Attack The Opponent: University of Nevada – Reno Wolf Pack

Everybody okay after what happened last weekend at Air Force? I’m not sure I’ve ever been that wrong on a game prediction in my life. However, it’s time to act like we want our team to act, so now that the hangover is gone and Monday has arrived, it’s time to get back to work. Who better to take out our frustrations on than Reno?

Boise State and UNR have a long history together. The series started in 1971 with a Boise State win, but didn’t really become a year-in, year-out “rivalry” until 1979. As a whole, Boise is up in the series 26-13. It’s been all Boise State since 2001, with one exception in 2010. For some reason, I can’t at all remember what happened in that game. Hmm.


No, Calculon. None of us remember what happened in Reno 4 years ago. At all. Ever.

Last season, the Wolfies were kind of terrible. Their D was suspect and their offense, while prolific against most opponents, just couldn’t get going. So what is this years incarnation of the Pack like? Apparently made of magic. Because despite the fact that opponents are out gaining them in passing yards, first downs, and total yardage, Reno is still winning. Their only loss thus far was a squeaker to Arizona two weeks ago. The Wolf Pack coaches are attributing it to their defense “wanting it” more but that’s the answer of a group that has done no data analysis. I think that their run defense is spectacular. That is the only part of the defensive game where the Wolfie’s are out performing their opponent. Prior to Saturday, I would have thought that Boise State would just focus on the pass game to try to open up the ground for Ajayi, but now I’m not so sure. Nevada does only have 4 picks so far this season, so if Boise can avoid turning the ball over a billion times again…

A lot more has to do with where Boise ends up. Seeing Matt Miller step back onto the sideline in street clothes and a walking boot last week was nauseating. That one man is a third of Boise State’s offense. Boise State’s offensive line got their butts kicked by an AFA D-line that just was not physically big enough to be doing such things. Coach Huff, maybe we can stop riding the lightning and maybe attempt to Seek and Destroy? It also doesn’t help that Boise’s defensive backfield has been pretty much decimated by injury. So how healthy can the guys get in the next week? We know that our coaches will watch tape and make adjustments, but just how effective are adjustments going to be when we’re playing third stringers at LB against the guy who is arguably the most dangerous QB in our conference?

So instead of focusing on the unknown, we’ve got a week to fill with the most justified hate to hate on since the last time Idaho was on the schedule – Reno Hate.

Um, good job avoiding syphilis, alcohol poisoning, and mining accidents guys!

This is the week we need to hold a grudge. Our best bet is a supremely pissed off Bronco squad, trying to get a fresh start vs. a team that is obnoxious in every way. First, they’re from freaking Nevada, which is the armpit of the west. Unless you like thousands of miles of sagebrush broken up by dirty casinos, then it’s cool I guess. Reno is basically trashy Boise, like the awful neighbors that leave their Christmas lights up and functioning year round and use their front yard as a junkyard/urinal. Their head coach, Brian Polian, seems to have an issue with how Boise State’s new staff recruited last year, and was quite vocal about it.

“And, frankly, they’re going to look at me and say, ‘Who cares what he says? They’ve beaten us once in 10 years. And that’s fact.'” – Brian Polian, UNR HC

Pretty much, Brian. Pretty much.

So, what this all comes down to is I have no idea what is going to transpire in Reno this weekend, but I do know that Nevada is obnoxious, probably better talent-wise than Boise St. fans are giving them credit for, and has a lot to prove. They probably think the Broncos are in a perfect position to lose this weekend. I’ve got more faith in our players and coaches than that though, and would love nothing more than to see the boys in ANYTHING BUT ORANGE HELMETS go down to their silly little campus and whip the Wolf pack just to shut them up for one more year and get the Bronco’s winning ways back on track.

5 Stages of Grief – The Process After Air Force



A lot of fans might find themselves still in this stage, after all maybe today is Saturday? Maybe, the NCAA reviewed it and found something wrong and they need to replay the game? I mean, we couldn’t actually lose to a team like Air Force right? This is Boise State, this is the marquee “non-power 5″ team in the country. Nope, no way Boise State lost that game, I will just avoid the news and move on to next Saturday as if we won.

Unfortunately the reality of the situation is we lost, we lost badly. However, no matter how much I tell you this, it will be up to you the fan, to take the next step.



