This Week at the Diggity’s – Offseason Episode 3 (I’m Off My Game, Too)

Another week, another fun time with the Diggitys. You know, that means it’s closer to National Letter of Intent day.  And that’s the next bit of Bronco Excitement so get ready for that. After that it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump until spring practice and the spring game.  Year two of the Harsin Era has me on the edge of my seat.

I know I’ve been a proponent for the College All-Star games as being “still college football” but I just wasn’t interested this time around. College football is over… Does the “Rainy Days/Back in Black” Chevy commercial have to be on during EVERY commercial break?… Can the Seahawks be any more lucky than they were in the NFC Championship? They may have to be against the Patriots. Super Bowl XLIX will be an amazing game (I hope)… Congratulations to Derrick Marks and Brooke Pahukoa for winning the MWC Player of the Week for both Men’s and Women’s  basketball. Our basketball teams were awesome last week… So, something new this week. I’m now an ordained minister. Our daughter, Kristen, asked me to do it so I can perform her wedding ceremony this summer. Get ready for the Bronco Nation version of Jim & Tammi Faye Bakker. You know, without the makeup, crying, and infidelity. Ok, Mrs. Diggity wants the makeup… President Obama visited Bronco Nation this week. I’m sorry I missed it. Presidents happen. The opportunity to see one speak in person may not… I’m irritated with this DeflateGate thing. Cheating is cheating and shouldn’t be tolerated. That being said, do you really think the PSI of the footballs could have helped out the Colts’ defense? 45 points is no joke… Partying hard can age you. Need proof? The members of Mötley Crüe look almost as old as the members of the Rolling Stones… Apparently, a man in Colorado has filed suit against the NFL for Dez Bryant’s non-catch against the Packers. He’s seeking $88+ BILLION for the emotional toll on The Cowboys and their fans. You should have filed this suit a long time ago if it’s about emotional distress… I mentioned to Mrs. Diggity that you could be called an award-winning songwriter if you wrote a song in 7th grade and won an award for it. She said I was weird for even thinking of it that way… Because I have a bitter taste in my mouth about buying the PPV of Tyson/Holyfield II, I’m glad that the UFC and Fox have some big names on occasionally.

The song of the week is simply just a song I like. I guess that’s what happens when you get to write the column.


I’m sorry that this was a day late. You know, I try my hardest. The offseason is tough on everyone.  Enjoy your week!

This Week at the Diggity’s – Offseason Episode #2 (Go Broncos! x2)

So, we made it through the first little bit of the offseason. Do you know what made it better? We got a couple of “GO BRONCOS!” this week. If that doesn’t make you feel better, I’m not sure what will. Isn’t Bronco Football exciting again? It is for me. Enjoy the blabbering…

I don’t know if I hate the Patriots or Ravens more. Can I root for the referees? They did get the win Dallas last week, you know… I will never win a trip to the Super Bowl. It’s not that I’m not awesome. You all know that. I just don’t have a “trip-worthy” inspirational story. It’s just that simple… Tough losses for both the Men’s & Women’s basketball teams today. Wyoming has the men’s team’s number and A-A is a tough barn to play in. The women seem to be doing well. Just a slip up… Hey! We know Jacksonville drafted a punter before Seattle drafted Russell Wilson. Guess what? Wilson would be 1/2 dead by now if he went to J’ville. And a punter seemed to fit the Jags offensive scheme anyways… Alright. I’m pretty much done with the “love” McDonald’s commercials. You’re not here to make the world a better place. You’re here to feed junk food to fat people like me. Your fries are godly though… I don’t have a dog in the fight but I feel kind of sorry for Cowboys fans. That may have been a blown call. The big thing is deciding on what is or isn’t a catch. Can you work on that, competition committee?… Having Ving Rhames yell at me about Arby’s will not get me to go to Arby’s. He is the American Robin Leach with that voice… What this nation needs is…well I’m not sure. But what we don’t need is a SpongeBob movie… It’s amazing how many people are saying that they picked Ohio State to win this game with no credible evidence of doing so. I picked Oregon. They’re losing 21-10 at halftime… Meh. The Ducks could never pull it together and Urb added a touchdown in the final minute. The Buckeyes win the 1st College Football Playoff Championship Game, 42-20…



It’s good to see the Men’s Basketball team get the overtime win over UNLV. Starting 0-4 in conference play would have been disastrous. 1-3 is bad still… In other Bronco news, the football team finished the season ranked #16 in the Amway Coach’s Poll. Not bad for a team that started 3-2… In a recent Papa John’s commercial, Peyton Manning jokes that Joe Montana only shows up for the playoff special. But it’s true. Joe does show up during the playoffs. Peyton on the other hand… There is a show on Discovery called “Big Giant Swords”? Seriously? It can’t be all that interesting. It just can’t be… “School employees in Alabama were accused or convicted of sex crimes with students more frequently than in any other state on a per capita basis in 2014, according to records compiled by a former chief of staff of the U.S. Department of Education.” Just let that sink in… Call me crazy but I think Randy Johnson should go into the Hall of Fame as a Seattle Mariner and not as a Diamondback.

