This Week at the Diggity’s – 2015 Episode 2 (The Waiting….)

We only have two more weeks.  TWO.  And it’s a fortnight that will seem like forever just like this off-season has seemed. But, there’s the light at the end of the metaphoric tunnel.  That light is the University of Washington game.  We can’t wait! But we have to.

In a couple of weeks, I’ll be rushing through Sunday to get stuff done because I’ll have been busy all Saturday watching college football. Today, I was just lazy… So first Darrell Hammond and now Norm MacDonald – Kentucky Fried Chicken is “plucking” Saturday Night Live alumni to play Harland Sanders. He’s dead. You can’t bring the Colonel back… Has anyone noticed that the mom in the Pizza Rolls commercial makes 6 Pizza Rolls for a whole group of people. Stop being so damn stingy mom! More Pizza Rolls Please! (This is by no means an endorsement of Pizza Rolls by Blue Turf Nation)… So, Stephen A. Smith thinks that Tiger Woods is embarrassing himself by playing golf. This coming from a guy who embarrasses himself whenever he opens his mouth? Puhleeeeeez… $56 Million in the first weekend for “Straight Outta Compton” plus a bunch of great reviews? You can’t ask for anything better for a gangsta rap biopic… Since we live here in Cheney, Washington Eugene, Oregon, we are getting to hear Vernon Adams’ name a lot. I Twitter-wondered, about EWUs red unis on their red field. I got a response…

EWU Response

EWU Response

After Amazon was taken down in a New York Times article about the treatment of employees, how wonderful is it that NBC Nightly News decided to look in to the story? You know, by interviewing ex-executives. Also known as the people who aren’t on the front lines.  Way to show the real workers, NBC… I’m so happy that Tracy Morgan will be hosting an episode of Saturday Night Live this Fall. A truly miraculous recovery… Hey, James Harrison! Do what you want with your kids. That’s cool.  I feel like younger kids need motivation to continue to participate. That’s why you give them gold stars for going pee-pee in the potty, right?… So, there’s a new “women’s Viagra” called Addyi. It kicks in after 28 days of use and you average 1 more sexually satisfying event  per month. Income equality now has competition (not seriously but, seriously?)… It’s unfortunate that Jared Fogle did the things he did but he wasn’t making sandwiches folks. Boycotting Subway for someone’s private acts (wrong as they are) is like boycotting the oceans because of sharks (Mrs. Diggity boycotts sharks, though)… Congratulations to Shane Williams-Rhodes on being named to the Earl Campbell Tyler Rose Award watch list for this year… Apparently, Paul Petrino is angry. Really angry. His target? The media it seems. Does he turn into a gold/silver/black Joe Vandal-Hulk hybrid?…

Brian Williams Reporting

Brian Williams Reporting

Dear Dezmyn Trent, Please learn from this and succeed in life. Thank you for your time here. Love Always, Bronco Nation… This whole thing with Sam Ukwuachu is getting way out of hand. Who cares what the coaches said? It’s not about that. It’s about a young man who did something very bad and it’s about the victims. He needs help. The victims need help. Coaches Pete and Briles don’t need any help… Finishing on a happy note – great job by the Boise Police/Boise State Football in providing an amazing experience to Officer Rashid. That’s how you improve a community.

Mrs. Diggity “Quote of the Week”: In reference to a certain picture and a Donald Trump haircut – “I wonder if you can Elvis your penis man parts?” The app in question had nothing to do with man parts.  Just putting Trump hair on pics.

The toughest thing about knowing football season is coming soon is waiting for that football season to start. So the song of the week is…

Have an amazing week! Stay positive. Spread kindness like confetti!

Re-evaluating Fandom

Fiesta Bowl 2014 Photo by Patrick SweenyAs football fans, we evaluate everything constantly. Data and discussion, websites, gambling, tv networks, billions of dollars, furor and noise. Around public schools and young men playing a game with a ball. Today’s news of current Baylor (former Boise State) player Sam Ukwuachu has been hard to process. The idea that Chris Petersen could have possibly cut an ill, violent, and suicidal kid loose and didn’t give Baylor a heads up is sickening. We don’t know the details (yet) and probably won’t (for a while), because this is going to be fought in court unless a lot of people who are used to getting their way start admitting difficult things publicly.

During the furor of twitter updates and rage against a system so broken that it allowed a woman’s very identity to be wiped away for the sake of having an All-American DL to shore up the line for next season, I started to evaluate, again, for the millionth time, just why I stay a fan of this sport.