I saw a lot of this step last night, I personally hit it around the end of the 1st quarter. “No f’n way, Hedrick is going to do this again!”. “How hard is it to hang on to the BALL!”. “Hey Harsin, your boy is embarrassing you!”. And much like the .gif above, “No, NO, NO!!!”. That one probably took place after the 2nd or 3rd turnover, at this point it is hard to recall. However I do know Hedrick was the target of most my anger and if we enter the game against Reno with the same QB…. Well, I just can’t really think about that without throwing something right now.



If we just would have put in Finley sooner… Or maybe if we didn’t have so many injuries, then of course we win. None of this would have happened if we just would have (insert a bargaining chip here). Remember, it is only natural to think there is something Boise State could have done to prevent this. However, sometimes the world just doesn’t align the way we planned.



“Will Boise State ever be great again?” “Now I know what if feels like to be a Vandal all the time.” These are pretty normal reactions & feelings to such a devastating defeat. Just remember, there is always another game, another season, and the future to look forward to. Until then however, we all understand if you need to spend some time with your best friend Jack Daniels for awhile.



This is the step I am in at this point, I have come to accept it. After all, we or at least I expected some challenges this season. Was that challenge a lose to Air Force, no, not even close to that. But with a new staff come new challenges, new systems, and a new future. Boise State has a long climb back to the top but that doesn’t mean we can’t save this season. Making it to the Mountain West Championship certainly just got a lot harder. But the Mountain Division is not exactly full of deep, talented teams. If Boise State can find  a way to regroup vs Reno, anything is possible. The “access bowl” is gone, and playoffs were never really an option to begin with. So Bronco fans hopefully can rally with this team and find optimism in the little things. The future is still there to be attacked, let’s get together and support a team who obviously could use it.

Go Broncos, and remember….


This Week at the Diggity’s – Week 5 (Respect Their Service, Expect Our Win!)

Another week, another fun-filled version of TWatD’s. It’s full of angry happiness, personal insight, and just a bit of #HamPlanet amazingness. Besides learning the fact that our cat, Mojo, doesn’t like hash browns (I dropped some on the ground.), it’s been a great week here in Bronco Nation West.  We hope you had a great week too!

Credit - Boise State

Credit – Boise State

I was watching the Indiana/Missouri game and they brought up the total yardage stats. Both teams were at 387 yards. The commentator says “You can’t get any more equal than that”. Do you think so, genius?…Holy Moses! Wisconsin had 644 yards rushing against Bowling Green. That’s the most in the B1G since 1930. Did BGSU even have a defense on the field at all?…I love Boise State’s defense tonight. The offense is doing okay. Coach Harsin will have them doing up-downs and running sprints all Monday for being so sloppy. After the game, Hars looked shark-angry!I listened to the post-game presser and totally expected angry Coach. I’m sure the team gets Angry Coach Monday….Here’s my Saturday rundown for this week – Virginia Tech/Georgia Tech, Georgia/Troy, Texas A&M/SMU, Utah/Michigan, Alabama/Florida, BYU/Virginia, Indiana/Missouri, Miss St/LSU, Washington/Georgia St, Clemson/FSU, Vanderbilt/South Carolina, Nebraska/Miami, Boise State/Louisiana-Lafayette, & Oregon/Washington St. Not as much as last week but only because I was gone for 3 hours….I just saw a Southwest Airlines commercial where they claimed to “invent” low fares. If that’s the case, then you also “invented” crappy service and even worse boarding procedures. Good on you, Southwest….I hope no one gets offended but couples with combined Facebook profiles make me throw up in my mouth a little. Is there a trust issue there? Can you not do things on your own? Give me some insight here!…Congrats to Jay Ajayi for winning Mountain West Conference Player of the Week for the second time this season. He’s touched the ball enough to win it every week for the rest of the season….


Credit – Boise State










Really Stephen Tulloch? You tore your ACL celebrating a sack in the 3rd week of the season? You didn’t win the Super Bowl. It was a game in September….And then there’s the story about the 3-breasted woman. Jasmine Tridevil wants to be famous but got boob numero 3 so men wouldn’t be attracted to her anymore. Although that does make you really weird, guys won’t be attracted to you because you’re dumb…

This was only cool in the original "Total Recall". Right, Arnold?

This was only cool in the original “Total Recall”. Right, Arnold?

