BTN Predictions: San Jose State

Predictions-LogoDerek – That bad, rumbling feeling I have in my stomach is either from gorging myself with Turkey or the feeling Boise State football has given me from the past two weeks.  Either way, a little afternoon football on the couch should solve the problem.  Everything about this game should play into the Broncos hands:  San José’s horrible rush defense, a pro-style offense that our D is great at stopping, a short week (and long travel to and from Hawaii) for the Spartans, oh and it’s not on The Blue™ (ouch). I think this will be a bounce-back game for our team, and if they are not motivated after the past two weeks, then they never will be.  Broncos win big.  Boise State 47 San Jose 17

Noel – I missed last week but I’m pretty sure I would have picked the Broncos. This week, I’m also going to pick the Broncos. I think this is an “easier” game for the defense because there isn’t assignment football going on. I think the D makes a stand. Hopefully, Brett will have a stellar game, the McWeapon will go off, and Sperbeck gets a record or two. We’ll go with Boise State 52 San Jose State 20

Tami – Going with my gut here – this is going to be closer than anybody thinks. The Broncos have had this way of playing to their opponent that has been infuriating, and just like defending the triple option poorly, the reason behind it seems to be made of magic and riddles. The Broncos are still a target, and everybody wants their shot. However, Boise State is still going to Boise State and the speed gap alone should be enough to win comfortably. Broncos – 42 Spartans  28

Josh – I had a bad feeling about last week’s game so for the first time I predicted a loss, sadly to come true. Not this week. Boise is more than overdue for their comeback game and I feel good it will be their last regular season game against San José State. They have the #1 pass defense in the NCAA so McNichols will have to carry a big load of the offense. Defense will try to limit big plays against the #3 passing offense in the MW but of course we will still see 1-2 explosive plays – I really hope they fix this in the off-season. Broncos get the win to finish their season and get momentum going into their bowl game. Late scores by Boise skew the score. Let’s pray and hope they aren’t actually going to use the triple option, at least not effectively. Boise State 41 SJSU 17

Jonathan- There is no way Boise loses 3 straight….right? If you would have asked me about this game before the season I would have put Boise 40-50 points over San José. But after seeing what this season had in store for us I’m not so sure. Our boys still have a lot to play for, we may not be headed to the Fiesta Bowl or a championship game but there is still pride. I think the Broncos need to go into this game and find themselves, they need to dig deep and play for pride. There is a reason every one of these guys picked Boise State instead of other schools offers. Whether it was Boise’s winning atmosphere or the blue-collar attitude of the players and community, they need to play for that. There is no doubt that this team is really good, there is loads of talent on both sides of the ball.
I believe the Broncos will figure it out. I think the offense will start clicking this week and carry it into the bowl game and onto next season. San José will put up a good fight as they are looking to head to a bowl game with a win but the Broncos will edge them out. To much McNichols for San Jose to handle. (Still this bad feeling in my gut though)
Boise State 31 San Jose 20

Well, That Escalated Quickly! Boise State v. (3) Michigan State Spartans in Wooden Legacy Tournament

Yesterday, Boise State men’s basketball beat out UC Irvine, 71-64, in the first round of the Wooden Legacy Tournament. Anthony Drmic had 21 points in the Broncos winning effort, and Boise State, while playing slightly streaky at times, was able to allow Nick Duncan to establish on the outside and add 14 points. They looked balanced, but did get in some foul trouble.

Today, at 3:30 Mountain on ESPN2, the Broncos run up against the number 2 team in the country in the Michigan State Spartans. (Today is Double Spartan Friday, apparently!)

Michigan State’s win over Boston College yesterday was Coach Tom Izzo’s 500th victory, and was also an offensive death machine. They’re the favorite to win the tournament, and for good reason. Guard Denzel Valentine got a triple double, scoring 29 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists, and he is not the only weapon on this team.

The Spartans are clicking. Boise State hasn’t really shown a complete game yet. Hopefully, today is the day, and Boise State is ready to go defeat the undefeated. Go Broncos!

Bronco Feedbag: San Jose State

feedbagFeedbag is pretty easy this week.

Being that today is the day after Thanksgiving, all of your menu items have been prepared, they just need to be re-assembled in new and exciting ways! Turkey sandwiches! Stuffing Sandwiches! Mashed potato sandwiches! Lemon pie sandwiches!

For your beverage choices hopefully you still have some sort of beer sampler pack type of assortment in your fridge, or a few ounces of vodka, rum, or whiskey left in each bottle.  If not, there is always that half-drank bottle of white zinfandel that your aunt brought over!