Football can be a violent, stupid game. At the worst times, it’s a soul-sucking shrine to greed and injustice. Every time someone cheats, every time someone takes advantage of their fame or their association to the team to get away with a crime or take advantage of others, every time an assault or worse is covered up in connection with police and the athletic department, it’s disturbing. It makes me rightfully question whether I can keep pouring my time, energy, and love into a game as an institution that could seemingly not care any less dispassionately about anything but winning and cash. Football is a game played by tough, dangerous men. You know, the kind with cheesy smiles running expense accounts of the non-profit entities known as bowl games to live like royalty at great cost to young people who destroy their bodies and sometimes minds in exchange for an education.

At the best times, football can be intoxicating. When played well, it’s a beautiful dance of timing, skill, and power played to the musical pop of the pads and the screams of the faithful. When the lights are on, the band is playing, ESPN is in town, and the boys in blue are throttling some poor schmucks, it’s easy to get caught up in the joyfulness of it all. To ride the adrenaline rush of the imperfect beauty of this sport is beyond description. Everyone that calls themselves a fan fell in love at a different point. It doesn’t even matter which epic moment was the catalyst. There are hundreds of those moments across the country every season and that is why we watch and cheer on young men trying to turn themselves into heroes. Because sometimes they come out, make a ballsy call against a team that they should lose to, and run Statue. Then the running back proposes to one of the cheerleaders and a guy with a microphone ruins the moment. Because sometimes the kick is wide and heartbreak becomes painfully, agonizingly real. Football is played by driven, amazing young men. The kind that suit up and go out every day just to have a chance.

Outside of the extremes, football is a wonderful microcosm of humanity. No one has ever truthfully claimed that life was fair for everyone. We’re a stupid, messy lot. We make mistakes and break things all the time. We make poor choices and are victims of circumstances that we didn’t create, but have a drive to find a way to keep living despite the incredible odds of us being alive at all. Because being our own heroes and taking examples from those around us how to do things in a way that keeps us alive for another 5 minutes is what being human is about, pretty sure. Football might be broken, but it’s only because we are.

Should fandom be abandoned when it starts to hurt? Maybe, but not today. I will remember that nobody is perfect, and sure, I’ll be angry plenty of times in the future. But the game will also bring a quite pure form of joy. In corners of the country, fans will gather together to tailgate and cheer and watch this sport develop into the beautiful, chaotic mess that it is – made both gorgeous and hideous by humanity. Just like everything else.

Adventures in Tailgating: Lipstick on a Pig

If you know me – either personally, through Twitter or this blog – you know I love tailgating. I love beer.  I love Boise State football.  I love food.  I love beer.  Oh and I love my family.  Tailgating combines all of these loves six times every fall as we get together to celebrate before every Bronco home game.

Our family has six spots near the Ram for our tailgating festivities, and when a group of 10 or so people need to get all of their tailgating gear to those spots, you need a tailgating machine to get it all there.

Now there are many nice tailgating vehicles in the Boise State community – fancy paint jobs and wraps, elaborate satellite TV set ups, motorized kegerators etc.  Unfortunately, ours is not one of those.  We have an old 1972 Dodge Balboa that we trust (barely) to get our set-up to the game on Fall Saturdays (or Fridays, or Thursdays, or…).  It does the job, but it is far from fancy:

MohoOur trusty Moho

The Moho, as we like to call it, was originally owned by mom’s boyfriend.  When he first bought it and redecorated it, it was pretty nice.  He painted the cabinets blue and orange, ripped out the carpet and installed blue turf, hung Bronco pennants and pictures inside, and painted blue and orange stripes on the outside.  Over the years we added magnets and stickers to the outside, and various memorabilia to the inside.  Overall it has been a lot of fun and great to have for tailgating.  Sadly, the years have not been kind to her.  Summers in storage, and Winter nights being quickly abandoned after hours in 5 degree weather have taken their toll.  What was once a tailgating machine that we were proud to display around the stadium has deteriorated into a vehicle being compared to other dilapidated vehicles from pop-culture:

Uncle-Rico-and-His-Van                I guess I see the resemblance.

BreakingMuch bigger and much less legal than mine. I like the orange smoke though!

EddiesMine might look a little better.  Plus we don’t have a working toilet so the sh***er is never full!

Needless to say the Moho is not the prettiest tailgating machine out there, but it does the job, and with September 4th and our meeting with Coach Pete and the Huskies quickly approaching, we had to get her ready.