And, because it’s all we’ll have soon, the song of the week is…

Doesn’t Kurtis look surprised? EYES WIDE OPEN


At the time I’m writing this, Boise State Men’s Basketball is 12-6 and Women’s is 12-4. Take care everyone.  Enjoy your week and make every moment a Bronco Moment!

This Week at the Diggity’s – Offseason Episode #1 (Into the Abyss)

Sorry about the lack of a column last week. I got caught up in holiday festivities and basically that’s my only excuse. It’s been a busy week for Bronco Nation. A Fiesta Bowl win, Jay Ajayi leaving for the NFL (we knew that was coming), & Mike Sanford not leaving to be the OC at Ohio State (thank goodness).  Now we wait. We’re in the great void between the end of the season and Letter of Intent day.  Hold on, Bronco fans.  We’ll be ok.

Great job to the Broncos for winning the Fiesta Bowl. I had no doubts but I was worried just a little bit



The wifey and I decided to catch the premiere of “Worst Cooks in America” There is a guy on the show that has six fingers on his left hand. I tweeted about it. I wasn’t rude or anything but that guy favorited my tweet. I don’t know if I’m horrified or not… I woke up Sunday morning and heard that Stuart Scott had died. I don’t really have an inspirational story as to why he meant so much to me but I honestly bawled my eyes out. It hurt me like it did when Tony Gwynn died…  I wouldn’t be a good chef because my knife skills are dangerous. Not to others. To me. I’m surprised I have fingers left… We tried quinoa for the first time. It looks kind of odd and tastes like nothing. So it’s obviously healthy… It looks like someone has started a petition on to change the state bird of Oregon to the mallard duck. The beaver is already their state animal. I wonder when TVCC will want the chukar to be considered… Jimmy Fallon had puppies predict who the National Championship Game winner would be. One of the pups peed in the Ohio State bowl of food. I think, by default, Oregon wins (the majority of puppies chose UO)… Degree has a “dry spray” now. What exactly is a dry spray? That seems to me like its nothing but a can of air with a scent. You’re paying for nothing, people!… I’m not the biggest Oregon fan (or not one at all) but I think they are too fast tempo-wise for Ohio State. I think the Buckeyes used all their juju to beat ‘Bama. The Ducks win the Natty, 45-20… Two of my favorite shows are back on now, “Archer” and “Portlandia”. The humor is absolutely different on both shows but I appreciate it just the same.

I usually use the song of the week to suggest how we should feel.  I think the song this week is a pretty good representation of that. We’ll make it through the offseason just fine.  Only 4 months until spring ball.

I’ll try to keep a consistent weekly column going even though football season is over.  We do have our basketball teams going and both should be doing well.  There should be Bronco news abound, right?  Have a great week.  If you can’t wait to get some Diggity’s vitriol, follow us on Twitter:

Fiesta Bowl Legacy – In Photos

We are lucky as fans, we have seen 3 of the best Fiesta Bowls any fan base could hope for. Not to mention, we have won all 3 of them. Here are pictures from each game to relive these historic moments.

QB Fiesta Legacy

2007: Zabransky 2010: Moore 2014: Hedrick

Legacy RB Fiesta

2007: Johnson 2010: Martin 2014: Ajayi

WR Fiesta Legacy

2007: James 2010: Young 2014: Sperbeck

DB legacy Fiesta

2007: Tadman 2010: Thompson 2014: Deayon

Coach Fiesta Legacy

2007 & 2010: Petersen 2014: Harsin

Celebration Fiesta Legacy

Why This One Was Special – The Coaches Bleed Blue

635523439815040361-USP-NCAA-FOOTBALL-BOISE-STATE-AT-WYOMING-68949140Take out the records, take out the stats, take out the implications for the program. Seriously take all of those things out, and this one is still special. Perhaps even more so than the previous two Fiesta Bowl wins. Before this season however I would have never even thought that possible. Then, I rushed the field, I heard Harsin speak after winning the MWC Championship game, and it all started to line up. This season really meant everything to this program. And maybe to the outside world this is just another bowl game, another moment Boise State upset the big boys. But when you listened to Bryan Harsin on the mic after winning another Fiesta Bowl, you knew this one was special for a lot of different reasons. This game keeps Boise State relevant yes, it keeps Boise State in the discussions for all those important topics like expansion, and playoffs. But more than that, this was a win by a bunch of guys and coaches who truly “bleed blue”.

After the game was over on TV, I quickly went to my car to listen to the post game show. I am glad I did, because everything I was starting to believe about this game, this win, was solidified when Mike Sanford was interviewed by Bob Behler. The emotion that ran throughAnne-Marie-Sanford-2014-3-425x425 his words was palpable, his tears of joy noticeable, even on the radio. He stated it made him proud to sing HIS fight song, to represent the school that “made him a man”. It was these words, this emotion, this understanding that very well might have saved a program. These coaches instilled the values that make Boise State special. From day 1, this coaching staff knew that to be a Bronco, you have to work hard, have that blue collar mentality, and earn everything that is presented to you. This is a program that has continued to rise despite all the odds, and this game, this season was no different. That is why this game was so pivotal, why this win matters so much, why these coaches are so important, and why this Fiesta Bowl win is so special.

Congratulations players, coaches, and Bronco Nation! Have a Happy New Year, and enjoy the win!