Arby’s is going the way of Carl’s Jr. to sell sandwiches. Please stop asking if “the meat scares me”, okay?….I’m not a big fan of horror movies. And “Annabelle” looks horrible. But the commercials scare the crap out of me. I’m a scaredy cat, I’ll admit it. That’s why it took almost until the third season was over to even watch “The Walking Dead”….What exactly is a top-shelf enchilada, Chili’s? You can’t steal alcohol’s thunder….We watched the series premiere of “Gotham” and I think I’m already hooked. I didn’t want it to end and now I’m stoked for the next episode. It was crazy good….We just passed the 20th Anniversary of me getting out of the U.S. Army. I’m flabbergasted about how fast two decades go by. Also, I’m ultra-appreciative of what current service members are doing now. I didn’t have to deal with any of the things that they have to….I drove past the county health department and the electronic reader board said, “Breast milk is….the best milk”. I don’t know why it made me laugh so much. Probably because there was no context preceding it….Oh silly CW. Trying to cash in on the superhero thing with “The Flash”. When are you going to do an Aquaman series? The Flash is about the least interesting superhero on the planet.  Great. You can run fast. So can Usain Bolt.


I know we’re playing Air Force and “Top Gun” is about Navy aviators but….



Maverick: Mustang, this is Maverick, requesting fly-by.

Air Boss Johnson: Negative, Ghost Rider. The Pattern is full.

Enjoy your week.  Stay happy!

BTN Predictions Week – 5: At Air Force

Heath - I have sat here on my computer every week feeling comfortable about the game. Even against Ole Miss, I was comfortable knowing any outcome was possible. Before Air Force, I sit here with a feeling of confusion. This week has gone by and fans and media have basically enjoyed a nice vacation. Air Force just does not evoke emotion and predictions like other games. For me, I think this game will be a blowout, I am going 42-13. My better judgement says the score should be closer, like 33-21. But I am going to keep predicting we score over 40 points until it happens. This team has what it takes to be an offensive juggernaut, question just remains can they reach that potential?

Noel - It’s that time again.  You know, when the Broncos face the dreaded triple-option of Air Force.  It’s one of the games that I have a love/hate relationship with. It’s tough to prep for with only one week and it could be a trap game no matter what our record is. I was at the Air Force game last year and it was frustrating to watch.  That could have been a mix of the offensive funk the team seemed to be in and the complexity of defending the option though.  I am not as worried this year.  I feel like we have a decent linebacker corps this year and that makes a big difference.  Jay goes for 150, Grant throws for 250, and Demas gets close to 100 too.  Broncos win, 41-21.

Tami – Playing Air Force is nerve-wracking normally, let alone at a place BSU has never played before. The weather forecasts look clear and warm, the Broncos are probably as ready as they’re going to be for the option attack that is coming their way, and it feels like the offense is doing good things more consistently. AFA so far has played Wyoming as their only conference opponent, and managed to lose. Wyoming hasn’t put more than 20 points on anybody so far this season. I think Boise’s defense is going to shut down the Falcon RB with the most yards in the conference so far, and the Jay Train is going to show the flyboys exactly what shock and awe looks like. I think the Broncos beat both the Falcons and the spread (+13) this week, final score 38-14.

Derek – I am really not sure what to expect in this one. I am not too worried about our Defense stopping Air Force as It seems like Marcel Yates really wants to show what he can do against the triple-option.  The offense appears to be getting better every week and is getting close to putting it all together. There are two things that do concern me with this match-up:  playing in a new, unique environment, and the fact that going back to last year we rally have not performed well on the road.  I think our defense dominates again, but our offense takes a step a back on the road in a strange environment.  I am going Boise State 27-13

Gage From the simple fact that Air Force is very good at running the ball and BSU is equally good at stopping the run, there’s intrigue. If the Broncos defense can perform at a high level and continue to tackle sufficiently, I see us running away with it. I especially would expect a blow out if the Broncos are able to start fast. Air Force is not known for their prolific passing attack, therefore if the Broncos are able to manufacture quick points and put Air Force in early deficit the final score will be in the Broncos favor. Triple-option playbooks are tricky and highly deceptive though, so don’t be shocked if this is closer than some expect. Broncos 45 – Air Force 20

Boise State & Air Force After The Game (2013)

In a world where the negative seems to stand out, things like this often go unnoticed. In one of the better traditions in college athletics, Boise State joins with Air Force after the game in 2013 on “The Blue”. I was lucky enough to get this video as I was sitting next to the Air Force section last season.

Go Broncos! Respect Air Force.