Last night the family got together to get it cleaned up, organized, and stocked with the proper supplies.  We ordered some Papa Murphy’s, bought some beer and Root Beer (not your fathers!), gathered up the cleaning supplies, and….sat in the front yard for an hour drinking beer and staring at the Moho wondering if we can make her prettier.

Eventually we got brave enough to enter and start the project.  First thing we noticed was that we need a new doormat.  This one is getting a little worn out:

Vandal matI am not really sure where this came from , but for years it has been used to wipe mud, snow, stepped on brats and spilled beer from our shoes. After a little discussion we all decided that none of us wants to spend any money buying a Vandal hat, so we will see if we can get one more season out of this and keep our eyes open at the thrift stores.

Once we stepped past the door mat, I decided to open up the roof vent to get some air circulating while we worked.  I was greeted by a family of yellow jackets that had taken up residence in the off-season:

yellow jacketsThis called for some heavy artillery.  Luckily we had a helmet that was worn for Patton’s Army at a tennis match, so I strapped on my cover, grabbed some Raid and quickly defeated the infiltrators.

SGT CancelThe rest of the night was fairly uneventful.  We hosed her down, dusted the insides, reminisced about some of our other tailgating adventures, and dreamed of Maaco paint jobs and spinning hubcaps that  would make our Moho a little more presentable.  Most of these things may never happen, but no matter what, our Moho has been there for all the wins, a few losses, and  three fiesta bowl seasons.  Hopefully she can stay alive for many more.

If you see her, stop on by and say hi.  I will introduce you to my family, maybe share some food and beer, and if your lucky, give you a tour and have you sign our wall of fame.

She’s not pretty, but she’s ours  – and one of the many things that make Bronco Football such an important part of our life.

Go Broncos!





This Week at the Diggity’s – Season 2015 Episode 1 (It Has Begun!)

HAPPY (almost) FOOTBALL SEASON! In 3 short weeks, we’ll be enjoying a win over the Huskies and wishing that the next game will be here already.  After a seemingly endless off-season, fall camp is underway and season tickets have been sent out.  Once again, “This Week” will be coming from Eugene, Oregon because I still haven’t been able to convince the Mrs. to move back to Boise.  Sorry Coach! I won’t be one of the 37,000 in attendance this year.  On to the column…

I agree with Coach Pete that recruiting is tougher at Washington. You actually have to try there. We see Coach Harsin and staff busting their butts and the results have been phenomenal… Hold on Duck fans. Mariota was a great college football player but an all-time great? Tebow has one more ‘ship and the same number of Heismans… So, my birthday was on a Sunday this year. I woke up at 5:30 am. I didn’t have to work or anything. What was I up for?… Congrats to Bronco Troy Merritt for winning The National. You’ve made Bronco Nation proud. Every Bronco does… Monday mornings seem so quick to get back around after Friday after work… Why would anyone go on “America’s Got Talent” and argue with the judges? If you are that awesome, would you have to go on a TV talent show? You’re not that awesome, people… The Republican Debate was an interesting display of nut jobbery. I’m glad that most of my Twitter family isn’t going to vote that way. But if you do, that’s your deal. More power to you… Mrs. Diggity got into a Twitter fight with Kirstie Alley. That’s what happens when you get two people on different diets with different political views on a public forum. Supposedly, the Mrs. is a bully according to Ms. Alley’s followers. They came out in force to cyber-bully her into knowing she’s a cyber-bully… Oh, Aldon Smith. You messed again. I hope you learn a lesson THIS time. But you haven’t previously. So there’s that…. Wedding setups are so fun. And by fun I mean horrifying… Sleeping on a bed that’s not your own is never fun. Our bed was harder than Chinese math. I woke up approximately 4,000 times. Only 2 more nights left… Reception highlights – great brisket & chicken, daughter/step-dad dance that resulted in tears, delicious cake, & a certain someone who puked champagne into the fire pit (It was not me)… We spent today just chillin’ and eating leftovers. I wish we could relax a bit more. But, I need a vacation from my vacation… If it’s not one thing it’s another. Geno Smith got his jaw busted in the locker room. Same ol’ Jets! Bring back Tebow… Nothing says summer goodness more than s’mores.  Well, only one thing. Someone else making them is waaaay better… Apparently, Fresno State has a 150 foot blimp that they plan on flying over home and some away games. Don’t bring that to Alberston’s (BRONCO) Stadium. Some dude in hunter’s orange will bust a cap in it…