Be sure to pace yourself today – we have football at 1:30 and basketball at 3:30!

Happy tablegating! Go Broncos!

This Week at the Diggity’s – 2015 Episode 13 (Lucky Number/Black Friday)

There haven’t been too many must win games over the past 15 years for Bronco Nation but I dare say that this is one of them. The Broncos are already bowl eligible and have clinched a winning season so that’s not a big deal. The thing is, the kids need some confidence back. It’s been forever since the team has lost back-to-back home games so it’s disheartening. And, Bronco Nation is getting a bit Bravo Sierra Charlie (hit me up on Twitter if you don’t know what that means) about it too. It’s an uncharacteristic year. I guess that’s the base of it.

UniCombo1127In case you haven’t noticed, or if you even cared, I haven’t done a “This Week at the Diggity’s” in a few weeks. Not that I haven’t wanted to. Just been a bit busy. I also put myself in Twitter timeout after the loss to New Mexico. I don’t really want to get into why, though… I don’t think I’ve ever been so frustrated with a Boise State team. They have such great potential and they showed it earlier in the season. Now, the team seems so undisciplined with no real urgency to get better. I turned off the gameCongratulations to Allie Ostrander for finishing 2nd at the NCAA Cross Country Championships. She is only a freshman! Bronco Nation is proud of you!


Jason Hatcher of the Washington Redskins thinks that his team is being shafted by the referees because of the team name. Umm…maybe play defense and your team wouldn’t suck? That’s what I would try instead of blaming other factors… The joke of the week came at the Broncos’ expense. San Jose State Head Coach Ron Caragaher said about this week’s game: “We’re putting in the triple option for Friday.” That’s a Rob Akey-like one-liner. It’s ok, Bronco Nation, our defense has been a joke over the past couple of weeks… This week in bowl predictions: the ESPN guys Mark Schlabach and Brett McMurphy have the Broncos in the Poinsettia Bowl against Western Michigan and the Potato Bowl versus Akron, respectively. CBS Sports’ Jerry Palm echoes the Western Michigan tilt in the Poinsettia BowlCongrats to the Broncos for picking up a verbal from Cedrick Wilson, Jr. He’s a JUCO wide receiver out of Coffeyville Community College in Coffeyville, Kansas… Poor Blaine Gabbert. Not only does he have to be the 49ers quarterback but no one comes to his press conferences. In his defense, the team didn’t have him on the media schedule so no one showed up. But, it did look rather sad… The games I watched this week were: East Carolina/UCF, Lousiana-Monroe/Texas State, Air Force/Boise State, Michigan/Penn State, Georgia Tech/Miami, North Carolina/Virginia Tech, USC/Oregon, LSU/Ole Miss, UCLA/Utah, Michigan State/Ohio State, Mississippi State/Arkansas, Baylor/Oklahoma State, TCU/Oklahoma, Cal/Stanford, and Colorado/Washington State… I’m sorry, NBC, but there’s no part of me that wants to watch “The Wiz”.  Don’t be mad though. I didn’t watch “The Sound of Music” either.

We need something to uplift Bronco Nation for the song of the week. I think this will do!

I know it’s been a tough one, Bronco Nation, but we are a strong bunch. Keep the faith and don’t hop off the bandwagon yet. Coach Harsin is going to continue the greatness at Boise State. We hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving. From the full Diggity family, have a wonderful holiday season! And, as always, remember to spread kindness like confetti. – The Diggitys

BTN Superlatives: San Jose State


Alright Boise State fans, this is the last game of the regular season. Here’s to hoping they can really turn things around for Bronco Nation’s sake.

These are the awards for the team Boise State faces this Friday, the…San Jose State Spartans

#70 DT Trevor Bloom

Most likely to be sunburned by the moon

#72 OT Wes Schweitzer

Friendliest guy in prison


Andre Chachere #21 CB Andre Chachere

Most likely to use a lampshade as hair



Dakari Monroe #19 DB Dakari Monroe

Vote for Pedro

#86 DE Christian Hill

Most likely to be a member of the AARP


#6 QB Joe Gray

Least likely to be named Joe Gray


#91 DE Lukas Hendricks

Most likely to be named Joe Gray


#18 TE Billy Freeman

“Shiver me timbers”

#57 DT Nate Falo

The love child of Darian Thompson and Justin Taimatuia

Go BRONCOS! Beat the Spartans! ATF