that there’s a place for everything and everything should always be in its place. Get them in the habit of contributing to keeping the home clean- pack toys up after play sessions, dirty clothes should be put in the hamper and not thrown on the ground and they can even help clean up some spills. If children know they’re required to help with the cleaning, they’re less likely to make big messes just for the heck of it. Establish cleaning routines. As your children grow, allow them to take on more responsibilities and teach them to develop cleaning routines of their own.

Children will be less inclined to pack away their clothes, books and toys if they’re unable to reach or open closet doors, storage containers and shelves. 

All it takes is one book, toy or any other knick-knack left lying around for your table or countertop to become clutter central. Keeping these spaces clear prevents clutter from accumulating where it does not belong.