Outside Bronco Stadium (Near Future)

Outside Bronco Stadium (Near Future)


When the guy sings “Everybody Clap Your Hands” I do not clap my hands. You can’t tell me what to do, singing man. I clap my hands of my own accord…. In baseball news, and since I’m a San Diego Padres fan, Matt Kemp just hit for the cycle for the first time in team history. That’s big news for a team that joined the league in 1969… Apparently, Jeb Bush is selling a guacamole bowl on his website. Focusing on the fact that it’s weird that a politician would sell such a thing would be too easy. Let’s focus on the fact that it’s $75.00. It better make the guac by itself for that price. And to top it all off, it’s not even branded with the “Jeb!” logo. Highway robbery!..

What should we do for song of the week this week?  Should I go inspirational? Should we do something that hypes us up?  “Seven Nation Army” (never that)? How about we go to “0-100”?

Get ready!  Football 2015 should be a real fun ride.  So, strap yourself in and enjoy it.  See you next week!




Every off season feels like the longest one ever, but 2015 has been crazy.

Boise State didn’t go away last season, like some thought they would. In a shocking plot twist, the Broncos went 11 – 2 and won the Fiesta Bowl after Chris Petersen left for purpler pastures. Nationally, apparently some people are stunned. Boise State was supposed to sit down, shut up, lose 5+ games again, and fade into the obscurity of the Mountain West during the power conference era, when the haves widened the gap and left all the have-nots, out.

Except that isn’t what happened. It’s been an eventful 2015 so far, and Boise State appears to be keeping up. Yes, it’s with a much smaller margin of error, but this program is in battles (and winning some!) for recruits that wouldn’t have even returned a call three years ago. Cost of Attendance is handled, the content coming out of the football complex is much more polished than at any time before, and Bronco Nation is chomping at the bit for the biggest OOC game on The Blue since Oregon came for their eventful visit in 2009. Fall camp is in full swing, the stadium banners have been unveiled, Hars has taken a pie to the face, Yates has chastised everyone for talking up the defense, and we’re under a month to go until the start of something that could be really special.

Mystique is totally a thing still, Rocky. Whether you want it to be or not.

This is the best and worst time of year. The anticipation is intoxicating. Every team is 0-0 and hope is easy to come by. Go on the Internet and almost every fan base is being insufferable. Utah State is coming for Boise State, just like they are every season. With their 78 77 76 75 74 73 72 returning starters and one of them being perpetual Heisman candidate until that knee happens, Chuckie Keeton, well why wouldn’t the Broncos be running scared? Washington might be in trouble as far as skill positions, but they’re still in the Pac 12 and that automatically spots them two touchdowns and a few friendly calls from the officials. BYU’s fan base is secretly checking every interesting looking rock in Utah County for a prophecy to translate and convince the Coaches Poll voters to put them in the next top 25. Even Bronco Twitter is in on the action, making it a life goal to get blocked by Nevada’s resident humorless corndog connoisseur and the coach of the Wolf Pack, Brian Polian. Once he called us out during Media Days, he had to know he was flipping that troll switch, right?

Can’t forget the realignment rumors flowing as sure as the rivers of smack. The Big 12 is the destination this time, and as fun as the speculation is, it’s still a long shot for the Broncos to move out of the MWC anytime soon. Still, the idea of the wailing and gnashing of teeth coming out of Austin and Norman is incredibly soothing in this run up to kickoff.

Not quite as soothing as cuddling up with your best equine buddy in the living room, though.

What we know for sure right now isn’t much. We know the Broncos return a lot of experience and depth in every position but QB, RB, and CB, and the options there are solid if unproven. We know that the coaching staff didn’t have much of a drop off, even with losing former OC Mike Sanford to Notre Dame over the offseason. Harsin seems stunned when anyone asks about the transition, like its nuts to expect anything other than awesome out of Coach Drink. We know that Boise’s OOC schedule might just be enough to carry them into the playoff if the MWC shocks the world a couple times and doesn’t lose a bunch of games they shouldn’t.

The possibilities and questions are endless. We’ll spend the next few weeks thinking over the alternatives and talking about position battles and pouring over practice reports and player interviews trying to get a bit more understanding. All of it in a pointless attempt to predict the future performances of a bunch of young men that hold their own destiny, thankyouverymuch. We’re just along for the ride.