We’re cleaning whizzes – 5 of the best hacks for spotless homes & how to get Tupperware looking brand new

Erin Browne

WITH spring cleaning season well underway, searches for cleaning tips and tricks have spiked in recent months.

Researchers at Casumo have turned to TikTok to find some of the best cleaning hacks to make your deep cleaning all the more easier.


Deep clean perfectly with these top tips from TikTokCredit: Casumo

Cleaning TikTok, or CleanTok as it’s become known, has racked up 36.7 billion views on the video sharing app, with people sharing their top tips, alongside clips of people creating rainbows with coloured bleach in their toilets.

How to get a fresh spring scent throughout your house

A top tip shared by @cleaningoutloud is how to get your entire house spelling nice and fresh, and no, it’s not scented candles, so you can be sure this won’t end with your curtains on fire.

Just pick your favourite scented cleaner and pour it in all your sinks and toilets, leaving it to sit for 30 minutes.

Then simply drain it away and your house will be smelling amazing – do this before any guests and become everyone’s favourite host.

How to clean stained Tupperware

Tupperware and plastic containers are some of the most stubborn items to clean, and not matter how much time you spend on it, it never seems to look truly clean.

Well, no longer with this life changing tip from @ultimatebykomi. All you need is to fill the Tupperware with washing up liquid, a paper towel, hot water and then shake the pot, empty out residue and you should be left with what looks like a brand new Tupperware container.

Cleaning dirt from the edges of your oven

We all know the struggle, you’ve finished cleaning the oven but there’s just some grime left in the corner that just won’t budge no matter what you do. 

Well now @cleanwithnessa is with a quick and easy tip that will have your oven looking good as new.

All you need to do is get a toothpick and fold it into a piece of kitchen roll, then use this to scrape the sides of your oven, removing all those small and stubborn bits of dirt.

Cleaning your walls

Cleaning the walls of your house is something that can be overlooked by many otherwise thorough cleaners, although those with young children will know just how dirty walls can truly get.

Cleaning influencer @tanyahomeinspo has a great method for cleaning walls, one that will also leave them smelling divine.

You’ll just need to combine disinfectant, water and bicarbonate of soda into a bowl and then use a roller to distribute the mixture around the wall.

Ditch fabric softener when washing towels

Self-proclaimed ‘Queen of Cleaning’ @vanesamaro91 reveals why you should stop using fabric softener when washing your towels.

 Instead you should use white vinegar, borax and oxiclean to remove any unnecessary odours whilst cleaning your towels.

 Fabric softener contains oils which repels water which latches onto towel fibres and makes them slippery, greasy and less absorbent. This will save your pennies and preserve your towels life-span!

Your entire house will look and smell completely fresh after following these amazing tips


Your entire house will look and smell completely fresh after following these amazing tipsCredit: Casumo


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